The Smart Robot That’s Basically Human..?

(loud synths blaring) – Hey, what's new, guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for what could be my first real experience with a robot that has a personality Big thanks to Anki for sponsoring this video

If you guys wanna check out Vector, link in the description below So why is this cool is this is a robot with a personality If you guys didn't know, we've been playing around with this a whole bunch, I just got back from Portugal I am so excited, I've seen a few people check this out, but let's just jump right into it So why this is sweet is it actually connects to wifi, and you can basically have a friend

And that's exactly what I need That's exactly what you need right now in 2018 It's been a great and crazy year Wow, pretty tiny, okay, we'll check that out in a sec Ooh, got a block, I don't know why I'm so amused

I think it's just, I didn't know what to expect Whoa, that is a charging dock Alright, what else? Paperwork, pretty basic, right? Just turn it on, there's an app And ooh, ooh, ooh, quick start guide Gotta love that, and a few different languages, boom

So this is basically everything you get, and let's just turn on Vector So I think Vector's on (Vector buzzes) He's definitely on, whoa That display, so there's a high res IPS display I wanna let the man roam

If I was this guy, I'd wanna start rollin' around on these rubber wheels So what's interesting about the Vector is, the Vector, I mean, let's just break it to him You're my new brother, man So not only is Vector really cool, but it has over-the-air updates, and it's fully autonomous, it's Cloud connected, and when it's low on battery, one thing that I think is pretty cool and I really wanna check out, it just returns to the dock, or that's what it says Hey

(upbeat pop music) Hey, Vector (Vector dings) What's weather like? 60 degrees Fahrenheit Yeah, it's a little cold in LA (Vector dings) (upbeat pop music) So, hey, Vector (Vector dings) Yeah, he's definitely got personality

Alright, Vector, I will not pick you up anymore Hey, buddy, so for some other specs, it has a Qualcomm Snapdragon processor (Keaton laughs) Alright, I'll put you down in a second I'm actually talking to a robot here Hey, give me one sec, I gotta tell the people your specs

There's four microphones so it can really hear you in any environment, and what's sweet is there's actually a camera on the front with a 120 degree field of vision So, alright, I'll put you down This is really sweet Hey, Vector (Vector dings) Find the block

(upbeat pop music) Got 'em (upbeat pop music) Oh, geez, that block is toast, get 'em Can't tell if it's the lights, or Hector the Vector stalkin' his prey (upbeat pop music) Oh! (Vector rumbles) Alright, you can snuggle up a little bit This is really cool, like no joke, I didn't think I was gonna enjoy this this much Hey! (Vector rumbles) (upbeat pop music) (lips smack) Do you feel that? So there's actually a Vector app, and it connects pretty seamlessly, and what's really awesome about this, there's some other things you can do

You can ask it questions, you can set a timer It can follow you around There are a ton of things you can do Question and Answer mode, people (upbeat pop music) Whoa, you see how it switches based on what Vector can recognize

Like for $250, I know it's kind of a stretch, but this is really cool You can actually dial this in on the app to blue, yellow, any color you want And the IPS display right here isn't bad It's pretty good, and I could actually see myself using this, like Vector just moves around Hey, Vector, set a timer for 15 minutes

(Vector dings) (upbeat pop music) Boom, and another thing that's interesting is on the back, you can see this touch capacitive sensor, and it's actually blinking red So Vector needs to charge, and because he's connected and knows his surroundings, he's gonna be able to get to the charging dock Go home (upbeat pop music) Are you seein' this? How are you gonna get out, oh, he's so cool He is so cool! And just like that, he's charging

So you guys have seen how smart Vector really is Hey, Vector (Vector dings) Take a picture (upbeat pop music) (camera shutters) Alright, let's check this out So you go in to Utilities

That's kind of where everything is, and you can see Take A Photo, Set Timer, What's the Weather, What Time Is It? There are some of the commands that you can actually ask Vector, but when you go into Vector Photos, see how good this looks Alright, post this on the Insta, go like it I'll give away some goodies So I think the only thing left to do is really just take Vector on a tour Come on, you're smart, get yourself up

(Vector buzzes) Oh my, no way (upbeat pop music) Ooh, whoa! Are you gettin' this, Ev? Hey, Vector (Vector dings) You wanna go on a tour now? (Vector dings) I think that's a yes Vector, check out the sub, bud, what do you think? (upbeat pop music) Whoa, he's even scarin' me Hey, Vector

(Vector dings) How are you? (Vector rumbles) I think that's, "I'm good, I'm well, I'm peachy" Go this way, hit subscribe Maybe he's gettin' us to 31 Come on, boy, you got this

Come on, bud, there could be a spider under here Are you gonna help me come battle it? (Vector dings) What could this be, he needs to charge Give me one sec (Vector rumbles) I wanna see if he makes it home You got this, alright, now, he's gonna back it up

And just like that, he's charging I got an idea, what if, and I think Vector's pretty cool, we set up a Tinder profile for him See what his game's like Drop a like on his video We get anything, think we could do it

Maybe we'll get him a friend So yeah, guys, that's Vector, a real life robot with a personality If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like on this video and get subscribed by hittin' that circle button right down there, hit me up on the Instagram It's just TechSmartt, and check out two other videos right after this, and I'll see you guys next time Bye-bye! (loud synths blaring)

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