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– Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special Saturday episode of Tech Top 5 In this episode, we're checking out the craziest and weirdest keyboards in the world and I'm sorry, I know the episodes have been slackin', roll the intro

(digital sounds) So yeah, I'm sorry I've been slackin', if you're subscribed you know there's been a ton of S10 content that I have been loving the new S10e, she's right here This phone is a banger, there's been a ton of EarPods videos, a lot of traveling going on, so I'm sorry these haven't been coming out, but if you're new to the channel and new to this series, Tech Top 5 is all about where we check out stuff on TechSmartt from the years, new stuff coming out, whether that's the weirdest keyboards, the craziest mice, whatever it is, you guys control it down in the comments, so make sure you leave them down below if you guys wanna see anything cool And in this video, we're gonna be checking out the craziest keyboards in the world Ev, I don't know if you're ready And how this works is we basically rate each product on a scale of one to 10 and then put it to a test, and that test changes every video so in this one, Ev, what game you think we're playing? Oh, you think you know? Wait for it, Apex Legends, I've actually been playin', the user name's TechSmartt if you guys want to quickly jump on and if you're in the YouTube Premiere right now, it's every Saturday so make sure you guys join and become a member, it's super cheap, you get some access to bonus content through different levels, you could even be in a TechSmartt video or get your channel name written on the Wish laptop, some crazy stuff in there

And this show, the last thing I'll say, is really controlled by you guys There really hasn't been a show here on TechSmartt, Wishbusters has been whatever, Mystery Box has been whatever, but Tech Top 5 is really about you, so let me know in the comments, watch some other TechSmartt videos and let me know what you want me to recheck out and see if it holds up here in 2019 with the crazy tests that we're gonna throw at it (digital sounds) So up first is the Emoji Keyboard, I checked this out in 2016, if you guys want a link to the playlist, down in the description, you gotta get all caught up This is an Emoji Keyboard and I couldn't find links, but I'll leave links down below to any products that I could find So, I don't know if they're really selling this anymore, but I could've swore I paid about a hundred dollars for it

Not really much in the package, all you really gotta know is it looks like one of the old Apple Magic Keyboards, kinda that chiclet style, I'm sure if you were in school and you had an iMac, this was probably a keyboard you knew very well It basically looks like your standard keyboard, the only difference is you can describe how you feel without really thinking about it, you get to just see Works with Mac and PC, ready to just get this paired up? Everyone knows how a keyboard works, you know at home, it works, it types, well maybe it doesn't work, it's been a few years, like two, almost three, has it been three? So, to turn it on, button on the back, takes two triple A batteries, blue light will blink, see if we can find it in Bluetooth So, to test this out, the only fair thing to do for each of these Tech Top 5 videos is to go back through the old ones, if we've checked it out, and respond to the comments When was this uploaded? May 2016, so almost three years, it says it's connected, only one way to find out

Emoji shift, what was I even writing to myself, I wrote a peach emoji? Geez, okay, so what I'm thinking is, because this is running Mojave and emojis were updated, these emojis still exist and they still look like they'd look on your phone, but for some reason or another, it's not working I'm gonna give it a whirl in Pages, we're gonna see if this works, the big moment Emoji, shift, I'm gonna try it Probably makes sense why you can't buy this on Amazon anymore, but the real question is, does it hold up to the test, I mean, I think this, nowadays, I mean, it's just a keyboard, Ev It lost the appeal, I mean, it's called the Emoji Keyboard, it even says it at the top, EmojiWorks, now this is just the works

So, I'm giving this, scale of one to 10, giving it a six, still works, but does it really work? (digital sounds) The second weirdest keyboard ever is the TREWGrip I think this one takes the cake, Ev It goes for 300 bucks, but wow, have you ever seen a keyboard that you hold, that doesn't even have keys on the front, on the back, that's where your real keys are, but the whole point about this is not needing to compromise on bringing around a laptop or really anything else that has a keyboard This is your keyboard, you can pair it via Bluetooth, and there even is this magnetic plate? Basically, you can just magnetically stick your phone, 'cause that's normal? And the adhesive on glass, well Battery life on this guy, they're saying it's around eight to 10 hours, it came out a few years ago, I have not checked this one out, but just feeling it in the hand, it's interesting

You'd think these silicone grips would be a little bit more comfortable, they're kinda rigid, so not something I would want my hands resting up against for a long time, but it is ergonomic There's really only one way to test it Let's get it paired up, great So, identifying your keyboard, so as you press the buttons it lights up on the front, so shift and then the key next to it, well that's kinda hard to do the key next to it Alright, you were lookin' for Z all this time

On a normal keyboard, it's question mark, on this one, it isn't question mark No lookin' at the back the rest of the video You guys can look at the keys, I gotta figure this out 'cause if I'm going into Apex, Ev, I don't want to be the first guy out So, space works, it's the button here on the front Air mouse isn't working so all you have to do is press, not the caps key, function? Hold it in a position you like and then hit enter

