Selling a iPhone 11 Pro to the EcoATM Machine

– Hey what's up guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for, really an exciting video We only get to do this once a year, and its that time to sell an iPhone 11, to the phone vending machine, and see how much it wants to buy it for

What could possibly go wrong? (robotic sound) All right guys now we are inside a brand new shopping mall, I'm not telling you where, we're at a brand new ecoATM So we got to get this out of the way, if you guys have not seen one of these videos, check out the first one right up there it was the one that basically has put us here, where the brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max has just hit the 60-day morarotium period, where retailers and phone buyers can now actually buy these and machines will actually give you a price That was a pro tip we didn't know the first time around, but now we got it So, this is the brand new iPhone 11 Pro Max, got it in midnight green and, we're going to go ahead and see, what the brand new ecoATM thinks Now keep in mind, this is it, there's nothing else about this

You've got three cameras on the back, not even the fake phones have this (air whooshing) [Keaton] What? (air whooshing) Now that it's basically getting near thanksgiving here in the US, it's time to get a little bit of money, and no joke, I have a flight that I need to leave for, in fifteen minutes, (popping sound) we're actually going to Australia, so, if this doesn't work out, I'm probably not going to have enough to get back So this could be the last video you see of me, if that's something you'd like, you know what to do We're going to touch here, if you guys have never seen one of these machines, it's fairly self explanatory there's a bunch, all you really do is get an estimate, you can watch the demo or you can sell your device So before we sell the iPhone 11 Pro Max, I think it's only fair, to try out the new AirPods Pro, and see how much we can get for these

You never know if these are considered a device, these are the third generation of AirPods so, there are some people that would buy them used (air whooshing) Select it "Price it now" We never know if this works so we'll hit "I'm not sure" "It works"

It's "Great", and "Its ready" Now you have this label and this is pretty standard for anything you're going to want to sell "Lightning" Now, the vending machine door opens He's hungry

"It's unlocked" It's locked, unlocked The test compartment, I love it Let's see if it recognizes It does, it's a basic Lightning port

Let's see what it says Any guesses? It trusts "I did it" There's nothing to trust This is not a 303 song you know "Make sure your phone is ready"

Well, this is really the only other phone, so it doesn't recognize it, I'm going hit, "Return my device", "Are you sure you want to quit?" Yes, we're going to take the AirPods, put them right here, and now it's time to see, where, our destiny, travels Now for what you've been waiting for No other games, still, the same, iPhone 11 Pro Max, dang look at that camera "Apple iPhone"

"Price it now" Is it unlocked boys? What is? Those are new to me, those are very new Is it unlocked? I think it is! There is no unlocked option, that's interesting Hang on, I've got to go back, I feel like there is, I've done this so much, where if I write "I'm not sure", and I go "It works", and it's "Good", it's perfect, it's brand new The secret label, it's attached

All right, now the big thing where you guys got to vote, we don't know until we know, vote up in the iCard, how much you think we're going to get for the iPhone 11 Pro Max If you get it right, let me know in the comments, it's always a dice roll it's, so hard to guess these but some of you guys get them So, connect it I know you need a little help, I'm trying to help you It's unlocked, we're going to hit "Trust", but we forever will, miss the Compton ecoATM

(air whooshing) Oh my god, all right, whoa! (air whooshing) I miss that Walmart "Close door" Give us some money! All right, last chance, make sure you vote up in the iCard, if you actually get it right, well I'll know who got it right, but let's see what it evaluates, the cost of the worst, or the best decision, of my Saturday All right I don't want to talk anymore, give me money, I'm hungry I actually don't think I'm going to make this flight, and that'll be the thirtieth of this year

All right, honestly the nineteenth but, thirtieth, nineteenth, doesn't make a difference Here's our progress bar, so once it gets to, well progress doesn't go over a hundred percent so, we've got her at twenty five percent left, "How often do you shop at this location?", "Never, just here to use kiosk" (deep breathing) I love when it tries to give you tips, because it's not just, just the tip it's, " You can charge your phone faster by switching it "into Airplane Mode"

I'm pretty sure that's been debunked, do you have to close all of your apps too? Wow! Are you serious? It recognized it, 400 dollars "Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max" What's the promo code? Do we get a little more, make it four twenty? Sell it? Man, what do we do guys? Am I making a good mistake or a bad mistake Mark? Ev am I making a good mistake or a bad mistake? – [Ev] Great mistake – A great mistake, let's make good mistakes together So for 400 dollars

Now we need to make it official So the big thing is you need to be eighteen or older to buy one of these Don't look! Put it in the license slot 400 dollars (music stops) Mark, how much is the iPhone 11 Pro Max, brand new, before tax? – [Mark] One thousand

(beep) – I can still go back "Take the selfie" Ev let's get in here, let's show the fam we made it, we got the new one (camera snapping) Sick dude, I miss them And, there's cash that comes right? Oh, now they make you sign an agreement, and it talks about, "including my fingerprint "to law enforcement in order to prevent fraud, "and help investigate crimes"

What am I signing up for, detective Keaton? Hey Nancy Drew, that sequel? (air whooshing) Sign the box Oh I can't just do a smiley face Perfect Beautiful A fingerprint, oh god! Do you guys think I'm going to clear customs? (nervous noises) Oh my, Oh my ,just come on, give me the 400 already hey

"I'm having trouble seeing you in that selfie", sorry Ev (camera snapping) I've never seen it go this in depth before, obviously it's not new, this machines about, two or three years old Progress bar, it's making sure I'm not on any lists "Got it"

Good! No, I don't have anymore money to give you No, just give me the money "Ready to sell it?" Let's do it, all right team? Just give me the money, "I'm dispensing your money now" Give me the money, come on, come on, come on

Why are we so slow, this is the number one part All right, do we just leave it and just pay it forward? Should we just leave it? Should we leave it? I mean we don't really need it right? Oh! Well thank you When do I get the money? They've slowed this machine down, big time (machine talking) Wow Mark, do you you see that? Hey Ev, we're getting rich! They've got your fingerprint, they've got your id, they just, now need your email, and they'll add another zero to 400 dollars for, this What? No thank you

I made a great decision Now that we're out of the ecoATM, and there's no one looking at us because apparently phone machines are a new thing going into 2020, they just haven't been subscribed So maybe that's what you should do, if you guys made it to the end, get subscribed, drop the like, and now we have 400 dollars to say, we have one third of it's original value in our hands Maybe, maybe this'll just, just fix it So, that's it for this one

Catch you guys in the next one

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