The $20 Galaxy S10 Case Test – Bad Idea?

– Whoa! Oh my! No Way! (energetic music) I mean, I'm just gonna' tell you how it is I whipped my five-hundred and twelve gigabyte iPhone XS Max at the ground

Just kinda' mad Bought this in Australia , so the AppleCare, well, there was no AppleCare So, I've been using the Galaxy S10e that just came out for about the last week, and I have been lovin' this thing, but I have not put a case on it, and there's been way too many close calls Here's the deal The new S10s just came out

You got the S10e right here with the 58 inch screen The S10 with the 61 inch screen, and then the S10+ with a 64 inch screen

You guys know we did a give-away with Everything ApplePro If you missed that, link's down in the description to the playlist, or right up there in the eyecard We're giving away five The give-away ends real soon, so make sure you guys get entered in If you haven't seen that yet

But the S10e has been kind of my favorite Galaxy, you know a long time The S10e's kind of approach to being the iPhone XR, and I think that's badass for seven-hundred and fifty dollars But, the one that you're probably picking up is the S10 vote up in the eyecard if you guys are gonna' be picking up an S10 Let me know I'm really curious, and this is the first year that Samsung's released the Infinity-O display, so I really like it

It has the hole-punch camera right in the upper corners there So, that's kinda' new compared to the S9+, which just had the cameras in a bezel at the top I've been really enjoying what the S10e's has been about, but that's not what we're taking about in this video That one will be coming out real soon With specs on the S10, you have Quad HD+ resolution, got the hole-punch camera, Snapdragon 855, eight gigabytes of RAM, stock, this thing as a hundred and twenty-eight gigs of storage, so, basically you're covered at nine hundred dollars

It goes up to 512, up to 15 terabytes cause' it has an SD card I mean, this thing's really packing everything Three cameras in the back Picks up a lot of finger prints though, and I think the one feature that isn't really all that good on this, is the Ultrasonic finger print

I'm not a huge fan of it compared to the S10e which just has it on the side So, in order to make the S10 not look like my iPhone, we're gonna' be jumping on Amazon to find basically all the cases that exist And try to keep the prices low Try to find different features Try to see what these cases do in a drop test, because ,let's face it, at 900 bucks this thing just came out with glass on the back, glass on the front

Corning Gorilla Glass 6 if you missed the drop-test You might've wanted to see it, because you're gonna' need a case Alright, so like every good smart phone, either you're for team case or you're against it Personally speaking, I think with the iPhoneXS Max, what really wanted me to switch over to the S10e, was it isn't cracked yet, but there are some heavy scratches forming on the front where you see the camera, so Those are some deep ones

Ev, get a look at that Alright, let's see what we can find here Ooh Alright so, basically the same ole' lineup The Ringy Fusion-X

Save a dollar with a coupon I don't know there's five reviews when this phone's really only been out for, I mean, when you're seeing three days So, I don't know how that is workin', right now I am a practiced connoisseur of phone cases Oh boy

That's just a BS way of saying I've used a lot of different (laughs) different cases from different brands Honestly, one of the best cases Verified purchase Verified purchase O

K So, nothin' funny's happenin', but with this case, what you get, instant compatibility of G-wireless charging That seems to be a standard on all S10 cases They have to allow you to wirelessly charge, or why would they exist So, some of the features are: designed for tough shock absorbtion, aids against accidental drops

Sounds great Don't need to hear anymore Gettin' that just added to the cart Boom! The next one I found is kinda one of those plasticey ones, but this one goes over the edges Gotta' put these to the test

You guys thought we were just done, with the straight up drop test with Everything Apple Pro Not on this channel! So, this kinda comes up over the edges Okay 11 dollars Sounds good

Add that bad boy to the cart Ooh Interesting case 10% off For traveling light

Uh Card slot can play– okay, I know what kind of cards I can put in there Elegant design Comes in a few different colors, but I'll take 10% off This is only a 10 dollar, 11 dollar case

Everything describes military drop tested Ev, should I just go put a barrette on and just go throw these phones Dual-air protection provides 360 degree, full body, rugged protection, premium hybrid hard polycarbonate So, this is polycarbonate TPU Ooh

Okay So, I've heard of this brand before It's Spigen's Neo Hybrid They always come out with a Neo-Hybrid for the iPhones Galaxies

