The iPhone XR Doesn’t Suck..

(dramatic music) Hey, what's up guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for the video I've been waiting to make, hoping to make, and am about to make So you guys have heard of the iPhone X already

There's been a few videos on the channel We've done a drop test iPhone XR in three, two, flame throwing tests, even a scratch test Oh that's like some Friday the 13th Keep going

If you guys have missed those, get subscribed so you don't, or just check them out in the iCard right up there The iPhone XR though has been a phone that has continued to surprise me every single day I have used it If you can make a phone at the right price and offer the right specs and kind of right selling point I'm all for it And that's what the iPhone XR is Hey Keaton, why are you riding the iPhone XR so hard? And that's a really good question

For me, it's a few things It's the price, it's the specs, it's the timing And honestly, it's the color So, right in front of me I have the two iPhone XRs I've been loving The XR, the XR, we're just gonna go between both because we can right

Having up to six colors to pick from honestly is refreshing I hope more phone companies do this I know OnePlus is super big into it I know Samsung is with making some of their custom Marvel editions And I think they're fun and if you can release them on launch date and give everyone the chance to pick them up, that's awesome

And that's really why I chose the yellow XR as my daily driver And that really goes into the whole price The XR starts at $750 Think about that for a sec With the iPhone XS, as I'm, almost about to do a drop test, the iPhone XS starts at $1000

And then the XS Max with the new 65 inch screen starts at $1100 So let's jut break this down Here are the phones that Apple is selling this year On the right we have the XS, then the XS Max in the center, and then the XR

Each with kind of a few different specs, and honestly just the whole refresh There's nothing groundbreaking on the XS and XS Max In my opinion, I think it really shines on the XR And here's where it gets spicy For $750, $1100, and $1000, which phone are you gonna wanna pick? One that has the same camera as all the other expensive phones, the same chip and processor, the A12 in all three phones, face ID in all three phones

It really is kind of why are you spending more money when you have something with a 61 inch screen? It's larger than the iPhone X in 2017 It's larger than the iPhone XS For me 61 inches is that perfect screen size

And honestly I can't wait for this to be OLED The panel's gonna look amazing And the price, when in time, and in the future, I could see them keeping this at $750 and basically recycling all the great features in the XS Max in about a year's time If it's in something that costs $750, I'm all for it And what's amazing is because I saved $250 by not getting the XS or 350 with the XS Max, I can now spend that money on cases, wireless chargers 'cause all three phones have it, or what I could do is actually get a 128 gigabyte iPhone XR for only $50 more

That's right, you've heard it It is time to say it Apple the killers of the headphone jack The inventors of the notch Whatever you wanna call them

They finally are coming to their senses on more of a budget but not budget phone For $50 more, you can double the storage At purchase, right then and there That means for $800 you're getting a phone you could basically use for two maybe three years And the reason why the XR is such a big deal whether you might love it or hate it or even believe it this phone's for the people that have iPhone 6Ss

That's right, the ones that were on the 5S, didn't wanna get the 6 Wanted to wait Got the 6S and then haven't done anything since There's a lot of you out there If you're there, drop a comment

A bunch of you guys are my friends in real life And I love seeing the 6Ss They're still chugging hard But now you have a XR And this thing has the same specs as basically the XS and XS Max, with the exception of three gigabytes of RAM in here, versus four on here

So, if you're really switching between apps and need a powerhouse of a phone, the XS is where you gotta go The XR is basically for everyone else So with that $750 price tag what are you missing out on? And there's some things that I thought I'd really be missing because I didn't pick up a XS or XS Max, I did, okay, that's why they're here, but in terms of my daily driver, which I put my SIM card into, what phone do I wanna use and where am I okay compromising? And that's where I was really shocked in why I made so many XR versus XS Max and XS videos In the drop tests, as you saw, with the XR being made out of aluminum versus steel on the XS, you'd think they're cutting down on materials, because they are, and that means price can be a little less And you're basically gonna have a phone that'll break

