The $19 Airpod Killer…I Can’t Believe It

(dramatic music) – Hey what's up guy, welcome back to TechSmartt for what could be Ev, a crazy crazy video And if you don't know what I'm talking about, check the iCard right up there for the $99 AirPod Killer

I'm digging it I'm digging it I made this video and I had no idea that it would pop That's the magic of YouTube and the magic of your guys So, if you're new, make sure you get subscribed

But in this video, which is sponsored by Funcl, they're putting that claim to the test Since AirPods were released we've seen a ton of options pop up So much so new prices are coming up This one's $19 to $29, no joke That's the range

It's not been confirmed yet That's how new this video is It might even be the first on this And hey, if it's big which it probably could be at this price, you never know You saw it here first

I got the black one, the white one, and then the same colors So, the tiny ones here are called the W1s, and then the bigger ones are just called the A1s And they're a little bit different But the coolest thing about these is the price and what they offer And really if they work

So let's check out the W1s, $19 to $29 $49 to $69 So let's see what it's about Pretty easy box Funcl, cool

If you guys wanna check these out, I'll leave it linked down below The basic stuff You get a quick start guide You don't really need it That's why you're watching this right

And some ear tips It's the one thing I wish the AirPods had because they don't fit all ears So here are the W1s Now let's check out, I'm pretty confident in the ear tips actually Confident kid today

All right, let's, whoa A little bit bigger of a case So as you can tell the W1s are smaller than the AIs And that's because the AIs have, ooh, yo Ev Dig it? All right, all right, all right

It's not bad I do like the case I'm always up for something that's a little bulkier Because honestly I'm here to say it, this is my 29th pair (record scratching) of AirPods You guys saw it on the Instastory

If you're not following, it's just TechSmartt I lose these things like it's hotcakes And at $159 pretty expensive So both the W1s and the AIs come with features at pretty crazy prices And that's just what I'm about to find out

How good it is So to pair up the AIs, which actually have the Qualcomm APTX, that's a mouth full, chip inside, which is kind of cool because it's featured on higher end headphones And with these Bluetooth earbuds or earphones, whatever you wanna call it, and let me know in the comments what you call 'em, it's kind of a feature you wouldn't expect I mean on this price it's as easy as pulling them out And putting them in your ears

And just like that, everything's connected So you just go into Bluetooth It's pretty easy to set up So what we're gonna do is listen to the PB Jams Playlist It's a playlist I update every single week on Spotify, doing some cool new music stuff

You wanna check that out, link down in the description Oh, this week we got some Steve Aoki and Blink 182 This is the more higher end version Let's see how these are (drumming and humming inaudibly) We're still learning the lyrics

It's a new song It just came out last Friday Oh, mid's are really good High end's nice Okay, bass

With the APTX chip, so what that basically means is a lower latency pipeline I had to look this up I didn't even believe it myself It basically allows for a better sound to come through And that's on the AIs

So, for $49 to $69, pretty good Pretty good I like the case It's large enough where you're not gonna lose them And that's basically something you need to keep in mind

You don't wanna be buying 29 pairs like me So are they the AirPod killer? We need to test it out with the W1s So, these are the little guys And on these are something kind of cool So they feature 4

5 hour battery life And for something as tiny as this, I'm kind of shocked Ev, check that out Can you believe that 4

5 hours Dude, that is nuts So 45 hours on a full charge The case comes with three extra charges

And that's the same with the AIs But the AIs have six hours of battery life, with three extra charges so you have a full 24 hours So that's another big difference Better battery life on the more expensive ones The less expensive ones, I mean, it all really depends how they sound

Okay, Ev, are you getting this right here? You see how it just tucks right in there What do you think? Be honest with me How does it look? And you guys let me know Vote up in the iCard if you think it looks cool or not It's an interesting feeling

It, there's something definitely in there If I had to pick one, right now, I would go jump for the AIs But if these things sound good, I mean, the price, you can't really beat it All right, let's check out another song on the playlist Seriously guys, check it out

If you like it maybe hit up on Twitter It's just at PBJ (drumming) ♪ Addicted to the low fi ♪ I mean if I was going for a jog, I don't really think these are gonna fall out of my ears And I think that's an advantage to the W1s over the AIs You could still run with these, but I think these are more of your everyday bud

You know, the more higher end version Wow They're nice It's like a cozy sound Mid's are nice

Low end I think is better on the W1s than on the AIs But that's just my personal opinion You guys gotta check these out and let me know on Twitter Oh, Ev, you checking these out after this video (drumming) ♪ I build it to the low fi ♪ So I'll be honest, I'm kind of impressed with the price and the sound

Anything that works is all I really need with a wireless earbud I want something that sounds good But something where if I lose it, and I mean, I don't think I will with cases like this, it's not bulky but it's nice where, you can feel it in your pocket And the price, if you do lose it, it's okay You can replace it

And basically for a $160 on the AirPods, Ev, I don't know about you but this seems like the holiday gift I'm getting everyone Also both of these have Bluetooth 50 And that's a first for me and any earbud that I've seen I haven't really checked out Bluetooth 5

0 on headphones, earphones, or really anything of that nature yet until this video The one advantage that the AIs have though is IPX5 certification So that means like sweat and a little bit of water resistance, you're covered The W1s don't But that's what you get for the price

And they come with the Funcl app So you can pair it up, get some songs in there, and really go ahead, basically find a better sound So am I impressed? Honestly, yes I think these could actually be a massive killer Only time will tell and I'm sure with the price, when it is announced, and you guys know I'll let you know on Twitter, keep it locked over there, I think it could be a banger

And I really like the case They work They sound really good And that APTX chip is nice So yeah, let me know in the comments what you guys think on this video

And that's it for this one If you guys wanna, make sure to drop a like and get subscribed by clicking that button down there Hit up the Instastory It's TechSmartt And, yeah, check out two videos after this

(dramatic music)

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