I Bought All The iPhone Cases on Wish…

– Hey what's good guys Welcome back to TechSmartt for the second episode of WishBusters So in case you guys are new here make sure you subscribe or you just check out that Icard or link in the description for all the videos I got

– I'm back – I'm back with us – I'm gonna host – So if you're new to WishBusters basically we hop on Wish and these are items buyed and then tried The whole thing around Wish is you see a lot of good deals but you don't actually know what a good deal is

So in this video we're going to be buying all the iPhone cases, testing it out, and this video's in two parts First half's us buying then unboxing when it finally shows up and then we're gonna drop test it So, Josh let's just hop on into it Wish time? There are a lot of cases on Wish That's basically the number one most sold item

So if you guys wanna check out anything in this video we'll leave a link down below Three, two dollar cases – I don't want one dollar cases I want quality cases – you want quality

– I want to give them the quality cases only – Maybe drop a like on this video If we hit like 25,000 likes we'll do the free Wish video All the iPhone cases, headphones, anything that's on Wish for free, we'll do it If you guys want it, you know what to do

Let's jump into this dog What do we got? – [Josh] Oo I got a battery case – [Keaton] Oo I got a fluffy case Check this out (laughing) Dude, dude we gotta

– It's so fluffy!! – Alright, 11 dollars So do we get to pick the size battery? It says 3,500, 4,000, 5,500 Like I want the large one – It probably, it probably yeah the large one's probably for like the iPhone X – Or the seven plus Oh, boom

So with the iPhone cases, and you guys let me know on the comments which case you have, or which kinda case you like I'm gonna search for like a leather wallet one You guys have seen those It's got like a wallet cards – Yeah, I know what you're talking about

Store your credit cards – Ooo dude Coin purse you have cards, ID, – For sure brown – Boom

No other reviews? Four reviews Three and a half stars Do we trust it? Yeah, we don't have a choice Four dollars iPhone XS

What color? Blue? Black? I'm gonna grab it in red Boom Hit buy Do you think you can see your iPhone through it? So if I had like a pink iPhone would it make it like – It's transparent – Send that over dog Let's get this in the cart We have only four cases in

We gotta buy faster, dude Eight dollars It's a Tuff case So that's what we're going for, battery cases, Shell cases, fluffy cases Rugged cases

The drop test is going to tell you everything you need to know That's why you should get subscribed Ooo, 21 dollars It came down from 199 bucks – Who would pay

– In what world? – Who would pay 200 dollars – Dude, like – for a Wish battery case? If you've ever paid 200 dollars for a Wish battery case I apologize – Whoa, ultra slim – [Josh] Easy installation too – It's got a button on the back

I mean it's everything you'd want in a case But it says on the picture Josh, what does it say? – It says edge protection – 360 degree protection I actually am going for it

iPhone XS They even got it for the XR Let's get it in black Buy Ooo – it's got a heart on it

I dedicate this case to Keaton – Ooo – From my heart to his Like I could rock a black heart But I don't think I could rock a red one

– I thought this was dedicated to me though Are you basically telling me I got a black heart? I'm down for it I like it My voice is cracking a bit Eight cases in

Dude, this is taking forever – I know, I know – Speed this up Send links faster Tag Team – I'm going faster

– Alright, alright, I found something I got a gold Nemo case That's what I'm gonna call this one – Looks rugged $6

30 if I buy it with Keaton Alright, I officially have no friends Wow Alright, well I'm gonna buy it Seven dollars

Gold – Oh, yeah Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait Hold your horses And by that I mean reindeer

– That's like an ugly sweater party but you also came with your case This is like some Pinterest quality – No, that's what I'm saying Look at the quality – 90 cents if I buy it with Keaton

Alright I think we figured out the whole buy it with Keaton, it's 'cause Josh has it up on his laptop too But there could be two Keatons I have met another one What's the difference between Elk and Reindeer? – Reindeer are the only type of deer at which both the males and the females grow antlers

– Whoa We got 10 cases in the cart Josh, hit me with five more Is that a rhinestone? – Yeah – [Keaton] 452 reviews

100 percent fake No! Verified by with shoppers, which is rare I mean dude That looks like it was taken at a jewelry store – [Josh] I think we could just make an exception and we can get this one, even if it's free – [Keaton] I mean we have to

452 people bought this – [Josh] Like I personally challenge you to try and break this Wish case I don't think it will – Dual layer, rugged back protection Protective front casing with built in screen protector

