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– What's up, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt Right in front of me, I got the brand new Hisense H8F TV and in this video, we're gonna be kicking off a brand new series where I react to your comments

In this episode, any time you've left a mean or roasting comment towards me, I'm gonna be gettin' you back (electronic whirring) Guys, so this is something that I have not done in four years, if you guys missed that video, I'll leave it right up there in the i-card That was the first time I reacted to your comments and truly responded, but in this one, I am going to be reacting to only the mean and roast comments, and getting you guys back And kicking it off, what we're gonna be looking at all the comments and videos, the old videos, on is the Hisense H8F TV, so if you guys wanna check this out, I'll leave a link down below to a few of the sizes I got the 55-inch one here, and what's sweet about it is it's a 4K ULED TV with built-in Google Assistant, and of course, Amazon Alexa, it is Dolby Vision HDR and if you take a look, on the inside it's got the Hi-View chip which features local array dimming, so on the 55-inch and 60-inch size, it can adjust to zones, so it can find a brighter zone, and a darker zone, and make the whites whiter and the blacks blacker

Alright, let's get into this thing So we've got, at the top, looks like our mounts, power cable This is so easy, Hisense makes it stupid easy And then this is the H8F TV Wide color gamut, up to a billion colors in here Let's get this guy powered on up, let's set it up, check out some of the apps, and then let's go on YouTube, go to the comments, and get started, 'cause Ev, oof, they're not ready for this

Now that the TV's all set up, laptop's plugged in too, we're about to go through some comments Obviously, you get a remote, it's a smart remote, so you got Netflix, YouTube, Google Play, Voodoo, and you even have Google Assistant built in here like I told you guys earlier, okay Google, play TechSmartt on YouTube Let's see if this works – [Google Assistant] Playing TechSmartt on YouTube – Hey, what's up guys, welcome back to TechSmartt– – Boom, There we go

Colors look really good, I'm gonna mute this Speakers sound pretty good, but here's the deal This video is in 4K and it looks really good on a 4K TV Some of the older videos that we're gonna be reacting to are in 1080p, some in 720p because they're that old, so if they look a little bit bad, it's not the TV, it's TechSmartt If you guys have never checked out a smart TV before, get in 2019, these are pretty cool

You get all the apps you want: Netflix, YouTube Oh man, this is gonna get real good real fast How this is gonna work is first I'm taking this coat off (beeps) But, how we're gonna do this is we're gonna watch 10 random TechSmartt videos on YouTube We're gonna watch around 15 seconds first and then we're gonna jump into your comments down below and if you guys want to check out any of these videos, or if you've missed them, or you want to be featured in some future episodes, I'll leave the links down below

So, here we go, the first video, 'My Amazon Go Store Fail' Basically, well, I'm just gonna show you what happened – So right now, the store manager – [Manager] There you are – [Keaton] Cool, thank you – [Manager] You were asked not to do it So, you guys can't really do it – In the next clip, security actually threw us out – (laughs) – for filming, it sucks

Everyone else was able to film but us, so I don't know if this was something new – So, we went to one of the first Amazon Go stores in Seattle, didn't really work out so well Linus got to film his entire video in there, TechSmartt, of course, didn't, but it was still pretty cool to see what the future was like for Amazon's new convenience store / grocery store You don't even need to talk to anyone, you can just walk out so let's go through some of your comments and see what you guys were saying "I live in Seattle, Washington, I saw you and I got nervous so I didn't walk up to you

" That's okay, even my own parents tell me that (guitar strummed) Ethan: "What if you walked in, didn't have no money on Amazon Bank and walked out with the most expensive things?" I'm roasting you there, Ethan, that is theft You know what I got to lose, it's just not worth it They know, trust me, they know Alright, so I'm gonna start clicking some of your profiles now, I'm loving this, the comments aren't that bad on this video but trust me, they will get worse as we go out through time? As we go back in time? Yeah, that's it

"It doesn't even feel like I spent money That would be a very, very bad idea for a lot of people" You are right Next up is 'Breaking Unbreakable Tech', so this was uploaded at the beginning of 2018 Basically, we found a bunch of gadgets on Amazon and they said they were unbreakable

