The $605 Refurbished iMac from Wish…?

– So this is kinda crazy to believe but just trust me here So I order this, and I kid you not, a dog showed up

(metal clanging) Oh I know, I knowI know, I know Who's the prince? So the day after I ordered this, the iMac showed up

Brutus the dog must have blessed it, put it in his sleigh and just rode it all the way here I don't know how, but this also showed up two days after This is the fastest delivery I have ever seen on Wish The only thing that did not show up is the case Whatever, I don't care

So here we go guys Because you hit 25,000 likes I got the refurbished iMac, and what is kind of like a retro keyboard And before we check out the super cheap iMac if you guys want to see more of an expensive computer, I check out the HP Omen It's right up there in the i card or linked down below It's a total gaming laptop

That was interesting to check out And now let's open up this iMac and see what we're about to find So let's open this thing up Let's see what's good on Wish You guys know I'm all about the challenges so keep following along

If you guys missed the episode it's right up there in the i card Check out some of the older videos We got some crazy Oh, whoa This is like actually and iMac, Josh Josh, dude They weren't jokin' around There's no games here

And you know this came from somewhere because it says game saver with the phone number I think they're supplying all of the Wish iMacs All I'm saying is, we once did a prank call But this time we're serious I just wanna know more deals

Could I get this thing for less than 600 bucks? We will find out And this keyboard It's no Apple keyboard but it's one you'd find at your school because they don't even wanna get the Apple keyboards This is not even a mighty mouse This is nothin'

If you know what a mighty mouse is, drop a comment 'Cause I don't even think most of 'em know No way And then the charge cord As we almost take the iMac out with us

Imagine that like, yeah guys spent 600 bucks Sorry guys, you're not gonna get to see it turn on I accidentally dropped it off the table ♪ Oh what you say ♪ So here we go for the first time ever buying a refurbished Apple computer from Wish No one thought this was gonna happen

You guys hit the goal Let's power this thing on Just show ya some of the ports (powers on) Is the screen gonna work? ♪ Oh what you say ♪ I think I see somethin' powering on? It's refurbished, give it a second – [Announcer] One hour later

– We got a logo on And just like that, this computer turned on I wanna check the specs and the year just to make sure we didn't get bamboozled Late 2013, 215 inch, 2

7 Intel Core i5, eight GB of RAM And we got a terabyte but it's a regular hard drive No solid state Wow This is awesome

Does everything work? Like if I go on Safari is it gonna load a YouTube video? Come on Safari Geez, comeSafari

Come on Now that I We're recording

Don't, come on! You're gonna make me look bad! Oh! We're just going right in it – And then look we've cut almost halfway through Right to the Apple Logo – Whoa! It's been a while since I've watched that video Videos look good

It's in HD Is it in 1080? It's even in 1080 Gotta love that Alright Let's see if we can do anything a little more intensive

So obviously with the eight GB of RAM multitasking is gonna show on here so video and photo editing you could do basic stuff You have a nice screen to use, so definitely use it These computers were made to last more or less 2013 It's 2018

It's on Wish So you take that however you wanna take it Let's open up some more tabs Let's get the Twitter poppin' Let's go with the TechSmartt Twitter dude

We're not even at a hundred k yet? I don't even know, oh, look at that logo though! It looks so fly! I mean alright we got two tabs open and I'm just absolutely losing it Like what are you doin'? Yelp Josh, you know I'm a Yelp critic Let's drop a review Dude I've heard this place is like an LA only spot

You've never heard of it It's called In-N-Out Four stars, five stars, even photos Okay Does everything look official

That's the biggest thing I'm looking for here I'm tryin' to like mess around but I've been around Macs for a few years and I can tell with the real versus fake videos Like that iPhone 10 If you missed it, right up there in the i card I can tell quickly when something's pretty fake

Apps look pretty good, everything's spelled right That's usually a dead giveaway, when security's spelled with a q How did that get in there Perfect Don't hide that

Don't hide that at all Show your true colors Oh Notes? Let's write a note Like I'm just messin' around

You're probably gonna do more intensive stuff like play Fortnite on this I don't think that is a safe idea This thing, 600 bucks, came from Wish Alright You guys know now

Where did it come from? Not DH Gate, not AliExpress Wish Oh! Hey we got notes Hey its Keaton using Don't film me typing Don't film me messing up Bev Only film me getting it perfect I'm basically Akeelah and the Bee here tryin' to conquer this test Alright

Hey it's Keaton using this keyboard and this $608 iMac bought from Wishcom Okay 100% accuracy, autocorrect is also on It tastes and smells legit

Like I have to try these products for you to let you know I mean you hit the goal, not me I'm scared for larger goals Josh Imagine if we find a person or a car on Wish You can see all your ports here

Everything looks pretty familiar I also have a 27 inch iMac And basically four USB ports Two thunder bolts Ethernet

I like actually when they record Record? Include the ethernet port Man

It is late But the coolest thing is, SD card You don't get that every day So you guys that's it for the $608 iMac So that's it for this video

If you guys liked it make sure to drop a like and subscribe by clicking that button right down there If you're new check out two other videos here from the Wish Busters series And I'll see you guys next time Peace

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