I Bought All The Tablets on Wish…

– Hey, what's good, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another episode of WishBusters I'm here with Corey La Barrie

– What's up, guys? – And Corey, do you have any idea what you're in for? – I have no idea what I'm doing – Same here (claps) Roll the intro (engine roars) So, if you guys are new to the show, here on WishBusters this is where we basically buy all the items, buy it and try it, and we're the ones actually putting it to the test, because, have you seen Wish before, Corey? – I haven't seen that website, but I've watched your last WishBusters– – Okay – About the AirPods, so I knew what I was getting into

– Came prepared – Yes – The man came prepared If you guys missed that video it's right up there in the iCard So, Wish, in basically a nutshell, is a big marketplace where you can find gadgets, bedsheets, anything you could think of

I don't know why I went to bedsheets (beeps) In this video Corey, to spice it up, what are we gonna be doin'? – We're buying all the tablets All the tablets, on Wish (pops) – That's right, all the tablets here on Wish, and basically, once they're all here, then we'll rate them, we'll kinda see it, but in order to get some tablets, we gotta go huntin', so you wanna type in just tablets and try to find somethin'? Now, before we jump on into the buying portion, big thanks to dashlane for sponsoring this video, you can manage your digital life, and never forget a password again, for free, just go to dashlanecom/techsmartt or link in the description, or just wait 'til a little bit later in the video

– Are you ready to jump in? – Dude, I'm ready – Let's go (claps) – All right, what are you findin'? Let 'em know what you're finding – 95%, this thing was 2,000 bucks and now it's $82 Look at that thing, is that a real– Actually, that looks fake

It's an iPad, what is that, it's an Android first of all, is this an Android iPad? What am I looking at right now, how is this $2,000 down to 82 bucks, I don't get that – Lucky for you I found one for only $888 at one point, now it's $77 – Why the Androids with its iPad everything? – 'Cause you got someone who knows how to make thumbnails and basically is a Photoshop legend (pops) I'm gonna grab this one, but before we do, as always, we need to read the reviews – Hold on– – What are you seeing? – This his one has The Lion King on it

Dude, it comes with a live guy comin' outta your iPad – It's true, all right, read the reviews, Corey Read it to people – All right, "It came early, my son love the red tablet I ordered for him" – And I'll get it in 32 gigabytes, 'cause we're savin' all the moneys, you know we do all these "I bought all the" AirPods, phones, tablets, and lemme know in the comments any other categories or ideas you guys want me to try (claps) 'cause you never know, on Wish, it does get crazy, but the biggest problem is just how much money gets spent

– I figured it out, you go to the one-stars, look, they don't work "My husband tries to play a word game on it and really slow shuts off, not enough memory for anything, don't buy!" – All right, Rob Newlands, "Battery running down quick, it's not what I'd call good quality, but I deal with it, speakers are very tinny" 28 days ago Interesting, I've never gone through the different stars – Really? – I've only just gone through whatever it shows me in recent reviews

– No, you gotta go to one and the two stars, that's when the real people come in – All right, so for $77, it seems like a worthwhile gamble, I'm gonna put it in the cart, we got one in, Corey, were you on it or did you already click buy? – I wasn't sold on it, I found this different one, it's only $80 off, but $80, I mean, you can buy, like, McDonald's eight times a week for that All right, Joe said, "Exactly as described" "Really good price, definitely would buy as a gift" This guy wrote a paragraph about it, so he must like it, "It is everything it says and extra, it came with a stylus," oh, "Some thick but nice fast

" – [Keaton] You sold on it? – Yeah, let's get it All right, guys, I bought my first one and it's coming – Boom! (claps) Two in the two cart I wanna see if I can get an iPad right smack dab in the middle for 115 bucks, iPad Mini WiFi? All right, 115, anything cheaper, iPad Mini 2, I think we might just have to resort to the regular iPad Mini, I couldn't find an iPad Mini 2 Tried, tried my hardest, 115 bucks, read the review score, what are they sayin'? "Thank you so much for everything," sounds like she got her Christmas made– – Yeah, but these– – But it's March