I mean, most popular phones So, TPU case plus polycarbonate bumper When you see these raised edges to protect the screen from surface Sometimes that's snake oil , and other times that's actually true So, we'll find that out if these come

Alright, I'm gonna' type in Galaxy S10 case This is just for the 61 inch phone If you guys want me to do a second part on textmark two Maybe for the Galaxy S10+ or the S10e

Let me know in the comments or subscribe to that channel over there 13 bucks Maybe get a stand-up Get the Maxboost wallet for 10 dollars Okay, so basically all these cases are almost under 20 bucks

Only compatible with the S10 Classy and elegant That's what I'm goin' for Quality-crafted, Samsung Galaxy S10 leather wallet case Side pocket magnetic closure

How are there 17 customer reviews March 5th I have used this same brand of cell phone wallet/case on my S9 for a while Okay I mean, all these are verified purchases, so I guess people are stocking up just like you are watchin' this video

Before all your friends break their phones, you'll be covered I love how thin the case is Okay, excited for that So, I'm just gonna' put it in the cart Ooh, this one's interesting

So, call me by surprise It's got a parallex design made by a company named Caseology Slim protective case with shock-absorbing design High-quality build Dual-layer protection

There's three reviews Looks and feels great Look at that cutout on the back As long as I have access to those three cameras, I'm set So this looks like one of the cheaper cases you'd find at maybe like a kiosk or something

What I wanna' see is, what does thin and light mean? This just looks like a case that, ooh, microfiber lining – {blonde man} Wow – Alright, this one's just a Soft, TPU gel case Just another one of the cheap ones for 21 dollars! Alright, whatever It has prime

I'm just gonna' jump in on it Okay, there's no reviews That's looking good I trust that a little more I don't know

I like being the first one to buy it The 9H tempered glass back is tough enough to withstand nicks and scrapes of everyday life Throwing it in the cart, and let's get like, what? We got like 10 cases in here now Let's get like two more Alright, let's spice it up

Wants to blow the budget up Let's go a little over 20 dollars On a phone case I mean, I don't know Maybe it's just me You let me know in the comments, but do you put a case on your phone

Like, is that something people like to do don't like Obviously they're still makin' em' for a reason but, I'm gonna' go with a tough brand I know Has always come through on cases that are pretty much indestructable It's almost like Otterbox, but it's called UAG Alright, so, 60 dollar case, EV

Startin' to creep up there Is that a snake on the side? Looks like scales but, ultra-responsive tactile buttons to deliver a crisp, clean, click feel For improved functionality That sounds good enough for me Alright, I think that's enough fun

We're at 200 dollars, so I'm gonna' check out Let's put these cases to the test You probably picked up the S10 You wanna' know Well, you might break your phone

Like me It took about two days You guys know how this works Amazon Prime just makes things appear So, we got 10 cases

The 11th case The one that was 60 dollars is actually taking an extra day to get delivered, and I really don't want to wait, so all these cases are under 20 bucks I'll leave links down below One's like 21 dollars And we're just gonna' quickly check all these out

Throw it on the Galaxy S10 and throw this off a parking garage Cause' we wanna' see how good these cases really are And if I can even get into them Basically a shell This ones got a TPU type of design

What do you think It's got like a 3D look effect I know it's pickin' up finger prints and dust like crazy But, not a bad look I like it

I mean, S10, throw it in here Alright, that's pretty minimal But, the way that looks with like the red-blue tint Corners look like they're somewhat secured, reinforced Buttons are really easy to access

Get access to all the cameras I mean, pretty basic case Let's go on to the next one It's the same company This was the case, I was throwin' some shade at

Its got some micro fiber lining It is true It does actually have it, and you can see the screen protector is definitely coming up there But, not bad access to the cameras Soft touch

Kind of silicon Buttons really easy to press The Speagin Neo Hybrid This case has always been tried and true Year after year, whether It's an iPhone, Galaxy

I've even seen them go for a few more exotic phones So, once everything is clicked into place, the two piece case design, is probably the best we've checked out so far You got this, ridge-like design on the back Obviously, a big cutout for your cameras there Buttons, super easy to press

Case number four, the Caseology Parallex This had an interesting design We've got some honeycomes It's got this nice design No stand

