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– Hey what's good guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for Tech Top 5, the show where we basically check out 5 gadgets that you've never heard of before And in this video, we're checking out 5 of the most unique small phones ever seen

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There's badges, there's emojis, there's some cool perks like behind the scenes, and maybe getting in one of these videos We're just gonna jump right into this, if you guys wanna check out any of these phones, link down below As always all these are under $100, except one And make sure you guys stay till the end, vote up in the i card which is your favorite, and this is the first show on TechSmartt that is really controlled by you guys So Twitter, Instagram, send me links for any products that you think are really cool and that no one has ever seen before and they might end up on the show

Up first, and the only phone that I haven't checked out on the channel is the LONG CZ Or CZ It goes forI mean I'll just leave links in the description below if you guys wanna check them out, prices are always changing This is a pretty basic phone at the core And you can see you have the dialer, if you ever grew up with a brick phone, this is T9 all over You can see more than one letter on a key, usually three to four If you have no idea what I'm saying, you're probably under the age of 12

And that's okay This is what we used to have in a larger size So, with this being about the size of my pinky, there's nothing else on it No camera, and then a micro USB port so pretty basic So it just tells me to insert the SIM

Any other menus? It's just a basic phone This is the most boring on the list, that's why we got it out of the way Up next is one of my favorites, and this kind of kicked off the entire series This right here looks like a regular phone Yeah, it's a little bit short, okay, it's about the size of my ring finger, maybe my middle finger in full

It's a little bigger than the tiny phone here But what does it do? Well, it's not only reflective and kind of looks like a lighter, but it actually is a lighter So you have a picture of a cigarette on here, don't smoke Had to come across 68 packs of jewel pods We're just gonna light a piece of paper on fire

And the coil at the top is actually where it gets red hot Well, right on time Looking at the phone here, you have these gold accents, pretty easy flip up piece That's actually where the ear piece is, and then its obviously right next to the lighter Kind of crazy that you can put a lighter in a phone

There was actually two lighter phones, two different lighter phones! So, you can check that out This phone, the gear pool, I think that's what it's called, we're just gonna call it the lighter phone, has a few more features outside of just lighting things on fire and you wouldn't expect it So, menu, call center, messaging So you can message people Multimedia which is kinda cool

There's actually a camera on the side, so like a James Bond movie, your lighter phone actually has a camera Sleep/wake button here and then a lock right there in case you don't want this flipping up in your pocket Other than that, pretty basic lighter phone So right there's the lighter, do you think it's gonna burn? It definitely lights stuff on fire, if you're lighting up a cigarette or whatever you're doing, it will light it, but if you're trying to cause the next blaze from a single piece of paper, you might have a tricky time Right in the middle I think is the best phone, that most of you guys probably would pick up, and probably the greatest stocking stuffer, although the holidays just passed, it's the mini iPhone

And I made a video on this, the tiniest 1 inch iPhone, it's right up there in the i card It has a 24 inch screen size, so not bad, not necessarily 1 inch But what's cool about this is it runs android It has some of the similar app icons that you find on iOS, don't know how they got on there, but you've seen it here first

What's sweet is there's a camera So on the front, a 03 megapixel camera, and then on the back a 5 megapixel camera 1 gigabyte of RAM on here, somehow they fit it in, and then 8 gigabytes of internal memory And what's cool is the viewfinder, is actually usable

It lets you know how much time you have left recorded, well then it disappears Video doesn't look all that bad, you guys might have seen it on Instagram, so let me know in the comments on there what you guys think And then you can see right up here, the last video or photo you took Quality's pretty good, it's also a 24 inch screen, so have to check that out on the computer

And what's cool is, there's a home button, that, if you remember, feels pretty nice Sleep/wake button on the side, power button's on the other side I mean it's basically a mini iPhone 8+, and that's not second camera, that's just a blank hole It stares into the abyss In a nice little upgrade on a little phone like this is 2 SD card slots, or a nano SIM and then an SD card

It's right here, pretty set And this phone does have 4G LTE compatibility, I'm only getting 3G for some reason, but let's see if we can watch a YouTube video The fact that this is working shows that little phones do have a purpose There is a CPU in here, it's a mediatech, so Let's see if the new video loads up on here

$995 Louis Vuitton AirPods, bad idea? I guess I gotta shut up, because it looksit's viewable You've seen the video, you know what it's about