– Nobody wants the five-star reviews, we want the dirt – "Wish shorted me $1170 on my refund" "Delivery time, great product, and good pricing" "Came early and was in amazing condition

" – I think we got a winner – Dude, we got a Wish winner here All right, 16 gigs, select a color, silver, 115 – It's a screen WiFi tablet, it's an Android, so, it's dual SIM, camera rear, which I don't know even know what that means It comes with Bluetooth, it's 4G WiFi call, which is really handy if you wanna call your mom, and the picture's like, look, you look like you're hol– Like, I feel like I'm in Hawaii, looking at that

– Basically, you don't need to ever take a plane again, you buy this, you're there So I found an iPad Mini for $90 that's actually refurbished – Oh, we got 43 rating overall, with 144 ratings, that's good "Arrived early

" – Yeah? – Early, early, dude– – Make, make these decisions quick, Corey (claps) – Well, we're already buying– – Color, buy it, next! – We want it in pink, for sure – Let's search up gaming tablet, let's see what we can find We gotta buy all the tablets on Wish, even if they look alike, we'll do our best – Well, let's just go like this: That one

– Dude, highlights all, buy – Perfect gaming tablet – Corey, you should do more text, more videos – Look, the games come out! I'm telling you, dude, this is it And Tom Cruise is on it! – All right, so, I found one here for $31, look at how much of a savings we're making

That might be the deal of the year – So people just go on here and be like– – 40? – "Oh, I think it was like, 10 grand, but I'll sell it for 20 bucks" – "It came a day late, but was packaged very well, bought it for my granddaughter, hope she likes it" "Nice for a child, but freezes up a lot, hoping a memory card will help" "It's advertised as an HDMI tablet, however, it hasn't got an HDMI plug, fake

" Would you write the word fake on here? Nyeeeurrrr – I may knuckle it– (beeps) – All right, I'm gonna grab the eight gigabyte one, gonna stack it in blue, 36 bucks "This is going to be a Christmas present, but I did turn it on and try it out, I think it will be a very appreciated gift" "Got it and it's great" So everyone seems to like the $31 now $36 seven-inch tablet

(taps) So we got six in the cart, we gotta find a few more – I'm tellin' you, I'm tellin' you, this is how you do it Go down a little bit, look around, and then click Boom! Dude, 2019, it's new! I'm tellin' you, dude, the blind click the way's to get to the best stuff – It really looks like a Nexus 10

(pops) (claps) I don't know what to say, that was a tablet made a long time ago The fact that it says 2019, Corey, and I can tell you that tablet was made a while ago, and 3G, (dings) when was the last time your phone said 3G in the corner? (laughs) It's the newest tech out there! What do the reviews say? There's four people that have taken a chance, haven't they? – I'm just gonna buy it – All right, I'm gonna try to find one to two more tablets, you never know with how many are gonna show up, basically trying to buy all the types that we can distinguish I mean, Corey, you tell me real quick here, is this an iPad or is you're in New York City if you buy it? – Honestly, if you buy that, I'm scared of heights, and that looks very high – Reviews, "Arrived four weeks early

" Usually, it's like four weeks late, they got it together! – Yeah – I think that's the specialty about Wish – "Arrived within two weeks" – "Very fast with excellent graphics" All right, I think this is gonna be my last one– – Excellent graphics? Have you seen that? – [Keaton] Dude, that's just real life for ya! – Yo, look, I get the Hi9 Air, they're selling this and– – It's not real! – [Corey] It's a totally different one

And then this is a totally different one – "They sent my order quickly," six hours ago – I'm telling you, trust me, the blind buys are the ones that do best – All right, Corey, I'll trust ya! All right, so the last one that I'm gonna grab is the skyscraper, the Chicago tablet, we're gonna call it $83, I'm gonna buy it in red, we're gonna go to the cart, we got 10 in there

Spendin' a thousand bucks, Corey? – You're spending a thousand bucks, otherwise I'd be– – Corey, can you give me your card so I can put it in dashlane real quick? – Dooog – You don't even to type your password in, it's all one-click wonder, baby – That's awesome! (knocks) – One click – But yours is already set up so it's a lot easier – Now before we buy a $1,070 worth of tablets, big thanks to dashlane for partnering with us on this video to make it all happen, definitely check 'em out, link in the description, it's the easiest way to store all your personal info and passwords, and just keep it simple, it also autofills across every device, so it's dead easy

