The Mysterious Samsung Galaxy S9 You Haven’t Seen…

– Hey to you guys Welcome back to TechSmartt, and right in front of you is probably a familiar sight

I'm sure you've seen the Galaxy S9 It came out earlier this year This phone is hot This phone is so hot And what's interesting about it is you've probably only heard of two phones, the Galaxy S9, which you see right here, and then the Galaxy S9 Plus, the larger one

But, there is a secret, more mysterious Galaxy S9 that only released in Asia, really China, and that is what is here The Galaxy S Lux Lite Why? S Lux Lite? That just sounds cool So right here, and I got it wrong, it's the Galaxy S Lite Luxury Still, why? Why do we gotta put luxury in there? So this costs around 600 bucks

You guys wanna check it out? Link's in the discussion below And why I picked this up is I hadn't seen really anyone talk about it My buddy Ztech there, right up there in the icard, he checked this thing out a few months back, and I was really curious about why this thing wasn't really mentioned and how it's honestly selling 600 bucks for a Galaxy S9 body, and yeah the specs change a little bit It's interesting

So let's pop the top on this thing It almost looks like a clone I kid you not, I really didn't think this was a real phone, but it looks, well I mean we'll compare it to an S9 after this, right? So Galaxy S IP68 Something to do with the camera, you got 60 megapixels on the back and eight megapixels on the front And that is definitely an interesting note here, so on the Galaxy S9 it's a 12 megapixel camera on the rear, and and an eight megapixel camera on the front

This has an increased one for the back Could be an interesting selling point We'll see in a sec Standard Samsung boxing material Ooh, man

What is this? If this is just some glorified way to tell me hey, plug your phone in and keep it charged, I'm gonna be really upset So let's crack open what I honestly think could be an invite Holy crikeys (gasping) Dude This is a card for the Samsung Club

Drop a like on this video if you know what this means, please And where I can use this, or if this should just be given away to someone that can I don't think it's like a lounge at the airport, but hey, whatever right? OTG connector, so USB-C, of course that's on there and then regular USB Always awesome that they include this I mean if Apple included this, eff, we would be cooking

– [Girl] God! – Oh, also in here you get some burgundy Same color as the phone! It's kind of like this nice, almost like a dark, really dark red Not like a regular burgundy Maybe it's just the way the light's hitting the phone but yeah, it's almost hard for you guys to even see So burgundy, AKG headphones, same thing on the S9

We have here in the US the USB-C to, what is that? USB-A So you basically get everything you need in there And what I really like, is the U

S adapter So getting into it, the Galaxy S Lite Luxury, it has a 58 inch screen so exactly like the same as the S9 here, which we'll just get out of the box You guys have probably seen a million unboxing on this, if you haven't, check out some videos right up there in the icard

The Galaxy S9, and the Galaxy S Lite Luxury Two identical phones on the surface One says S9, the other doesn't even wanna say S9 Interesting choice So the largest differences on the S Lite Luxury, and the Galaxy S9 are a few things

So camera is a big deal, I don't know why, but there's a 16 megapixel camera on the S Lite Luxury, versus the S9 which has a 12 megapixel camera On the front, it's both the same eight megapixel camera, so it honestly should look identical Maybe a little bit different Pro mode, stickers, both are running Android, I think 81 I'll check that out in a sec

So it's got Oreo, I'm thinking Pie is gonna be updated soon? I don't know on the S Lite Luxury, if it's getting updates So I'm gonna try these out real quick, I wanna see Interesting I mean, these should be basically identical And that's honestly why I'm making this video, because no one's ever heard of the Galaxy S Lite Luxury

It was only sold in China As you guys can see, on the Galaxy S9 it actually shoots ultra HD 4K video at 60 frames per second, versus the S Lite Luxury which, at 600 bucks, is a little bit less, but even with the higher res camera, it's a different sensor So, quad HD video you can shoot on here, kinda interesting to see what's really different and what we're missing out on So is there even wireless charging on the Galaxy S9? There is On the S Lite Luxury? There also is

That was a little scary, you'd hope on Samsung devices, at least just 'cause you're paying 600 bucks, they have most of the features, and that's kind of what it's looking like Samsung really trying to make an S model It came out a little after the regular S9 so kinda interesting Feels really good, it's, maybe this copper one here, just with the finish, almost feels like a satin where this burgundy is picking up fingerprints where it's actually kinda concerning So one of the interesting things to note is, kinda this design

