The World’s Smallest iPhone..Less than 1-Inch?

– Hey, what's good, guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for kind of a sequel That's basically what's going on

It's the holidays, you know, recaps, they're comin' around This video's a really cool one because this product just hit Amazon If you guys wanna check 'em out, link down below Basically, do you guys remember that video on the one-inch iPhone? Wow, this phone is really good This thing was crazy, if you missed it, it's right up there in the I-card, or link down below

Well, one just hit Amazon, and that's kind of new because this was on eBay originally So it got me thinking, why not pick it up? It's only $99, and let's see if it's really as good as this iPhone 7 Plus wannabe because I was so surprised with how much you guys liked this video Let's see if, you know, you know, yeah, yeah I said, let's see, let's see, Ev, let's see if the Amazon version of the tiniest iPhone is any good Roll the intro

(dramatic music) Based on the Amazon pictures here, it should look exactly like that, and it definitely looks a little bit more defined than the 7S wannabe That's basically what this is This is a iPhone 7S lookalike If you guys haven't remembered the 7S, or are just so used to phones with vertical cameras, like the iPhone XS Max This is a iPhone 7S that I had done up in gold

Whoa If you missed that video, right up there Basically, the first mini iPhone, or the tiniest iPhone in the world, that's what this looked like So if you guys get where everything's going, basically, I think we're bound to see a mini iPhone X come out Never know, interesting

(upbeat music) What is this? So (laughs) Alright, it's a definitely a 7S lookalike It's got a case on it Can't remember if the, Ev, did the original one come with a case? (upbeat music) Yeah, I don't think so either You guys just gotta check the video

I literally cannot remember There are so many of these tiny phones floatin' around right now Peep more videos comin' up Geez Okay, it feels, I would say, newer, but that home button's really protruding, like look at that

It's just poppin' out there, alright Let's see what else we get for accessories Charges, micro USB (upbeat music) SIMS, SIMS tool, manuals, okay So nothing super descriptive

On the specs for this, it's saying it's a 03 megapixel camera on the front, 5 megapixels on the back This one's quad-core is also 4G LTE compatible So if you're lookin' for a tiny phone alternative, maybe this might be a good option I'll put my SIM card, we'll see if it works, Ev

(upbeat music) ♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ So just lookin' at it and comparing it, hardware, I would say, they basically are identical They feel pretty much the same Aluminum on the outside You can see the camera, interested to tell if there is a difference, and in quality, if it looks better Flash looks basically the same

You can see the antenna bands Kind of like the gold one, so maybe the first video should've been the only video, but we're gonna find out Micro USB at the bottom, speaker cut outs Screen, only thing that really looks different are the home buttons One you can definitely tell

The other kind of blends in, that's a black screen versus a white screen for ya And seriously, let me know what you guys think in the comments on this Really just checking out all the small phones You guys know it started off with the fidget spinner phone (upbeat hip hop music) If you guys missed that, that'll be right up there in the I-card, but these types of phones are known as feature phones because they're more feature-based

And obviously, most people aren't gonna use these as their primary daily driver But you never know, some might surprise you Let's just check out that camera (upbeat music) Ooh, I'm gonna take a picture with the camera as always Ooh, it's got auto-focus

(upbeat music) It's not bad, can I adjust exposure? Oh, now we're in the front facing camera Check this out It's not that bad I'm gonna take a photo (upbeat music) That's the only thing that's kinda hard

You have to like hold it with three fingers, I'd say You need your middle finger back there Let's see what a front facing video looks like What kind of quality is this? Can you even see us right now? That's the front facing camera on a really small iPhone clone So if that's a front facing camera, which is 0

3 megapixels, obviously the rear has to have really good video Mr Ev (upbeat music) How does it look on my face? Is it like super harsh? – No – No, is it 'cause I'm that pale? – My eyes! – Looks actually really good

But you guys be the judge You guys let me know in the comments what you think The home button's pretty good Let's see what else is up with this You got Download, Sound Recorder

Oh yeah, this is basically running Android, by the way You guys can tell it looks really familiar I really like that, whoa, you can access It's like a fully functioning Android device I mean, this thing has a quad-core processor

One gigabyte of RAM, eight gigs of internal storage So it'll get ya somewhere Micro SD card? It has got a SIM slot Only one way to find out, here we go Mystery's been solved, so this is a SD card, as well as a SIM, or you can just double up on two SIMS

Not gonna lie, for $99, this thing feels better than the other one, and that's really crazy to say Usually, all these phones, I mean, they're feature phones These are not meant to be used as your only device I've got a SIM card in here Everything's workin', I'm gonna go on the internet now

Honestly, if it even loads internet, I'd be shocked YouTube (upbeat music) Here we go, yeah, this would be really hard to use every single day I mean, small phones like this, are becoming better, but the problem is, I mean, just look at how you're supposed to type now Yeah, that's really difficult

You have to like get over the key and like overestimate where your finger's gonna end up And then, from there, hope just everything works out Oh, wow, it finally showed up Boom, new TechSmartt2 video If you guys haven't subscribed to the second channel, make sure you do so

Will this even load? This is a 50 minute video If this plays, I'm gonna say it right now The new tiny one-inch iPhone is better Somehow, it became more powerful, and it's definitely worth you checking out Not a bad stocking stuffer

What do you think, Ev, like if you got this as a stocking stuffer, would you at least try it out? – Oh, yeah – Yeah! It's fun, and it's just a miniature version of the internet right on your Android iPhone It's a good use of a clone But (upbeat music) Nothing's actually loading

– Patience – That's it, man! There you go! – Oh, wait! I spoke way too soon Wait, can I even full screen it? (upbeat music) (Keaton laughs) You saw it for yourself It took a little bit of time It's not fully working, but from what I can see, this is definitely, this is at least some sort of HD

(upbeat music) I can see it, I can see clearly If you guys missed the JUUL video Whoa, definitely make sure to check that out That's the last plug in this Wow, I am really shocked

The new tiny one-inch iPhone, not that bad Honestly, Android Lollipop on here, pretty solid This is how it's done, and you have the Play Store, which isn't always something you see Basically, anything you wanna do on this phone that's on the internet, an app, really anything that isn't connected to wifi So yeah, as you guys can see, I've been trying to load up my Spotify playlist, PBJams, if you wanna check that out, link down below

It's updated every Friday The problem with the new one-inch iPhone is, although it has a quad-core processor and one gigabyte of RAM, it's still really slow From trying to do anything on the browser to even watching a YouTube video, I'm shocked that loaded, to be totally honest, but we could be sitting here for a few days, maybe even 'til 2019 – It's been 84 years – To get this Spotify app to pop up

So that's basically it for what you need to know And it even also looks like an iPhone You see the app icons, maybe it's just me, the call Not saying anyone did it first, but all I'm saying is for $99, it's pretty sweet So that's gonna do it for this video

If you guys liked it, make sure to drop it a like Get subscribed by hitting that button right down there, and make sure you follow on Insta It's just TechSmartt Check out these two videos right after this I'll see you guys next time, bye-bye!

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