The Google Pixel 4 is a Fail

– Hey, what's up, guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for a very different video, one that I did not expect to make At least with what's going on

Right in front of me is the brand new Pixel 4 XL, this guy just came out, it's a brand new phone from Google and you shouldn't buy it The Pixel 4 XL sucks So the Pixel 4 XL, this phone has been a hype machine, a controversy, whatever you really want to sum it up as I don't agree with how this phone was released Like, most phones, you know, you have your invite, people get excited, sometimes there's some parts that leak and boom, it hits, it drops, we're excited, you like it, you don't, shut up take my money, or you just run away That's how this should work, right? No, Google decided to say, here's the phone four months early, posted a picture on the official accounts with the Pixel 4 four months early

So, get excited or not? So aside from that we now have the Pixel 4 XL, there's three colors, your black, your white, and this orange I really like the orange because GMG, it's kind of different and it's not really an orange, it's more of like a salmon And if you can think of the iPhone 10R's coral color I think this is the most similar but it's very nice and I really like what they did because it just, it feels softer to the touch then really any other pixel device before And I was a huge huge fan of the Pixel 3, the Pixel 3 XL, get that out of here This is the Pixel done right, or is it? All right, now it's time to tell you why you shouldn't buy the Pixel 4 or really the Pixel 4 XL

Here we go, and let me know in the comments what you guys feel about this phone I feel like I just gotta ask you, you're watching this First reason is, this is the main thing Google is saying the new Pixel 4 has a 90 Hertz refresh rate Well, it's now starting to come out that the 90 Hertz refresh rate really only triggers when you're in extreme sunlight or lighting conditions

So is it really 90 Hertz, sure by manufacturer it is But is it always 90 Hertz? The news done broke! And on top of that, the screen really isn't that bright when you go outside compared to other phones and when you're spending 799 or $899, it's not as expensive as like the iPhone 11 Pro or the iPhone 11 Pro Max or other phones out there, that's not the only one that exists When you spending that kind of cash you would at least hope the screen would be enough when you happen to step outside into the other half of the world You had one job Oh, there it is, Face Unlock

So with the Pixel 4 Face Unlock is really a big feature Google is promoting and I kind of like it but there's of course a problem So with your iPhone, your Samsung device, face recognition, Face Unlock, whatever they call it, it's a thing, scans your face But with the Pixel 4 you turn it on, it cues the lock, you point it at your face and it unlocks But what happens if you're sleeping and let's say things are getting a little spicy, your partner doesn't trust you and, well, they hold your phone up to your face while you're sleeping, should it work? Do your eyes get detected? Let's find out You saw it

Let's do it again Maybe, just maybe, it was the force Okay, Ev, are my eyes closed? – [Ev] They are closed – Here we go Did I open my eyes, Ev? – You did not

– See the problem? Maybe, just maybe, there's gonna be a software update later down the line but for $799, well $899 if you get the 64 gigabyte model, that's another problem, what year is it? That's just a big oopsie People hold phones up to faces when people sleep if they can, thanks, Google Now, oh my, are you serious, here we go You know, every other phone company, every other OEM, is pretty conscious of expandable storage The micro SD card, it is truly a blessing

Regardless if it's in your phone or not you might know about expandable storage Well then here's the Pixel 4 So, for $799 you get the Pixel 4 For $899 you get the Pixel 4 XL and that starts at 64 gigabytes Really? You want to bump it up, a little little? 128 gigabytes, that's the max

Okay, you wanna take photos? Yeah, you know, the Pixel 4 is known for its camera Now you have to pay Google for the original photo quality You might've heard the sirens, I'll say it again It should be a crime You now have to pay for the original photo quality off the phone you purchased outright on Google Photos

Just take me away, take me away occifer, I cannot be here Why, Google, come on, really? I mean, I know it's TechSmartt and I know the comments are Apple fanboy but I really, really love my Galaxy Fold This? This is just letting me down How do I even buy this and try this Best Buy wants $45 to restock it

