Will Elon’s Flamethrower Melt the iPhone XR?

(electronic noises) – Hey what's good, you guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a really exciting video and what you see right now is basically everything you need to know and see I have the new iPhone 10r and the kinda old, basically a month old, iPhone 10s and my plan is to check out the Not a Flamethrower from the Boring Company or the secret Tesla tool, the secret Tesla project

Whatever you really want to call this thing The flamethrower, I won't be sayin' it again for obvious reasons on YouTube Let me know right up there in the iCard if you guys have seen this or haven't A bunch of videos have been out A few people were able to pick theirs up early like a few months back

I had the chance to but I wanted mine to actually get shipped because I had a feeling there might be a few goodies inside and that's why we're gonna un-box it first So the whole point of this video is to take the new iPhone 10r here that you guys might have seen in the drop test (phone clatters) If you guys didn't, it's right up there in the iCard Also with that rainbow un-boxing If you guys want to see all the colors and haven't checked that out yet and I did it in a little ASMR

(plastic peels) So lot of fun stuff's happened and it's only getting better So the whole point of this video is basically take the 10r and the 10s and see if the aluminum on the 10r versus the steel on the 10s, which burns quicker, which is less durable I mean these are two different metals One is more malleable so I really want to see when you put some heat up against this thing, what happens? So first things first let's open up, for recreational use only, Not a Flamethrower So the back story on this is Elon Musk's Boring Company actually sold 20,000 of these for five hundred bucks and if you didn't catch the pre-order or the first round of pick-ups, unfortunately these things are going for $1,500 on Ebay

If you want to check it out, I'll leave a link down below If this is sick, I know I have a second one coming in the mail, it's like two days behind from when I'm shooting this video So maybe I don't know if I can give that away but maybe you guys let me know, drop a like Whoa, this is exactly what we came for So on the inside of the box you kind of have what you need to know, the nozzle, a Boring logo, ignition switch, propane tank, fuel bracket, ideal nob, everything that makes up the device

And if that's not enough, Elon's doing it old school with the papers Oh wow, this is actually really useful Especially with this warmth machine, you don't want to mess around and do this the wrong way Could result in a very bad day Okay, pretty easy

Yeah, I'm sure we'll figure it I mean it's a warmth machine, right? Tesla's made this easy This is something I didn't expect It's not everyday you see a five dollar bill in your favorite gadget so, Dear Not so Boring Customer, the lawyers have spoken and due to shipping restrictions we can't mail your glorious propane fuel To make it up to you we've included some cold, hard cash so that you can stroll on down to your local store and stock up on some nice C3H8, or propane

That's all I'm gonna read, it has exactly what type of propane you need, the brands So five bucks is pretty nice I'm really curious if they put $5 in every box 'Cause five times 20,000 man that's $100,000 in five dollar bills Are you ready, 'cause I'm ready

I have finally seen it in person There's a few people in LA with these which is pretty scary, but if the apocalypse ever happens I know we're covered I don't know if this is the worst or the best thing ever to come into my hands I would say this is like a top three I'm pulling the trigger like anything's gonna happen

This is freaking awesome This is way better than I even thought but I obviously had to be surprised in person So your propane tank slots in right here The nozzle goes right there Basically tank the safety off

Got a serial number This is like a proper, proper warmth machine I'm struggling, not calling this (taps box) So this is everything that basically is needed for this to work Got your propane tank and you just take the regulator

Okay And that's like that Oh this is really easy I think that's it (machine hisses) Well

(fire sparks) Oh, boy! We got it! (machine spurts) So I think I figured this thing out You need to hold the trigger for seven seconds That's what is says, and then release (machine hisses) And it's Halloween, you've got a fog machine Stop, I don't know, alright! – [Male Voice] Hey, turn that off! – I'm trying

(male laughs) We all thought that was it We do feel safer with me holding this Will we all say it, one, two, three, four Wow, ten hands, we don't even have ten hands Let's try this out where I actually know how to work it

