My Sister Bought the $350 Self-Lacing Nike Adapt BB

– Hey, what's good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special video I'm joined here with my sister Carson

And we're checking out the brand new Nike Adapt BB Nike self-lacing basketball shoe It's that time of the year, roll the intro Alright guys, so as you might know, I love these things If you missed the videos they're right up there in the icon Last time I checked it out with Kate

– Oh, my gosh – These look insane Those were the 720 dollars self-lacing Nike shoes Those were the Adapt one point o's In this video we got the Nike Adapt BB

It says Earl And it's basically Nike's basketball self-lacing shoe I did see a few players wearing this (basketball game) Carson, you like shoes, right? – Yes – That's good

Are you excited? – I'm very excited – Have you seen pictures of these, and what do you think? What are your (singing) first impressions? – I like the color scheme, other than that, I need to see em myself – That, could we, – I don't know what to say, Keaton! – So with the self-lacing, it's almost like autonomous It's like, your shoes drive themselves I feel like that's a pretty accurate comparison

We got these on eBay because Joe couldn't pull it off Joe's friends, Joe's always got a friend but, that friend did not come through Alright I'll wait til, – (laughs) I'm struggling – Boom What size are you? Ev's a 10 so what I'm interested to see is since these are a nine and I'm obviously a 13, and I don't think a 13 is gonna fit a size 10

I wanna see if the self-lacing feature can still be tight around Ev's foot If he just leaves them unlaced, I mean, that would be pretty sweet Imagine if it was a small, medium, and large size shoe and you didn't need to ever get a size again? Carson, has your shoes ever come with a mat before? – Absolutely not – So this is the charging mat that Carson spoiled a little earlier and Carson do you know what's in here? – Laces (giggles) – So there's a USB-C charger on here

I'm assuming, push and it just plugs right in That's it with the shoes, Carson We got, I'm kinda interested to see, whoa Peep that out Peep that, Cars', peep that

So lights illuminate when the shoes are in contact with the mat It's kinda nice, I mean, not every phone or every wireless charger tells you when it's charging We got a big lens on this guy so there's actually an app, it's on iOS and Android, it's just the Nike Adapt app Let's see what we get Nike Adapt

You're pretty on brand today Step into the future It finally let us create an account, who solved it? To connect your shoes, all you have to do is put your phone near your left shoe Just the buttons Mine still have not connected

Ope, no, mine literally just said connecting So both of these shoes independently pair to your phone I'm curious if it's Bluetooth Five It's gonna be three hours of charge time Tap to confirm, press any button

So these white lights start to appear I don't wanna lose it, so, I'm gonna beat you to the right shoe, ready? – You won't make it – I will Boom So my pair has confirmed

(shoes buzzing) Have orthotics? I do I have massive pancake feet Adapting your feet, well they're not, (buzzing) If they're smart, they should tell me there are no feet in these shoes, right? Would you wear these, honestly? – I would, to school, too – Gasp – It's asking me to connect my left shoe again

– It says right shoe found, pair – Maybe I should put them on real quick – I think that's what we gotta do Whoa, tell em what you feel, I'm struggling – Vibration, ope, now it's tight, very tight

It feels like the thing on your arm at the doctor – So to tighten and untighten your shoes, you basically move the L and the R down So they're pretty, I guess, loose right now No, those are really tight You move them down to loosen them, you move them up to tighten em

So you kinda fine tune it, that's really cool And then it will just max out So it won't go all the way up it'll just stop if it can't get any tighter It's kinda cool, pretty smart Shows battery life of each shoe

'Cause that's a new statistic you probably need Probably a notification somewhere along the lines – Then that's how you change the color – So you got racer blue, vivid purple, pink blast – I'd wear them as a gym shoe

Probably wouldn't wear them for basketball just 'cause your ankles aren't supported on the side But they are pretty comfy for everyday wear – Do you think they're fashionable beyond that? Like would wear these – I do – out on the town – I do With a nice sporty Lululemon outfit

Well if the shoes die how do we get em off our feet? – I think that's why there is a pull tab I'm not resisting, my toes are trying to cooperate right now You're almost halfway there, Big Time Rush (song clip) Boom, see? So it's really all about leverage Now try it on the second one

Carson, what if I, what if you're a paramedic What if you wanna do this as a job? Boom – Maybe I need to look at that – You rescued me just like that – Can you get your feet off? – I'm pretty good here, to be honest

You saved my luxury Big kiss? – Ew! – So what do you think? Are these shoes you're actually gonna wear now? That you have a pair – Like I said, not every day, but, yes – You're gonna wear em at least for the first week Every single day

You're gonna have to The people gotta know And she'll be on her Instagram lettin' you guys know on the insta story if she likes them or not Ain't that right? – I will try and update you as much as I can – I will try and update you with my very busy schedule

All my classes are very difficult second semester of my senior year of high school You're on your way, it's not too late to start a channel That's what we're trying to do We're out here, hoopin' (rough techno music) Catching that, cameraman? So just by pressing the buttons, haven't even gone in app yet, I would say, they're pretty tight on my feet

Scale of one to 10, with 10 being, whoa, my feet are gonna turn blue, I give it like a six, six and a half, maybe like a seven at best It's not bad I feel like I could run if I was ever in a situation, had to grab something real quick You know, not like I haven't been in that before, I could do it (music continues) We're out on the court now to test out the Adapt BB See how good of a basketball shoe they are

Let's play some basketball, Josh That went in So, Ev, you've been hooping for how long? – My whole life – Really? – Yeah In the womb

– I'm in trouble – I haven't played in five years but it'll be good to pick it back up again – Awesome, I suck, so what could go wrong We're gonna play a game of five real quick and see how good these shoes are Ev, you got em on your feet right now, how do you like them so far and do they fit? 'Cause what size are you? – I'm a size 10

– Ev's a size 10 These are a size nine, what do you think? – They're a little tight but still markable (rough techno music) – These have a hop – Final point Nope

– Great game, wow I got killed, five-zero Ev, what do you think about the shoes? – They're a little heavy but the mobility is there They felt good, I'd play in them – Do you feel like you have ankle support? That was one thing I saw in the comments on other people's videos

– They're less than most, they feel kinda like the Kobes, actually, but I can still ball in em – So that's it for this video If you guys are new make sure you get subscribed and join to become a member, it's super cheap and easy and you get some bonus perks Make sure hit it up on Instagram, it's just TechSmartt And I'll catch you guys next time

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