The Lighter Phone You Can ACTUALLY Buy

[Keaton Sings], like Cola next to the PlayStation controller Hey what's up guys Keaton here so I just made this video on this lighter phone, legit if you haven't seen it go check it out it's a lighter and it's also a phone, no joke and I said in that video I will drop it

I said in that video if you guys liked it I have a huge part two, well it's here it's about to be, lit So yeah guys, this right here it's another lighter phone the thing is you can buy this one, so if you guys want to check it out links down below and I got to get this out of the way So when I made my original lighter phone video I legit looked everywhere to find a link on this, and you guys found the link You guys actually found it, and made me look really stupid you know I really tried hard to find this link, legit I spent so many hours trying to find the link for this and I couldn't, so I guess thank you guys for finding it But what I learned is this lighter phone, the gold one, the one that's a touchscreen and everything, goes for about a hundred and twenty bucks but this one goes for seventy nine bucks so let's go ahead and check this out you get this thin mysterious looking phone, it kind of honestly looks like an iPhone you also get some extra stuff, charging cord all that fun jazz, but it's a nice-looking box

I could wear it as a hat, it's pretty cool So back to the lighter phone here this thing is way different than this lighter phone, and I'm going to tell you guys everything you want to know about it This one is the one you should buy it's seventy nine bucks versus one hundred and twenty bucks Both are gonna get lit, and stay lit, if you want, if you're into that thing and you want to start some fires [music plays] both could do it

So this lighter phone is kinda crazy it comes in a bunch of other colors and it's pretty tall it's also really thin and legit guys it looks like an iPhone, like I don't, I don't know I don't know anymore they want these lighter phones to look like iPhone this one actually looks like an iPhone and with this lighter phone here that is the camera app from an iPhone that is the call app from an iPhone they like want it to be iPhones This lighter phone is kind of different in how it works it's not a touchscreen like this one honestly the touchscreen on this letter phone I would say makes it worth 120 bucks but this thing is so retro you have your numeric keyboard here so it's legit like a Nokia phone or one of those old phones and there's no touchscreen so if you want to navigate like the menu you need to hit this top button and then you can see the lighter, you can see some of the other stuff, we got Just kidding I don't actually what I'm doing, seriously I don't know what I'm doing You got lighter, phone books, call center it's kind of pretty much the same but the apps don't look like the iPhone ones so I guess like props on creativity there Real cool guys I don't know if you guys can see this too well, but the phone is on I promise you it is, it's just it's a super dim screen

In person it looks great, we gotta cut it some slack it's legit a lighter, and a phone together So here's some of the features you got You go in menu, it's not as crazy looking as other one, where they copy all the Apple apps You got lighter, phone book, call centre, messaging, pretty boring stuff we got multimedia here which is awesome because you got a camera that's right you have a camera, it's on the side there so let's, let's open this up No, oh my gosh

It's legit a camera so what I'm going to do, is I'm going to take a picture, hopefully it looks good of the iPhone four that it looks like Five is the center button by the way since there's like no touch screen, so let's see if we can get this [Camera shutter], saving from what I can see on the lighter phone, it looks better than this one I took the photo on this one of the red iPhone I'm going to show you guys real quick This is the photo that I took on this phone Hopefully the camera on this one looks better this phone feels a lot better, at least to me Another awesome thing on here is the speaker, so when you flip it up you can kind of see this speaker grill here, it looks pretty big and the lighter immediately goes on

I don't know if you guys can see that too well, I'll talk about this in a second but you can see it's like glowing red right there On the other lighter phone you need to put a cigarette or something round in there to get the flame to show up so it's like they saw my video and like made it way better So let's try out this audio player and see how good the speaker is alright so I got a song lined up five is the center button [Music plays] I've only checked out one other lighter phone before but the speaker on this thing is way better

The next thing about any lighter phone is you actually want it to call people so I'm gonna go ahead and call my dad Select, calling dad, it's ringing [Static Sounds from phone] Hey dad what's up? [Static sounds from phone] I'm good I'm calling you from a lighter phone right now

[Static sounds from phone] Yeah, you want to get a light while I'm talking to you? I don't think that can work dad, that won't work Can you hear me okay? [Static sounds from phone] He said it sounds fantastic, you heard it here from the source, papa Keaton All right dad I'll talk to you later okay? [Static sounds from phone]

All right love you bye so you guys have seen the lighter phone is a phone, I just called my dad But you want to know, does it actually light stuff? Yes! We're gonna get lit Let's open the top You can see, it immediately gets red hot So we're gonna see if this thing actually works

Oh my god, this is actually working We got fire! We legit have fire! I'm gonna light this entire paper on fire, like yes, yes All right well that just happened, and I didn't freak out

But the smoke is gonna freak out our fire detectors Guys honestly never in my life did I think I'd be holding two lighter phones, two different lighter phones So I like this one because it's super thin, super sleek and it has like this touch number pad that's way easier for texting

But this one has a touchscreen and lets you kind of see more stuff you can go through the apps and everything one thing that I am seeing is both wanna be iPhones Legit, I said it, I said before, I said in the original video Look at these apps The music app looks like the iPhone Video player

Is that, is that the facetime app? All I'm saying is the third lighter phone that we find is going to be an iPhone like I promise you So yeah guys, that's pretty much it for this awesome lighter phone video Thank you so much John and Keyla for having my notifications on If you guys want a notification shout out, turn on my notifications and let me know in the comments Subscribe if you're new, and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find anything else weird like this, and remember don't smoke

Bye! Just went to my PO box, someone sent me Yeezy's guys What is this, I think they light up [stuttering] Thanks

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