I’m Switching To The Samsung Galaxy S10e..

– Hey what's good guys! Welcome back to Tech Smart for a video unlike any other I've the Galaxy S10E here and I'm gonna switch to it for an unknown amount of time

It's a big deal Lev Roll the intro (tech sounds) So yeah guys, this is a video I've been wanting to make for a while You guys know, we test out phones Everyone tests out phones if you're like a tech YouTuber

But honestly I haven't really jumped into a Samsung phone, in a long time I think it's been since like the S6 maybe S5 Like real thorough So with the S10E, the new $750 Samsung phone, I mean it's got two cameras, finger print reader on the side, 58 inch screen, it's packing snapdragon eight 55, USB-C, fast charging 2

0, wireless charging at that And then you've got the iPhone XR, I love this thing, right now I'm using an iPhone 10 S max though, in fairness, so I'll be taking my sim card out of this and putting it in the S10E here, and really just enjoying it Seeing what android is like in 2019 And actually my buddy Everything Apple Pro, we call him Everything Samsung Pro, is switching to the S10 plus for, we don't know how long So that video's up there in the I card, I'll leave the entire playlist linked down below

And we're going in (swipe) So we've got the sim out of the 10S max here, and we're gonna put it in to the S10 I'm kinda excited, you got 6 giggs of RAM, eight 55 camera on the front, no notch It's gonna be refreshing Micro SD

You're basically set, and what's awesome about this is I'm going to get to use the galaxy buds, just really jump in to what Samsung is doing for 2019, because it's pretty interesting I mean seeing three phones come out at launch, that's a first for Samsung It's only right to take the screen protector off I've been waiting It's got a nice size, it really feels kinda like a powerful iPhone 10

That 58 inch display, I mean it's kinda like the iPhone 10S max But Samsung is just really jumping into it, I mean the S10 is the iPhone 10R size, it's 61 inches And the S10 plus is 6

4 so, just a little smaller than the iPhone 10S max We got a button on the side which isn't bad, you also have a face unlock so, got the best of both worlds (swipe) Now that the sim card's in the S10, let's talk about what I like about the iPhone and really just apple, what I'm gonna miss, and what I'm really excited for on the S10 So really with the iPhone, what I like, I mean you have iMessage, I know I just lost a bet, Phillip Everything Apple Pro didn't say it in his video, iMessage is kind of convenient, you get that valid just understanding, that someone's reaching out to you that has an iPhone, and green bubbles kind of put people at ease I know it sounds pathetic but think about it for a second, let me know in the comments if you agree, if you kinda get where I'm coming from

(swipe) That's another thing that I'm kind of iffy on with iPhones, one of the things that I'm just tired of, apples always giving hour ratings and you have to almost find the battery specs out from teardown sites With the iPhone 10R having a 61 inch screen, the battery size is only 29 hundred and 42 milliamp hours, compared to the S10 which has a 31 hundred milliamp hour battery So, it is slightly larger, but then the 10S max has a 31 hundred milliamp hour battery so, you're definitely getting more form for the function And I did a drop test with Everything Apple Pro, if you want to check that out, right up there in the I card

And basically stacked it up against the iPhone 10R, and you can find out which won but surprisingly, want to see how the S10E does as a daily driver (swipe) Another thing that I really have liked about iPhones, and just iOS since pretty much iOS 7 is the UI It's pretty simple, there hasn't been a whole lot that's really changed I mean there's widgets here, color mode here or there, but with android it's gonna just be a fresh start I know I'm jumping in a touch wiz, but I'm kinda just tired of this simplicity

I want something I can customize Jailbreaks are cool but with the 10S max, there's not really one out for it right now so, jumping into android 9 full force And Ev with the galaxy buds, I'm excited to see what that's like So while airbuds are cool and all, galaxy buds are cheaper, and if you pre-order an S10 or an S10 plus, they come for free I don't think that's included with the S10E

You let me know in the comments if that's the case Ev the camera, 10 mega pixel front facing camera You know there's gonna be a camera test coming soon So make sure you keep it locked to that playlist, with notifications turned on Yeah, I mean, doesn't look all that bad

Then you have two cameras on the back, compared to three with the S10 and then the S10 plus A 12 megapixel wide angle, and then a 16 mega pickle ultra wide camera And another thing that's just kind of been a deal breaker for me, and it hasn't happened for that long, apple had the home button for a long time, but with the notch it's really only existed for two generations And for me that's two generations too long With the infinity O display, yeah it's AMOLED on the S10E, but having that whole punch camera in the front, it's 10 mega pickles, and Ev selfies look really good

Shutter's fast, and what I'm excited for is the Instagram story integration and Samsung made a big deal about that at the event and I wanna see if they fixed where your Instagram stories and Snapchat's look like a potato, check TechSmart if you want to keep it locked I'll be testing this out for, I don't know how long, I just wanna go for it and see if there's really ever switching back I've tested out Andriod phones kind of all my life, this channel's eight years old (swipe) My first phone before I even like got into phones, and created TechSmart, back in 2008 was the Google G1 I don't know how I got this, I paid all my money and saved up everything for it, basically gave it to my parents to got get a contract

