I Used A Burner Phone For 24 Hours

(mellow beats) – Hey, what's good guys? Keaton here So, I gotta be honest with you guys

Last night I got into some pretty shady stuff I'm actually on the run right now, that's why I'm in a Walmart parking lot, there's no one around me Basically we're at a Walmart right now and I need to pick up what is known as a burner phone So basically, when you do some shady stuff and you want to kind of get off the grid, you need a phone – Get me off the grid – You don't need your regular smart phone, what you need is a phone that can basically call people and text people and costs less than like fifty dollars on average

So we're gonna head into Walmart right now, pick up a burner phone, maybe there's some cases for it, and hopefully stay off the grid with it I did this challenge with a one-inch phone, a super tiny phone for 24 hours If you guys missed that video, I'll leave it right up there in the I-card Let's get my heart rate going – [Kyle] Chase the car down

– Run around it a few times I'm not actually in trouble by the way, let's go (mellow beats) We've been here so many times for past videos like, I know this Walmart with my eyes closed They're making Oreo cereal now? You're definitely gonna need this if you're on the run Oh wow, wow these are them

They're clapping, they're clapping Guys, I didn't know I'd be buying a burner phone today Thanks guys – Thanks guys – So here are our options for burner phones

Now I'm looking to spend less than fifty bucks The first option we got from Straight Talk It looks like it's straight fire, am I right? It's 30 bucks for a ZTE, it's the Z233VL It's like your standard flip phone Now back in my day, we didn't call these burner phones

This was all we had to use We got that I'm either reading this wrong, no it's not $100, that one's also $30 Doesn't look as fancy as the straight fire one So we're gonna grab the ZTE to stay off the grid

And just a side note, every single manager in this building is standing right over there, they just had a team meeting I'm not doing the best to stay undercover – How do you know I'm not undercover right now? – They didn't seize my bank yet Thank you have a great day – [Cashier] You too

– Card got approved Should've paid with cash though, if I really wanted to stay off the grid Cash would've been the better move We got our burner phone, let's set it up (mellow beats) So we got the burner phone here and high-key I am pretty stoked to check this out

I heard battery life on these things is amazing compared to like all my Iphones Some of the specs, 4G LTE, you can send a text, go on the internet, there's a camera, wow Quad-core processor, Bluetooth, micro-SD This is what it looks like, it's like opening up an Iphone on Iphone day Just in the parking lot of a Walmart on a random Thursday

And the battery's not even in here Look at how high-quality that camera is And it flips up, when was the last time your smart phone flipped up? I feel like my grandma checking out one of those Jitterbug phones ♪ Jitterbug ♪ – [Announcer] Everything about Jitterbug is simple – Let me know in the comments by the way if you guys have ever owned a flip phone or tried out a burner phone before

Headphone jack, that's not a feature you see on every phone nowadays Charge with a micro-USB port That's good (phone tinkling) Nothing like a nice jingle when you're on the run So for 35 bucks we get a unlimited text, talk, data, and two gigs of high speed internet

Then it's super slow It's really throttled – [Narrator] Three hours later – It looks pretty good The phone doesn't feel super cheap, we have a nice window that tells us the time, signal strength, and battery life

You don't get that on Iphones anymore And here's some of the features, we got messaging, recent calls, a camera, gallery, check out the photos, contacts What's that, file manager? Alright this phone's got a lot more features than I was anticipating Let's use it for 24 hours Starts now

(mellow beats) Alright so we are back from the studio now, it's 11:47, I want to grab some lunch, let's see what's around here We'll fire up the internet browser Punch into Google, food near me And honestly right now I'm really starting to miss Postmates, Grubhub, Eat24, all these food apps that we take for granted I'm gonna have to Google this the old fashioned way

We're at Google now, let's see if there's an In-N-Out near us Oh I'm feeling some In-N-Out Taking a little bit but we're getting there There we go Wow, that loaded rather quick

Some locations, I'm not in Austin, Texas I don't know where we got the idea that, I, no I'm not in Austin It's not even touchscreen, okay So we found the address for In-N-Out, I'm still pretty hungry, we're gonna load up MapQuest and try to get step by step directions It seems like this phone is only giving us straight facts since its Straight Talk and only loads old programs so I'm gonna boot up my MySpace profile after this

Somehow we got directions loaded up on MapQuest so let's head to In-N-Out right now That felt so satisfying, and let's get some food (mellow beats) Cool, so we made it to In-N-Out, the directions somehow got us here on MapQuest That took forever to get here, but we made it I want to check out one really cool feature on this flip phone and it's the camera

