I Bought the Last Samsung Galaxy Fold..?

– Flip phones, they're back (electronic buildup) Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to TechSmart for the first video in my Model 3

I posted a tweet about this about a month ago I got a duel motor Model 3 It's six hours from when I ordered it at 10 am, if you guys missed that, it's right up here, but this video is a very special one, because it involves the Samsung Galaxy Fold

So, yeah, guys, right now I am filming this as my Model 3 drives me All I can say is, water bottles don't just keep me hydrated, it keeps the model 3 hydrated and obviously my other hand is here This one's holding the iPhone 11 Pro Max, it is a treat Don't really know how the front facing video looks, let me know in the comments how you guys thinks it looks, but this one's a very special one So, Mark L, the new guy here at TechSmart, a at Gas Media texted me and was like, Samsung's Galaxy Fold is at Best Buy and there's one left, we should get it

And I'm like, no way If you guys remember Samsung's Galaxy Fold, it came out earlier this year in April, well actually in February, with the S10 They kinda delayed it a little bit, but Samsung pushed through and the Galaxy Fold is selling right now, at your local carrier In my case, Best Buy (air whoosh) Quick update from Adam, he said the best buy that we were supposed to pick up the Galaxy Fold at actually sold it 10 minutes earlier

So, he's running to another, where they had three, so I guess we're not the last Galaxy Fold So, the Galaxy Fold, didn't touch one at the S10 event, refused it I really wanted to see when it actually started to ship, or make it to stores How it would just look, would it be the same device that Samsung showed in February? That's what I'm gonna find out Other than that, the drive's been good, really exited to get back

Going to Korea tomorrow, taking the Galaxy Fold to Korea I'm gonna be exited to see if there's any unlocks, or anything different I know the LTE is crazy fast there I think there is 5G that is running I don't think the Galaxy Fold has 5G, but it's really time to start getting exited

(air whoosh) Now, I gotta say, the iPhone 11 Pro Max's low light, front facing video isn't that bad I'm not gonna say it's the best ever, better than other phones, I just can't do that right now, but staying on topic, with only four cars being at the Supercharging station and it only charging my car about four to nine kilowatts an hour, I basically gotta be here for an hour, which, okay, first world problem, sure, but it kind of defeats the whole purpose of electric vehicles There's nowhere else for me to go, so whenever this charges, we'll get back to LA and hopefully we'll check out the Galaxy Fold (air whoosh) and I think I said this wrong, but Tesla actually estimates 10 minutes, or however long until you can actually get back on the road and get to your destination, with enough battery to survive I said earlier, it'd take me an hour to get a full charge, which is true, but I think the whole problem is, when you're at 150 kilowatt, hour Supercharger, or any Supercharger, the speed that's advertised is what you should be getting

If I could at least just get 100 kilowatt, hours, I'd be happy, instead of the 50, then 70 when I move second time, then the third time I'm three in and the only other car here is that white Model 3 and it's showing me 106 kilowatt, hours I know it depreciates the longer you charge, to conserve the battery, but here's the problem, any time there is a new car, you just give it the worse looks ever It's not friendly, it's honestly the most selfish you could possibly be, like, if you get near my car, you're gonna slow me down We are now back in the studio

Ev, quick price check We got the Galaxy Fold, but this was like, what, two thousand dollars? Around two thousand dollars and this is just the 512 gigabyte model So, the Galaxy Fold, it's finally here, we got it, but there of course is a whole backstory to how we got here, not just we, but how Samsung got here, because the Galaxy Fold came out with the Galaxy S10, back in February, but Samsung's calling this a unique first of it's kind device and as a result, it's going for two thousand dollars, so I guess anyone can really just throw spaghetti at the wall, charge whatever they want and you got a guy like me, that's gonna buy it and show you (glass breaking) so, lets find out what Samsung's really up to the second time around, because if you pre-ordered this and were really exited the first time around, Samsung canceled your order, because obviously they didn't want you getting a broken phone and gave you a 250 dollar gift card Now, the only question I have is, is that a gift card to like Chilis, is that like a Visa gift card? If that's a 250 dollar Samsung gift card, you already get Galaxy Buds in the box

I don't actually know what you would spend that on What, a refrigerator with a tablet? I think that's the only thing you could put that towards it, but I would hope it would be a gift card to just something, maybe an airline gift card, because I know you bought a Note 7 and you're just still trying to figure out how to fly (loud explosion) (air whoosh) Here we go, the long awaited Galaxy Fold So, here's actually what happened with the Galaxy Fold, so some early reviewers were checking it out and after a few days their screen just flat out stopped working, or was so damaged, that you could use only half of it and how this actually came about, is there's a protective layer of film right on top of the screen on the first generation of the Galaxy Fold, that somehow you could actually remove Now, in the second generation, which I got here, you can not remove this and Samsung even added some caps at the top and at the bottom of the device, just to prevent any dust from getting in there

So, the second generation looks to be revamped, but not anywhere near an S version, if you get the reference So, the galaxy Fold 20 Let's hope they got it right, for two thousand dollars Wow, okay

(mellow background music) Now, I refuse to go to the demo area after the S10 event, because I don't want anyone's fingerprints on my device Okay, I'm not that petty, really, I just didn't want to check out a phone with lights, with people, with crazy loud music (loud music) that only, really wouldn't actually come out This is the one that came out So, this is the fold, let's set that down, let's check out what else we get in here Nothing else here