That's what I thought But what I actually found out in the drop tests and with, hitting both with the flame thrower, and scratching both is, the XR is a beast Literally It is a beast of a phone It is the most durable iPhone I have seen in a very long time

And that definitely kind of comes with a few sacrifices With the XR, over the XS, you're not getting that OLED panel That beautiful screen with the inky blacks It's a beautiful panel Honestly, OLED panels are my favorite

I'll say it now With the XR you're getting an LCD with kind of a thicker bezel And the way that works is the lights taper off towards the edges to kind of give that effect The difference with OLED and LCD is how it's powered So with the XR it's just one light underneath

All those pixels With OLED and the XS, it's individual And why this is such a big deal is with the XR I thought battery life was just gonna suck You know, you're compromising on price It's what you'd expect, right? The only reason I picked up the XS Max and paid the $1250 price tag for this one, the 256 GIG, my personal one, is battery life

For me, I am a power user I'm always on email, always on Snap, Insta, you guys know, it's just TechSmartt in case you didn't know It's a big deal to have a phone that can actually last you an entire day and still give you everything you want And that's what I thought the XS Max would be But I'm finding a little bit better usage than the iPhone X, compared to the XS, it's a little bit better

Because yeah, there is a bigger battery And that all changed The XR after using it for five days I have actually been able to finish the day out with around 30% battery So for me, that's lasting an extra hour or two longer than the iPhone XS Max or iPhone XS That's just what I've been seeing

It could just be me How I'm actually using the XR It might be adjusting how I'm using my phone I mean it's not a 65 inch screen

It's 61 inches So maybe I'm changing with this phone Whatever it is, I like it I like how much money I saved

I like everything it's about You guys know everything there is to know about the XR There are a ton of YouTube videos on it And really, it's up to you to pick out if you like the XR or don't And vote up in the iCard which is your favorite color

Because that's really the biggest sell with the XR is you're getting a little bit of color You're getting a little bit of a different experience we'll say You're getting a wider camera lens 'cause there's only one on the back instead of two And yeah, you're getting better battery life I was shocked

Honestly, this video surprised me The whole idea of the XR really surprised me From watching videos, to taking photos, to literally just Instatorying, it feels okay One thing that looks weird though is the display I'm so used to the iPhone XS Max with those inky blacks and just what OLED looks like and that's really the only drawback

And yeah, that's obvious You're getting kind of an okay screen compared to this amazing screen if you really think about it But okay is sometimes all right And what I've seen is when I've actually pulled up the viewfinder to like take a photo, it looks a little grainy And then when I actually like post a photo and check that photo on like an OLED phone, so XS Max, it looks really good

And that's 'cause it's the same 12 megapixel camera as both phones, the difference is, you don't have that telephone option that you do on the XS or XS Max So, you guys basically know what this is about The iPhone XR is a phone I totally recommend buying I think it's kind of a surprise that I wasn't expecting from Apple this year And that's super rare

I've been doing this whole iPhone thing for what eight years now I've been loving everything Apple's made throughout the years But, honestly, I just felt kind of bored with where things were going, until the XR showed up It seems that this could be what the iPhone 5C tried to do, just now it can actually happen Tim Cook, literally this wouldn't have happened if you weren't the supply chain then

It wouldn't, it wouldn't This would not actually happen So that's it for this video I hope you guys enjoyed kind of a little bit different style If you did drop a like on it

And if you want get subscribed if you're new Hit that circle button down there It'll get your all subscribed up Hit the Instastory if you guys don't know what's going on behind the scenes And make sure you guys check out these two videos right after this

And I'll see you guys next time Bye (dramatic music)

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  1. Yes, it does suck. I bought it yesterday morning and by evening I was fed up. Apple made a huge mistake getting rid of the home button. So much wrong with this I can’t even start. I had a 6s and the only reason I decided to get rid of it was it was getting past its use by date. I’m going to get a 7 or 8 that has a real home button and not that swipe crap.

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