Razer Phone 2 – The Real Gaming Smartphone?

– Woo! Ev, are you, are you gettin' this? (thud) Right in here, somethin' spicy for 'em, and I'm excited! First time checking one of these out The new Razer Phone 2

Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to Tech Smart and right in front of me is something that is a world's first, at least for me, you guys have probably seen it on a bunch of other channels, but here's the deal I have never checked out the Razer phone, and this here is the new Razer Phone 2 and I'm stoked because I really like new manufacturers like Razer, Pocophone, just anyone creating a phone that is a little bit different than Apple, Samsung and what we traditionally see So in here is the new Razer Phone 2 and for 800 bucks, Ev? 799 Looks spicy, let's jump in So on the box here it says Razer on the side

And you guys probably saw on Instragram, if you didn't it's just TechSmartt, I was at the event, it was awesome, saw a lot of people there Now this phone, I'm sorry that the video's late on Believe me, you've probably seen it already, but I wanna see for 800 bucks is this worth your money? So, 64 gigs, 57 inch screen, 120 hertz refresh rate and that's what makes this thing so dang good, Ev This phone is really meant for the gamer, the perfect person that wants to either game or stream gaming

So either if you're a content creater or just a hardcore gamer, this could be the phone and I'm about to find out The Razer phone was created for those serious about performance and then a signature, so boom And right in here, we have it Wow! Nice little pat on the back there, Ev It's like a baby, gotta burp it

Burp the box So this is the Razer Phone 2, I'm just gonna crack this thing open I am so excited, I've always seen this thing floating around and I really wanted to check out the Razer Phone 1 Now that I actually was at the event and got the second, this thing really looks good I was holding it, I'm just kinda pumped to turn it on cause that's really what this is

Kind of a first impressions, I haven't really dove into it See what else we grab Some paper work, oh, I love this set up Ev, this, right here, could be your next phone Ev's a big Google Pixel guy, but I'm telling you, right inside this box, this is a win

The way this is set up actually makes me feel like it's a different phone experience You know Apple, they kinda set the standard with the whole unboxing experience, where things go, the size of the charging bricks Razer's here to just make a wave USB-C, we get an adapter, Apple's not doing that anymore so appreciate ya Razer And this phone's only 800 bucks so USB-C fast charger

Not bad, I'm really loving it So vote up in the I-card what you guys think about the Razer Phone 2 and let me know in comments if it's something you're going to pick up For 800 bucks, it's definitely something I want But this black color, there's gonna be a satin for 900 It's really pickin' up fingerprints, like crazy

This is what you'd expect and one of the big changes on the Razer Phone 2 over last years, is this new glass back, it was aluminum and with this it includes wireless charging Ev, you know, it's the new thing, like this is the new thing every phone's having this year A new screen as well as wireless charging It's finally becoming a thing and I honestly think next year in 2019, it's gonna be on every single phone, cause it can Another big addition while I turn this thing on

I love where the power button is So if you guys didn't know, I made a video on this, it was like a kick starter video, it's right up there in the I-card, the Nextbit, Robin was a kickstarter project that Razer ended up buying the company, and that's where the phone looks really similar if you guys have been following along And just the fastest boot ever We're turning on immediately This phone is honestly meant for power and specs on this guy, has eight gigabytes of ram, the new Snapdragon 845, last year it was the 835, so there's an update there, 64 gigs of internal storage with an SD card, so just pops right on the back of your SIM

That means you don't need to buy the higher end model Kinda diggin' that, savin' you cash And wow! That screen Dude, this is hot I was looking at it at the event, but obviously with all the lights it's hard to really get an impression and you know, everyone's so excited there

But dang, this screen So on the front you have an eight megapixel camera, on the back you have two Sony IMX 12 megapixel cameras so it's gonna look good I wanna test out the camera in a bit Two front facing, huge speakers That's what Razer's really going for

The perfect gaming phone and that's kinda what I'm tryin' to figure out, if I can game, enjoy it and kinda get something a little bit different, that immediately puts my iPhone to shame, my s-9 to shame, honestly the Note 9, there's alotta stuff that puts away because this is meant for gamers And I don't know about you, but I'm starting to pick up more gaming so two huge front facing speakers at the top so that's definitely gonna help if you're watching content, YouTube videos, gaming, whatever Eight megapixel camera on the front, which is sweet Because you can now record HD video at 60 frames per second That's amazing if you wanna stream and kinda do the IRL stuff on Twitch

