Samsung Galaxy S10e vs iPhone XR Drop Test

– Hey, what's good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special video I'm here with – The one and only EverythingApplePro

– Everything Samsung pro! And in today's video we're doing one of the first Samsung Galaxy S10e versus iPhone XR drop test Very interesting, what Samsung's up to So roll the intro (electricity powering up) If you wanna check out any of the videos link down in the description to the big playlist Didn't we do another drop test? – We might've, and you guys can find that in the i-card up there

– S10 plus versus XS Max Let's un-box these real quick I'll open up the iPhone XR You're the guest, you wanna open up the S10e? – Yeah, so what I can tell you about this guy is honestly an absolute value that Samsung is giving you compared to this phone But from a durability standpoint, it's got Gorilla Glass 5, so they cheaped out on that

They didn't give it the latest from the S10 Plus I don't think it'll save it either way, but this thing is a little bit thicker, little bit thicker bezels, the glass doesn't wrap around the same way I'm feeling pretty good about this one – What do you think about how it feels? – So much more compact versus the XR The XR feels bloated in comparison

– Are you talking about the Juul XR? I mean, c'mon, man So this is actually the iPhone XR Juul Edition If you guys missed that video, right up there in the i-card Basically, this thing sat in a vat of Juul juice It is still living, no joke

(sniffs) Does this got a salty smell? – I don't wanna get high, man – Fair enough, safe man over here You guys know what comes in a box What's interesting is they're really pumping the SD cards this year, 128 GB That and then the AKG headphones

You got the Galaxy Buds, you probably pre-ordered them Check the playlist down below, we both did videos So, what you can expect in a box – The first real competitor to the iPhone XR, and we're seeing it from Samsung That's very significant

If Samsung's competing, that means there's something here Apple is on to something with this formula – If you guys didn't check out the giveaway video, it's right up there All you gotta do is just make sure you hit subscribe to both our channels, follow us both on Instagram, and then just leave a comment on both the photos We'll pick a winner in two weeks, we're giving away five S10 Pluses

Anyone in the world, and you pick the color Pretty sweet there, but with the S10e it's really compared to the iPhone XR What do you think about the iPhone XR? – I've never really liked it, personally I like the color of the selection, but it's not a good value in my eyes It's too expensive

– Battery life Do you think it makes a big difference? – Oh, the battery life is great, camera is sound It's the display I have an issue with – You like that OLED, don't ya? – I like the OLED, I like 3-D touch, it just doesn't have either – So with the S10e, compared to the S10, it doesn't have as strong of a display

It's an AMOLED display versus an OLED That's right? – Yeah, but it's also Corning Gorilla Glass 5 versus, we don't know if this is Dual Ion Glass, that's not clear, so it's a mix-up here – You've heard it here from EverythingApplePro and TechSmartt: basically for two cameras on this phone, one camera on that, and no notch, what could go wrong? So we're gonna do a drop test and basically see how these phones fare from a few different heights We're definitely gonna test these out the EverythingApplePro way Really get into it and see is this new Prism White gonna break? I mean, if you saw the S10 Plus video

– Yeah, these are also a bit chunkier than their other counterparts, just keep that in mind – Interesting – Much thicker bezels, I think they're a little heftier

– So in classic TechSmartt fashion, which now we've collabed with EverythingApplePro, we're basically joining both our styles together, and like always, starting off with the pocket-height drop I'm 6'3", how tall are you? – 5'11" – What we're gonna be doing is dropping each phone from the rivet on our jeans – Just about there – The last one right there

– It's not exact science, but when is it when you're dropping your phone out of your pants? – It's true I'm gonna start with the brand-new S10e Sidenote: don't you just feel awful, always doing this to brand-new phones – Every single time I don't care if it's the cheaper version

– It feels really good, and compared to the XR, if you had to pick, which would you pick? – Definitely this one, I love compact – Same here – And that's compact – I'm just gonna get to it, it was nice knowing you Three

– Happy birthday to the ground – (laughing) Two, one (smack) I can't even look at it when I drop it Alright, you're up – My drop? Alright, here we go

– Bonus points if you hit it – Three, two, one (smack) I know a good drop, that's the funny thing By sound, I literally know if it's a good drop or not – We do have some glass here from the previous drop test on Philip's channel

But starting off with the S10e, flawless – I'm gonna brush all the glass off – [Keaton] With the S10e, not really any prevalent damage I'd say the screen is probably the first thing I think is gonna go I don't think the back is gonna have anything happen

It's Corning Gorilla Glass 5 – [Philip] Aluminum does fold in a little, so it's not as durable as the 10S, but it's not anything terrible, I'd say – Alright, let's do another one Dropping from the same angle, top-down now Three, two, one

(smack) – This seems alright Three, two, one (smack) Good hit – Any damage on yours? – I would say no The aluminum does fracture a little, it's got some creases

Other than that – [Keaton] I have a slight nick right there Is it gonna impact the way you use your phone? No, you're good Now dropping it from the back side So Corning Gorilla Glass 5 compared to the S10 Plus, which has Corning Gorilla Glass 6

Three, two, oh man, one (smack) – [Philip] Here we go Three, two (smack) – So on the S10e the glass is fine, no visible cracks, phone still works perfectly – I've just got a bunch of smudges and dents in the metal, but it's the glass that matters, and that's holding up pretty well

