The $5 iPhone 11

– Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to TechSmart for a very special video Right in front of me I have an iPhone 10 S Max

And now, an iPhone 11 Pro! All right guys, so this is gonna be a super quick video This is the five dollar iPhone 11 hack Here we go So let's say you have an iPhone 11 upgrade

It's between you and your girl Someone's gotta have it She really wants it, but since you work at Chick-fil-a, and you have a 10 S Max, and if only you could work that Sunday shift and get yourself an iPhone 11, all would be well So how do you compromise and make sure she stays with you? Boom! Here comes the iPhone 11 camera hack For five dollars you get an adhesive kinda camera cutout

Peep this And with one pull, you take your iPhone 10 S Max and you now make it an iPhone 11 Pro Now I know what you're thinking What do the critics say? One has three One also has

One, two, three It checks out, right? How do the photos look? And Both photos pretty much look the same There's three cameras, trust me So that's gonna do it for this video Hope you guys enjoyed

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