Oh, this is another thing, so like an airline, Samsung has basically had Galaxy Airlines come to the market, they're flying anywhere, non stop, international and domestic and you can call them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, even on the holidays, 'cause that's 365 and talk to someone at Samsung about your Galaxy Fold and it's called Galaxy Fold Premier Service, one year screen replacement offered for 149 dollars, so if you remove the protective film, which you can't, you're paying 150 bucks I've never seen a smartphone manufacturer have this dedicated of customer support, but you get what you pay for, or we're gonna try to figure out where else the value is here Ev, the case broke dude It just got roughed up in shipping Oh, this is pretty nice to see, I really hope we see this trend with more high end smartphones and I'm sure we will, they got to somehow bolt the value in there, but I love seeing wireless earbuds

These are the Galaxy buds, I've checked them out If you missed that video, it's right up there in the I card Those came out with the S10 What else we get in here? Earbuds, are these upgraded at all? Nah, I'm not even gonna look To be honest, if they're in a box like that and we also get a wireless pair, I don't know why I'm trying to fumble to put it back in the box

We know exactly what we need to know You can fold this here, let's hope it doesn't fold its way out of here (air whoosh) So, here is the Galaxy Fold Feels pretty nice in the hand, which is first impressions I like the thickness

It's not a problem, it's kind of like a Note, I also wanna say like a Note 5, or maybe even a Note 4, when they used to be thicker It's got a nice feel, I like that and it has a few notes on the front that's just printed and you can't really fold the device until you take off, not the protective layer of film, but I guess, the protective layer of film, or else you can't use your phone Your device contains magnets, keep a safe distance between your device and objects that may be affected by magnets, such as credit cards, don't put this in your pocket Pockets, your body, each leg, your pants, remove 'em, doesn't work with the Galaxy Fold This device is not water, or dust resistant

Another thing for 2000 dollars that you pretty much get with every phone at any price range, as low as like 300, 400, up to like 1000 dollars plus So, there's now IP rating with this at all and when folding the device, do not place any objects, such as cards, coins, keys, on the screen This is not a case that you can put your wallet in the middle of, Ev No, but I feel like a lot of people would try that Baby, that is nice

So, this is a four point six inch screen right here, kind of looks like a brick phone Ev, would you ever rock a phone like this again? So, Ev's not a fan of the skinny phone, but really, look at it, four point six inches, this is mainly just gonna be for notifications, quick things, I mean, there is a front facing camera, but then when you pop it open, there is no way for you to peel any film It's really pushed to the bezels and beyond, so you'd have to get a microscope and some tweezers, but we're not trying to do that I am not recommending that, I don't wanna break the 2000 dollar phone It feels really good

Seven point three inch screen here, 512 gigabytes of storage, 12 gigabytes of ram, Snapdragon 855 and I really like the main feature That's good to know, right? That's really good to know, because for 2000 dollars Samsung stress tested this 200 thousand times They've put this through a stress test that takes a week I don't know if I'd buy that, only time will really tell If the fold can actually become a thing, so drop a like on this video If we hit 20 thousand likes, I will do the week long Galaxy Fold 200 thousand Fold bend test? Fold test? So, you have two cameras on the front, we're just whipping through it

Volume rockers on the side, power button and then, what looks to be a fingerprint sensor I'm just, I gotta turn this thing on It is a fingerprint magnet, I guess that's not something you would be surprised by Speaker cut out at the bottom, USB C and there's no– – [Electronic Phone Voice] Let's get started, let me help you get set up – This is my first phone, I've never set up a phone before

Give me a sec And there we have it, the Galaxy Fold 20 is all set up So, there's two versions of this, the 4G LTE and then the 5G model This is the 4G LTE model, which breaks my heart and might be the only reason why I would return it and hold out for the 5G one, or if I'm in Korea and I can figure out a way to get a Galaxy Fold 5G there, I would definitely pick one up

Other than that, this is a very interesting concept I don't think I mind the whole edge in the middle of the screen, where the phone folds up I like the form factor when it's folded I kind of like the quick notifications that you can see Everything just looks interesting and that is what I've been looking for, for a very long time

There's something interesting in tech You've three cameras at the back, so you're covered with this falls, newest phones having three cameras on the back Kind of just want to check out the front facing camera Seven point three inches It's not horrible

I mean, just imagine doing video chats Would your hand get tired? That's what I'm gonna find out That has been what could be one of the last Galaxy Folds in Los Angeles right now I just checked Best Buy's website in like, a 250 mile radius and they're sold out of Folds I'm sure if I went to a carrier store, AT&T is the only one selling this right now, I could probably find one, but I think the next thing and the only thing left to do is, try to find a 5G Galaxy Fold, fire it up on one of the local networks and just have the device of the future running

What is the future? Like, this is exiting Ev, hot take, you got five seconds, what do you think of the Galaxy Fold? Too skinny still? But still crazy That's what you would expect from Ev (electronic beep) That's how you open your Galaxy Fold with one hand, so that's gonna do it for this video, with the Galaxy Fold 20

This was just my first impressions, checking one out, finally If you guys are new around here, make sure you hit subscribe and make sure you drop a like if you want me to do more Galaxy Fold videos I know I'm really late to the party And if you guys wanna see more content while I'm in Korea, just hit it up on Instagram, which is TechSmart and I'll catch you guys next time

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