I Went to an Apple AirPods Meetup

– Hey, what's good guys welcome back to TechSmartt, for a very special video Right now we're on the highway, it's February 16th, and Ev and I missed our flight out of the local airport

So we're goin to LAX for the first AirPod's meet up It's in San Francisco, what could possibly go wrong? So I saw a few months ago, a few articles started popping up on some AirPod's meetups That's right people are getting together because Ev, what's better to get together over a pair of AirPods? On a weekend! So like everyone else who has nothin' to do on a Saturday, we're goin to San Francisco for the first AirPods meet up You might be thinking to yourself, dude hold up, slow your roll What do you mean first AirPods meet up? Plainrock124 did a video on this, and that's right

I'll leave his link down below, he's an awesome dude But he went to an AirPods meetup, at the Grove here in Las Angeles And it was raining you know, there's been tons of rain here in California, and only a few people showed up So I'm not gonna really consider that a meetup That's more of like an AirPods pow-wow

Ya catch me? So we're going to San Francisco where all the tech guys are Where AirPods were made, and we're gonna find out, are there gonna be more than like, three people? (lively music) We're headin' to San Francisco, I actually think we'll make it this time So we're bringing the really cheap i10 TWS pair, you know they look like AirPods and they have wireless charging built into the case Bringin' the $159 AirPods, what all the rich people think they have But to flex on em', I'm gonna show everyone at the AirPods meetup, the $995 Louis Vuitton Horizon

If you guys missed the video its right up there in the iCard Ev, you ready? We're on our way to San Francisco finally Ev, are you excited? How was your experience today? It was that good I am so pumped Hopefully there's some people that show up, because what if there isn't? What if it's just you and me? Then it's another pow-wow! Alright, let's go

(catchy music) We just landed, heres the crazy part The event starts at 2PM, it's 1:57 so the big reason why this matters is at every other AirPods meetup basically the first minute that people don't see anyone there, they leave So we need to be there ASAP, and it didn't help that I missed the flight this morning 'cause I overslept, I'm sorry we're doin' our best If you guys don't remember I asked you on the YouTube community post, so just make sure you hit subscribe so you see it And over 36,000 of you voted for us to be in San Francisco, so if this fails, it's on you guys

Hopefully it doesn't Ev, so what do you expect from the event? Do you think people are gonna be there? Do you think this was just a waste? – [Ev] I think people could be there Do you think it was a meme on Facebook that someone turned into a real event? And that, 6,000 people said they would be at Or you think the TechSmartt fans are just tryin to make a meme out of me? (joyful music) It's 3:16 right now, and I think it's safe to say there is not 6,000 to 8,000 people here It seems like just people are just havin' a nice Saturday

I see two people wearing AirPods I'm a little downed, if you can't tell (laughing) (cry-laughing) – You know what's going on right now, I'm really disappointed There was nothing cooler than doing a TechSmartt show and tell That's all ya boy wanted to do here

He even flew up for it So we're gonna to go find some things to do, there's a Louis Vuitton store across the street, let's see if we can get a second pair Or if they even have them (somber music) Just got out of the Apple store, had to pick up a fresh pair, its pair 37 (somber music) Made it in here

You see people with these Yeah just couldn't let my ears be around that broke air – [Woman] Nice headphones – Thank you, great brand so we just got outta the Louis V store, no joke the woman who works there asked security, are these ours? Not even Louis V, thinks I fit in, I don't want these anymore, I wanna go back to the fakes, the $4 pair (rousing music) We're finally back in LA, here's the conclusion on this video

Going to San Francisco I was thinking, since that's where the tech is you know, Cupertino, it's up there That at least some people would be showin' up at this meetup So I jumped on the Carpe Diem, which is basically like an events page And it said 1700 people where going, so I don't know where I got 6,000 to 8,000 I think where I got confused is I saw a bunch of invites on Facebook, that's originally where this idea came from

And then like, BuzzFeed did an article titled 21 of the most only in LA things to ever have happened What do you mean has, happened, have happened There was an AirPods pow-wow at the Grove, and if you don't live in LA that's just a mall where there's a big Apple store You can see Saturday February 2nd, for three hours at 9PM til' 12AM Is that even safe? That just sounds like someone's up to no good

So from there goin into Facebook you got some hope now And this is where the video takes a turn, and if you made it to this point drop a like on this video if you want me to go to Oslo, Norway There are allegedly, allegedly – Allegedly – There are 7,000 people going to the AirPods Owners Meetup in Oslo, 4

5 thousand people are interested, 23 thousand people are going Ev I mean from today I know dude, I know! 1700 people showed up at Union Square What really happened was it was just us, and ourselves, and we got to play with our own AirPods We even went to Louis Vuitton, they called security on us, 'cause they didn't believe we had these

So that was somethin' you didn't expect today That was somethin' I did not expect by waking up this morning or, going into Apple to basically buy pair 37 So, that's it for this video If you guys are new make sure to drop a like And follow us on Instagram it's just @TechSmartt, that's where all the behind the scenes where, if you guys didn't know

Make sure you hit subscribe And consider joining to become a member, its super cheap, tons of extra perks, I'll catch you guys next time

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