Mophie Sent Us This..?

– Hey, what's good guys, Welcome back to TechSmartt for a really interesting video So you guys know the P

O box, if you ever wanna send anything, it's down in the description But basically, this mysterious brown box showed up, and I had no idea, so someone opened it and told me it might be cool (glass shatters) and video worthy if I don't already break it (jet engine charges) And here's basically it It's from Mophie

So you guys know Mophie, the battery case company, they make sweet cases You guys wanna check those out, link down below This video is not sponsored by the way, just something cool that I heard, I might wanna check out So just keep that in mind And Mophie, for me, has always been special, it's been a few videos on the channel

It's Keaton here from TechSmartt and today we are going to be reviewing the Mophie Juice Pack Air for the iPhone 5 Kinda way back in the day, if you guys have seen those or go back, drop a like on this and leave some comments, those are from, I think 2013, 2014 you guys know that's how I got started in 2010 So, the Mophie Power Station XXL costs $150 bucks and it has 20,000 milliamp hours, like 20,500 and it does 30 watt outage, so this can actually charge up a Macbook or a Macbook pro Not super fast but if you ever need something or you just need to keep it going, gotta finish an email, this is why I have it and for $150 you definitely don't want to lose this So that's battery packs, there's nothing iPhone in this that's what I've been told, but I have no idea what to expect, so I guess Mophie sent me a box

So let's open this thing up How do we do this? Who opened this? Does anyone get it? All right, it's from this side So, let me know what you guys think about Mophie right up there in the "i" card They sent a clock, it was a clock until I destroyed it But, that is it

Interesting So I just checked out the Apple Smart battery case The iPnone 10S Max battery case That's right, this case has been rumored for 18 months I really want to check out the Mophie Juice Pack access, so if you are seeing this Mophie hit it up early, you guys know where the first video's got to be In here, I don't think it's anything for the iPhone I mean that got released at CES so with timing, when this was shipped, there's no way, or maybe have I mean, it's a clock

Is it time to get charged? (audience boos) Probably not So, it lifts off I don't think I'm going to put a Mophie clock anywhere, but it's very interesting I love when companies spend a little bit more time versus just sending a product and actually make a sweet unboxing experience There's a pro tip, if you want to send anything you guys got the address in the description Don't need anything cool, just make it a sweet unboxing experience

So, Power Station got the double XL here We got the PD and PD XL up to 50% battery charge in 30 minutes, so basically these are just battery banks And what is this? (upbeat music playing) What, a stop watch? I thought I would never see one again but, pacer test time, all right? – No! I refu–, No! – So we've got a stop watch, which I guess is to time to see if it charges your device up to 50% in 30 minutes Sweat bands, Ev- heard you're decent at basketball you get benched a lot Boom, got a sweat band and then a freebie a USBC to lightning cable, making it a what is that a $29

00, $1900 value? Boom And then, we got the PD and the PD XL These are tinier, so if you go to a festival put these in your pocket You're set, they charge up pretty quickly, but they're not flat, and that's the one thing I like about the PD XXL, is that it stands up on the table

So, here's a closer look at them We've got the PD and the PD XL This has 6700 milliamp hours 10,500, and big Bertha up here the Power Station XXL which has 20,500 milliamp hours So you guys can see $150 bucks, $79 and $59 what that gets you, if you want to check them out, link down in the description We got a stop watch here, it doesn't even say Mophie so we're not going to use this

I kinda like these, they're small, they're nice and the sweat band is pretty cool, Ev, when you go to the gym next time, you let your boys know you're charged, dude Wasn't Gatorade that did it to you, it was Mophie PD, I kinda like, it's smaller, 6700 milliamp hours is pretty nice and for ports, you've got a USB3, And a USBC, so you can plug this in, and all of a sudden boom, you're charging, just like that It's pretty small Dump it in your pocket, pretty easy

I mean, Ev-, dude this is just the move, this is the statement of 2019 Have you ever done that before? Drop a like on this video, if you have Because, half the time, I'm too lazy to carry it in my hands So checking out the PD XL, this for me would probably be more like, going out for the day, need something in the backpack, 10,000 milliamp hours and all these have LEDs on the side, I mean that's just signature with Mophie On the cases, on big Bertha here, this one is a little bit dead, you guys know I've been using it forever and it's held up, which, I haven't lost it That's pretty much the big shock with every product I get, especially a battery pack You ask me about my sunglasses or airpods This is my 29th pair (record scratch) of airpods

We've got a punch card, that's how many we are on So, these are pretty simple, charges up pretty fast, 18 watt power delivery So 10,000 milliamp hours Your iPhone has 3176 milliamp hours, so you're looking at 3 charges on a 10S max You can't really beat it

One of the reasons why I like Mophie, why I got the XXL, is it can charge your Macbook I want to see if the PD XL can too You know, larger sizes, super size, maybe it works (upbeat music) Okay, so, big Bertha, the XXL works That's what you pay for, I'm pretty sure that's one of the big features on it, it is And then, let's see if the PD XL works Come on, NO WAY! You saw it, it's connected, and it's charging

So, does the little one work? They all work The little one is connected Boom, boom, For $59 bucks, kinda a solid feature So, yeah that's basically how Mophie got a video on their new power banks, and I had no idea Pretty creative way I was shocked and I did not know these could actually charge a Macbook, that's a Macbook Pro 2018 if you guys wanted to know, because that was the only reason I bought the Power Station XXL and spent $150 dollars, so for 59 and 79 dollars, that's just another bonus So that's it for this video, if you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like hit subscribe button down there

Check out these two videos after that, and I'll see you guys next time (upbeat music)

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