(bell dings) Maybe it'll work on Apex, but when it doesn't work, you still need to hold the mouse and then type, mouse, type But I saw some guy on YouTube that worked for, obviously, TREWGrip, the name of the keyboard and the company, and he was just whippin' it out, he was typin' faster than I think any human could type on a regular keyboard and that's probably why they're sellin' this, and the science behind it exists, but what I'm interested in is how long it takes to write a comment So we're gonna try this out here, it's just awful I see the kind of person that would really thrive with this, don't think that person's me Alright, rating time, I'm givin' this a seven, one of the weirdest keyboards I have ever seen

If the air mouse feature worked, it'd be perfect, maybe it'll work on PC, that might change the rating (digital sounds) And number three, this is a type writer style keyboard Back in 2016, when the video was made, it cost $350 and was the title, why is this keyboard $350? Now it goes for 259 and it might be one of the most practical or one on this list you might actually buy for someone It's exactly what you think it'd be, a type writing keyboard, so there is a newer version out now, this one here and the new version both have Cherry MX blue switches The newer ones have just more rounded stainless steel key caps, there is a metal lever here, I forget if this is tab or enter, we'll find out when we get it paired up

– [Voice On Laptop] This has it, checks all those (mumble) – The set looked way different, you guys let me know in the comments if you liked the old set better than the new set Sharing button on the back, obviously this works with any device that is Bluetooth, ooh, here we go, it's gettin' spicy, we're about to go through some comments Probably my favorite keyboard in this video because it has mechanical switches Here we go, let's go with some comments

This should be called, why this $350 keyboard isn't for Mac rant I agree with this in 2019, oh, so that's what that does, enter, oh and the emojis come up too? I mean, there's your emoji keyboard, actually works on this one So scale of one to 10, it's time to rate this sucker, I'm giving it an eight, it actually works, shows the emojis off, there's still no Mac version, but you can remap the option and command button How is it gonna play in Apex? I actually think we might get a kill with this (digital sounds) This one's a crazy one, so they're still sellin' it, they make a wired version, also a Bluetooth version

It's a glass keyboard, get a look at that Also, get a look at how dirty it gets because it's glass But how does it work, how does it really hold up? In the video, I remember, it kinda works? I think the whole thing you really gotta see is, just a normal keyboard on a sheet of glass and it looks so sweet when the LEDs are turned on, your lights are down in your room or wherever you're at, and it just glows It's one of the cooler ones, but is it still accurate? There's no software updates for these Alright, it's powered on, in Bluetooth it says, glass keyboard, alright, we're all connected, time to go react to some of these comments, coolest $120 keyboard ever

For awhile now, I mean, I'm usin' the regular (mumbles) that's came out and I don't know, it's just not really cuttin' it, so I found this That's so sweet, this one has the air mouse function built on in, so when you just hit the apple button right up here, basically lets the entire keyboard surface become one giant track pad So let's see how slow we need to type for it to get recognized Thanks (laughs) Can't even type thank you, thanks for the, can we get the comment out? Gonna hit reply, thank you guys for writing nice comments, but I love the ones that roast me, those, hoo, yeah, it's definitely laggy, Ev, if you knew what I typed, you'd maybe be able to figure it out? It keeps saying the connection is lost so I don't know if that has something to do with the charge in here, if it's just old

Cool, but I have question, is it reversible or do you have to type on one side? This is why we're reading the comments, here we go No, it is not! You can type on the glass keyboard For about a hundred bucks it's still pretty cool, definitely more of a statement piece Now time for the rating, giving this one a six out of 10, it's still really cool, probably one of the cooler ones on this list, but for actual typing and getting stuff done? You might just want to push it off to the side (digital sounds) And last up for number five, the weirdest keyboard on the list, at least, my weirdest keyboard, this is the SafeType V902, so this keyboard weighs around four and a half pounds and you might be thinkin' why, is it just a heavy keyboard? Well yeah, it's a heavy keyboard, but what it also is, is a safe and an insured keyboard

We got rear view mirrors on both sides of this bad boy The video was made in 2017, let's plug it in Alright, so we just plugged it in, this is the first time I've plugged it in since 2017 What's crazy is, it still works and it's popping up So, the whole point (laughs) about this video

– I know there's probably gonna be some guys, that are saying, Alex, you kinda look like TechSmartt, Alex – This guy kept gettin' comments, I forgot about this, from you guys sayin' you look like TechSmartt, so we made an entire video (laughs) just tryin' to stop it On the SafeType keyboard, it goes for $275, this company has constructed a keyboard that is finally the natural position of the human hands, it's orthopedically neutral and, for some reason, has unsurpassed comfort, I don't know if I'd say that, you have basically your QWERTY keyboard chopped in half, kind of just taken away the number pads, put right in the center and everything else is on the side Let's go back on to YouTube and dive through some of these comments This man needs to take his meds