You can tell, I mean the colors look there So the 24 inch iPhone is running Marshmallow, not all that bad but pretty cool and usable phone Spotify too? Alright See if PBJams sounds good

I'll test these speakers one more time If you guys missed the playlist, link down in the description, updated every single Friday morning So you get the new jams delivered to your ears You don't have to do anything Ooh, it does load the art

It's not all that bad Alone, Never Loved You ("Never Loved You" by Alone) Full volume Not bad for number 3 On to the next one

For number four, is an absolute banger This video crushed it, up there in the i card, this is a fidget spinner phone This somehow made it out to the market, but, what's crazier is, it actually works So, wait for it ("Yeah!" by Usher) That's a licensed noise right there, that's lil Jon for ya

So you can see your menu, startup screen, contacts, of course, this doesn't click This is just a ball bearing to make it go round and round If that clicking was a button, that'd be pretty cool So menu, Bluetooth phone, contacts, call logs, messaging So kind of like all the other small phones on this list

This is a feature phone, cause you know it only has one feature It has that T9 setup, where if you wanna type, gotta hit that key a few times So there's actually an SD card and micro SIM on here, so just flipping it over to the back Micro SD and micro SIM Pretty simple set up

So it heavily relies on an SD card, keep that in mind No camera on the back or anything Nothing too special about this, but if you do get it, it has micro USB to charge it at the bottom, and just spins on forever And this still is the weirdest phone I have ever seen Last but certainly not least, is the most expensive phone on the list

This is the Palm, and there's actually a second part to this phone so vote up in the i card which phone is your favorite and I made a video on this one too What's interesting about this is it's the sleekest looking phone in this entire video It has a 12 megapixel camera on the back, kind of this fingerprint magnet, black, it also comes in a titanium color if you want that 8 megapixel camera on the front, 3 gigabytes of RAM, a Snapdragon 435 processor in here So this phone's actually packing a punch

USB-C at the bottom which is really nice The most futuristic phone in this entire list, but what's this small 33 inch screen phone supposed to do? Well, it pairs up with your android phone You need actually a second phone to make this work And the whole point around this, is making you use your primary phone less

So kind of like a smart watch, where it's just on your wrist Now the Apple Watch series 4 can do texts, has LTE, GPS, I could live if my iPhone died just by having my Apple Watch So same kind of concept with the Palm Works with any Android phone What's interesting is, it's a steep price upfront if you wanna just buy it out, sure there's a contract, but then you need to pay an extra 10 bucks a month to keep it running

So, is it really worth it? I haven't used it a whole lot since I made that video, you can check that out But it's not all that bad There's a few cool features on the Palm, like life mode, where you can set a few contacts that you want to reach you in case of an emergency or if you just wanna go remote for a day or two Battery life isn't that bad, 800 milliamp battery in here And you have all the Google apps

So it's running Android 81 Oreo Looks pretty good, you can watch YouTube I mean, you know, I'm just a YouTube addict I have to keep going back to watch more videos

– [Filthy Frank] It's time to stop Divinity lyric video, here we go So there's no volume buttons on this at all Only a power button on the side It does take nano SIM

Doesn't fade away any of the buttons It should just disappear So a little weird, I mean you can do stuff on here But would you wanna do stuff on here with your big phone already in your pocket that you've paid for? I don't know, for me, probably not Check this camera out real quick

And this out of all of them, is the most expensive phone, which you can probably guess has the best camera 12 megapixels on the back 12 mega pickles How's the front facing camera? That's the viewfinder You do have a few settings on here, like HDR auto, you can toggle that

I guess if you did wanna leave your big phone, like the Pixel 2XL here in your car or whatever Aw man I threw, it sorry about that Pixel 2XL You can, I mean the camera on here is just as good as the phone you probably have on your pocket And doesn't look all that bad My only concern is battery life

And on top of it being expensive, it does kinda make up for it It's IP68 waterproof so you can take it in the wild Little wet, think it's dead? Never Now in every single Tech Top 5, I give you guys my favorite so I'm giving it to the lighter phone right here because it's a lighter and a phone, and it's still working two years later But vote up in the i card your favorite, and let me know in the comments any other Tech Top 5s that I should do

Hit subscribe so you guys don't miss it, and drop it on Twitter if you guys find any cool links in the meantime, and I'll see you guys next time Peace!

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