That's where the next case kind of differs cause' it has a stand right here But, overall pretty basic What you would think I do like the one-piece case Wait is this two? It is two Such a basic case

It's pulling off the plastic And the screen protector Alright, let's go with the Speagin The one that has the stand Looks pretty clean actually You have the stand functionality back here

So That's a nice feature Probably one of my favorite cases so far Dang, this case is like a Otterbox You've got some tough silicone on the outside here

Very rigid It's reinforced with this like plastic stand So unlike most cases where you put a layer on and then you put another piece on top of that This you just gotta' push in It's pretty different

Not bad though and this stand Ev, does it hold up? What it clicks? The wallet case How many cards and ies can you really put on here Basic silicon mold here That's adhered into the leather

Ev, do you think this is real leather? Yeah, uh, the pu stands for, probably unreal Three card slots Just for, basically anything you want You can probably double up Put maybe four or five instead of just two or three

Feels pretty nice Pretty slim This one had a nice picture on Amazon First page we actually really got some instructions with it Basic You know it

I think I bought the wrong case That's definitely for the S10+ (laughs) Alright, so make that nine cases There's no way I messed up on the last case Nah, not happenin'

This is the proper wallet case Yeah buddy, this is the proper wallet case You can fit two cards in this one Definitely the leather ones were probably the moof Interesting design, probably to absorb shock

And the impact Drop an ID Kind of nice, I mean, not really bulky at all Feels like a normal phone case Still reactions to everything

This is the last case This is the Caseology Waterfall Pretty basic, clear case One of them talked about reinforced corners I think it's this one so, yeah

Not a case that you saw me ordering but, basically has the same features as the other one Cause' that's what you gotta' watch out for when you're buying cases Finally gonna say it, I'm not gonna' throw phone cases off the table Because I'm confused at myself at this point So, we have nine cases right here

The 10th case actually was basically over there by Pikachu and the Yanny and Laurel button So, it basically looks like all the other ones Just one of those clear ones They're all linked down in the description They're basically kind of all the same, similar, clear cases With TPU, but really it's all gonna' come down to the drop test

Alright 10 cases, one Galaxy s10 What could go wrong Now that we've checked out all 10 cases, pretty much to all their glory Let's go ahead and put all 10 of them to the test, and find out, for 20 dollars, which is the best one to buy? We're starting off with case number one One of the plastic TPUs with impact resistant, reinforced corners

So we're gonna' drop from three heights We're gonna' go from pocket height on each drop, We're gonna' go from head height like you're on call, and then we'll do like, above the head Here we go Dropping first case Three, two, one

(phone drops) You guys might not be able to tell, and I don't think I can tell either Really no damage Can't really find where it impacted Maybe on a corner right there Alright you're making a call

Case number one, and you drop your phone Dropping in three, two, one (phone drops) Everything seems to be pretty good Obviously if there were like, rocks on the ground or any gravel, those make contact with the screen Probably there were gonna' puncture it or break it

But, with these kind of raised corners, they're actually doing a pretty good job Alright final drop test with case number one Above the head Three, two, one (phone drops) Everything seems to be working fine

No cracks, no scratches on the screen No screen protector either Case has taken a little damage, but that's why you have a case Case two Dropping from pocket height

In three, two, one (phone drops) That's a beating This is the pc polycarbonate, kind of outer trim here And yeah that's gonna' show damage You can kind of wipe it away a bit

But, if that hit cement or anything, it's good to protect your phone, but not the case Case number two from head height In three, two, one (phone drops) Wow, I can see it right on the back Yeah, this is so maleable

It's just picking up everything Obviously it protecting your phone Three cameras are perfectly fine Towards the back here you have a few nicks, scratches Obviously that was our last contact point

Seems to be that was where, this contact point was Phone works perfectly fine Above the head with case two Three, two, one (phone drops) Landed same spot as the first drop

Coming around on the corner Just some residual Nothin' too bad With case three we have the second wallet case Not the leather one, but the one that can fit ID and maybe a credit card, so

Everything seems to be fine Three, two, one (phone drops) Right there On the silicone You can kind of just wipe it away

Three, two, one (phone drops) Here we go On the back, made contact there first Few nicks It's what you'd expect

But, towards the bottom Those are some deep wounds Deep wounds Screen perfectly fine, and I think it's safe to assume, those three cameras They look good too

