OnePlus 8 Pro – I Get It..

Hey what's up guys welcome back to TechSmartt for a new video This one has to be the last video on the OnePlus 8 Pro because I haven't checked it out yet You guys know been on a little bit of a break I just have to be the last person to check it out

– Probably yeah – You checked it out though – I did – Is this good or we walking into the unknown? – I love it It's really good It's pretty good though (sound effect) – See guys right here in front of us is the OnePlus 8 Pro just high level specs on this

This one costs 900 bucks It's got the eight gigabytes of RAM, 128 gigs of storage new Qualcomm 865 processor, – It has 5G ready too – That's it? That's all you had to say? – That's all get the phone for its 5G But if you want to know a little more about it, it's got a 68 inch 1440P display

It's got the hole punch camera at top left too so no more pop up, which is great because this is also IP rated Finally we get that certification – Whereas the OnePlus seven and 70 Pro didn't have water resistance officially but they kind of did So now that it's you're officially, you have that peace of mind At the bottom USB-C charging – Dual firing speakers too

– And on the back, look at that – Gosh it's gorgeous – Just looking at the sky, I just can't imagine how many more cameras we're going to get with this – It's going to fill the back at some point So there's four cameras on the back

So we've got the 48 megapixel main and eight megapixel telephoto, a 48 megapixel, ultra wide, and then a five megapixel color filter So we have 240 megapixel cameras on the back And then this glacial green, it's nice – So pretty – So pretty and the matte finish Oh, God

So one of my personal favorite things about OnePlus is that they have their oxygen OS, which to me is actually better than stock Google because actually have a way more personalization to this You can actually like change the color of the font, of course, I make it green every time You can change the icon bubbles and everything It just adds another value and another level of personalization that you don't get from other Android phones And also it's a super fast fluid experience with this thing

Swiping around is great, especially with the 120 hertz too – Yeah 100 hertz is the new refresh rate on the OnePlus 8 Pro, whereas the OnePlus seven pro and 70 Pro had a 90 hertz refresh rate Now it does bump up to 240 hertz on touch responsiveness So when you're gaming, you're going to notice that but with Android 10 being new this year, it feels buttery smooth And I know that's always, always the cliche Feels like better

– It just feels premium inside and out The experience itself has just been the most fluid thing that I felt from any Android device – Now one thing that I really like is the front facing camera and pull out your S10E real quick – This old thing? – The S10E was one of the first phones to have a hole punch camera– – At the top – At the top So OnePlus has an on the upper left corner right there

And why I like it more than the previous OnePlus devices is I hate pop up cameras – You got a little motorized unit coming up You got a little motorized unit coming up I mean, how many times is that going to work? – And of course to unlock the phone you have in-fingerprint – Did you set it up? – I did set it up

But now it's got my face – I did use it and it is fast – It is fast it's a continuation of the face unlock for previous OnePlus devices, but I'm just happy there's no camera popping up that just feels like an extra finger waiting on – I kind of liked it though It was a cool futuristic It didn't make sense – So Troy at parties has nothing to talk about but you want to ask him about his phone – Oh, talk your ear off all day – So powering the 6

8 inch screen is a 4510 milliamp hour battery – Oddly specific – Yeah, really obviously specific, that 10 That 10 is doing something And it takes you through a full day's worth of use if you're using the quad HD resolution setting but as you know, there is a full HD resolution setting which will be less taxing on the battery and should get you through maybe a second day – If you will also you want to bring the refresh rate down to like 60 which you can do so anything below 120 or 90 will definitely help battery life wise – What comes with it that makes it kind of a big deal this year

– Well so as OnePlus is known they have their work charge technology Thing is they're known for just getting the battery from like zero to 50% in like half an hour But if you actually spring another 70 bucks for the dock the wireless charging dock since wireless charging is new now and that also will get you the same results battery charging wise as a cable charge, which is not really heard of Now, as I mentioned in the review on my channel, link in the description if you're interested, I have my certain thoughts about the phone But that's not what this video is about

I want to tell you that the price wise, This is lower than what you're going to find from a lot of the other big Android manufacturers with the base one starting at 900 bucks, still a couple hundred dollars lower than everyone else And so I think this is definitely the best bang you can probably get for your buck on Android right now – And just looking at it I am an iPhone 11 Pro user, but the best thing about it is the Sailor Moon case Got to rest in peace on that for real quick second, I just like what's offered in terms of the hardware and clearly I'd see the differences with battery life on the OnePlus and just knowing my usage and kind of what I'm into right now, mobile gaming is the thing

I'm playing PUBG I was playing Warzone? – Are you good at those? – This is a night and day difference on I think just something being out there The words I'm trying to use is just by the phone I'm switching too

– You're switching? I mean I threw the other one now so yeah Now I'm switching Not every OnePlus phone really hits with me, but there's something about the eight Pro that does I wish I had the 12 gigs of RAM and really the pro pro version, but this one should be alright So yeah, guys, that's going to do it for this video If you guys are new, make sure you get subscribed and definitely check out Troy's channel and his video on the OnePlus 8 Pro in the description

– It'll be in the description – Will it be in the description? – Download? I hope it should – Hope we don't forget and definitely let us know in the comments what you think about the OnePlus a pro If this is something you guys buy Alright, we'll catch you guys in the next one

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