The PS4 Projector..?

– Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another exciting video I don't really know basketball that well, but in this one, I'm gonna try to learn

We're gonna be playing some NBA 2K on a sweet gaming setup Roll the intro This one's gonna be fun I thought I had that (machine booting up) So you know I've been trying to get into gaming

I've been playing a little bit of Apex Legends, a little bit of Fortnite Mostly on PSN So if you wanna add me, it's just TechSmartt If you see me on there, definitely come play with me But in this video, things kind of take a twist

So big thanks to ViewSonic for sponsoring this one If you guys wanna check out the new PX727, link down in the description And what's really sweet, is I've teamed up with them to give away two tickets to the NCAA national championship on April 8th So all you have to do to enter is make sure you subscribe Instructions are down below or on screen, whatever's easiest

I know I talk fast Make sure you're subscribed, follow on Instagram It's just TechSmartt, and winners will be picked on March 31st Anyone in the world can win And from there, dude, like NCAA, that was a dream

Now we're about to play some basketball But Ev, how was the last time we played basketball? How do you think my skills are on the court? (heavy dubstep music) Let me run you through my perfect NCAA March Madness setup So up first is the ViewSonic PX727 4K, and you guys know I checked out the PX725 HD It has lifelike color and more Both made by ViewSonic, but this guy is way different

This is a true 4K projector and some of the tech specs kind of similar to the PX725 HD 2,200 lumens Up to 300 inches of projection, which is crazy 300 inches, Ev, think about that That's bigger than what we got, bro

It has also HDR support and the RGBRGB color wheel, which always it to cover up to 96 percent of Rec 709 And you're probably thinking, Keaton, stop it with the tech specs You're tech smart, but not really All you know is about the remote

This is where it gets crazy So, with a lot of 4K projectors and most projectors out there, they pixel shift So they don't take a 3840 by 2160 pixel, which is 4K or ultra HD, and scale it up And I was reading this guide that kinda showed me, it's pretty crazy Just looking at this Manhattan skyline, you're able to see the light pollution actually decrease as more pixels are produced

So that's what a true 4K projector should do That's what this one does So I'm excited to see how much better the detail is because there's also 10 bit color in here And the difference between eight bit color representation and 10 bit or even 12 bit is with eight bit, you get around 16 million colors shown With 10 bit, what this guy has, a billion colors shown

That shows a lot in the little details in moving images, so I'm excited to see with a fast pace game like NBAA 2K19 and with me throwing the ball out of bounds, left, right and center, and gettin' fouls, what that's gonna look like And with Rec 709 built in, it's the most common color space used in HD video mastering It's mostly used in HD, but it really is shown in ultra HD 4K resolution So of course, got a PS4 Pro

Also playing on the Xbox One X Whatever's clever I've just been digging the PS4 I haven't used one in a while Didn't grow up with one, but got one and been lovin' it

If you guys wanna check out anything, links down below So we got the charging dock here for the PS4 Pro controllers, PS4 Pro We've got the ViewSonic We got a popcorn maker I've always wanted one of these

This is the full deal This isn't the sit on your countertop, blow some in a bowl No, no, no We got a movie theater (laughs) The last time we had a popcorn machine, it caught on fire

There is a fire I was not joking! I was not joking, we have a fire! If you guys missed that video, right up there in the eye card So here's redemption We're stepping the gigidy-gigidy-gigidy-game up and I picked up a gaming chair If you guys know of a better gaming chair, let me know in the comments, hit me up on Twitter

I'll buy it This is just the XtremPro F1 It's pretty comfy It looked good when I saw it, had to grab it Now let's get this ultimate setup cooking

Let's play some 2K We got everything set up for 2K, including popcorn in a box Most popcorn comes in a box, but I feel like I'm doing my man Orville wrong Turning it on No idea what to expect, but let's try this out

Since this is my first time playing 2K, we're gonna jump online and just test the skills and see how bad or how good I can be The projector's super clear and everything just looks great Every color You see the jerseys, you can see the numbers, you can even see the fine detail to logos, everything So jump online and test your skills against the world

Playing control on a team or a single player Can you become the greatest of all time? That sounds like it's me So the goals of this, I'm just goin' in team control We'll go with the Lakers We got Lebron

Hey, I've been to a Lakers game I'm from Chicago Normally support the Bulls So there's three missions in this: shoot a three pointer, shoot something inside the paint, and do an alley-oop I think those are pretty easy to do