Boom, we're startin' off with that comment Appreciate you is a little too large of a word Try to find the A key, alright, it's right by the Q I do know how to type, just gonna troll a little bit back Question mark time, don't get this wrong

(whispers unintelligably) Now, reply What's also really interesting is you have, instead of the lettering at the top, it's tilted so you can just see it backwards in the rear view mirror So, your numbers are inverted, your special symbols are too But obviously in the mirror, it's right side up So, a scale of one to 10, the weirdest keyboard on this list, I'm givin' this a nine

There's nothing that's hit a 10 in this video, but the practicality of this is so slim, I mean, unless you want that orthopedically neutral position Alright, let's go test all these keyboards out with some Apex Legends (digital sounds) So, if you made it to this point in the video, drop a thumbs, if you're in chat right now, drop a what's good We're about to test out the TREWGrip and really just test out all these keyboards with Apex Legends, so if you guys wanna play with me, I'm just TechSmartt, I'm not that good, I'm getting better, but probably with keyboards like these, I'm not helpin' myself So let's just fire this up and see if it's even possible to play Apex Legends on a TREWGrip or any one of these weirdest keyboards

With gaming, I'm trying to get more into it, but with keyboards like these, I don't think I'm helping myself, I really only think I'm hurting myself because with the traditional keyboard, like a flat style one here, check out this one in a sec, you have W, A, S, and D Usually those line up a little better We're using the Razer Blade 15 inch, W, A, S, D Ev, how many kills do you think I'm gonna get this game? None, that is the right answer, I don't think I'm gettin' a single kill, this keyboard is so difficult, all I can really hit is just one letter at a time, might be able to jump with my chin 'cause the space bar is up here, (laughs) I just gotta stay out of everyone's point of view, here we go, here we go, big moment, big moment, E, let's get in and out real quick, real quick Love the body shields, thanks fam

Man, this hurts your wrists, this gets fatiguing, you can really only lay it down, maybe that's the way gamers gotta do it, anything, anything, anything, any weapons? (upbeat music) Awesome, people definitely know where I am Can you just do it, just do it real quick, just do it, don't, no, oh man, no way! (laughs) Should've killed me, somehow let me live They know I can't kill them, alright, my turn This hurts my hands, this is just not normal I can't wait to try out the SafeType, the orthopedically neutral one

So, is the TREWGrip Apex proof? No, it does not pass the test, I'm dying over here (buzzer sound) (upbeat music) Now we're tryin' out the glass keyboard, we're puttin' it to the Apex Test, let's get a game fired up here I like to do the land, yes, we finally got something It's functional, it's working, I think I might actually get some action here It's not better than a regular keyboard, but I'm just shocked that a glass surface is letting me play Apex Legends

I think it's pretty safe to say the glass keyboard passes the Apex test (bell dings) (upbeat music) Now for the third keyboard test, the Qwerkywriter, we're already dropping, keyboard feels really good, these mechanical switches are just nice, right at home, I'm movin' around just fine, boom, I like that, I like havin' the space all there, gettin' feedback, I know I'm basically describing what a keyboard is in 2019, and almost describing a solution that doesn't even have a problem, but this is nice Qwerkywriter passes the Apex Test (bell dings) (upbeat music) For the fourth keyboard, we're trying out the EmojiWorks, The Emoji Keyboard feels like the Apple chiclet keyboard, it's nothing too weird, it's pretty normal, alright, let's try to go find some people now, I'm feelin' good, this is the easiest keyboard out of them all Alright, here we go, goin' right into battle

Oh come on, feelin' good, let's go, let's go Think we're gonna survive round one and I think it's pretty safe to say the Emoji Keyboard passes the Apex Test (bell dings) (upbeat music) For the last keyboard, we got the SafeType V902 The keyboard with mirrors, so we got Apex Legends firin' up here, alright, E to jump, we gotta use our mirrors, alright, let's see if we can find W, I feel like W, A, S, D is a little easier on this The goal is not to check the sides of it, only to check the mirrors, okay, alright, now we actually just need to get something to defend ourselves with, no, no! You can't play Apex Legends with a SafeType keyboard

Does it pass the test, Ev? It does not (buzzer sound) (upbeat music) So I think it's pretty safe to say that is the top five weirdest keyboards in the world I hope you guys liked it, if you guys did, make sure to drop a thumbs, subscribe if you're new, and join and become a member so you can join in on that Super Chat, it's free, anyone can, but then you get some extra perks and some emojis and some cool stuff Make sure to check out Instagram, it's just Techsmartt I'll catch you guys next Saturday (laughs) for the next episode of Tech Top 5

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