Now, Corey, I'm sure you've had the problem in the past where you can't remember your card info, or you need to get a hyped product quickly before it sells out, right? – Yeah, and then I'll forget my passwords and I have to find my wallet – And next thing you know, it's sold out unless you have this, so, by storing all your personal info, all your cards, it actually tells you when someone accesses it and tries to use it, like on the dark web, so it'll send you a notification So you guys better check it out, it's just dashlanecom/techsmartt use the code 'techsmartt' for 10% off any of the premium products Let's get checkin' out these tablets

All right, let's do it! Here we go! (taps) And, boom! (claps) Now, Corey, we wait Now, as we always say, it could take anywhere between next week, you might have to come back, all the way to next year! – I'll see you in four months, dude! (hands clap) (laughs) – Catch you then – So, it took exactly 16 days for all eight out of the 10 tablets to show up The other ones are probably still in shipping, you guys know how this series works, you can only buy so many that will actually show up So, in traditional fashion, we're gonna go through each tablet, check it out, kind of see what's good about it, see if it's worth the price, and then give it a Wish or a Dish, basically a rating between one through five, and Corey's gonna find out which tablet he wants to take home

Tablet number one! Corey, give us the breakdown, have you ever seen packaging like this? – No, but it bounces (thumps) The screen protector's on it, it's very over – Look at that home button (chuckles) – It doesn't even click in, so it might be the newest one There's the camera, right here

We have, it's red, I think I ordered pink Oh, we're just goin' for it? (packaging crinkles) Okay, we'll get rid of it all Oh, there's speakers in the back, surround sound, that is surround sound – It's got an iPad 2, maybe like an iPad 97" vibe, there's no speakers at the top– – It's at the bottom

(thumps) – You do have a camera cutout– – Told you this scratches – All right, let's turn it on Have you ever had a charge port at the top? – [Corey] What is this? – This is probably one of the funniest clones that I've ever seen Oh, it vibrates when you press it (chimes) All right, you gonna swipe up? Do it, swipe'll come up

(gasps) – Oh, it's a video! – Oh, is it Vine? Don't make it longer than six seconds! – [Corey] Oh, it'll be five (thumps) Let's check it out Oh, it's a video! – Don't make it longer than six seconds! You can see it! You, like, you can see yourself, it's distinguishable What do you think of your first Android tablet, Corey? Your first experience? – [Corey] I don't even know what the Play Store is – So, the Play Store is Google's version of the App Store

When I hit accept, it doesn't install – We can fix this – Is this geo-locked? – [Corey] Oh, whoa, there's more apps? – Of course – Where's the, where's the, let's go Chrome Let's type in me

(tapping) Whoa-oh! – [Keaton] You drop a new video today? – [Corey] I'm about to! – [Keaton] What are we watching? Just give me somethin'! – Transform myself into Key and Molly Let's see how this turns out – It's like 20 seconds, so you're gonna have this is a, this is an original quarry for you, you have exclusive footage– (static) – [Corey] What's this? – What's up, guys? – You got closed captions? The internet's good, it's not the internet connection – It's laggy, really laggy Just not being able to, like, process a video or even buffer it out

– We're also watching the YouTube app on a browser, so, Google Chrome – [Corey] it's very laggy, it doesn't even, like, play the video – I'm gonna close the app store – Five billion plus downloads of the YouTube app and still only one person watches my videos – Get Corey a second view, link to his channel down in the description, give him a subscribe if you guys like him

– It looks a little duller, but, like, it's still nice It looks good Like, I'd watch it on this Like, I wouldn't complain – You wouldn't complain? – No, I couldn't complain about this at all

It's like, the blue's stickin' out on my sweatshirt, everything's stickin' out – No one really knows how much these cost, they're just mystery tablets showin' up right now – The sound wasn't that good – The sound wasn't that good, okay – So I would probably give this maybe, like a, it's my first tablet, so, it might be a bit overrated, but it's an Android