– I got some bolt cutters here Will this almost unbreakable cable survive? Yeah, wow, that cut right through– – Obviously, this cable wasn't unbreakable, so these comments should be a little bit better Kevin Ho: "No, of course a wire cutter can't cut a wire, right?" Ooh, Kevin, well actually a wire cutter shouldn't be able to cut an uncuttable cable, because it's unbreakable That was the whole point of this video, man Thanks for watching, but I agree

"Keaton: one more hit, hits twice" Yes, that is me, don't really know what I'm trying to do "Oof, only 300 views on a channel with 2 mill subs" Ooo, Zackeroo HQ, alright Zuckerberg, let's see what you're doing here Wow, and we're trying to be a tech YouTuber too? What? Get outta here M

Kati says "Why are you not using protection?" What, for my face? It's already messed up FlaresPeak: "We don't need a slow-mo replay of you pouring liquid on your phone" (laughs) Let me go to your channel Wanna make a video? Thinking about it? Maybe? (sneers) Let's go to the next one

Next video is 'Don't Buy This $100 App' – You guys are gonna call me out at the end of the video No, I can't return or refund this app, I can only uninstall it, I'm pretty much stuck with it – If you have no idea what's going on, this was a series that I had a few years ago where I bought the most expensive apps on the app store and Google Play store I never refunded a single one of these apps, that is still true to this day

Okay, Matti, I know I can refund Playstore apps The whole point was to buy it like you weren't going to refund it Yeah, if you uninstall it within 15 minutes The way these videos are shot, and the way I am, it takes a lot longer than 15 minutes to do anything: drink water, go to sleep, take a shower It's that bad for me

"I was about to buy this until I saw this video life saver" (laughs) Coe- D, oh man! "If life gives you $100, waste it on an app" Alright, these comments, honestly, not that good, we're gonna go to the next video Man, I was expecting to get roasted This is 'What I Got For Black Friday / The Experience'

Uploaded this in 2015, so this is right after 'Secret Button iPhone Trick', the most popular video – So fun fact, I actually tried to record this video at 3am last night, here's what I looked like Here's what I look like now, so what did we learn from that? We are never recording another video at 3am – What did we learn from that? I should have just stopped while I was ahead Alright, let's go to the comments, this video was basically about when I went to Black Friday back in Chicago, I mean I was 18 when I recorded this and I got pulled over because, well you guys can just watch the video and find out

"Why is this guy so unlikeable?" Ooo, let's see the comments, let's see the people that took time out of their day to write me a nice note (laughs) "He pisses me off for some reason" "Same, it's just his style that annoys me, I guess in general" Oh man, Crady, you know what annoys me is when people don't set up their YouTube channel, and you're one of them Mauricio Cepeda: "Because his bubble hasn't burst, and is just a spoiled teen who spends tons of money on cool stuff

" Wow, I'm just (gun fires) Man, it gets better, it really does, like Techrax Connor says it: "Techrax is better

" You know what, Connor? I'm going to your channel now, bud (laughs) The videos that people upload! Wait, that was in 2015, was there a Donkey Kong movie? Is Connor just on to something? Connor, I don't know what you've done "Keep the savings going Buys a $1000 TV" Yeah, that's basically me, Bailey

"I don't know, but he looks so punchable" Do it Do it, do it, do it "Quad core processor, whatever that means" I mean, whatever that means in a tablet that's pretty cheap, yeah for $37, is there really a quad core processor? Okay, this one, Ev's just dying behind the camera right now This was called 'Weird Tech for $1', uploaded in 2017, it was another series where I basically found the weirdest tech and gadgets under $1, $2, 3, 4, and then, eventually, 5

Quick clip, here we go – So, the first thing that we're checking out is this boat MP3 player, legit I don't know where I buy this stuff, so if you guys wanna check out– – You think the comments are gonna be good? hopefully – Everything in this video is linked down below What is going on here? – This was an MP3 player speedboat, and I have a hand on top of my finger giving me 10 fingers on one hand I know these comments are gonna be some ammo, here we go "Looks at video, sees that I'm 44 minutes late

