Turn Any Table into a Touchscreen?

(electronic lasers) – Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to Tech Smartt for yet another Indiegogo project This one really caught my eye and I think it has something that I really haven't seen before

Something that you guys can get, it's linked down in the description but what this is, is a short throw projector that basically turns any surface into a touch screen And it goes up to 100 inches Don't know about you, but that's sweet If you guys want to check it out, I'll leave a link down below This caught my eye

I checked out some Indiegogo stuff about a year ago Okay, the Puppy Cube With a name like, Puppy, you're a little wow you're a little intrigued Okay this was larger than I was expecting But if it's all in here

That slot looks real interesting Not too heavy, alright We'll check

That, ah, that could have been it But it wasn't This thing's built like a tank and it looks really cool So here is Puppy I feel like we should give it a name now, it's only right

You're naming it What are you naming? Grover, the Puppy Boom Ev, nailed it with that name So, here's what's up with Puppy

It is a 10 point any-touch kind of system which allows you to make any surface pretty much touch screen So in vertical mode, it'll go up to 23 inches and then in horizontal mode, it'll go up to 100 inches You heard that right, Ev That 100 inch TV? Now your dreams are here – Make your dreams come true! – And that just sounded crazy when I even saw this, heard about this and that's exactly why I'm making this video, to put those claims to the test

Oh, says Puppy? It's only like around three, three and a half pounds And honestly if you're into the whole office, whoa (electronic ring) If you're into the whole, making your office next level and really trying to get a cooler desk or just really have a cooler desk than anyone else you work with, anyone else at school, whatever, this is it We're gonna try this out on a few other surfaces I don't mind it It's really like a touch screen tablet that you get to make

So let me give you guys a quick spec break down of Puppy It has 32 gigs of internal storage, quad core processor, four gigs of RAM It's basically an Android device So it has Android 60, Ev

Check that out And what's really sweet is it has 36mm dual stereo speakers And what's really cool about this is it has a USB 3 port, HDMI, headphone jack and then obviously where you charge it And then a camera right at the top, so volume buttons, power on Battery life, from what I'm seeing's around 140-ish minutes

So just a little bit over two hours Obviously you need to charge it In the future I'm hoping these things get smaller and lasts longer I mean you have all your Android apps from the Playstore Let's check out some Netflix

Watching Netflix on your table? Think about that for a second This thing runs Android Okay, it's pretty smart And you can basically turn any surface into a screen so if you want to have like a Twitter feed up and really customize it towards a new wall, you can do that now I love, I love it! 2018

So, here's a little bit of actually my personal Netflix account, I have one from everyone here at the Tech Smartt HQ in LA and then one where this is just my all time favorite shows that I've been watching this year The Office, Trailer Park Boys, American Vandal, little bit of Breaking Bad, That 70's Show has quickly become one of my favorite shows, just of all time this year Black Mirror, of course So let me know what you guys think about Puppy in the comments But, I'm kinda digging it so far

So, just to go home, boom like that Wait, is there games? So to make it vertical Oh, you just turn it Speakers (circus music) It's a little touch sensitive and you definitely have to get the hang of it but it's pretty loud, I will be so honest, little annoying at least with just this noise, but, hey, that's why we can mute it, Ev

So, won three, out of the five games Okay One player, round one Pump I can see this actually becoming interactive with the right games

I don't want to say Fortnite on a table would be sweet but you kinda get where I'm going Pump, push, push, push, okay, (hitting table) – Jesus Christ it's Jason Bourne – The one thing that, I don't think we take into account is with games, you're actually just rubbing your finger against a surface really fast And, you know, I would say I'm a pretty tough guy, but, um, yeah, that kinda hurt after a little bit But, other than that, this is really fast and really awesome

So I actually got a game called Peppa's Pig fired up here You immediately can just jump into anything This is really an Android device With Puppy it starts at 799 on Indiegogo and from what I can tell so far, it works And it works really well

It actually knows when it's being picked up And, I think that's just battery conservation It's really just a super powered Android smart phone in a box with a high powered camera It has Bluetooth 40, it's Miracast, it's Airplay compatible

I really wish, and I can't wait for the next gen, 'cause I'm guessing battery life will probably be double if not triple But, I think what's really cool is you can actually turn anything into a touch screen They say up to 100 inches Let's find out So this is what Puppy look like, a 100 inch screen projected on a wall

So obviously it's not touch screen The any-touch only works from 23 inches That's cool If you want to take it really big, throw it on a wall What I actually got going on is this plugged into, laptop

Pretty easy, just HDMI in on both sides Really, Chris, I mean this is just a 720p HD video 60 frames per second, but you can definitely tell the latency super low (upbeat music) So you guys, that is the Puppy Cube If you guys want to check it out, links down below

If you guys are new, make sure you drop a like, get subscribed by clicking that button right there Make sure you hit it up on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt and check out these other two videos at the end And I'll see you guys next time

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