I Made a $12,000 Bitcoin Scavenger Hunt

Hey, what's good guys, welcome back to tech smart for a really special video as always there's a huge backstory You gotta love a good anecdote Am I right so in 2017 you guys have seen this

Maybe you have maybe haven't just get subscribed I made a video Didn't really know what would happen, but it was called I bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for seventeen thousand and three hundred dollars in cash falling about the Bitcoin The whole point behind this video was in 2017 I don't know if you guys remember if you do let me know in the comments if you guys like cryptocurrency Or he even have some basically cryptocurrency just boomed Bitcoin went to $20,000 it was this crazy time and I wanted to see like how to get a full Bitcoin without using an exchange or anything like that if you guys Really liked it, and it's one of the largest Bitcoin videos on YouTube So thank you guys so much for it in that video something kind of Organic in like no joke that video is not sponsored at all You can check it out You guys be the judge for yourself, but in there I use this wallet called read back then they're making a lot of bread That's the wallet I'm using it's good pun They're they're making a lot of bread just off this machine now BRD definitely check out the wallet in the description It's available on iOS and Android It's the most secure way to have crypto and you can actually buy crypto through the app It's like Bitcoin aetherium and more It's all here and no joke

I really like it So check it out Here's the wallet that I actually used in that video when I was buying Bitcoin on ATMs And I needed a fast and secure place to just send it versus like an exchange So I used this wallet The only way to get your funds back is if you enter a 12 word passcode, so definitely write that down It's not a QR code It literally is twelve words and that keeps your funds safe cold and off platform Everything is safe Not even BRD can see it and this is why this video is so cool Keaton Stop talking about it Get to the whole point on giving away some money So i've teamed up with BRD to launch really the first crypto scavenger hunt on youtube And it's all because you guys like the first video so much so definitely drop a like on this video We at 25,000 likes will give away twenty thousand dollars in the next one

There's a lot more where this came from So there are a hundred and thirty seven stickers and in the second half of this video We're gonna go all throughout LA basically hide these and give you guys clues on Instagram So definitely hit it up It's just text smart and seriously get subscribed because this is really fun I had no idea this was gonna happen and it's all because of you guys so On some of these stickers you will see a QR code and really all you have to do is download the app You're on Android or iOS I mean you guys know what kind of phone you have just type in be Rd Super simple three letters and boom It'll pop up you can see how clean The UI looks and no joke That is the only reason why I use it outside of having cold storage and just knowing my funds are pure and safe I just like it's simple and I like it Colorful and I like being able to see the different coins that I have and just really know What's up, what's down and kind of my overall? Balance pretty nice Whoa, wait F Was I reading this right? No joke BRD has over six billion dollars under the back so You know a lot of people are using it how this is gonna work is Basically within the BRD app and they have their own token If you want to check it out each one of these stickers has some amount of Bitcoin on it

So it totally adds up to 12,000 some have like 3000 some have 550 100 is completely random and it's a scavenger hunt So to show you that this works if you find one of these stickers anywhere in LA, you are a winner It literally says it right there You can see the techsmartt logo the QR code then the BRD logo So how you redeem? This is really simple You just hit the menu button Just three little dots in the lower right corner You're gonna go to preferences

You're gonna go to Bitcoin settings because you are getting Bitcoin after all and then redeem Private key super simple Once you have the blue screen where it says import wallet, you're set You're good to go You're about to get literally free money You're gonna hit scan private key Gonna line that box up and it's gonna recognize it instantly you can see it says send point zero zero five eight eight BTC from this private key So basically the chests of all the twelve thousand dollars and you can import It's importing received How easy was that? Not only do I have my fee already token But now it's loading hitting the network and within ten to fifteen minutes Bitcoins gonna show up in here

So as you guys can see twenty dollars showed up It was really easy It hit instantly and actually there's a by tab on here So if you guys don't win, I know it's the holiday season That's literally why I'm giving away 12 that was in dollars for you guys Thank you so much for an awesome year So if you don't win or you don't find a sticker, you're not in LA can actually buy some straight from the app It's easy manage all your wallets You actually get a few other coins you can pick from so that's it It worked now

Let's go Post some stickers all across LA So if you see one hold the app open scan it you found free money I Made it to UCLA our first stop and make sure you keep it tuned to Instagram It's just tech smart We're gonna be posting hints all weekend where all these stickers are going because it's not just UCLA So really since this video is coming out on the weekend instead of the walk of shame really the walk of cash We're gonna place them around happy beer Dimas That's our goal in it But it's just oh it's a wild bird in the grass

I'm gonna save this I'm gonna make the bird a BRD It's the BR needed Oh, it knows it's a winner it knows What the trees got a phone got an insight Jacque You guys know I only took two classes here last year, but I didn't pay my dues gonna hope The best for UCLA more Snickers will be going up So right now, I'm outside on Hollywood Boulevard here to ask you guys What you think about Bitcoin and cryptocurrency and just kind of the general state of it right now? So what do you think about cryptocurrency? Like what's the first thing that comes to mind? I think about its volatility right now fake money I would think about maybe some internet type of something Do you feel cryptocurrency and Bitcoin and blockchain just all hype or do you think it's here to stay I know that we're like moving toward a future of Internet of Things where like Devices are talking to other devices and I think a lot more of what we do is online now So I wouldn't be surprised if Bitcoin is here to stay I hope so It will be it will be pop more popular than my other piece I Think it's here to stay I think people are actually making money at it So why not think if Bitcoin is here to stay, you know five years from now ten years from now It might look very different then than what it looks like now Job haunted water, so we came to a place that actually has a Bitcoin ATM See what I got a deal with Josh really wants to be picky so let's go pay for this I got cash

You can pay me back on the beauty Oh what? Yeah, $800 beauty tokens waters How much? Someone had send Josh send me your address and scan it Got Josh's address Um, there's a Little bit of an e feed you need to have eath to send any BRD I've got to do my pin Check us out just like that Josh got three dollars in BRD We're both getting hydrated take your water, but I appreciate you saying for it

That's it Next location is Venice Beach So basically We got we have time on our side not really Sun setting we're gonna put these up as fast as we can So you guys can see the clues and if you guys find it by the way, make sure you use the hashtag DRD mess and send me a picture especially if you get the three thousand dollar one Pretty big surprise not only is it the time forgiving but I'm in a movie Let's go on set Like father like son No currency here like Bitcoin or only like that this cash All right No, right I like digital wallets better tired of this cash stuff

Do you guys accept cryptocurrency? No, big blind Stick you're gonna stick Honestly guys like it's pretty crazy we're giving away $12,000 So if you find a $3,000 one or any of the sticker So that matters just hold literally just hold it because things are looking a little bit more up You know what I mean? That's gonna do for this video if you guys liked it and want more of these make sure to drop a like Because if we had 25,000 in the next video, we'll have $20,000 all things to be arty So yeah, make sure you download the app just so you're ready There are a ton of other locations Not just Los Angeles So seriously, check it out and make sure you hit it up on Instagram

It's just tech smart There will be all the hints over there that's gonna do for this video subscribe hitting this button Check out these two videos after I'll see you guys next time

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