– I mean, it was probably under $100, and it's a little slow, but Android 8's out once, kind of a good deal (wheel spins) – I'd give it a three – Three, so is that a Wish or a Dish? – For me, it's a Dish, but if it was for like, somebody younger, I'd probably do a Wish – It's for me, I'm givin' it a four of five Ws, this thing was more than capable Tablet two! – [Corey] Oh, it comes all in the same package, I mean– (thumps) – Not all of 'em, but, some of 'em

– And we got red again, like, where's my pink? I ordered pink – Doesn't matter what you ordered, dude! Sometimes mistakes happen (plastic squeaks) – Oh, this just opens so eloquently – [Keaton] Kind of a cool way to open packaging – This is not– – Probably the $36 tablet

– Did we order this? – I ordered this What if you in a long road trip and you needed to have somethin'? (clacks) Don't you want an all winner? – Let's just say my phone is almost as big as this tablet What's the point of getting a– – [Keaton] You see what I'm sayin'? – Kit-Kat Android, okay, it's a– – Four dot four! (tablet intones) – Dude, this is really old Whoa, it's not even loading – I think you start to see for $36 what you're really gettin'

So, Android 44, I mean, you check this out, what do you think? Seven-inch tablet, you say you'd rather use your iPhone 10– – Whaat? – Is it a little slow or somethin', Corey? Like, what's goin' on here? – It's very slow! – C'mon, get it together, Corey! C'mon, go faster! – It's very slow, the camera, ohh my goodness, guys The camera, you can't even see it in full screen! The camera is so bad! You look like a silhouette – So, maybe it's a little artsy? Says there's a front-facing camera Boom, we got a wizard over here

– Why do I look like that? – That's great, dude, $36, you can see that there are people there! (laughs) Like, that's basically all you can do Anything else you wanna see on this, like, any other apps it might have, you think YouTube's on here? YouTube is on there – [Corey] Oh, YouTube is on there – We don't even need to install it Corey, so you've never used something old as this before? – I never use old technology

– Really? – Never What's up, mom? (beeps) – Have you heard of the channel? – Techsmartt, no, I've never been on it – Never been– apparently, neither has the tablet It just crashed Like, dude, it just crashed

– No way! "Update for faster, better YouTube" I feel like if you update, we'll be here for like three years – I don't think it will update All right, punch it in, Corey, let's see, maybe if anything happens on this one This is definitely the cheapest tablet on the list

'Course the minute you type your name in, it starts to work – Oh, it's loading Sorry, this takes forever Oh, I told you, it's just you! What's up, guys, welcome back to my channel (taps) What's up– (thunks) (laughs) Did you hear that sound? I don't sound like that! (beeps) I sound like a robot! – I think he was at 100% volume on that

– [Tablet] Welcome back to my channel, I'm here with Key– – The reverb on that? This deserves a drop test – At the end! All right, Wish or Dish? – Dish! – Like, any Ws? – No – Not even one? – Not even one! – Zero out of five from Corey! – If you make me sound like a robot, I'm not buyin' that (wheel spins) – I'm givin' this a one automatically a Dish for me All right, Corey! Tablet three, you do the honors! – [Corey] Please be an iPad

(thumps) – Does it look promising? – No (plastic crinkles) – I have never seen an iPad before – Oh, it comes with a charger and everything? – Let's see it – All right, guys, bubble wrap, we've upgraded – Wait, Corey, a charger, what kind of charger, what is this charger for? – It's not an iPad

– You sure, bud? (thunks) Do you think that'll charge up an iPad? – Oh no, it's not an iPad, but we have these things, so we can– (bubbles popping) So, basically, this– shut up What? They had to glue on the sticker, they had to– get this outta here – Check out your brand new iPad, this should be a little more friendly for ya, I'll let you even set this one up – Wait, what? I'm so confused right now – [Keaton] So, does this look like somethin' you've seen before? – Yeah, I'm very, very familiar with all this

We got books, we got the App Store, iTunes store, we can get YouTube, we have Safari, I know that one, very personally – So this is the iPad Mini here, don't even know how much we got it for, prices are always changing on Wish, stuff sells out before you can even put it in your cart, it's kind of like why you need dashlane So, Corey, I'm throwin' up a TechSmartt video, the iPad won't doubt me Boom, boom I know it, like– – That's so much faster

