Samsung Galaxy Buds – Finally an AirPods Killer?

– Hey, what's good you guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a really interesting video I'm sure a lot of you have seen these on YouTube or in the news

I mean, YouTube, right? These are the brand new Samsung Galaxy Buds that kinda come with the s10, if you pre-order it, but I've just been looking at the TechSmartt channel, I'm sure you guys are commenting it right now, Keaton, you've been checking out way too many AirPods, now the Galaxy AirPods, fake AirPods, earphones, earbuds Think it's pretty safe to say, you're a budtender now (techno theme music) – In front of me, though, are the new Samsung Galaxy Buds, and you've probably seen these all over YouTube Tons of people have been getting them, but Samsung only handed these out at the s10 event, which I was at in San Francisco, last week So if you guys missed that, it's on the insta story

I met up with EverythingApplePro, Phillip and I had a great time, but we didn't get Galaxy s10, so that's all gonna change this week Tons of videos coming up, so make sure you're subscribed, with notifications on You're gonna see him in a few But right in front of me are the Galaxy Buds So they gave these out to everyone that attended the event

And why these are special, is the Galaxy Buds go for 129 dollars, compared to Apple's AirPods, I'm sure you've seen a few videos on these, which go for 159 dollars So, basically figuring out how good is thirty dollars worth Of course, we gotta bring the tried and true, the trusty magusties, never dusty, the i10 TWS So, you guyshave been commenting like crazy If you've missed a video from Wish, it's right there in the I-Card

If you wanna check out a cheaper pair, there's a four dollar pair, I'll leave all those links down below to everything in this video, if you wanna pick them up You guys know Samsung's made these Iconx before Those go for a 179 dollars These are a 129 So, they come in three colors, unlike the airpods, unless you get them customized, or you put a skin on there

So, digging into the box What else we get? Ooh, some ear tips So, you get some interesting ear hooks It's like they include all the tips for ya Is that even for an ear

What? what I think is really cool about the Galaxy Buds, and I haven't even tried 'em out yet, is the USB-C charging at the back, and all Galaxy buds have wireless charging in the case So what's cool with the Galaxy s10 this year, is there's wireless charging built into the back, and actually can charge other devices So just by setting your Galaxy buds down, this is the Galaxy s9, remember I didn't get a Galaxy s10 It would charge just like that So, kind of interesting concept, the AirPods don't do that

Alright, enough jibber jabber What's really cool about these, so the Galaxy Buds have a different shape compared to the AirPods So putting them into my ears, they have a nice tight seal I actually feel like they are in my ears, and wow, Sherlock there Pump the breaks! Yeah, I know they are in my ears, and they're not just hanging out like a toothbrush, but what I do like about these, is they just feel a little bit more comfortable

And they were talking about this on stage, and Samsung said the buds just have a tighter seal in the ear, I can definitely feel that, and I haven't even switched out these ear tips What I think is kinda cool, and this is something I'll have to test with the s10, is if the double microphones on the buds, do anything? If they help call quality, if they really help accuracy, say I wanna use Bixby And just looking at the shape between the Galaxy bud and the AirPod, you can tell there's something different going on This actually goes in your ear, like traditional earphones or earbuds They're Bluetooth

They feel pretty good I mean, AirPods just felt standard for so long That just fits in, I don't have to worry about it Whoa, that is kinda interesting I can just drop them in and not have to worry about it

I know where the hole in my ear is But with the Buds, you almost have to just make sure it makes it in And that's interesting That's definitely something you have to remember to do And now that I have both in ear, I feel like the AirPod will be the first one to fall out

And I got one of the three AirPod tricks I made a video, it's up there in the I-Card It's got this little rubber thing, so it should stay in your ear a little better But it was only two dollars, so, interesting I am liking these buds! Interesting

So battery life on these guys is estimated around six hours, whereas the AirPods get around five hours Drop a comment down below if you've ever got five hours of usage on your AirPods That's just not real I don't believe that It's two years later, they're not lasting that long

Even if you're buying them new So, I don't believe that, but with the Galaxy Buds, I'm interested to see the battery life Just because these have a larger case, that I don't think I'll lose as easily as the thin AirPods I know, I'm on pair 37 right now But with the Galaxy Buds, it's just really all about the touch pad