I feel safe holding it, bombs away (fire roars) Whoa! I have not figured out a way to stop it without turning the propane off, but I think that's all we need to light the 10r, the 10s on fire This is for science, we're here to find out if aluminum or steel is the choice for you I feel like a superhero from a Marvel movie We're going into battle

So here it is, the big moment I am so excited The flamethrower, it's just been fun for the last hour So now is what I actually have to do for you guys We have a brand new 10s Max

This is the same one from the Walmart video where I tried to sell it to a machine – [Male] Are we even gonna get paid? Oh my god, no way – You missed that, it's right up there in the iCard And then the 10r from the drop test So we're basically gonna set it up exactly like this

And what you're really here for, this thing It's go time So the first test is gonna be for five seconds just to see the aluminum versus steel Let's try it (propane hisses) (fire roars) (relaxing music) After the five second test, we have a little warm to the touch

10r still works I know I'm gonna get burned, they're still warm The 10s Max, if you see it, just has a little bit of ash on it Same with the 10r You can just, actually smudge it all the way and there is no burn remnants

10s still works So the five second test didn't really do much Let's try it for 15 seconds (fire roars) We're losing gas After the fifteen second or so test, here we go

Both phones are hot, even though the gloves Little bit of ash, actually an entire coat I mean the 10r works The 10s, same coat of ash And, the 10r is actually running slower

Whew, that is so hot It makes sense, right? I'm not pointing out anything that's not obvious but both are still functioning or so Actually, the 10s Max is champing it out Maybe the steel's helping, I got one more test So for the final test, I'm gonna use the rest of the propane that was basically free but I paid for

Thank you for the $5, Elon I'm gonna use the rest of this propane on the 10r and the 10s Max and we're gonna see what happens Both seem fine, almost warmth-proof They're just not gonna die That just looks cooler in movies too

Here we go (propane hisses) (fire roars) Whoa, we got something We got something for sure Oh boy, alright that's it, that's it So 10r started first, I don't think that's conclusive on the LCD

We're now getting the temperature notification So this thing's gonna turn off I'm gonna go back inside, let these cool down and let's what happened Yeehaw! Here's what I'm seeing with the 10r and the 10s Max So you guys saw the 10r started to discolor first on the LCD

I'm gonna try out the selfie cam Flash is disabled, your phone needs to cool down before you can use the flash Obviously the 10r is cool enough where I can hold it, put it up against my face so I don't know why the flash is still disabled I mean, I know why, but it's interesting The display, fully functional

Everything seems to be alright And then when you come over to the 10s Max, you have what is I want to say the screen, not the actual OLED panel, but just the glass panel outside of it, screen That's what's discoloring, I don't think it's hit the panel but it is pretty rough when you put just like a cloth on it It's definitely sharper It's like it wants to lift off the phone

I mean it got hot, so I guess it just wants to leave the situation, interesting Yeah, so the 10s obviously don't take a flamethrower to it or anything warm because this is what'll happen This looks like a heat camera Like one of those FLOR cameras That's basically what we got goin' on here guys

So with the 10s and 10r, what did we learn? Well, if you take a flamethrower to it, the 10r is basically gonna be okay Nothing really bad has happened I'm not saying you should, but this phone is surprising me every single day First on the drop test, this is the same phone from the drop test Keep that in mind, you can see the scuffs on the sides

That drop point there, that drop point right down there Pretty crazy that this is the same 10r that's gonna keep on keepin' on whereas the 10s Max, it'll still keep on keepin' on just got a little bit of coloring near the top So that's it for this video if you guys like it, make sure to drop it a like This was crazy to pull off and make sure to get subscribed if you're new by clicking that circle button down there

Check out the Instagram, it's just TECHSMARTT and check out these other two videos right after this Woo, see you guys next time! Oh boy!

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