Secret Button iPhone Case Trick

– Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to Tech Smart for another Apple video Apple's done it again, but this year it's different

They've never made a case like this It's the battery case, but it has one big trick There's a secret button So, the secret button iPhone case trick? I'm so upset, I'm gonna need some sugar water So yeah guys, right here are Apple's new Smart Battery cases, they go for $129

They are available for all three new iPhone 11s So, the 11, Pro, and then the Pro Max Now, there is a new pink color, right here I just have the black and the white for the iPhone 11 Pro The pink does only come for the Pros, so that's Apple's way of making sure if you want the new color, like, well, not this $60 piece of garbage that's tearing, oh no, you're gonna have to make sure you're getting the new phone So all jokes aside, this is Apple's Smart Battery Case, and you saw the title, you clicked it

What's new about it? Well, we're only gonna check out the Pro one here, and vote up in the I-card if this is something that's compelling enough for you I really am interested just by this case because it has a button That's right, a secret button So what this is, is a shutter button that's now built into the case, unlike every iPhone before where if you're just using the camera app, you're probably used to the trick where you can just click the volume buttons and that acts as your camera button If you remember those phones way back in the day that used to have a dedicated camera button, those were cool, but the cameras weren't all that great

So, now that this exists, and if you're just not feeling like taking a video and having your fingers in the shot, you can now spend $129 to make it happen So I know I sound a little critical of Apple's new Smart Battery Case, and I always am gonna be Really, price aside, I like the battery cases where you can control the battery When that recharges your phone, versus, well, like always, when you install your phone in, slide it down, it instantly starts to charge right up there, and then if I toggle over here, Generic UPS So, the battery case, and then you can see your iPhone's rig of the battery

So the only thing that's really changed is the button It's the only thing's that's new, maybe one of the only reasons why you might buy this case Still lightening on the bottom That would be so cool if it was USB-C Apple, I'm just sayin', if you wanna really get into the case market, I'll Kickstart it for you

So when you pop open the camera, instead of just hitting the volume buttons, you can now hit the shutter button and that does the exact same thing So you might be thinking, "okay, Apple's going "with the re-mappable, hackable button "What could this be?" Well, since it's made by Apple, there's nothing new with it right now where you can customize this Maybe have Siri if you hold it down I'm gonna try to hold it down

Well, the only thing that pops up is the camera app So, that's a quick way to launch it Now, if your phone's locked and you hold it down, it does the exact same thing, so, pretty cool and handy So, as usual with the Smart Battery Case, you're getting around 50% more battery life respective towards whatever device you have So the only thing that really is special and something you can't get with just using the volume buttons, because their first job is to do the volume

Their bonus job is to do the shutter, okay? So here we go The only way this works is if you're in the camera app and you hit button, long press And it goes right into quick take where you're instantly recording a video So just catch that for a second If I'm here, and I'm going in, I just hold down that button

Hey, what's up guys? (Loud beeping) I think this actually makes sense If you wanted to now do this, you don't look all that dumb, because, previously, you just start the video with the volume buttons, you're fumbling it around There's no grip and that's what's kinda nice I mean, same texture, same feel, so if you've tried one of these out at the Apple store or Best Buy, wherever you could find one, there's nothing new The only thing that's new is this secret button that I think is kinda cool

So let me know in the comments what you guys think about the new secret button Apple Smart Battery Case For $129, it's really up to you This could be, with AirPods Pro, the two holiday gifts you only get because they're expensive Alright guys, that's it for this quick video on Apple's brand new Smart Battery Case If you guys liked it and made it to the end, drop a like and get subscribed if you're new, and, well, we'll just catch you in the future

(him singing) (camera clicking)

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