The iPhone 11 Saving Slime…?

– Dropping in 3, 2, 1, oh boy (electric whirring) Hey, what's up guys! Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special video

So, I've been using my iPhone 10s Max for the last year now, and you know what time it is It's time for the last unboxing of an aliphone, an aliphone? (beeping) An iPhone 11 Pro Max, and I was actually in Australia, was in Melbourne for the launch so coulda posted a video, but things have been so crazy and so busy at GMG, so thank you so much for all the support If you have no idea, it's right up there in the icard, enough plug-in (smacking) Let's hopefully not do this, when we did this So in 2018 the 10s Max came out

This was obviously the S model to the iPhone 10 But if we're being honest, by number, the iPhone 11 is really an S model, so this is a US version, finally one I could actually get with AppleCare, 256 gig, kind of excited, 11 Pro Max in Midnight Green was sold out for awhile online, and then they just started shipping orders really early, when a lot of estimates were into October or so You've probably have seen an unboxing, you've probably have had one early than I got one, but hey, it's all love with the iPhone 11 Pro Max, so, phone here, three cameras there, we got our EarPods

Please, Apple, next year, none of this, just give us first generation AirPods I do like the USB-C charging brick, although it's 18 watts, it'll do I mean, that's pretty standard, but you know, I like to upgrade and get the 30 watt one Then of course, the USB-C to lightening cable, this is nice to see I really like seeing almost the accessories, included in the box, more than the actual phone

For me, I don't know, just seeing the iPhone 11, it was a little underwhelming, but now that I have it here, and well, now that I can see what happened to my third iPhone 10s Max, really just in the last year, so- (plastic crinkling) (gasps) Ugh, what is this BS, just one side this year Are we going broke here, Apple? Well, we have this frosted glass on the back, so they're claiming it as "Improved durability", but I gotta be honest, this video is sponsored by GEAR4, so if you guys want to check out the GEAR4 case at Verizon, link down in the description, you can pick them up there We have an iPhone 11 Pro Max case They make it for the 11, course the 11 Pro, you're covered, and, I got it in Lime Green, because the whole thing with GEAR4's case is it includes a material known as D3O, and I'm sure you've probably seen this orange goo, this slime, somewhere on the internet But, what's interesting about it is that it's really, really strong upon impact, so it's kinda flexible to the touch, but the minute it hits impact with a quick force, it hardens up, and it protects what it needs to protect

So, I'm starting this year off right, immediately with a case, so my phone last year doesn't look like this year's phone, and I'm not just gonna do a drop test on a phone that came out three weeks ago, or whenever you're seeing this, but I'm gonna do something a little bit more I'm gonna do some TechSmartt SCIENCEE, with two E's, so GEAR4 actually sent me some of there D3O orange goo, and, I mean, I always keep a hammer between my legs in traffic, call me Blueface, and we're gonna see, what this goo is really about I've seen some videos on YouTube, not gonna say this is new to me, might be new to you though, and if this case actually does protect the brand-new iPhone 11 Pro Max, in the color that you probably want, might just even give it away on Twitter, but it's the holidays, they're coming up soon (lid popping) (whooshing) All right, so what is this goo? Well, this D3O is this impact, like resistant goo, mean it's like a slime, when there's no force vigorously coming at it It's just- It's like back in Preschool

Just kidding, I never left (slamming) (squishing) (beeping) So, what's really cool about D3O is- (slamming) you can do that, and not really feel any pain (slamming) This is it (pounding) Like, I- Oh, nope, I felt the pain on that one That one, that one missed, and we did feel that one, but let's wrap it all across the iPhone, so, here's an example of D3O

iPhone 11 Pro Max (banging) This left hand is- (banging) pretty strong, and let's see if there's any damage Come on, man, just turn on Don't do this, don't do me like this Just kidding

