Ultimate AirPods Pro Waterproof Test – Did They Survive?

– The water test All right, so the extreme AirPods Pro water test, if you guys missed that it's right up there in the iCard, I will leave a link down below

Basically, taking the AirPods Pro which now our IPX4 certified among the AirPods 2 or the wireless charging ones than just the regular AirPods And I saw a bunch of comments right off the bat saying, yeah, I've had my AirPods in my pocket, did my laundry didn't realize, and well, they still work I didn't even know they were in there, I just found him when I put my pants on Let's just put the matter to rest This is the same box that was thrown in the pool

Let's put that to the test Oh (bleep)! Honestly it's in pretty good shape so we don't really need this anymore but let's see the AirPods pair I'm not really surprised, the case did not go in water but kind of interested to see the sound quality, if noise cancellation, transparency mode, really what the fidelity and frequencies like Because the frequency once the right one hit the bottom of the pool was just like an ear piercing noise So I'm getting the demo because I don't think these AirPods remember that they were paired

So, I mean, everything kind of sounds normal I have, well, let's see what mode I'm in Noise cancellation mode and definitely sounds reduced Yeah, it doesn't really sound like there's any difference Hmm, all right

Transparency mode, yeah, I can hear myself I mean, kind of one of the other comments that I saw and this would make sense is a high-pitched frequency in a product like this is just trying to eject water That's that's all it wants to do, it just wants to get rid of the water because well, like the Apple Watch when it gets water in the digital crown you can eject it It doesn't make a high-pitched noise but you can kind of feel a vibration because well, it's working all the water out So if that's how these accomplished ejection of any liquid I get it and definitely steer clear of putting 'em back in your ears

You probably just heard that that noise only a dog For probably maybe a day, a few hours, I don't really know yet but that's what we're gonna find out so let's fire up Spotify, let's see if this makes any difference No mode, okay Sounds, oh we got

I heard it, I heard it, I heard it Right out of the gate when Lil' Peep's "When I Lie" hits you just hear the bass and the first time it came on, like this is the biggest deal ever, right, I heard a little crackle That was it, just a little clip, very subtle, but I'm here to let you know the bass sounds just as good, I don't want to say as brand new but it's really hard to tell that these were in a pool, let alone one of them hit the bottom of the pool It would make sense if one sounded better than the other, kind of like in the video But 24 hours after this water test, sounds just as good

Let's try out another song Sheck Wes Sounds exactly the same, transparency mode, I cannot hear myself, all right, maybe a little bit And outside of these guys being super small if you are still stuck on the AirPods 2 wanting maybe upgrade to the AirPiods Pro, video up in the iCard if there's really a $50 difference because I can say from the one feature we tested, not really tested, just try it out to make sure it worked, is the IPX4 water resistance I'm gonna go out on a limb and say these are waterproof

you can, well, like your AirPods 1, AirPods 2, be okay if they end up in your pockets and they go through a wash I think this is the pair now more than ever where you're not gonna see any difference, any degradation, that's what Apple basically has made these to be All I can say is if these do fall in the pool, if these do sit in water for, well, a long period of time I'm more of a Kirkland kind of guy but, yeah, just contaminated it So with these AirPod Pros still working, still functioning perfectly fine, the last comment was, what would happen if you left them in water for a significant amount of time

And not just a standalone environment, oh no I feel like this is just a sign, don't It's getting nice and moist Putting 'em right on in there Well, if this was younger Keaton and younger Smart probably woulda drank from these

But the real question is, are they still connected to Bluetooth? Oh my, dude, no way, you're kidding me It's not, you know, the wildest thing in the world Yep, we're still connected to Bluetooth Wanna play some music through the water bottle, you ever heard about that hack? To answer everyone's question with the AirPods Pro ultimate water test, I think that's what we got a title this one, we're gonna leave these in the water bottle until we feel like taking them out This is gonna be the science experiment, maybe we just leave it all of November? What do you think about that? Just let your ears be on free

Soar (high pitched ringing) No way, EV and I were like, dude, it's the neighbors again You heard that high-pitched noise, I think we got it It just started to whistle And right now we're in L

A, it is 5:08 pm, November 2nd I have a few trips coming up

We're going a few different continents and Ev, any predictions? Do you think the AirPods Pro will still work? – [Ev] I don't – Ev says they won't I think he might be right, I'm gonna say they won't either because battery submersion for, I don't even know how long I'm feeling, it just can't be good But there's really only one way to find out (calm music) Hi

It's 7:34 pm Eastern Standard Time, were coming up on the full 24-hour mark in fairness, I did have to empty it out, I had to go to a second security check So we're just gonna get a nice submersion in there

Hopefully they don't make me empty this out when I get to Lisbon, Portugal So the big update and kind of where this wraps up, we've now passed the 48-hour mark I got the iPad cam here, it is 10:37 in Los Angeles, just kind of coming up on Tuesday It's already Tuesday here in Portugal but the big thing that we need to find out is, it's like a beauty video, get your hand up close so it can focus, is if the AirPods Pro really after 48 hours, they are surviving, if there's even any sound quality, if there's any connection

So after 48 hours of full submersion and in a new continent, I think, yeah, maybe a new hemisphere, definitely a new hemisphere, The looks that I got from people, am I going to need some way to just, rip this bottle open, yeah There's really only one thing left to figure out Do the AirPods Pro secretly have a waterproof function? I can't really tell you as it's 6:37 in the morning here in Portugal But what I can tell you is I have a fully charged case, hope this doesn't ruin the case you can see the AirPods Pro, if this works

If this work, no way, there's no way It's connecting, these things are so resilient Whoa Keaton's AirPods Pro 2 Zero percent of the left one, 48% percent on the right one Do I think they're gonna sound the same? (high pitched ringing) What? Didn't even have a noise cancellation

(high pitched ringing) Yeah, it's trying to connect to my iPhone The left one is making the worst noise that I described, well, in the first test when it hit water Please, please don't I know, this is the first time I'm gonna say it Oh my gosh, no! It's wanting noise cancellation mode somehow, someway, some why

(high pitched ringing) So it doesn't have any mode on here, well, I guess now it's in noise cancellation mode We turn it off, see how that sounds It sounds a little bit faded, reduced to like, I think the fact that it's still probably has water somewhere in between it Try transparency mode Hello, one check, check

Yeah, that doesn't sound like it's making a transparent difference so, AirPods Pro, secretly waterproof, I think we could say it, for one of 'em Not totally Does force sensors still work? Ooh (calm music) Ooh, I'm on one Well, literally I'm on one AirPod Pro

♪ I got water in my AirPods Pro ♪ ♪ you know what happened at my left one ♪ ♪ it just went out the door ♪ That's gonna do it for this video, if you guys made it to the end make sure to drop a like and comment down below what the next crazy AirPods Pro tests should be These things are way better than Apple wants you to think Get subscribed if you guys are new and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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