Six screws? – Yeah – Six screws What kind of colors? – [Josh] Get the yellow one – [Keaton] Yellow? I love when you click yellow and it goes to silver $13

50 if I buy it with my only friend, myself Franco, "very very very good indeed I am so happy with this product, thanks Wish company" – Why is James Franco writing Wish reviews? – Whooooo – Alright, we got twelve in there Let's get like three more

I think 15 cases is perfect Whoa Look at that nylon – [Josh] It's got a comment okay – [Keaton] 43 reviews

– It says, "it's nice and I like it" I don't need to know anything else – Ooo It's free Dude, I thought we said we were staying away from free cases – I know, but I like it

– [Keaton] I mean look at the gradient – [Josh] Make an exception for me – [Keaton] Look at those options Not a bad case, actually I mean it's, it looks a little cheap but for free, can't really complain

Whoa! – Yeah – Dude, look at these photos And look how thin it looks, too It just like, fits in3 millimeters – [Josh] I would buy this case, probably – Well it doesn't matter when you buy a case for your broken phone You gotta do that before – That's true

– [Keaton] Six dollars Made buy the same Insten company Buy it with Keaton It's just, I don't have friends There's no reviews on this

So I'm gonna hit buy (laughter) – 188 dollars? – 188 dollars on iPhone cases – Why? – We just bought all the iPhone cases on Wish – 190 dollars – So, let's hope they show up

If they do, next part will be unboxing Now we wait – Boom! So, how long did it take Josh? For 16 iPhones – Three weeks man – So, vote up in the Icard

This entire video Which is your favorite case and which you think is the most worth it because what we're gonna do is basically put all these cases to the test Gonna unbox them, see how good they feel and if they're good enough, they're gonna get a Wish or a Dish Which is basically out of five W's, our rating scale It sucks, it's a Dish

If it's cool, it's a Wish Alright, let's go with this one This is probably – or just throw it on the ground, okay – Three dollars Is this the bunny ear one or the heart one – I think it's the bunny ear This is my favorite one out of all of them

– Whoa Gonna throw an iPhone X in here – Oh it's solid – Dude that fits perfectly – You go to take a photo and then you can't see the photo you're taking and then if you want to see the photo you're taking, you're basically covering

okay So you'd have to like This is how you have to take your photos from now on (laughter) – Well it's my tail (laughter) – And then, actually, it's like a chain – Oh that's cool

– Dude, t's like a chain with your wallet It's a chain with your wallet – Have the ears sticking out 'Cause then you can just grab them and pull your phone out _ five W's

Wish or Dish Kick it off! – I think I'm gonna give it four Just because the photo thing It loses one But other than that, this is a solid Wish

– Solid Wish I'm gonna give it five W's I think this is an absolute banger Look at this How much did this cost Josh? – Two beans

– Two dollars for the blue carbon fiber with the stand, case Looks like one of those cases you find at like a mall at the kiosk – Literally already broke the case – Did I break it? Wait is it that bad – That's an automatic Dish, baby! – Let's try it out with the iPhone X

Maybe it needs a phone in the back That could be what it needs It's two dollars – It's not even carbon fiber Can we talk about that? It's like not even carbon fiber

They didn't even try to make it carbon fiber It's just plastic It's not bad – It's not bad – It's just not good

– But, it's definitely not good It can hold your phone up Did what it said I'm gonna give it two W's So still a Dish

Josh, what's your rating on this? – It is a one This is a one It's a one because I could fix it if I wanted to – Hopefully there's better cases – Here's our third case

– You were excited about this weren't you? – Yeah, I was excited about this because it's a nice, the term was electro plate Which I wasn't sure what that meant but like I like this red accent and on the phone I think it'll look a lot better – It's got that like cheap silicone feel That's definitely not real metal It looks like all the pictures

– I thought it was gonna be real metal so I'm a little disappointed about that – We all hoped Puttin' the iPhone X in dude For four dollars Ooo imagine if you had a black one I could actually see this color scheme working That looks clean That looks really clean

– So, the only gripe I have with this is the fingerprints but other than that, nice case for sure – I'm giving this a three W's out of five So that is a Wish on my scale I mean for four dollars it's pretty cool and it did what it said The fingerprints are annoying though

– We'll see how it goes in the drop test 'cause it's just plastic I'll give it a three – Wish or Dish? – Wish They don't call me Edward for nothing – I lost it