I wanna test this out with the front facing camera Okay Interesting so a new thing this year is with the software, they've actually added more modes like beauty mode And I can just look at it, I mean you guys be the judge, drop a like on this video if you think the photo looks good Honestly, it looks better in processing It's definitely not making me look tan, but I think that's just kinda keeping me more level and I think that's what I need in a phone

Let's try out this rear facing camera I really love the UI, it's almost like that vanilla stock android but kinda tweaked with Razer and this is where it gets spicy on the back Let me take this photo Yeah, on the viewfinder and this is the same thing with the Google Pixel, it doesn't look that good You're able to tell, there's kinda somethin' funky going on, the minute you hit the shutter button and you snap the photo, when you look at it and post, there's some editing done and it looks good

Like this looks way better, you guys be the judge Let me know in the comments if you think the camera's good on this thing I'm definitely impressed though First Razer phone, it's feelin' good Volume buttons on the side, which I think are just in the coolest spot ever, when you're holding this phone and remember it's a 5

7 inch screen, it's a big guy And having them more on the lower third of the phone, I enjoy it, it's comfortable, I don't have to reach You know there's no fatigue with my hands It just feels good, it feels like a rectangle And yeah, it's a shape, I'm statin' the obvious

This isn't geometry class, but it feels good, it doesn't feel like it's gonna slip outta my hands It's not trying to be too thin, it's a gaming phone And of course, you guys probably guessed it, there's no headphone jack on this thing But it's nice they included an adapter, just USB-C at the bottom, and then, let me check this out I don't know why the wireless charging's not working

It was kinda my suspicion with it being new on the Razer Phone 2, so it seems that the wireless charging coil on the Razer Phone 2 is more towards the bottom, on the back part of the glass And my biggest complaint with glass phones, at least all glass phones, is it's slippery There's really not a wireless charging pad unless you buy one, that'll keep this in place If I put it towards the bottom Alright, now it's charging and it turns on

So the wireless charging does work on the Razer Phone 2 I wish it made more of a notification or letting you know That needs to be made better Razer, maybe like a software update, I don't know Oh man, I'm loving this screen

You can really tell the difference when you even like pull out an iPhone and just see the refresh rate It's kinda hard to tell, but the minute you have something smoother, I think you can kinda feel it Let's check out some YouTube and watch a TechSmartt video What's nice about this 57 inch screen is I don't feel like it's too big because the phone itself is large enough were I can manage it

If I'm watching a video in landscape or in portrait, I got it, doesn't matter, veritcal, horizontal, it's comfortable So let's pop up a TechSmartt video Keyboard feels good, I can type, there's no delay No learning curve or anything and obviously that's Android, you can customize it, but it's nice that it's just on there Boom, let's check out this Walmart video

– [Keaton On YouTube} Hey What's good Guys Welcome back to TechSmartt – Oh, these speakers – [Keaton On YouTube] Very special video I have waited almost a year to see a police officer come right behind the car

– It looks really good, color accuracy's there This is how it looked when it was shot Speakers are amazing I can hold the device, it actually feels like I'm watching content which is kind of a new feeling for me So what I'm gonna do, is I wanna really see what these speakers can do, I'm gonna play my boy Slushie's song

Here we go (techno music) – Full volume (techno music) – I wanna see if it fills the room Everyone give a thumbs up, fills the room? That was a one thumbs up, go Boom, that's two thumbs ups

Take a listen for yourself (techno music) – I'll link it down below if you guys wanna pick it up on Spotify, it's on the PB Jams playlist this week So that's loud, that is definitely louder than an iPhone It's not even really comparable because there are two front facing speakers That's more speaker real estate than I've ever seen on a phone

I would love a phone that's just two inches and that's just the rest speakers That would be something sweet This thing sounds amazing Where has the Razer Phone 1 been? Where was it last year, I really wanted to check it out So one of the new features in this Razer Phone 2, while it honestly feels like a refresh, there's enough here where I'm happy about buying this phone or at least trying it out