Because to get this, I think you could buy it outright back then This is running Android 10 Google's first smartphone And why I loved it was the qwerty keyboard, so, Ev, draw to unlock

Yo, Everything Samsung Pro, Everything Android Pro, what's the, what's the pattern? – I couldn't tell you, it's in my video – (laughs) Uh I gotta go watch (beep) and then from there, at age 10, I mean, yeah I'm 21 now, it's 2008, 2019, this is crazy, this phone has come a long way, it's had offshoots into Xiaomi, Huawei, I mean look at one plus, there are so many phone manufacturers out now, and this is kind of it, like this is started from the bottom, now we're here, and even before that, I was rocking a BlackBerry, like this was kind of the fist phone to jump into it, then I switched to BlackBerry, this wasn't running android, but what this had was this crazy curser, so just kinda seeing the customization that would come, and then the touch screen's with the BlackBerry storm – For me personally, the BlackBerry storm, was the original 3D touch phone, I don't know if you guys know about this, but back in the day, when phones were so boring, you could actually physically press into the screen, and have an action happen That was cool, like this phone

– I was like force touch and 3D touch – Yeah – Before it happened – It was ahead of it's time, they were on to something but they failed – Camera – Even auto focus, like when no phone's had auto focus – Yup, dude

– This one did Uh it was garbage though, like complete components would break inside The camera, the flash would stop working Battery would need replacing all the time They were onto something but they missed the bar, but still, I remember this thing fondly, like

– And even before that, what if this was still the trend, using a wheel or like a button or a pearl? – Yeah – Like, the BlackBerry pearl changed the game I mean, phones used to be this big, and we were happy playing brick breaker – This was bigger than apple – Like there was no mobile gaming – Bigger than apple, like this was the standard back in the day And then apple came and wiped everyone

I legit remember all the games your could install on these, there was such a third party support for BlackBerry's, it was a lot of fun – And then there was crack berry, like the own jail breaking community – Oh is it? Yeah – Of BlackBerry, dude

– Java, java games – (laughing) Java – All those, so much fun, dude I love this – It was different

– Trip down memory lane – It was different, how are you liking using the S10 plus? – Honestly (pained sound) It's so hard – (laughing) – Like I haven't even put my sim card in yet I uh, I mean, I'm holding the iPhone because my music's on it but, I'm doing it, slowly like I, it's just (mumbles) – Transferring everything is a huge thing, that's like one thing I have yet to do, on the S10E, I'm starting that process now

Contacts, everything – I just set it up to where like the gestures make sense, animations – What are your apps look like? – Better – Pretty basic, pretty basic, not fully customized yet

– It is, it is! – It's fully customized? – That's like my flow, that's what I use on a daily – Audiobooks? I like it! – All the time, in this forest, walking – Heck yeah dude, it's a perfect vibe

How, what's your favorite feature on the S10 plus so far? – Definitely this, every time I look at it, it's just like (sighs) just how futuristic it looks Like, is that a feature? I guess you could call it that – Compared to the iPhone 10R, 10S max? I'd say it is futuristic I mean – It's working out, how's your journey? Did you start yet? Putting it off? – Dude, dude, I'm still using the iPhone 10S max, but, I'm getting everything set up and transferred over now (swipe) It's pretty crazy so I'm excited to go to the S10E, I don't think it's gonnna be a bad switch, I think if anything, it's gonna be like I'm just back at home (swipe) But really, I wanna see what's up in 2019, one thing I'm not gonna miss though it animoji I'm probably not gonna check out AR emoji, just cos that's not my cup a tea

Another reason why it's awesome is USB-C, Galaxy buds also take USB-C, and has the pass through wireless charging, so when the buds die, I just lay it on the back of the phone and it charges right through, not something you get on the iPhone 10R or the 10S or the 10S max So, that's just gravy, it's super convenient (swipe) Another great thing about Android is, being able to have the functionality of buttons, so that's one thing I'm excited to get into And then the nav bar, you can customize it, you could have em on screen, you can just have em there, so either they're reserved or they just pop up So you can really customize the screen real estate

And one thing that's awesome is you can get rid of the hole punch if you're not a fan of it, and add a black bar So Samsung is really accommodating to you and what you want this year And that's what I'm into, so let's check out YouTube, see how loud the speakers are, and kinda rap this up and then just get back to making the videos I just kinda wanted to make this so I could fully announce, that I am switching to the Samsung Galaxy S10E (swipe) Alright so we're gonna play a quick video, see how it looks on the screen, just get used to what reality is gonna be like for the next few weeks, months, even years

We're gonna play some Benley, Don't Wanna Bother U, just see how the speakers are (Benley – Don't Wanna Bother U) Bass is nice, it's got a nice punch to it Yeah I think just the first few verses kinda describe my relationship with the iPhone, I don't know how I've made it work for so long, but it's time for something new (swipe) So that's it for this video, if you guys are new make sure you drop a like, get subscribed and join to become a member, it's super cheap, you get some extra bonus content, make sure you hit it up on instagram, it's just TechSmart, and I'll catch you guys next time

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