– I helped Alright how much is this Tuff case? – Seven whole dollars

– Wow What do you think? – Uh, honestly it's kind of boring – Really? – Yeah, it's just – Feels tough though – It will it feels like

It's definitely thicker rubber than the other ones, for sure but, it's like brown It's not gold Alright, it's a kaki

We're just gonna call it at that It's a kaki This is a two piece design Plastic on the top and this kind of like rough, it's not silicone – I think it's rubber

– Not TPU It's gotta be something in between Maybe a class above that's pretty tough We'll find out in the drop test We're basically just trying to invent science words now

It's not working – This is multi carbonate rubber – Wish or Dish? – I'm gonna give it a two, honestly So it's a Dish for me – Really? I'm giving this a four

I bet this will be our winner case – This case probably has to be the most intriguing – It's huge – Look at this – Why is it so big – Look at this! It's a book

– It's like my mom's purse, bro – I mean it has a wallet feature built in ID slot Is that a pocket for coins? Five card slots with another five on this side ID? – How many credit cards do you have? – I'm actually gonna ask you that question

– Someone's in debt with this leather case Oh, it's got a wrist strap – And you can make it a clutch Whoa! – okay – Whoa

You want to have a wallet that's thin, like a normal wallet and then it's magnetic – Oh! – Josh, would you grab just this? Not that emblem on the bottom I'm not with that It says case me I'm good

This with just the leather Kinda retro-y – 'Cause here's the thing

If you're gonna make a leather case, you can't have this cheap plastic on the side I do like the magnetic thing That's cool – I mean this is – It's just like, if I was 45, sure I'd love this, but I'm not – I mean, I don't mind it I'm a little more optimistic on this one Josh, Wish or Dish? – I'll give it a three but it's a Dish

– A Dish, okay I'm giving this a three but it's a Wish for me – Alright, we got the Tuff case It is seven dollars Is it worth seven dollars? We're about to find out

Learned that from Keaton right there – It works! See now you're through it – Oh! – It's a three piece case design – I've always not liked those – Alright, since you don't like it, put it together

– Sure, I'll put it together – Be about it – Be about it, talk about it – [Keaton] Pretty easy – I never said it's hard

I just never got the real reason for it – So with this, seven dollars Okay, yeah it's rose gold – I dig it, honestly – I wouldn't get the rose gold case – Oh I'd get the rose gold

– That's not what I'm bringing to a party So, three piece case Got access to your buttons Mute switch – I feel it

– I kinda like these grips, too – Yeah – Like it doesn't slip – You know, it reminds me of Halo for some reason I don't know why Doesn't this look like the Master Chief? Like if Master Chief was rose gold – Alright, Wish or Dish Josh? – I'm giving this a Wish It's getting four

– Ooo – Because I really like it I think it's nice – I'm giving this a three It's getting a Wish but if it sucks in the drop test and just breaks, that's where I'm drawing the line

The 200 dollar battery case but, how much did we get this for? – 21 dollars – 21 bucks This is was a sale or something 3,200 milliamp hour battery inside Really want to put that to the test

– Oh, that's how you open that You just like smush it – Yeah, dude – I didn't know that – Have you ever got a new phone, ever? – No, I don't

– Ooo Anything else in here? Charge Wait, charges with lightening That was no joke So comes in white

What do you think about this dude? – Not bad – 21 dollars? I'm gonna see if we can charge it up – I will say, if someone bought this for 200 dollars I still feel bad for them – Oh my, no way You see that? It's charging

I like it – It's sleek I will say – It's simple It's just simple – Put the phone in it

– We haven't done the drop test yet alright – I know, we can't use this one for the drop test 'cause we won't be able to tell if anything actually breaks – Alright, before we give our Wish or Dishes I'm gonna set this to the side We're gonna see if it actually powers on – Yeah, let it charge – and then we'll rate it

– Seven dollars We're going through so many iPhone cases It's hard to remember the prices This is kinda like that leather one Got your ID or in this case, the only restaurant you need

– Hells Kitchen The leather's not the best quality I'd say it's just plastic They didn't put any sort of effort into making the leather – Well how do you tell if it's leather? I'm gonna show you what my dad taught me as a boy

– You lick it (sniffs) Oh, you sniff it – That is 100 percent plastic – Yeah, I was gonna say, that is not leather Wish or Dish? – Honestly, even though it's not leather, I will say it looks nice