In case you've never tried out a Razer phone, so it's called Chroma and this kinda plays into the Razer logo on the back You guys know Razer, they're known for gaming, what's really cool is you can actually change the color and the battery consumption of Chroma So if you want it to be high battery, breathing, heavy light, you see it's now green, Ev, you catchin' it? It's green so I can go ahead and change up the color if I wanna make it pink So you can really get funky and custom with this And what's really awesome, is you can make these colors flash, upon your notifications, so if you get a message it could pop up as green, you guys get the idea

That's awesome, that's something that Blackberry did way back in the day, if you guys remember that, you let me know in the comments because that's a throwback that not many remember but it was super cool to kind of just be able to look at your phone, glance at that color and know what kind of notification you had versus always being on your phone, checking it and just creating that anxiety that doesn't need to be there The only thing left to do to find out if the Razer Phone 2 really is the perfect gaming phone is to game so I'm gonna throw up PUBG, we're gonna kinda get spicy I wanna see how this vapor chamber cooling in the back to keep this phone cool, not really effect the game play, allow you to just game Do what you do best I wanna see how that stacks up

So we're about to drop in PUBG, gonna probably hit Pochinki Let's make it happen and wow You guys let me know in the comments, you have to be the judge here cause I'm seein' it but you guys are watchin' this What do you think of this screen? I can tell you right now, I have never gamed on a phone like this, this could do so much more if I knew what to do But I'm just tryin' to land a Pochinki and get this chicken dinner

Which, when you think about it, we're not landing near Pochinki, we're just gonna try to get some guns and defend our territory Game isn't laggin' at all, just got a UMP So we're about to win, I'm really surprised Audio, let's see if we can, listen to anyone commandeer If we can this phone's in an instant buy

What if everyone had Razer phones and was playing this Then mobile gaming would be way more difficult No, yeah, this is really fun I'm actually managing it pretty well I'm lovin' this, on the Razer Phone 2, this has made PUBG more fun and I thought I had it

I thought I had it on the new Xs Max Been playing with the Google Pixel 3 XL, that's been fun, but having like a proper gaming phone, this kinda puts the Pocophone really in competition (guns firing) – Knocked 'em down (guns firing) – Got that kill I am absolutely running train

Phone can handle it, competition obviously can't Alright, let's just, let's bring this home here And my entire squad is still alive I don't believe in luck, Ev, but I think we might have just started the next Esports team Call us, Days, capital D

I think, I think we might've just got recognized Hey, if you're watchin', drop a like If you guys are ever playin' and see me, definitely just run around me, we can team, if we're playin' solos, just kidding Who would do that? Own the Banana Man It's Grand Theft Auto baby

Oh, we got 'em No, oh! Woo, woo, woo, woo! (guns firing) Fudge, no, get 'em I literally need the car to get 'em Oh my god, we just got us team eight And we just finished 'em off

There we go, on the Razer Phone 2 This game brings the best out of me Fortnite doesn't (Gun firing) – Just absolutely destroyed, ten kills Ev Look at that, that's ten

I'm kinda like rubber and you're glue, anything that bounces off me, sticks to you Oh, that was good, woo! Honestly, I'm having a lot of fun with the Razer Phone 2 Who needs Clash Royale? I know I do cause I spent alotta money on it, but this has honestly shown me everything I need to see about the Razer Phone 2, it can play any game and more Keep your hands cool, loud speakers, I can hear everyone You can see I got eight kills, I'm kinda decent at PUBG I would say

And it's making me really just enjoy it, like I'm enjoying this, I wanna stay alive and just keep going, there's no lag The 120 hertz display is just gorgeous, it's all buttery smooth And these speakers man, they're crazy They're crazy Honestly for the Razer Phone 2, this has been a new phone for me that has really surprised me

For 800 bucks, it's a banger, this thing is the best gaming phone I have ever seen, the perfect gaming phone Ev loves it, PUBG loves it I got ten kills, I'm feelin' good So that's it for this video If you guys are new make sure you get subscribed, by clicking that circle button right down there

Make sure you follow us on the Insta Story, it's just TechSmartt, you'll see all the stuff early Make sure you guys check out two other videos, right after this And I'll see you guys next time bye, bye

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