I Found a Fidget Spinner Phone

Oh It feels good to be back man I felt like I've needed to say that forever now But you guys have heard of these fidget spinner toys before right let me know in the comments if this is something you've never heard Of before basically they're these toys you spin around they relieve stress and anxiety They're more of a distraction if you want my honest opinion They even got so big They ended up on phone cases like these were insane You guys know fidget spinners were crazy this year What I want to tell you and show you is something that I never thought I would ever be showing you guys some Company they made a fidget spinner phone They hooked your boy up early, and I am so excited to check it out inside out here guys

I just came from class I'm filming this at midnight I'm still pretty sick, so we're gonna get through this so if you guys don't check this crowd out I'll leave a link down below when it's ready it's gonna cost around $20 There's no links available for it right now But I am so excited to check this out because the fidgets spinner and a phone look What is going on? I showed you guys early on snapchat If you guys didn't see it and So many people are hype about this like a fidget spinner phone No one really cares about fidget spinners anymore They're just kind of like that old thing You don't really want to be caught with one It's it's like whatever if you got one, but the biggest better phone that sounds awesome This is what is known as a feature phone Not as much of a smartphone, but yo it's got a good feature it spins so they got six different colors And I just got the red one here so get your fitted spinner I'll get these other spinners out of the way I'm gonna go spinner crazy So the finished vendor phone is really why you're here and before we check this out I gotta say it earlier this week

I posted a picture on Twitter I'm just text murdered if you guys aren't following me Um II just playing around with the fidgets spitter phone Just kind of like feeling it out I haven't played with the fidgets spinner in a hot second and the next morning when I woke up I found that picture was on the top and like the front of Reddit But I never in a million years imagined my picture with just the fidgets spinner phone would get like 13,000 uploads you guys crushed it made it go viral, so let's check this thing out, so it's a pigeon spinner phone It's not that complex You got your ball bearing in the center, so you can spin it around at the top There is a 14 inch LCD screen so you can definitely read stuff on it charges by a microUSB at the bottom So it's pretty chill nothing too crazy now where things get really funky Is in the back you can actually pull and remove this battery you can just pull it out put it back in that's one of The cool features on here you got your SIM card, which is no big deal, but what's sweet is microSD expansion so on the phone There's like 32 megabytes of storage, which isn't a ton? but you can get a handy-dandy micro SD card swap that thing on in you're good to go plug and play it's that simple I Broke it I think I properly broke it All right, so let's turn this thing on It's got that old retro layout What you just happen that is the startup tone for the fidgets spinner phone this phone Can't get any more lit vote up in the iCard if you know what song that is and if you know any more than two Songs on this poll let me know in the comments right now

I don't think many of you guys are gonna guess What song it is but this is way too crazy so? Once you have it on you can see there's like the old retro style keyboard I haven't checked out one of these things in a minute You get the display on you can see it's kind of bright not too bad with the menu contacts Let's check this out Okay, I'm putting in a new contact right now and typing on here isn't even that bad It's that three click typing method also known as t9 if you guys don't know what it is Got a click a key a few times to get the letter you want It was different it was different I'm not even gonna make the joke it was different in bird day I'm 20 I'm not even that old like chill out there fam All right We're gonna put Domino's Pizza in cuz I'm hungry They closed in like 30 minutes, so we're gonna get the order in cool So I'm gonna try to give Domino's a call before they close so to actually control and go up and down I wish this was a thing you can't spin it and one of the comments that I saw unread it was If you spin it just like that charge the phone I wish that would be some like pretty sweet battery tech if that was a thing maybe the next version But no you have to charge it with the microUSB for it, so let's call Domino's See how loud this is I? Can hear it ringing I called it a great time you can start recording the call – I Don't have the robots consent I can't be doing that alright

I better stop I better stop There's no call recording Hi, can I get a delivery and then let me grab? Let's just do a medium double bacon pizza That's actually pretty loud Cool alright, thanks so much man alright preciate bye Cool Sui Just order pizza the combo Liam wasn't that that awful? I was expecting to be a lot worse it dropped a call I don't really know what that's about It's a lot louder than I was expecting so there's some other stuff in here multimedia

Let's see what this is about we got audio Video you can like peep everything on here that sound recorder what? Let me see how this sounds Yo, this is a test This is the test? That's where you can hear like that's the headset part I think that's also where the speaker's – yeah There's no speaker That's also where the speaker is Yo that thing is so loud What is up? Yo this phone is actually amazing 20 bucks I am so surprised a fidget spinner phone You would have never thought this would be amazing alright

I gotta see what else is here got that call recorder that's sweet application alarm, calendar, calculator, world clock, does it even know what time it is alright Buenos Aires It knows what time it is What else and if you guys wanted to hear what the sound recording sounded like from the Dominoes call? That's not bad at all like Wow, I can't believe that actually works There's also another feature on here, and this is gonna blow you away But it's internet No joke, there is internet on the fidget spinner phone Let's try to pop this up here See what we got history okay? It's loading of Google What What is going on you see the webpage floating? So to go down the page you got to use these arrow keys and then to select something I don't want to hit like search images or like typing something hit five What? And then I could type something like voice crack city like why does that keep happening? I don't know typing go Open Wow And just like that We're searching

Guys That's pretty trip for this episode make sure you get subscribed and you turn notifications on Shotouts going to Mohammed and Diamond Beast Gaming for having those notifs on Guys, I have an update video coming for you soon I'm so excited to be back I got some pizzas That's getting cold, so I'm gonna eat it Bye

This could be the world's largest rock-paper-scissors battle going down first time ever

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