It keeps your cards It's not too loud – I'm gonna go out on a limb – I'm gonna say yeah I'm gonna go four

– Okay, I was like yeah is not Wish or Dish (laughter) – No it's not – Alright, four W's from Josh I'm gonna give this a two and a half I like it, again I just wanna see the drop test

'Cause none of these cases matter if they don't actually protect your phone – The best case you're ever gonna get on Wish by JD Merry Christmas Reindeer Extravaganza case for a dollar Technically, 90 cents because we bought it with Keaton (wrapper crackling) There you go

And here you go Did your job for you – This is clean – That's what I'm saying This is like

– Look at that – Instagram ready – Alright, so the iPhone X's inside

Not bad You can see your camera cutout It's like on of those basic cases I do like the reindeer I mean that's the only reason you buy it, right? – This is the type of thing where like you take a selfie with this and everyone's in it and then they look at the reindeer and they just naturally smile

– It's like soft touch, so it's pretty nice – Look at the little reindeer butt, dude So cute I'm saying five out of five on this case – Dang

I mean you guys probably don't wanna hear what I have to say I'm giving this a four out of five so auto Wish – We got this nice purpley pinkish kind of color I'm not sure what it is – So the gradient iPhone case

How much is it? – Gradient iPhone case for three dollars – I actually like this I like the gradient look It's minimalist, like you'd normally get a cheap case But you kinda splurged

And you got a little flap action – This might be the greatest feature I think I've ever seen on an iPhone case You wanna know why? Because you know those times where you don't know why your phone isn't charging? Or like you'll move your charger and you think it's because the wires broken This happens to a lot of people It's not because the wire's broken

It's because there's dust inside the charging cable And you have to like take a what is that called? A paperclip – a toothpick No not a piece of metal How many W's though? – The dust thing for me makes it a four 'cause it's gonna protect your phone a little bit more than if it was just a basic case You know what I mean? – This case got more W's than it actually cost in dollars

I'm giving this three W's I'm being strict This is barely a Wish I like the dust cap but for me, I have a lot of toothpicks This is the case I've been most excited for

18 bucks and it claims it's a waterproof iPhone X case Look at this schematic on the back Data plug, silicone rubber, toughened glass, zinc alloy screws, you have screws with this iPhone case How often is that on Wish? Never Stainless steel screw, imported silicone rubber

Why's it gotta be imported? Like wasn't it imported here? – It doesn't matter, it's imported It makes it more expensive – it's true Of course dude, 18 dollars – Dude, that's a fat case – Like look at this box

– Why is it so big? – This is the nicest box we have probably seen for all the cases We're not even done yet – Oh, wow – Whoa – This is a proper case

– Looks like a submarine Literally, whoa You're getting this one assembled dude Boom – Oh, you gotta disassemble it, put it on the phone, and reassemble it

– Not only do you have a screw driver, you have an allen key for two sets of screws – Good This things a submarine Do I have to do this? – You guys like Josh better, bye! – I have to do this? You guys ever see the movie, it's like a Wes Anderson movie Bill Murray, Owen Wilson

The Life Aquatic – But what if it's not waterproof? After gong through all this, the screws, the six layers – Here's my question on it Why do you need a waterproof case for a waterproof phone? – That's definitely metal – Why did you bite it? – 'Cause you can't tell what's plastic, what's metal, what's polycarbonate

You don't know anymore – I kinda like that – That, dude Look at how Look at how sturdy this is – Don't rip it We haven't even tested it yet – Dude, I'm Flex Seal

It's strong! (laughing) – I'm Flex Seal – If you pick this case up you're gonna have a hard time charging and I'mma be telling you first, I don't think there's wireless charging (robot noises) (power tools running) (car zoooming off) and there's a wrist strap So how does, oh, this attaches Honestly, that's not bad dude This case, after we've gone through the set up, pit-stop this, it's one – Have you looked at this case since you've opened it? You're never gonna There's no Who's gonna use this case? – Wish or Dish? – Dude, such a Dish I've never seen a bigger Dish than this This is a negative five in my book – We've never had a negative rating scale or a negative rating ever on WishBusters but if you really feel that way you should maybe tell it to its face

– I literally just said it to it (laughter) – Say it again – You're a zero – Well, this is my hero I'm giving this a three out of five

I think there's a lot here Dude, if we can throw this, dude – I'll let you have a three if it survives the parking garage Otherwise, it's a negative five – And I'll change my rating to the negatives