It's a two megapixel camera Everyone takes pictures of their In-N-Out That does not look that bad I'm just looking at the viewfinder Let's put the shades back there too, it's all about that Instagram aesthetic

Go like this photo once it goes up by the way No way, there's a video mode on here too? You can tweak white balance? Oh boy Daylight, what else can you tweak? ISO? This is supposed to be a burner phone not a DSLR camera And it's quickly becoming one, alright let's see if we can take video I don't think we can take a video

That doesn't look too promising No, that's just another photo Seriously, I didn't think the camera on here, I mean it's two megapixels, I didn't think it would actually look this good So we're still at In-N-Out, I saw this really cute girl, I'm gonna go ask her for her number I know it's been a while, baby

Alright, hold up (record scratching) Hey, can I get your number? You want to throw it in? A'ight, a'ight (mellow beats) So the times 5:30 now, we had some In-N-Out, things are going pretty well, actually enjoying the burner phone game Now there's internet on here So we're gonna try to send a tweet

I know this thing has internet service, I hope we can pull this off Okay, please let me type this So I gotta use a T9 keyboard here, hit the letters a few times for the letter I want, so I hit that three times, hit the eight again, there's a lot of Ts in the word Twitter I forgot where the dot was Zero? No zero's space

Oh, it's star, beautiful Okay we got Twittercom It's actually loading up Can we log in and send a tweet, I'm just techsmart if you guys aren't following me

Oh, go like this tweet if I can actually post it Enter username, T Typing on here's not that bad, kind of a throwback I'm gonna say that about every phone with this style keyboard Alright password, hold up

After about five minutes I finally got the password typed in It's loading up the profile, no way Is that attorney general Jeff Sessions? I don't want to see your profile picture attorney general Jeff Sessions Yes, yes, yes, it's showing my profile! Will it load the timeline? Austin, Matthias, what? Time to send off a tweet I'm actually typing faster than I thought I'd be

Do you think there's emojis on here, Kyle? Definitely not, okay If you can attach a photo, I'm gonna lose it Well I mean I'm gonna take a picture of myself It's loading it up Sure, love it

Make sure you guys go like the tweet if you see it once this video drops We're gonna hit tweet Oh baby there we go, I just posted a tweet from a burner phone Wow, we just did that, that took like 15 minutes I wonder how the call quality sounds

Maybe it'll be good? (mellow beats) Everything else has been really good on the burner phone, the one thing I'm super skeptical on is the call quality Is it good, is it bad? Camera's been great, internet's been great, let's call my dad and see what he thinks Alright, we're giving him a call – [Phone] Please leave a message – Thanks Dad, love you

– [Phone] Please record your message – Let's leave him a voice mail (beatboxing) ♪ Ayo Dad it's you're son Keaton Keller, ♪ ♪ You should pick up the phone ♪ ♪ Or next time we'll call Penn and Teller ♪ (beatboxing) Alright love you Dad, bye So when my Dad doesn't pick up in emergencies I'm gonna call who I always call, the plug

Let's do it – [Phone] Thank you for calling Domino's please hold – New phone who dis? Oh hi, I don't actually want pizza I'm just calling on a new phone, I just want to know if you guys can hear me alright? – [Phone] Yes – Okay, alright, thank you so much, have a good one Best thing is, if they block my number, it doesn't matter it's a burner phone

(laughs) (mellow beats) So the burner phone has surprisingly been amazing The one thing I really want to try out though is is it indestructible? So we're gonna drop it, do a quick little drop test off of, I think this is like a three story parking garage See if it can survive, I don't even know So many cars almost ran over this Now let's see if this phone still works

I don't think so That was a decent drop Here comes the moment of truth Well, I think it's turning back on The screen definitely took some damage

Is it gonna make the fun noise that it makes when it boots up? Oh? (phone tinkling) Oh, wow, phone still works 40 feet later Seriously, wow I live my life forty feet at a time – I live my life a quarter mile at a time (mellow beats) – So it's almost about the end of the day, I am so impressed by this burner phone

29 bucks gets you internet, a phone with a camera if you want to take some pictures of your friends, this awesome keyboard, solid battery life, and I kind of just made this realization, but this thing's running Android Like, look at these icons Do they look familiar? They should, because they're the same ones that Android devices use So you guys, that's gonna do it for this video make sure you guys drop a like if you guys actually enjoyed this and get subscribed if you're new with notifications turned on Let me know in the comments if you guys are just joining the notif gang

Make sure you follow me on the Insta story that's where it's always poppin with the crew There's a new studio happening right now So definitely check that out from behind the scenes and I'll see you guys later, peace

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