(smacking) Read it, ah, read it It's perfect I'm sure you've seen a few iPhone 11 videos already on YouTube, so, really, all that there's left to do is throw the 11 Pro Max in the GEAR4 case, do our classic drop test off a garage, and see if D3O actually stops any damage Do you think so? My hand thinks so All right, so we're outside, and we have the iPhone 11 Pro Max with the GEAR4 case, and we're gonna see how a drop test goes

We're gonna do 3 different heights, we're gonna do from the pocket, we're gonna do from the head if you were on a call, and we're gonna do above the head Now, I am 6'3", so keep in mind, from about here, is, mmm, say around 6, maybe 5 foot 11, and then really, the pocket one is probably the most casual time you're gonna drop your phone, when you're just reaching for it You might not have the best grip (whooshing) iPhone 11 Pro Max, 3 cameras on the back, and this is actually my personal phone From the pocket, we're gonna aim on the corner, try to get it on the white line, dropping in 3, 2, 1

(clattering) Here we go Ev, do you see any cracks? – I don't – Pocket was pretty safe (whooshing) Do we catch it? Got the GEAR4 case, no worries All right, so, now the second drop

We're gonna go from head height, about 5'12", well that'd be 6 feet About 5'11", dropping in 3, 2, 1, I'm gonna go a little higher, maybe it might be 6 (clattering) – Ooh – Now that, that was a trusty drop How'd she do? Any cracks? – No Still looks good

– Any cracks? – Nope – Now, I know there's a little funky action, going on the back here Gotta a little bit of partying going on, on the back Well, just stick to the end, we went a little out of order 2 out of 2 drops have been really good, let's see what the 6 foot- How tall, 6 foot 6", 6 foot 7" height drop? 3, 2, oh that's a back, that's a stretch, 1

(clattering) I don't know if I wanna look Do we really wanna look? Is it? It is That is impressive Wow! This case is beat up, if you cannot tell, but that's why you wanna buy this, because, if you're phone is really getting beat up, this is made out of glass, on both sides, just like the 10s Max, and just like the 10, so that's really what matters, and you get some colors, and all 3 cameras are safe So now, it's really time to figure out, how, this fares, when we huck it off a movie theater building

All right, listen up children, for some reason I feel like I'm just PC principal with these glasses, these are not mine So, iPhone 11, it works, it's got the 3 cameras on the back, even comes in the green, but we can't lose it, so here we go Dropping in 3, 2, 1 Oh, boy (clattering) All I'm saying is that was not our target

So, by the looks of it, I'm just gonna say right now, vote up in the I-card, if you think the iPhone 11 Pro survived Technically, we've had some interesting results, with the parking garage test This is, I think about 5 stories, maybe 4 stories Never know, does it still still work? Even if it's broken, it might still work (whooshing) So we're back, on the fourth drop, it did not survive, but granted, this was a 40 to 50 foot drop

Of course, the GEAR4 case was on, but with the first 3 drops with my personal iPhone 11 Pro Max, everything went perfectly fine so, for most humans, that aren't living the crazy, exotic lifestyle of just treating your iPhone like a Frisbee, you're covered But, if you're like that, 1 percent of those people that just loves to have a wild time, this is what could happen Now, what's changing? Well, right in the center here is starting to get a little warm, we've all kinda said that, I'm not the only one that's touched this It's been inside for more than about 10 minutes now, 85 degrees Fahrenheit, 86 So, 86 right where the Apple logo is, but now, what matters most, your iPhone, see what temperature, a non-broken one is, 80

So, I can't make any conclusions if the iPhone 11 Pro Max is gonna inflate or explode because of a crazy drop test, but what I can say is- (beeping) The GEAR4 case is what you're gonna want on your 11, your 11 Pro, or your 11 Pro Max Check out the link in the description below, or pick it up at Verizon, but that's gonna do it for this kind of late drop test on the iPhone 11 Pro Max If you guys enjoyed, make sure you get subscribed for the next video Drop a like if you guys want any more, and let me know in the comments, what other iPhone 11 videos you wanna see I know it's late, and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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