This Tesla Cyber Truck test drive Changed Everything

– Before we get in the car what do we think? 39,000 – I love the stiff

– Are you buying it? – No – Hey what's up guys, welcome back a TechSmartt for a super late video but a probably early one when you're watching this I just got back from the Tesla cyber truck event and I got to test drive it All right, now I know what you're thinking and I know what the title says, you got to actually test drive the Tesla cyber truck? Well, I got to sit in the back seat and there's footage all through this video, I was there at the event, I'm done flexing this badge but the Tesla cyber truck So, this was really hyped up and I got the iPad Pro here just so I'm accurate on all the details that went down because emotions aside, you probably were thinking it'd be something else then what came out

Even when I talked about that it'd be Blade Runner like it'd be Porsche performance but in the utility, I guess region of the F150 So a pickup truck that really hauls and under $50,000 So that's kind of what I expected going into it So much people there: MKBHD, Michael Fisher, TheUnlockr, bunch of tester youtubers like, Andy Slye, saw Shelby Church, bunch of people Zac from JerryRigEverything

Everyone was there, that snazzy iPhone guy Okay, Quinn Everyone, everyone was there and everyone had mixed opinions going in and mixed reactions coming out So, we knew what to expect and then the event really kicked off The event looked really great and then the car came out on stage and no joke, I did not believe it was the real car

Let me know in the comments if you guys felt the same way just vote up in the iCard quickly In my opinion, it looks like an electric Lamborghini Urus or some sort of Evie hybrid It looks like a military APC and I get the total concept is futuristic in a class of its own So, pricing and models the biggest thing you came here for and that was the most exciting thing because I thought for some reason a model would go over a 100,000 but you get surprised So, the Tesla cyber truck comes in three models

You have your standard range which can tow up to 7,500 pounds Zero to 60 time in 65 seconds and of course the range in price 250 mile range with a 39,900 dollar price tag So, that's for the standard one

That just gets you in the futuristic truck now there's two more 300 mile range, so the dual motor all-wheel drive, here comes the final one The bad boy, the tri-motor all-wheel drive which I can't wait to figure out how it works So for 69,90 dollars, 500 plus mile range, 14,000 plus pounds of towing in a zero to 60 of 29 seconds and I know that's gonna decrease when this car actually rolls out, whenever it rolls out and then the self driving mode cost 7,000 dollars

So I know that was really long-winded, now let's jump into some of the other stuff Some stuff I got to actually see, a 17 inch display, you have full self-driving autopilot, all the entertainment features from any other Tesla OS You have adaptive air suspension which is a big thing with the Model S and Model X Ravens So you kind of see all that T's if you check out those videos earlier Now with the Tesla cyber truck, no one knows how large the diameter of them tires are but what I was sitting in it it's a much more comfortable experience because it's large

The tires really absorb that shock and with adaptive air suspension that's the big thing they're really featuring with the whole cyber truck and it's kind of that industry they're trying to go for because it also comes with an air compressor 110 or 220 volt plug It's really if you wanna ditch the F150, you go for this and you bring it to the next job site because it's ready Now the biggest thing is the materials that this car is made out of It is an ultra hard, 30 times, cold rolled, stainless steel exoskeleton

You let me know in the comments what car it's reminding you of just off the first impressions because I genuinely can't believe a sledge hammer was taken to the door, I mean it's stainless steel and it's 30 times cold rolled so, yeah that works but then it came to the glass and you saw this, I wasn't expecting this The glass I thought was a stunt (gasping audience) – Well, maybe that was a little too hard – I thought it was basically Sonic Okay you saw, the first version of Sonic now you have the new version of Sonic

We all talked about it, now we're probably all gonna go see it It's like the emoji movie Well, with Tesla armored glass it's bulletproof up to a nine millimeter No one pulled to shoot anything but that's gonna be a test because you can't claim that and show it works when you bring a metal ball, throw it at the windshield, not once but twice and it fractures and not where it's like, oh you know it stopped it, I was laughing but I really thought that was a joke and it's not so, I can't wait to see it actually stop a nine millimeter bullet, we got a long way to come for production but that would be really cool just who, who can test it or who wants to put their car and hard-earned dollars down for it? Probably TechSmartt, it's probably gonna be this channel so get subscribed So you kind of know a little bit more about the cyber truck but here's the big thing, I actually got to sit in the back

The interior feels like a Model X on steroids Really a vehicle of its own In the actual UI on the 17 inch display kinda looks like dark mode was improved and it just looks like a different Tesla UI That's it I don't know for sure

I could only see it because I was in the back of the car but what was awesome is the lockable exterior storage or really the back of the whole pickup truck I thought that being illuminated was the coolest thing just to look at The test drive was really quick I don't know if we were in the tri-motor all-wheel drive model It wouldn't surprise me, I know Elon loves to put on something just amazing for first impressions

They talked about an ATV, you know something's kind of funky and really we didn't hear pricing on the ATV, range on the ATV It was drive this in the back of the truck because we made it and we can when I asked three people just quickly that were near me what they thought about the cyber truck, just to get their first impressions, especially if they came out of a test-drive so I asked MKBHD, Marques Brownlee what he thought and this is what he said – Pretty cool, I mean, look at it – [TechSmartt] No, you tell us

– There's three seats in the front – [TechSmartt] Yep – But the middle one falls down – [TechSmartt] Okay – And it's a bunch of cup holders and then, the rear view mirror is a camera I think that's okay, legally There's no gears I think, anywhere else in the car

There's just a lot of glass – [TechSmartt] Do you like it? Will you buy it? – I won't buy it, I don't need a truck – [TechSmartt] Still not convinced – No I don't need a truck but it's pretty cool – and then I was like, okay, let's go to a guy that's a little older, Michael Fisher

Here's what he said – Look, all I wanted was not to be bored – [TechSmartt] Where you not bored? – I'm not bored You cannot possibly be bored looking at that thing – And then we really wanted to go gen Z so I hit up my man Philip from everything Apple Pro

Here's what he said – Do you need a truck in your life Philip? – Yes, I'm not getting into because of that – And now we bring it right back here, you get some fresh opinions and impressions There's one other company that has an electric pickup truck coming out in 2021 and it's by the name of the Rivian R1T Do you pre order the cyber truck or do you go for the Rivian

I think there's a whole nother video there So of course, I have to say where does the Tesla Model X stand I feel like if I was a Model X owner I wouldn't even consider this and being a model 3 performance owner, I'm only considering this because I have a tech YouTube channel, I wanna get more in electric vehicles and this one looks really cool This one's going to turn heads on the highway and there's a lot more I wanna learn more about All right guys, that's gonna do it for this one

If you guys want a few more videos on Evs I'm really enjoying them so drop a like and I'll make some more Hit subscribe so you guys don't miss them and I'll catch you guys in the future or next time

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