If I can achieve all those, I'm gonna say I'm on my way to a successful NBA career Here we go, here we go This chair is mega comfy, though I am digging the gaming chair (upbeat music) There's speakers in the projector too? – [Sport Announcer] A Latin theme is the backdrop to tonight's festivities

– It sounds pretty loud Obviously I didn't get a sound bar for this ultimate setup (loud gameplay buzz) Ooh – [Sports Announcer] It'll be the visiting team – Those are just the in-projector speakers

They don't sound that bad Obviously you'd get a sound bar or something perfect for the ultimate setup Did not even win the tip Alright, here we go Here we go

Ev, I don't wanna hear you laugh And I got rim, but didn't wanna shoot there Let's keep it outside, keep it outside I'm angry, if you can't tell I'm very angry

(snickers) Alright Oh, yeah, buddy, inside the paint! Woo! I know I just clicked triangle and circle there Nope, nope I just gotta not celebrate ever until I really am up What was that? Is that a shot? Everything just looks so clear

I mean, this is ridiculous Obviously I'm up close No joke there, but let's try to get this three pointer Come on, come on Throw it back out, throw it back out

Let's go, here we go, here we go And the KontrolFreek fell off I'm blaming it on the controller there Definitely no one else That was all me

Three pointer, ahh! Shock clock violation Hey, at least the popcorn's a win here (popcorn popping loudly) Maybe I should've picked the Warriors Is it too late to start over, Ev? Alright, here we go Just guard Steph Curry

Steph Curry's got 12 points in the first quarter? (laughs) Anyone, just give it to anyone (gasps) Will they get up 30 in the first quarter, Ev? Any bets? – [Ev] Yes – Yes? (laughs) Thankfully I didn't turn substitution on manually I don't think I'd know how to control it on my first real game in 2K (loud clatter) (loud beep) Everything's clear

You can see every fan, their facial expression I mean, they all wanted Steph to score Oh, no, that was it! That was it! I'm gonna say that's a pretty competitive first quarter Ev, what do you think? – [Ev] Definitely – Definitely a competitive first quarter

Let's check on the pop Popcorn's done After first quarter, get your head in the game, Troy Bolton How'd they do it in High School Musical? (crowd cheering) (light upbeat music) Popcorn's all done How does it taste? Nice depth, really good flavor, super robust

Then all of a sudden, you see Gordon Ramsay knockin' on the door What is this popcorn? I learned from the first game We're going with the Golden State Warriors I'm winning this tip off Let's see what happens

Boom, won the tip! Here we go, boys! Startin' real good That was off, that was off Okay, see, well, just give it to Curry Send it back to Curry Ev, do you see that rim? That was my best shot yet

(laughs) Gave it right back to him I felt bad, dude If I hit enough buttons, I will foul Alright, come on, Durant Nice, Klay Thompson

I blame myself on that Coach, in this time out, we really gotta talk about strategy We're only down eight Strong defense, our best game yet (yells) Alright, we made contact

That's half the battle How about now? (yells) Did you see that? Oh, that would have been so money! Ah, you see why I don't game much anymore? Especially not sports games Don't give 'em that three, don't give 'em that three Don't give 'em that three, don't give 'em that three Here we go

Don't! (sputters and yells) (groans) (yells) Just by bein' there, I'm gettin' opportunity You ever seen what a four pointer looks like? Four pointer! We hit two out of the three on the checklist In the paint and then an alley-oop from one of our other teammates Oh, look at that block! I'm actually gettin' it I'm actually gettin' it

So, next turnover, I know they're not gonna score here I'm gonna try to send a three and that's gonna be our last shot Shot clock, shot clock! Here we go, here we go Let's preserve it and let's get this three for the boys We've worked so hard

Yo, can you get off me? Appreciate you Here we go Here we go, here we go Let's take our time We got time, we got time

(laughs) – [Sports Announcer] Shot clock – [Keaton] We can put the three Colors on here look real to life I think it only shows in my defense and how close of a game this is Alright, and three! We're gonna say, on a windy day, it woulda got knocked in

(yells) Yes! (loud beep) Oh my, excellent release I'm callin' it there In total, dude, that's six points Guys, that's pretty much it for this video My second game of 2K, six points

That is progress All on the ViewSonic PX727 4K Colors looked amazing Make sure to check it out in the description and enter the giveaway if you wanna go to the NCAA national championship That's a crazy thing to say here on TechSmartt

Never thought that'd ever be happening So if you guys liked this video, make sure to drop it a thumbs Subscribe if you're new, join too, and hit it up on Instagram It's just TechSmartt That's where all the instructions will be

And I'll catch you guys on the court (laughs) Oh, this chair

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