We'll find out soon – You just dented the wall with that 10 pound phone – Was that right there? Was that right there? – [Josh] This is why you can't be trusted That's a dent too That's not even like a scratch

– Nah dude, it's glare It's just your reflection – Six dollars Kickstand case part two Didn't work

Oh, it's already opened – Try not to break this one – Yeah, this one's not broken – Yet – It didn't come broken

– Yet – at least – Ooo Eight G – Looks like pretty nice quality

– Absorbs shock – Yeah, shock absorption – Oh, and it's a two piece – Ugh – Let's just be honest here, and you guys tell me in the comments, that apple logo is not centered

– It's not at all, it's not – Thought it was me but that could be the reason why it's only six dollars – Six bucks – Camera cut out, stand Actually feels

– I like the stand – It's gonna hold it up – Yeah

I don't mind the stand – Can you go vertical? That would be a no – I don't think so – Just This looked way cooler – Yeah, that would never work

Okay that worked – What did you say? – That works It wouldn't work for me, I have skinny legs, so Okay, it works Yeah

– It's not about skinny legs – I see it How much is it? – Six dollars – Okay – Wish or Dish? – I'll give it a Wish but it's a three and that's it and that's because it's ugly, ugly, ugly

That case is ugly, man I've never seen an uglier case in my life – I'm giving this a three and it's a Wish I like what it's got going on We already checked out one battery case but that's why we got two

We're trying to get all the cases on wish If you guys can't tell, how much was this one Josh? – 12 dollars – This is 12 dollars I couldn't tell you how much extra battery your phone's getting Whoa

Look at that – Oh, wow – I like that, that royal blue and gold look – It looks nice, sure, but then at the same time, it looks horrible (laughter) – Well you also think too hard on this one

They even got a guide on the inside – Oh, it says it here 55 milliamp – 5,500 milliamp hour battery – That's a lot The other one has 34 or 32

– 3,200 Does that influence your decision at all? – Sure, yeah Okay, now it's a little bit better It's not a two piece case – I think it's just the

– It is a two piece case (laughter) Oh boy, it's a three piecer (laughter) – Well you know my opinion about any case that has more than one part on it

– Dude, it's actually charging – It's actually charging – It's actually charging – Okay – That's pretty big

– Alright, I guess it's a Wish – But don't let me influence you – I'm gonna give my rating first This is a five all day outta me I like this case

I think the aesthetic's nice 12 bucks? Can't beat that What's your rating? – The gold's wack I don't really care that much about the charger Three

I'll give it a Wish 'cause it's a nice charger, I don't know Sorry – Okay, so this is my ode to Keaton This case It just, it like really exemplifies my feelings towards him

Oh, so soft Bunny heart case I think it was four dollars – Dude, it's like one of those couches you can customize – Yeah, and look at the stones again

With the bow – With the bow – That's what I'm saying dude – Wow, throw the phone in there – This has a lot of love in it

– And look at that drop touch front facing protection, dude You're gonna have hair – Furs gonna help – Hair's hitting the ground first It's gonna totally protect your screen

– This one's not as nice 'cause it's shedding, but – It's literally shedding – If it wasn't shedding I'd be super into it

– You know what time it is Wish or Dish? – Wish or Dish? I'll give it a four I'll give it a four, for sure – I'm giving this a two I think it's cool

The bunny ears, all day – Two? – Why get this when you can get bunny ears – You give my love a two? – How much was this? – Seven bucks – Seven dollars I'm gonna say it now, this might be our winner

– This is nice – It's simple It's one piece – Yeah, it's not too much – It's one piece

And you get this lip right above the screen so if you put your phone down, or it just falls, the case is actually gonna touch the ground before your screen will So that's nice Known as lay on the table – Oh, I thought it was a bumper (phone smashes on table) – 'Cause do you think this

(laughing) – Oh my gosh dude Smashed it, face first onto the table We still have too drop test that

– Wish or Dish? – I'm still gonna give it a Wish 'cause I like it and I don't think any one of the cases we bought, if you would've done that to it, none of them, it would've been the same outcome, no matter what Yeah, I'd give it a four We'll see how it holds up in the drop test – I'm gonna give it a five I can't really contain myself if I'm being honest

This is just a warm up This case, how much was this Josh? – I think it was free, I'm not sure – So, if you guys want that free episode it's gonna come full force This is just a warm up What if this case is like a banger? It's not, um