– I'm already at the channel page You're not jokin', alright, I'm gonna watch the I'm switching to the S10-E I'm still using the S10-E! Seriously, this is a video that I've been wantin' to make for a while– Probably 'cause you gotta download the app Corey, what else? I mean, you got the iPad, finally, check out the camera, check out the speakers – Broo, that picture quality is next level! – Pretty good compared to every other tablet

We still got some more to go, in fairness! – [Corey] It has Photobooth – [Keaton] All right, let's fire up Photobooth real hoo– – Oh! – Dude, we're goin' back in the day! – Androids don't have these What is this, MySpace days? (laughs) – How were you supposed to get anything done back then? iPad Mini 2, Corey, what do you think about it? Do you think this is a winner here, Wish or Dish? – Wish – How many Ws? (wheel spins) – At least four and a half – At least four and a half! (wheel spins) I'm givin' it four, I've played around with an iPad Mini 2 before, it's still really good, from 2012-ish? Corey, tablet number four, we are halfway through from what actually did show up

This is Chicago, this is the tablet Corey has named after a city for no reason– – Yes it is – But, I understand why There is some reason, skyscrapers, architecture, I guess, buildings – Yeah – 10

1" screen, had a few pictures of colors on it, you got your pink! – It was all pink, but I'm happy with it – Did you think in the pictures it would be all pink (plastic peeling) or a little bit of bezzle action here, like? – I thought it'd be all pink, I thought– – Look at the borders, dude! – [Corey] They photoshopped this thing, 'cause the whole picture was Chicago – {Keaton] Got a camera on the back, two speakers – Oh, and you can call people – You can call your mom, you can expand the storage, you got everything, it's the one stop shop right in this flap

– I don't like the flaps that do that – Can you do that on your iPhone now? Is there a flap on your iPhone? (beeps) Android is starting up– – This one's a lot bigger, though – [Keaton] 101 inches, a little bit better –

1, you always have the point– – But– (loud chimes) – Ughh, what was that sound? (laughs) What is that sound? – Sound effects! – Turn it off! – So it looks like a Nexus 10, which was this tablet that kinda had more of a landscape orientation than, like, a portrait The big problem is, when we go in for our big cheese, it looks groovy like this, this is comfortable (camera clicks) (snorts) Like I said– – Ugh! – This is comfortable All right, try to watch some YouTube, Corey, like, (laughs) dude, it's typing for itself! (tapping) – The sound effects, I can't! – [Tablet] 20 seconds, so you're gonna have to, this is a– This is an original quarry, you have exclusive footage– – How does it look? Look at it! – Ugh! Eww! That was horrible– – Okay, two things, two things I need to know How does it look, and how does it sound? – The look isn't that bad, the pixels aren't all there 'cause it's not like 1080p, I can tell

The sound is terrible – Turn it off! – Now, you tell me, we didn't throw this one around, we weren't really rough, but you see that dent there – Yeah – Right? Like, it's already dented – Yeah

Also, the thing is, it is, I can see all my finger marks again, but on the iPad, I couldn't – Wish or Dish, Corey? – Dish! One out of five Ws, come on! (wheel spins) – Two – Two?! Okay, I'm givin' this a two and a half, for me, it's also a Dish (clatters) Tablet five – You just broke it

– Probably – This looks like, this one, last one had an iPad in it – So what do you think about this one? – Not an iPad – You're sure? – Yeah, I'm gonna– dude, whoa, what is this packaging? – [Keaton] You're sure not an– – [Corey] It's an– ohhh – {Keaton] Look at those gol– look at that

– [Corey] Dude, I haven't seen that in years! – [Keaton] Two stylies – Wait, what? – You have multiple styli here – You can write on this thing? – You have styli I mean, you can write on any tablet (shuffling) 'Cause Corey, you also got a screen protector for you, oh, what! – Dude, it's cracked! (laughs) – Oh, oh my– – Did you crack that doin' that? (beeps) – [Keaton] But it still works! – Even you dropping it from here isn't the front, so the front wouldn't break