– Here we go, dropping them screen first This could be it Three, two, one (smack) – Three, two, one (smack) – S10e is perfect

– [Philip] I kinda like doing this duo drop test – It's nice, it's kinda soothing – It's almost a challenge – There's no anxiety – Let's bet, 100 dollars if yours breaks first

– I won the last video, I won in your video – That was five dollars I say the XR is gonna be the survivor – Big roller – It's a more durable one in general

– Alright, I'll take that bet The next drop is from head height Again, around six feet here, around five feet for Philip – I'll try and match it up (laughing) – With this, this is gonna simulate if you're obviously on a phone call and it drops

Probably the second-most popular way of breaking your phone In three, two, one (smack) – [Philip] Good drop Three, two, one (smack) Okay, let's see who won that bet

– Oh, baby! – I think we both lost our bets, look at this The screen's not cracked but it's screwed (laughing) That's no good – We both just lost the quickest bet in history Checking out the details here, we have a cracked back

Gorilla Glass 5, definitely surprising there Did you think this was gonna go that fast? – [Philip] It was the way you dropped it, honestly But no, I did not It makes sense, with it where the S10 broke, right around there This didn't crack, this is just internal damage

The shockwave traveled through, and it messed something up with the controller – [Keaton] In fairness, though, it did have Juul juice in it, so we don't know if that's what caused it It could've been a double injury – This back's already broken, why not just do the worst – Here we go

Dropping in three, two, one (smack) That did not get the back – Three, two, one (smack) – Screen, wow look at those edges This is what we're talking about

With these curved edges, if you do drop your phone and you don't have a screen protector, or you don't have a case, these could crack (laughing) and they probably will Looking at the back, it accentuated it Just check that out, that's not even where the impact point was It was right there, or maybe we just gotta check the slow-motion

You guys let us know in the comments, and vote up in the i-card right now which phone you think is gonna survive We have a few more heights to check out How's yours doing? – Honestly, pretty rough shape It's completely broken on the back, the front is still usable I'd rather have it this way than cracked, both, at head height, just fall apart

Last one Front facing, on the XR, the glass still has a crack We gotta do it, we have to break it – Head height, dropping in three, two, it's good knowing ya, one (smack) – Two, one

(smack) – Uh, yeah – I think that's done It always is with that sound Yeah That was a bit of a redundant test, at this point they're already broken

– Compared to the screen, look at this Just a crack through the top, I think that was on the last test, not too sure It's cracked a little bit in the back, that's not a lot a bit Would you say this is bad, or would you just slap a case on it and tough it out? – Oh yeah, case, no problem With this, there's a key difference between iPhone and Android glass, Corning Gorilla Glass, is that this is completely smooth when it cracks

Here you're gonna cut your finger, it starts to jut out, so there's a really big usability difference after it breaks, even That's a factor to consider – It's true – We can learn basically that these will survive basic falls Anything from waist below should be okay

But if you're taking it higher, if you're a high-risk person where your phone falls a lot, get a case – Now for the final test, we have a ladder Isn't that intimidating? I thought so Do you think the S10e will make it? – [Philip] Don't fall! – Do you think I will make it? So we're gonna be recording from the S10e and the XR on both drops Gonna be dropping it from, I think this is, very tall, about ten, eleven, twelve feet

In three, two, one (smack) – Let's do one more Screen is too in state – Second drop, same angle, S10e, Three Oh, that glass is sharp, I can feel it

Two, one (smack) If that didn't do it, I don't know what did – I think we got it, mission accomplished – [Keaton] Yo, dude, put it down, here I don't want you to cut your fingers, it's actually really sharp

Does the glove fit? – This is so extra, I love it – The glove fits! Take proper precaution, here we go – [Philip] I've been cutting my hands for years, where have these been? – With the S10e, on the back, actually with the Gorilla Glass 5, it is fraying, so you can feel it if you ran your finger across the back The glass isn't spider webbing at the top, just at the impact zone – Two completely isolated incidences here, that's crazy

Usually this will connect to the top – Yeah – [Philip] Okay, let's go from here – Whoa, look at you, big baller – [Philip] Ready, set, go

– Dude, that was so accurate, did you see how that fell? That was an A1 drop Dude, you just demolished it – Yeah, let's see how that one looked – Whoa, dude, the way that fell – That's so trippy

– So how else is the XR doing? – Honestly, it's still usable If you wanted to you could use this as your daily, it's not cracked down here – You'd need a case You still need a case, definitely need a screen protector at this point With the S10e, it's still usable, your fingerprint reader is the power button, so as long as that doesn't get destroyed, I think you're alright

– I would say these were pretty even in terms of durability They both broke around the same areas, same symptoms, and all – Does the Ion X Glass, I mean, we don't know it What do you think about it compared to the XS Max? – I'd say this was more or less the same, honestly, the S10 Plus broke too early, so it's really hard to say, very similar – In comparison to the S9 in previous years, is it more durable this year or less? – It's so up to chance, sometime it's more, sometimes it's less, it's hard say

– Depends on the drop I think with the S10e, and the iPhone XR, you guys gotta battle that out in the comments down below Which is your favorite phone? That's gonna be it for this video, if you guys are new, make sure you hit subscribe to here, and EverythingApplePro Links down in the description to the official playlist We're looking at that camera

(laughs) Make sure you guys check out the giveaway, that's down there too We'll catch you guys next time, see ya later!

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