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– Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for the first video in the last three months I know it's been awhile, and I probably should explain what happened, what's going on, and what's come forward

It's been a lot It's really been something I should have honestly told you guys about on Twitter or just some other, I guess, means of communication, just so you weren't hanging for an entire summer But yeah, it's been three months since a video's gone up on TechSmartt I've spent the last two weeks in Vietnam and in Asia, so things are definitely different That's what this video is gonna clear up

And of course, I'm gonna change this thumbnail in probably about a few days This is gonna be the new update video series Going forward, I promise to not make any promises I can't keep This is the one video series I have to keep a promise to myself, so here we go (rocket blasting off) So I'm going to break this video up into three, we'll make it four separate parts, so you can skip to wherever part you want to check out

Whatever, wherever; that's the luxury of YouTube So, starting off is me (machines whirring) And I feel like I needed to kind of make this video, more importantly to kind of express my goals and my aspirations and what I've kind of sacrificed up until now I'm not asking for any credit This has all been something I've wanted to do, but foregoing college and understanding YouTube at a crazy fast pace over the last 11 years, that's been everything I've ever wanted, really to just continue doing what had been a hobby at the start, turning into a full-time job when I was a sophomore in high school, to now managing over 400 YouTube channels, and more

It is, it's been a blessing, but it's not come without setbacks I don't really go outside much It's mainly for YouTube, and just doing what I love every day, which I'm totally happy with, but as I get older, I'm starting to learn more about life Can't stop me life! I'm learning more about you And, it's been awesome to realize what I wanna do, where I wanna go, and kind of what is next

And I have all that mapped out up here as well as on paper because I'm a visual person, and I just feel a whole lot more connected to my purpose, and more importantly at ease with the pace and kind of patience of how things come about I've never really taken a substantial amount of time off, because there's always something new coming out in tech, and it being 2019 and not 2012, there's always something new coming out But, the big part about tech is, the summer is kind of when things slow down, so I found it the best to kind of start slowing down in May I really wanted to take some time off for Mental Health Awareness Month It's in May, but evidently, I was kind of going through my own mental health awareness, where I needed to become aware of what my aspirations were in mix of what my emotions, I guess, what kind of YouTube and digital content could do to any human

Mixing with the OCD and I think just the quality control that every good creator wants to always strive for, that's always something I really struggle with because there's a lot going on There's a lot of things I wanna do And it's not just TechSmartt, and that's really hard to tell you guys But I saw some mental health professionals, and I really want to say thank you to them Then June came around

So that was just May, what happened? June, I actually turned 22, so my birthday's in June, at the start of the month, and kind of just took time off building GMG, my other company I know, I'll get to it in a second And things just really started to explode, like exponential growth, kind of like a hockey stick on a curve There's just a lot going on, and I had to kind of divide my priorities So that was June, now July and August came around

That's when everything at GMG, or Gas Media, started to really take off, faster than June, faster than May And just so much that it was kind of unexpected, and I had already kind of started to make that my day-to-day responsibility in June, and kind of started preparing for it in May So it really didn't catch me off-guard too much, but just how fast everything is moving at the current moment It's really something amazing I'm very grateful for, but having a team of 35 in the US

split across two offices and then mixing that with GMG Asia That's why I'm in Vietnam right now just getting all the office finalized here It's been really overwhelming but really exciting, and things are really starting to take shape And I really need to say I'm sorry for not making it a little bit more heard I don't think that's one of those things you can do on YouTube, but I think a lot more people are starting to, so that's something I wanna definitely keep you guys in the loop on is if I need to take a break, I'm gonna tell you I'm gonna take a break, probably on Twitter, unless it's something more serious, like I break another wrist or something really serious happens in my life

But, I'm sorry for keeping you hanging I gotta say thank you so much for 35 million subscribers while I was gone That's just astronomical And I also need to say a special thank you to all the brands and sponsors that my biz-dev team at TechSmartt, and Gas Media has held off

Man, I could not do it without you guys This is the evolution of the industry we're in So it's not only the people and audience that has come along the journey for TechSmartt, but it's the brands and the sponsors that have invested along the way as well So thank you guys both I promise more videos are coming soon, and I'm not just saying that where I don't actually upload and then comes out a week or two later

Schedule is coming out More people have been hired to help make the day-to-day at TechSmartt and for me, a little more easy (machines whirring) So that's been a little bit more about me I guess that's why there's, well, I mean that is why there's been no videos But now on to TechSmartt

What's happened? There hasn't been a video in three months The last video was OLED vs LCD, and that one really left you guys hanging, but we got a whole lot coming up with Wishbusters, got season three we're shooting this, I think, month? And then we're going over to Asia again I'm in Asia now (upbeat joyous music) We're going to Asia to shoot a show in China for three weeks

So a lot's happening, and of course, that's just like shows There's also the iPhone 11, the Note10 just dropped, we'll have a Pixel 4 I'm pretty sure we'll have a few more phones dropping in the next month So things are about to start getting crazy, as predicted like every year And that's why this break really happened