(laughs) – You think it broke in shipping? – I think the guy bought it broken and then just sold it – It doesn't even work! What is this? Look, dude, this is so bad! (laughs) (dings) – Oh, the sound works! Oh, oh! You got it unlocked We work around things over here Nope, never mind Let's use it, the stylus

– Here, help me out – Oh, okay, I don't know (chuckling) – Do you think it's safe to say at this price you need to be really careful, or, Corey– – Or just don't– – Go right behind ya, grab the pink one Does anything look slightly familiar? – It almost looks like it's the exact same thing, but this looks smaller – It looks smaller

(rustling) Interesting When you stack 'em up– – Maybe it's my angle, but, probably This is the exact same thing, it's just, I guess who you buy from – Do you think it's safe to say pink is a more durable color than silver after this test? (laughing) I think with that in mind and borrowing a little bit of the experience from this one, we're gonna drop it at the end, Corey! – I just wanna break it with my hands – All right, you break one with your hands

I'll let you break one (snapping) Oh, that wasn't that bad So, Corey, for the broken tablet that you might have one-two Mayweathered with your hands and the one that we know looks exactly the same and works the same– (punches) Come on, at least one W! – (laughs) No! – Zero Ws, so an auto-Dish from Corey, I'm givin' the one that we didn't give a chance 'cause I threw it up (wheel spinning) a one W, 'cause I knew if that wouldn't have happened, probably would've been like a three It's the same as this tablet Pink is a stronger color

– Can you scoot over for a second? All right, cool (thumps) (plastic crinkling) Tablet number six looks an awfully– – No, we're not goin' back It's just a Crunch bar version of the Kit-Kat one – Android 44, let's see if it is

Four dot four dot two So, you are right, Corey, it is running a newer version of Kit-Kat Now we have both colors, still no? – No, I do not like these ones at all Why did we get two of 'em? – We didn't! We bought two separate tablets to try to buy all the tablets on Wish, my guy! But, obviously, Photoshop – Photoshop got us

You know what we could've done is gone to fanjoycom/corey and bought all my merch! – Yeah, probably by the time this is up, it's already out, so yeah, go check out Corey's merch Corey, these– – I don't like these things – It's bending from the corners! You're seein' that too – Yeah, that's, like, hot, this side's like, higher than this side

– You can see it in the camera! – That's the Kit-Kat, does this one do that? No, it– – Whether we paid a dollar, whether we paid $200, we got the same thing We got hoodwinked Wish or Dish? – Dish, I already used this, I already know how bad it is – Dish, I'm givin' it a zero, this might not be the best episode yet! We got two more tablets to check out and a drop test Unless he breaks 'em all first

– Aren't you the one that just threw– (beeps) – Before the tablet Corey's most excited for, and honestly the one that has the best box, here is, I'll let you open up number eight Be optimistic, be excited, positive! – It looks like one of the same ones we've already gotten – Are you sure? – I'm almost positive (plastic crinkles) – [Keaton] Just in a different color? – Shut up Shut up

– What? – [Corey] Are you serious? – Are you meaning to tell me we bought three separate listings on Wish, and– (clattering) – Ohh no, stop – Are you sure? – Dude, it's just different colors of the same thing – Are you sure? – Yes! – Turn it on, let's just make sure, let's just– – [Corey] It's the same thing, look at that! – They're all winners, Corey, that is what this video's about, we are all winners, my friend! (high-fiving) I can't believe it And Corey's first experience on Wish Corey, Wish or Dishish? 'Cause I know we already asked this– – Get this out of my face

– On the red one, and the blue one– – Get these out of my face – If the last tablet is not the same one, I will be so happy Probably another broken tablet there, should not have done that, this is tablet nine, Corey – Oh, be good We've had this before! Oh, no! Stop, wait, no we haven't

I don't think we have – It looks a lot similar to the 10" one – Yeah – You do have a flap – [Corey] Oh, one that came broken

– Oh, man We didn't even get the gaming tablet – Nooo You're tellin' me that this broken one doesn't look kind of identical to this? – Dude, who know it's two completely different things, Corey, look at where the speakers are, one's on the bottom, and one's also on the back – [Corey] I wanna see, looks like they just slapped on that and then just called it a day