And that's just a whole nother thing You see why the Pixel 4 XL, really just Pixel 4 sucks Oh, you don't? How about battery life? Well battery life on the Pixel 4 XL is horrible but even worse on the Pixel 4 because it's not as big, the battery size isn't as big either and this is coming from someone that's used this phone for about a week Didn't go to the Pixel 4 event, was traveling, got it sent a little early so was able to actually play around with this one and I really like the software Android 10's a banger

The problem is when you have a battery life that sucks, a display that doesn't get bright when you go outside, you having to pay for the original photo quality in Google Photos, that's Google Throwin' my ranty panties away for a minute, I was gonna say five, just a minute, this phone is not that good, and let's talk about some of the new stuff on the Pixel 4 Well, I have an iPhone 11 screen protector actually an iPhone 11 Pro Max screen protector Looks perfect, it's just meant for this phone

It's just something kind of interesting I found out On the back you have what looks to be a square camera So how many cameras are there? Three is the new trend this year Sorry, someone messaged me Wait, this just in

All right, wait, wait, no You're telling me it looks square? The iPhone 11 Pro also looks square We're gonna put two though, we're gonna make it look square so, you know, no one can really see if there's a third camera but don't worry, don't worry, you got the orange phone Doesn't really add that much attention You're not buying this for an extra hole

What you are buying this for is for a good camera and there's no telephoto lens on here but when I've done a side by side photo comparison the Pixel 4 XL and the iPhone 11 Pro Max, at night, in the daytime, just to see what difference there is in the processing I really, really like both images If I had to go with one I'm gonna go with the Pixel 4 XL all day but both color temperatures look great It's really up to you, you know this, you have all control, you're the one spending the money You can't go wrong if you're deciding, hey, do I get the iPhone 11 Pro Max or the Pixel 4 XL just for the cameras? Your shots gonna look good, you're gonna be able to see some new stuff at night

With detail That doesn't suck And you're thinking, wow, maybe the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL are kind of good phones, stop being so mean Gotcha The maximum video resolution you can capture is 4k at 30 frames per second

So no 4k at 24 frames or even 60 frames You can still do 1080p at 60 frames if you're a video junkie and you just don't want to get risky But the reason Google said they couldn't offer 4k at 24 or 60 frames per second, a feature in a lot of other high-end phones, is 'cause there wasn't enough storage Are you serious, Google? Not enough storage? Oh, really? Um, hmm, is this your first time making a phone? Oh, it's not? The customers, the fans, the people, that read the tweet four months early, don't want to buy a phone next year and won't really give the time of day to care I really, really was looking forward to the Pixel 4 but this is a letdown

Doesn't just suck, it's a straight-up letdown Now Android 10 is pretty good Some of the features on the Pixel 4 like Project Soli where, let's just fire up Google Play Music and, you know, I haven't really checked out the phone or showed you guys much, I'm sure you can go find another video on YouTube already where it's inside the hype machine but ("Here Me Calling" by Juice WRLD) Just by waving your hand over the phone you can go ahead and change the song, go back, it's kind of a beta feature if you ask me, more of a gimmick And we all kind of know how this is worked out for LG on their phones when you hold your fists up to take a selfie

Do I need to say more, I don't Pixel 4 and the Pixel 4 XL, don't buy it, it sucks, pass on this phone, catch it in 2020 when you can probably buy this at half price or maybe even a third of what it's retailing for I'm really sorry that this sucked, you guys deserve better Google, do better, don't post a Tweet next year or if you do get in the rhythm of the, haha, gotcha And maybe not do that on April Fool's either

I don't want to say stop while you're ahead but Android 10's really good So that's really it for this video, hope you guys enjoyed a little quick hot take on why you should never get near the Pixel 4 It's basically a virus If you guys liked it make sure to drop a like, let me know how you feel about this phone in the comments and subscribe if you're new and I'll catch you guys in the next one

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