Let's see what case three does from above the head Three, two, one (phone drops) That's starting to take a beating You can't wipe that off If you drop your phone twice in the same spot, it's pretty safe to day, that's when damage is gonna start to add up For case four

That two tone silicon But, it doesn't look like those corners have that double-down, resistant protection Dropping from pocket height Three, two, one (phone drops) Everything seems to be good with the case

Can feel a little bit of damage at the top corners right there Bottom corners Not bad Dropping from head height In three, two, one

(phone drops) (grieving music) Think it's pretty safe to say don't but case number four This is why someone's gonna' buy these cases to tell you what to expect This two-toned case that I really liked Almost dropped it again The ESR

No good! So I'm thinking with case four, Which I'm sure you're gonna' wanna' buy, We're not gonna' do an above the head drop Just because, it's not fair if this phone breaks anymore We won't really be able to tell Any difference So with case five, we're gonna' drop it from pocket height

We're gonna' try to hit it on the corner Alright Three, two, one (phone drops) I mean the display was wounded It's already weak Has a few cracks I think a few just hit my fingers I can feel some glass , but I don't know if that was cause' of the case

At head height, dropping in, three, two, two and a half, one (phone drops) Dude yeah I'm nailing these drops Finally spider-webbing up to the impact point So this is where it landed

You can kind of brush away The phone does still, sort-of function At case number six we have the one with the stand Made by Speagin You guys know it in the description

Pocket height in three, two, one (phone drops) I'd say it's holdin' up pretty well So that was impact point there You can kind-of brush it off Unsurprisingly, the cracks are just getting deeper

Phone still works Case number six, I'd say is a good one At case number seven, was one of the fatter ones on this list It's the first leather wallet Dropping case seven in three, two, one

(phone drops) Just a little bit of damage Nothing major Does the phone? Phone still works That's the most important part Alright, let's repeat that drop open-face now

Dropping in three, two, one (phone drops) It still works No real damage With case eight, I made fun of this one I really hope, this is a retribution

Three, two, one Forgiveness is a blessing (phone drops) Oh no! Are we starting to get any glass fragments yet? Everything still seems to be intact So, that's definitely attesting to Gorilla glass six Fingerprint reader does not work

Impact point is actually causing the silicone to fray from the case Dropping from head height in three, two (phone drops) I think that might have been No! Really? It just keeps gettin' easier and easier to drop this guy Still stay away from case eight It's really startin' to peel Case nine is the u-maker one The one that has the built-in stand

This one seems like one of the more durable cases Doesn't seem like it I can tell you it's one of the more durable cases Dropping case nine from pocket height in three, two, one (phone drops) Alright

Phone is still workin' I mean, whatever you take that as On the impact point I'm really seeing as right there Really suppresses damage well Case nine at head height

Dropping in three, two, one (phone drops) This point, I think we're just proving the same thing, but let's keep, finding out Oh my! No way! Dude, come check this out Screen now fully works Don't do me like that

Alright I'm gonna' test it in 26 maybe 23 seconds We got one more case to go You guys drop a like on the video if you guys think the S10's gonna' survive in the last case Because at this rate, I think we have a pretty promising future for it We got case 10 here

The final case If this phone still shows a full display, I'll consider this video a win So, here we go, from pocket height in three two You never know what (phone drops) On case 10 everything is lookin' pretty fine and dandy Everything's workin'

Time to polish this bad boy off Why did I say that like I was about to eat the phone Three, two, one (phone drops) Do you think the full display works? – {camera crew member} No – {Keaton} Ev says no, I'm gonna' say yes

I don't think I have a choice Oh look at you mind-reader Look at you! Galaxy S10 that once turned on, about 15 seconds ago Doesn't work Only one thing to do

(throws phone) Galaxy S10 is officially toast What I'm really surprised by, is the initial damage from the pretty bad cases, that were earlier in the drop test part And, Cameras on the back are perfectly fine One thing we never really checked on On each of the cases, I wanna' know is, how is the back doing? And, it's perfectly flawless

So I think it's pretty safe to say, those are 10 cases with the S10, and hopefully pretty telling on which one you should buy if you want pick up an S10 That's gonna' do it for this video, and if you guys liked it makes sure to drop a thumbs Subscriber for new, and make sure to comment on Instagram and Twitter Just TechSmartt on both

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