– When you think about it, there's really only one test we need to check out It's the camera test, and then the YouTube test (thumps) It's the same tablet (tablet intones) Great photo It's literally the exact same tablet

Just a quick sad selfie (tablet intones) – It's the same tablet – Now you're startin' to get the tech space a little bit more, you get how all it takes is one tweak and you can sell something differently – Just put this on the back and then you can pay a hundred dollars extra 'cause of the ink – I'm a little down, Corey

You know– – I'm disappointed – This has been a really disappointing WishBusters episode, we've never had one go like this where I felt like we needed to do something So, we're gonna go round up all these tablets, besides the iPad Mini 2, and see which of the cheap tablets holds up (clatters) And by which of these cheap tablets holds up– – It's between the two of them (laughs) – We're out here in the pouring rain, but, we bought eight different tablets on Wish, okay, ten different tablets, eight showed up, one was an iPad, the rest, in Photoshop, looked different, but when they showed up, these are the only ones that we got

Just different colors So, Corey, lemme give you these two back, and you already broke one and kicked it off, so let's start by drop-testing each of these tablets to see if it would happen to you in real life – Well, come on, here we go, three, two, one (clatters) – The screen's definitely comin' off it, as you would expect He also snapped this with his hands, as you guys saw

So, probably not gonna work out so well if you drop it a few times – Let's drop one of the little guys – Seven inches, your favorite, dropping in three, two, one (thumping) Like, proper shocked? Okay, it's not turning on, so what does this really mean? But the screen didn't crack – I thought you'd crack if you did this

(clatters) – It did somethin'! (laughs) – Is it gonna electrocute me? (plastic shifting) The screen's still in contact! – All right, Corey, you drop your next tablet – I'm doin' this one, but like this – Face first? – Face first, to see if the screen actually cracks this way (clatters) And it cracks – Probably the only tablet that doesn't look like the others

Dropping in three, two, one, oh boy! (clatters) It still powers on – No – No – For sure, no Drop test in– (thunks) (laughs) – You think it cracked? – I don't think so

Oh, and the water? Oh, that's shattered – All right, here we go, Corey I see your tablet, and your pancake, and I raise you! (clatters) We're picking up all the pieces right after this video ends And the last tablet, do the honors (clatters) But does it still work!? Corey, that's warm! (laughing) Probably doesn't work, but at this rate, I don't think you'd want an iPad from Wish

Corey, what do you think about the tablets on Wish after goin' through this, and this is what we have left? – (laughs) Hard to say, honestly – So that's it for this video, thumbs if you liked it, make sure you guys check out Corey's channel linked down in the description We're out here in the rain, breakin' the same tablet, and we knew how, we knew how it went Make sure you guys get subscribed, join and become a member and hit us up both on Instagram, @TechSmartt, @coreylabarrie, and we'll catch you guys next time – Peace out!

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  1. The tablet I got from Wish was the same as the Pink one you reviewed. It was advertised as 6gb of ram and 64gb of storage.

    When it arrived it seemed slow for the specs so I looked at the android settings and some things didn’t look right. Ended up rooting the tablet so I could look at the software properly and found they had edited one of the main files to make it pretend it had 3x the ram and 5x the storage it truly had.

    Further investigation found the android rom they used was advertised for free download on chinese sites to install on the tablet to easily fake the hardware stats so they can be sold for more. So they knew what they were doing.

    What they didn’t realise is the people who made the hardware fakeing rom software and uplaoded it to the forum had also hidden in some of their own trojan software which called back to a remote server and installed other software at random times.

    So the hardware I got was actually only 2gb ram, 8gb of storage (would have lost data eventually) and infected with malware.

    Had the same issue with their 2TB usb pen drives and memory cards for phones/cameras.

    I would never trust buying a tablet, laptop, phone or digital storage of any kind from wish.

    The worst thing is even though I proved it to Wish the stats were fake, they said I had to pay the cost of returning it to the vendor to get a refund which would have cost almost as much as the tablet…because the vendor wouldn’t take on the costs itself. Wish lost itself a customer that day.

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