iPhone XS Smart Battery Case – Really…$129?

– Hey rescue guys, welcome back to Tech Smart for the second video in 2019 I promise, I'm not gonna say it after this, but it's been a kind of a crazy year

We were just at CES last week If you guys missed that video, it's right up there Apparently a lot of you guys missed it, 'cause we have three million subscribers, barely got 100,000 views I'm just basically tired of seeing the Tech Smart is dead comments, 'cause, well Ev do we tell them why we're making one, do we? (sad orchestral music) All right, it's for views It's for views

So yeah, basically Tech Smart's not dead Had a pretty solid December It's 2019, January We're kicking it off with a banger, that I somehow got early access to, so here we go, story time By the way, if you guys miss any of it, it's on the Instastory, and Snapchat, but here we go

My buddy told me he got the iPhone XS Max battery case That's right This case has been rumored for 18 months I think I have wanted it for basically two years They need to stay on top of this

That's right Apple The battery cases really do matter You see that hair flip there I have That's how serious this is You know it, I know it

Battery cases are important, and I'm a power user, you're probably a power user too Let me know in the comments if you're not, and this might not apply to you The reason why it's a big deal, is when Apple makes a battery case, that kinda sets the standard of what can be done, what kinda comes out Mophie released their Juice Pack access at CES last week We'll get to that in a bit, with the story

My buddy got this a day early It's basically Wednesday/Thursday night when we're filming this, so you guys will see it in the morning I got to check this out a little bit early I was actually in Chicago, setting up the new KKMG Tech Smart studios, and I just wanted to come back and make this It's time for a banger

I landed at LAX, and I basically met up with some guy in a Maserati, and had a meeting, and basically picked up this case The whole story is we got one delivered early, and I just picked it up Now I'm here, about to film this video at the set where you guys are gonna see it Oh, and this is Jake This is the first time I've met Jake

– Yeah – But we made it safely, and I appreciate it That was that Jake Strange was a pretty cool dude, and thank you for the ride If you guys wanna check out anything in this video, I'll leave a link down below, including some wireless chargers, because that's now a thing, so XR, XS, and XS Max, all have battery cases

What's crazy is Mophie also has one too, so I'll leave that link down below, and you can battle it out in the comments for which one is the best, because it's kinda hard to tell right now The Apple battery case is a big deal because it comes out on Friday There's two colors, black and white, and it costs $129 Why it's cool is as you can expect, they have made it for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR They basically skimped out on the colors, but that's no worry

This is a big deal, because inside this case is a 1369 milliamp Hour battery, which Apple is claiming will get your iPhone, depending on the XS, XS Max, or XR, whichever phone you have You know whatever is clever, right? You get 47%, 75% increased internet usage, or just more time on your phone That's a pretty bold claim to make, and I really just wanna check it out, because honestly, look at this thing Look at this thing Ev With Mophie having theirs at $119, the Juice Pack Access, and the stats on those are a 2200 milliamp Hour battery for the XS Max case, and then 2000 milliamps for the XS or XR

It's confusing There's three phones, but just look at this What do you think? It has wireless charging, so cheap charging built in Both cases do Lightning port at the bottom so you can use your headphones which is great, and then accessories manual

Wait, did we not even get a lightning cable? I know they haven't had it since the iPhone 7, but at least if you're gonna make me pay this much, you gotta wow me Of course, I'm not gonna be able to test it out fully in one video, so I'll let you guys know on Twitter, it's just Tech Smart, and may even give away a few I mean, these things are sweet I definitely wanna hook you guys up It's pretty simple how to install, and what's nice, it's just a one install design

Whoa that is a tight fit Do you have to go just from the top? Whoa, you do You go from the top and then you just slide in Boom, it clicks, and it just starts charging Why this is a big deal is when Apple releases a battery case, it kinda comes down to does it make a difference? A lot of people just, when they buy a new iPhone, they wanna get the Apple case

It fits, and if there's a battery case, who doesn't love that There's a compelling argument to be made that Mophie has a better battery case, and I didn't even check that out yet, so if you guys want that video, maybe drop a Like How you check the stats on here, and for the iPhone XS, and what the battery sizes are, basically shows you everything you need to know in terms of charging, what's going on, and what the battery life is on the case compared to your phone I've got screen time here, it kinda just keeps a battery stat going throughout my phone's usage in a day I like to just check it, and I will be checking it and posting those updates on Twitter, so hit that up

If you wanna see how this is going since I kinda got it early The battery case has 98%, and as you can see, the second you plug it into your iPhone, it starts to charge What sucks, and one of the reasons why I really like the Mophie Juice Pack line, is you get a LED notifier on the back, which when you just press the button, it tells you how much battery is left on the case versus needing to turn it on, swiping, and seeing the battery switch up here You can't swipe down and find it I don't know if that'll be in a software update

Apple, I know you're subscribed, maybe add that in there Would really like it It's not even on the swipe down, but why would it be? The new Apple smart battery case is for the iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR What's important is the battery sizes on the iPhones before you put a case in, because that's how you're really gonna find out if a case makes a difference in your life The great news is there is a return policy, so you can take this back hassle free

On the iPhone XS there is a 2658 milliamp Hour battery On the XS Max, the one I got here in gold, there is a 3174 milliamp Hour battery It's on screen You guys can see it for the XR, but what's important is the difference that Apple claims can be achieved by using a battery case I don't know if I'd buy it

I think Mophie's is better, because there's more milliamp Hours You guys be the judge in the comments If you guys do pick up both, or just wanna test this out at home, it's kinda interesting I'm a power user The more power the better, right? I mean, on the case it's got this soft touch feel, the power button on the side, the mute switch there, the volume buttons, lightning jack, and then speaker cutouts

Then, of course, because vertical cameras are the thing, the cutout there, and it really only comes in black and white, compared to Mophie's That has four colors I'm not saying anything I just wanna find the best battery case You guys might have seen that video up there

Yeah, I've been on the hunt for a while I don't think it makes total sense to spend $10 more, get the Apple one, when Mophies works with headphones, has more colors, is cheaper Do you get where I'm coming from? If you do, let me know on the iCard If you don't, well I'll know Ev, you get where I'm coming from, right? More power, less money

Is that so hard? Of course, one of the other big features is the smart battery case finally has wireless charging built in Of course it's built in to the XR, XS, and XS Max, so why not build it into the case? I have the world's largest wireless charger here to show you that it works It hard to know when your phone's charging, know when the case is charging It's not really easy unless you really swipe over, and then you see smart battery case is charging with the lightning icon there Then of course the battery case is charging the phone

It's a whole lot of inception You see the lightning bolt there I just think it's confusing I really like Mophie, but basically with the case, why it's kinda nice with Apple's is the lay on the per table The lay on the per table? – What you could, you do, you– – Why it's nice is the lay on the table protection

Kinda this lip that comes above, so if you drop your phone face down, nothing's really gonna happen, and if you do this repeatedly on concrete or rough surfaces, yeah the silicone it's really soft You guys know if you've ever checked out an Apple case in the past, or you go to the store now, they're on display It's the same type of material It will wear over time It's not really rocket science, but what is rocket science is, does it make a difference? If you guys have one, or checked one out, or basically go to your Apple store

Play around with it Let me know in the comments if it does Keep me posted on Instagram I might give away a few there too We're kicking the year off right

You guys need to stay juiced, so you guys can keep watching more Tech Smart videos That's gonna do it for this one If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a Like Get subscribed by hitting that button down there Make sure you check our YouTube videos after this, and see you guys next time

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