Notification squad? RIP?" You can still comment it "TechSmartt bro, you are the most weirdest unboxing review guy I've ever seen, but also unique" "I turned on post notifications" Where's the heat? Where's the flames? Where is what we came for? Next video is 'This Gadget Will Make You Throw Up', so this was uploaded at the end of 2016 and if you can tell, this is not makeup, I fell off my Boosted Board going 25mph, fell on my head– – Hey, hey, hey, it's your boy Keaton here Hey guys, it's western Keaton here

(laughs) Hey, what's up guys? Keaton the one armed man here, and I found this gadget that will make you throw up, that's right, vomit I don't even know– Please, if you get this, don't do this, it– – Basically, it plays a noise and you can find out what happens next Ooh, these comments, this has to be good "RIP, headphone users" That's fair

"You copy too many people: TGFbro, Unbox Therapy and many more YouTuber say you copy them and you do" Okay, love your avatar, Sarah, glowing in the dark, shining bright like a YouTuber Nice, uploading content that you own? Actually, Sarah, now that I think about it, you're the one copying other people that have made it (air horn sounds) "The sound didn't make me throw up but your voice did" Nate, last comment here, my voice made you throw up? Your YouTube banner made me throw up, bro

Is that a tree? Is that an Apple logo with the tail? Next video is called 'Do Not Buy Smart Luggage' I actually was the cameraman on this one, I know it's pretty rare, that's why we're checking out the comments, and Matt was the one in this video, so – Hey guys, how's it going? Matt here, and if you're like me and you enjoy traveling, you know that it can also be kind of a headache sometimes

So, on the market, I've seen a lot of the things called Smart Luggage – Now, let's go through TechSmartt's comments Whoa, this girl's got 40,000 subscribers? I feel famous, wow, thank you Thank you so much (inspiring music) for taking time out of your day, to write me something as nice as "Did Keaton just go through puberty?" (beeps) "I'd have no problems if this dude took over Keaton's place Does he have his own channel?" "Keaton took over the channel from him

He used to be the only one on the channel" No, that's not true, Matt make a few drop test videos but never was just the only one making videos on here You can go back and look "Seriously wow, Keaton sucks so much, though" J Wightman? "Keaton is a comp–" (laughs) "and he compared music players through headphones

" You got me Oh man, so much negativity here whoa, we got the one defender "STFU, Keaton's awesome" Last, but not least, we got one more video after this This is 'Are Smartphones Changing?'

– But when we take a look at the design and shape of them, not much has changed over the past, I'd say, five years So, we have two types, we have one– – How I was so wrong, and then just wearing a Wiz Khalifa Black Hollywood shirt 'cause I went to his concert the year before digitalpimpmusic: "This kid does 110 different facial expressions a minute, distracting" Do I do not, oh and there's one reply? Let's go see the reply, what do you think I do? "It's a skill" (laughs) yes! Yes, I didn't think I replied, but I'm happy I was the only reply

And the last video is 'The State of Virtual Reality', 2014 with Austin Evans, this was filmed right after, I think the Fanboy rap ♪ Web spewing out– ♪ And what's crazy about this is, in this video we just talk about Oculus Rift and Project Morpheus, that later became Playstation VR, so it's kind of cool to see if you were right or not, and if things actually lived or died (electronic music) Just wait – Hey guys, Keaton here with TechSmartt and I'm here with the great Austin Evans from duncan33303 – [Austin] Told you not to say that, told you not to say that

– I still say it, he came back though (laughs) Let's go through these comments "You hardly talked about the comparison between Oculus and Morpheus For future videos, please focus more on staying on topic" Thank you, Hunter, Hunter Scheiderer? "Don't mess with me unless you a G

" "Working on a new album, hoping for feedback from professional rapper only" (laughs) I can't even keep it together, alright Kofi: "Loved how you use the duncan33303 URL" Of course dude, we all grew up on YouTube together "Hey TechSmartt, I love your voice

" "Still got that clap sync in there" "You two are se–" (beeps) Guys, so that wraps it up for this video Make sure you guys check out the Hisense H8F linked down in the description, and if you guys want another 'Reponding to Your Comments' episode two, make sure to drop a thumbs, get subscribed, and make sure to join to become a member, too Super cheap and easy, get a few extra perks, and hit it up on Instagram, just TechSmartt Alright guys, I'll see you in the next one

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