I mean that's where the apple logo goes anyway right? It's a fingerprint magnet – It's a monster for fingerprints – It's a mirror actually

Actually, dude, it's a mirror – Yeah, like one of those weird ones and then it has a kickstand and a ring thing – No, it's a ring It's like a PopSocket – But I think you can use it as a kickstand

– Can you? – Yeah – That's vertical That's the best stand we've seen In vertical and horizontal – I don't know

Review wise, it's like, I would rock it, maybe honestly 'Cause it's just so loud and obnoxious – And you've got that grip on the top with those rhinestones – Yeah, they're very grippy – Wish or Dish? – I give it a Wish

Three – I give it a Wish Four So with the battery case ow! Ow, I got glass in my hand I actually got glass in my hand – Whose fault is that? – Peep that It's actually charging

For twenty one bucks, yeah it's only 3,200 milliamp hours I mean it works if you like the design I think, just outta this, Wish or Dish You lead it off Josh 'cause my iPhone's gonna basically murder me – Yeah, I would say this, I'll give it a three

Three, Wish What's yours? – I'm gonna give it a O positive (laughter) I'm gonna give this a two out of five I like that battery case but I'm optimistic that the other battery case we got for 12 dollars might just be a little better So, what we're gonna do now is, I'm gonna pick my top three cases

I'm not gonna show Josh He's gonna pick his top three We're gonna meet outside at the drop zone We're gonna see which actually is the best – I'm gonna win

– Let the games begin – I picked my top three cases and I got the submarine waterproof, the best battery case for 12 dollars, and the free rhinestone case Bling, Bling What do you got Josh? – I got this I don't know what it is

I got the bunny, of course, because it's my favorite Oh, we got a light! – Woohoo! – And I got this one – So, to drop test all these, we're actually going to be using a fake iPhone X This is just one of the clones that I had in an earlier video Not gonna wanna waste a phone on a Wish case

Like, what are we doing? Rhinestone case dropping in three, two, one Oh! – [Josh] Did it do anything? – I mean the phones already broken I smashed it But the case itself – [Josh] Is the case fine? – The real question is, how many rhinestones fell off? Only two at the top

(laughter) Not bad It's free – Doing the bunny From the ears Drop test

Three, two, one At least it looks cute when it's on the ground, ya know Honestly, it was already cracked, but it didn't really do much to it I think the back cracked – [Keaton] No way

– [Josh] It cracked through – [Keaton] I didn't do that – [Josh] No you didn't do that That was me Okay, so I guess the bunny case doesn't really protect at all

– Three, two, one Did it even take an impact? Actually it did It hit the metal Kinda interesting The silicone didn't absorb all of it

– The three part case The one that I don't approve of I really wanted to see what a drop test would do to this because I don't trust it at all Three, two, one Okay, okay, yeah but it almost

It kinda dented it and it's now broken – So for my last case I'm testing out the 12 dollar battery case The only difference is, I'm actually using a real iPhone in this

I'm gonna do it while it's charging too Let's drop this sucker Hopefully it doesn't break this phone It's already gone through enough Dropping in three, two, one

(crying) It still works! It still works! Lost a little glass, face ID But the bottom of it has disconnected – Here it is Last one Three, two, one

Oh, that did not sound good Oh! Nope Nope, no It cracked it more, unfortunately – So after going through the drop test, which was kind of a first in this video

If you guys want more, you know what to do We're gonna pick our top case and then the worst case I'm gonna start with saying the worst case Has to be the 12 dollar battery case Not only was a real iPhone X in here, but you can't even use it as a battery case now

– It's so broken – I probably shouldn't even be doing that 'cause I think it's on My favorite case has to be, there's so many good ones, there's so many bad ones I'm gonna give it to this one – No way

– I'm gonna give it to this one It's stylish It's minimal Gradient And you were talking about it, dust protector

I started to think about it and I was like I actually have had problems It is on another level And this was what? Two, three bucks Everything's linked down below Over to you Josh

– I think the worst one was this kaki one It's just so ugly, dude It's just, you can't rock it Just because of that And the best one in 100 percent the bunny ear one

– So that's it for this extremely long I bought all the iPhone cases on Wish If you guys want a free one, you know what to do If you guys want more make sure you drop a like and get subscribed by hitting that button right down there Make sure you guys follow on insta It's just techsmartt and check out these two WishBusters videos after this and we'll see you guys next time

Oh boy

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