So there's lot more coming up with TechSmartt, a lot more contents that consistently comes out in a schedule that you can actually count on That's the biggest thing that always kills me, and the reason why I didn't wanna come back like in July and be like, yeah, I'm making a video, I've got a week free But only realize I have to just kind of disappear for another six weeks So, this is the video to announce that I'm back for good, and TechSmartt's gonna have regular uploads And the next video you can look forward to is a Wishbusters, finish out season two

So you'll definitely be seeing some new faces here in the channel, just really better minds to help take TechSmartt to the next level, really focusing on quality, but just being able to produce more shows, longer-form content, really serialized content If you know what that term means, shout out to you Let me know in the comments In a way that I'm happy with an end result that you're happy with and just something that tells a little bit more of a story than your regular YouTube videos So, that's coming about

And another thing that I've really understood just being in Vietnam for the last two weeks is how underrated a lot of smartphone manufacturers are in the US because it's mostly iPhones, mostly Samsung But here in Vietnam and Asia, you've got Oppo, you've got Huawei, nothing really new that I'm finding out for the first time, but it's awesome to see everyone that is anyone, whether I'm talking to them on the street, whether I just see them using it, it's not really an iPhone And that's something I wanna change on TechSmartt or another tech channel, just so I can go ahead and make a space to create the content I want

I wanna check out more phones that aren't just the new iPhone with three cameras that's really an S-model That's kind of how I feel, if you want to hear the impression I'm still gonna pick it up There's still gonna be videos, but I'm really looking forward to the next iPhone, and I haven't even picked up the new iPhone yet The last thing about TechSmartt, and you're probably seeing me wear it, is merch

Merch is coming soon I've had a problem just releasing merch over the last two years And I think it's really starting off with the most recent logo If you can believe it or not, TechSmartt's logo is made up of four colors, and printing something that has a radiant, kind of glowing effect, if you know anything about t-shirts, or look at any other YouTuber's logos, you're not gonna see something like this You might see really good merch, but printing something like this costs a lot

It's very complex and the margin of error is really high So, need to get a new logo soon That's what merch is Once it's all finalized, there will be threads coming your way in about a month or two (computers whirring) Okay, so GMG

This is what I've been working on for the last year We kinda came out of stealth mode on August 10th, our one-year anniversary This is the fastest-growing YouTube network of all time So ever since YouTube was created in 2005, it's been YouTube networks, or multi-channel networks, MCNs, if you know the abbreviated term, that have come about But Gas Media Group, or GMG for short, has been the fastest growing of all time

So, I'm CEO, I've been spearheading the entire operation But it would not be what it is without a great team I'm just the one that takes the fall if there is problems I give all the credit to my team, like you should And it's been an absolute adventure — a true privilege to have the statistics and accolades

I think milestones come so quickly, where now it's just all about expansion, it's all about fun And this is the biggest thing that I've never had a chance to share with you, the TechSmartt viewer And this is everything I wanted to do with my life TechSmartt's given me every dream I've ever wanted I've checked every box on the list, where I want to keep TechSmartt a top 10 tech channel for decades to come

And it will stay a top 10 tech channel for decades to come But, really, the numbers on TechSmartt, they don't do a whole lot for me I was afforded the luxury of being able to get eight, ten million views at a very young age, and I'm not here to brag, I'm just here to say that has come and gone for me where it no longer means anything I'm not saying I need a billion views on a video to be fulfilled, but there's more to life, and there's more to YouTube that I want to pursue, and I kind of want to give back in just expertise that I've learned in the last 11 years And really since I've been in high school, I've wanted to have a YouTube network that did something more and did something just better than any other network out there

And the big thing about a YouTube network is the responsibility If you can imagine how much time goes into one YouTube channel, kind of applying that at scale, there's a lot to manage, but more importantly, a lot to constantly survey So, responsibility is high, and kind of understanding what a network was at an early age and seeing the current competitors, I can't help but just laugh It's really sad to see who's still in this business mixed with some of the really bad networks out there that steal money from creators and that is a fact There is no question about it

And then the really the last is just people manually claiming videos that they shouldn't be claiming There's a lot of money stolen, a lot of money lost on YouTube, and really just digital media And I've seen the opportunity to really make a difference, add more value, and just kind of deliver what is your money as a creator That's really what I wanna do with my life And I know after being a creator first, what the firsthand struggles are better than anyone

And that's where Gas Media has come about, where it's been over the last year But I promised myself I wouldn't use this video to sell you guys or anything like that If you want to check it out, link down to the description or go to gasmediacom It's the next generation network, truly something I am proud to share with you guys

And two other quick things We are hiring at Gas Media Just click the link in the description You'll see the Careers tab on the website If you worked in digital content or social media before, and you're looking for a job, we are hiring at a very fast pace, so we're gonna be updating that

We're not just hiring in the US We have people in the UK, Europe, Asia, US It's growing pretty quickly

And the other thing is, I will be at VidCon Australia if you're gonna be there, so fly into Sydney, right as I get back to the US, then going to New York So things are getting hectic So hit it up on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt

If you guys wanna see any behind the scenes, catch up on any updates And that's gonna do it for this video If you guys are new, make sure you get subscribed So sorry for the break Let me know in the comments any new videos you want me to check out

And I'll catch you guys in the next one

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