It's kind of like the S8, which had that fingerprint reader on the side Why? Maybe it's just Samsung trying to finalize the supply chain, and really use whatever they can of the remaining assets I think that's pretty fair to say, let me know in the comments what you guys think And definitely vote up in the icard what you guys think of the S Lite Luxury It's honestly looking like an interesting phone, whereas the S9 has the fingerprint reader underneath the camera

Which makes a little bit more sense On the side, you don't really know entirely where it is Sometimes you'll just smudge the camera Basically we wanna make a Galaxy S9, but we're gonna call it the Luxury Lite So on the S9 is a Snapdragon 845, or the Exynos version if you get a global phone

On the S Lite Luxury, there is a Snapdragon 660 so definitely interesting in specs Both have 64 gigabytes of storage, microSD card Holding two Samsung phones, it's kinda hard to navigate Looking at the same thing basically 5

8 inch screen, the resolution though on the S Lite Luxury is a little lower than the S9 so, you know exactly what you're getting when you buy this It doesn't really bother me though It's got a nice good feel The only thing that's kind of annoying is the fingerprint reader on the back I thought we fixed that

That's something you probably should know before picking on of these up Camera, I don't think I can tell that much of a difference, but we'll take a selfie on the S Lite Luxury Then on Ooh Is there a beauty mode on? You can almost tell sometimes

Is it, oh there definitely was a beauty mode So, the beauty modes, and it's honestly in the app, they're a little bit different It really is like a Galaxy S8 versus an S9, like the actual S9 versus the S8 1/2 But we're gonna round up so we're gonna call it the S9 Alright beauty mode off now

♪ Yeah ♪ ♪ So hot ♪ – Basically look identical I would say I like the S9's image a little bit better You guys seriously let me know in the comments The mystery is just getting started I was getting ready to actually watch a TechSmartt YouTube video and see how the speakers are, because at the bottom, while both have a headphone jack, the speaker cutout's a little bit different

On the S9, it's a much wider hole Versus on the S Lite Luxury, it's just a few dots, kinda like the S8 and that's kinda when it hit me Okay how do we watch a YouTube video on the S Lite Luxury You know, is there a YouTube app? A lot of that stuff comes pre-installed on the S9 Of course, it's sold in the U

S, YouTube, everything's good or whatever You're gonna see it if you buy a phone here in the US or kind of anywhere in the World

But, what's interesting is, and I have never seen this before, on a Samsung device, this phone doesn't have YouTube You can search YouTube No results found So you're thinking, okay dude just go download it The Google Play Store right? Google Play

No results found For some reason though it doesn't block YouTube exclusively on the phone It works, I'm on WiFi in California, so interesting But, when you go into the about, we have Weibo, WeChat, lot of other 10 cent apps so it kinda looks like a 10 cent phone I don't know what carrier this was sold under, but this is kinda cool

This is kind of a mystery unsolved in this video, and not something you're gonna find anywhere else So, software information Samsung Experience version 9, Android 80, Baseband, Kernel; Kernel is different, okay Let's see, Knox version

Yeah, it's basically the Galaxy S85 I really wanted to see the screen differences, because when you watch YouTube on a web browser, versus watching it in the YouTube app, it looks completely different You fully optimized the YouTube app for your device, that's what you want right? So I don't even think its fair to judge this I actually just turned the brightness down on the S9 so you can tell it optimizes the panel a little bit better, and that's what you're paying for

You're paying for the more premium device the S9, and it looks really dang good Really good But when you look at the S Lite Luxury, it's really just a mystery unsolved I don't think I should even be complaining because YouTube on this phone probably has never shown up, ever in its existence And that's awesome! I'm happy to be bringing YouTube to a phone where it should've been

That's the S Lite Luxury What a mystery I feel like Sherlock Holmes 'ev I'm gonna put my hat on, and move on to the next tech adventure So that's it for this video, if you guys enjoyed it make sure to slap a like on it and click subscribe by hitting the circle button right down there

If you guys want more content like this, make sure you follow me on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt And check out two other videos right over here After this ends, I'll see you guys next time Buh-bye

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