With the AirPods you can actually customize the controls on the sides With the Galaxy Buds you have this touch pad right here Use touch pad Double tap to play next Triple tap to play previous

Touch and hold – decline call Okay, so pretty basic stuff So you got your equalizer You can customize notifications So which come through the buds and which don't

But one thing that I do really appreciate, is find my earbuds I'm gonna take these out and see how loud they get (chirp sounds) Makes like a little bird chirping noise Okay, so you'll probably find your Galaxy Buds if you ever lose them Another cool thing about the app that I actually showed you guys on the Three Tricks, you probably didn't know about AirPods, I'm dumb plugging, I promise, is the ambient sounds

This is just one of the nice things on the Galaxy Buds, is you can just hear the outside if you want to Live Hearing is exactly the same thing If you see the ear right there, same thing on the iPhone, but voice focus makes voices stand out more clearly from abient sound How you doing, Hef? – [Camera Man] I'm doing good – I can hear you

It works So kind of a cool feature, but really I think the only thing left to do, is play some music So, we're gonna jump into Spotify to PBJams' playlist I'll leave a link down below It's updated every single Friday, so when you wake up, you got new music delivered right to your Spotify

Or YouTube music Or Apple music All links are down below to whatever platform you have For some reason my Galaxy Buds are not playing any audio and they're pretty cool, I'm not gonna lie Kinda like how they feel in the ear, but if they can't play music that's a problem

Basically we're gonna head up to Portland The Pacific North West We're gonna go see EverythingApplePro for a big week of Samsung stuff This video is gonna be the first one out And what we're gonna find out is how good are the Galaxy Buds

– We've finally made it to Philip's house It took a little bit Missed three flights, but on the fourth attempt we got there – Three flights? No way – We had some plans in for the week, so you guys definitely gotta get subscribed to both channels

I'll leave his link down below and make sure you have notifications turned on If only we had a Galaxy s10 – If only – So we have a Galaxy s9 here I've got Phillip's Galaxy Buds and hopefully everything works

So, they're paired I wanna see how they sound, finally right Had to fly, what, 900 miles to do this test – What you choose for the song? – Benly – Temporary You guys know the playlist

Link down below PBJams On Spotify – I don't know it – Well dude, you gotta follow it

– Alright – Here we go – It seems like it's not as loud on Samsung The iPhone was like blasting my ear That's full volume? – Well, you mean AirPods on? – No, these

Connected to an iPhone it seems you get – You connected them to an iPhone? – Yeah They're not as loud

But I dunno, it could be just me Maybe not having both in – I gotta connect them to an iPhone after this – Yeah – I only tried it out with a Samsung

– You didn't know you could connect them to an iPhone? – No, dude – You can connect AirPods to that – They call it TechSmartt, but I think I picked the wrong YouTube name What? Give me your bud I gotta see this on iPhone

So this is how you get your Galaxy Buds to connect to an iPhone We had it once – Yeah, close the case So if you just hold the left one – I think it's a placebo

– Boom, Galaxy Buds – It's gonna show up either way, who knows? – Also wants to connect to the s9 plus – Basically copied the entire interface with the AirPods and brought it over to Samsung It works – Let's see how these sound on the iPhone

– All the way, all the way – Definitely louder Definitely louder on the iPhone – It's strange – Something I didn't know you could do

– It's a lot more isolated than AirPods, for sure Like, I prefer the quality, but it's not something I'd wear I just don't like in-ear headphones Period – Do they fall out for you? – Um no, but it's just a weird feeling

I like on-ear/over-ear headphones – Alright, so, Galaxy Buds Would you buy them? 129 dollars vs 159 for AirPods – Oh yeah If I was waiting for AirPods, I would just, might as well get the out of the way right now

It's even for iPhone users it's a good deal You can connect 'em They auto-connect to iPhone – It's pretty true And with the Galaxy Buds, if you pre-order s10 or an s10 plus, they are included

So that's it for this video If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like Get subscribed and make sure to turn notifications on to both our channels 'Cause I think we've got a pretty interesting week ahead of us – Oh yeah

It's gonna be a lot of fun – Alright, I'll catch you guys soon (theme music)

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