I Bought All The Headphones On Wish…

(machine revving) – I gotta rip this off so we don't get demonetized – I'm a YouTuber

– So, how this is gonna work is Josh is gonna tag team the crap out of Wish with me I'm screen recording on my computer He's just gonna send me any headphones that he finds that looks cool Let's just get right into it, Nation Alright, so, (laughs) what dude? They're the Nation bro

Let's just search for headphones, we gotta start it off super broad, see what we can find and boom So, I think we gotta just get one thing outta the way, we only wanna find over-ear headphones, that's probably what you're looking at There's gonna be some diamonds in the rough, so, no in-ear headphones, no earbuds, just over-ear $16, these look like Beats, they're literally called Beats Wireless – [Josh] Yeah

I mean, they're definitely not real – [Keaton] Gold and white – I would do gold and white, yeah – What if they are real? – They could be real – You don't know

– Yeah and then we resell them, right? – Trying to make a little cash here, that's what Josh is all about Alright, so $14 if I buy it with John, thanks John Always love not buying by myself – [Josh] John – Usually it says buy with Keaton

– Well now you're buying with Josh – There you go, I'm buying with Josh! $10, so, immediately we got another pair here All they have is white, but $9 if I buy it with Karen – [Josh] I don't want white – Anish

Awesome look, battery life is good and decent sound, very comfy My son loves them already, great for his college dorm Back to school, maybe? – They look kinda cheap – Dude, it's all cheap, bro! But that's the thing, what if they sound good for $9? – Oh okay, they are good, they're $10, right? $9? Okay, for $9, we'll do it – Hey, you can scream and kick and shout when all the headphones actually get here

Because basically, we could just be ordering stuff, as you know on Wish and none of it shows up – Then I have to deal with that – Whoa! Dude, (stutters), while you're sending me those, check out these Look at that design Look at those photos

– [Josh] I like how futuristic they look – [Keaton] Yeah! And, dude – Aux

– Is that Bluetooth too? No, I don't know if they're Bluetooth or not What color can we get? Alright, just black, basic, – [Josh] I like it – but $7, good item, early delivery, have not used it yet So Tequila! Tequila! We're just gonna have a conversation here cause it seems like no one told you this What is this comment? Have not used it yet, but delivery date said July 13th and I received it today, June 20th

Josh and I, what, like we actually thought for a sec– – Too much sense Yeah – What's up with your timeline there, Tequila? So daughter loves them, sounds great, Rebecca, that's good We'll hit buy Tequila, we're gonna, I might even slide in the DMs on Wish

– Can you imagine it, sending people messages – Just like– – Hey, I loved your review on that glow-up speaker It really may help me out, listen to that together? – It really made me glow Ooh, $13 pair, this one has some colors You got some fun funky colors there

– See, I like the ones that are colors, because I can understand why you'd pay for it – For the price, it's awesome, they are not really noise-canceling but certainly noise-reducing That's a win See, that's why we're doing this I wanna buy as many headphones as I can and see if like, for $1 that has noise-canceling, like, no one would know

– Yeah that's true – No one would even know You have to try it to buy it You have to buy it to try it, basically Alright, I'm gonna grab green on these

$1260, yes! Yes! – [Josh] Wait, get these glow ones – Yeah, let me see these glow ones – These are really, really cool – Whoa! I found, not those glow ones, I found my own pair of glow ones, orange

– [Josh] Are they rainbow glow? – They are rainbow glow But, the text could be misleading, you know it's Wish The photos could be fake – I like how the background is like, lava, or something – [Keaton] Look at this, they just Photoshopped the headphones

– They're paying these fiver guys a lot of money – It's like the five dolla holla, like, make me a Wish photo please, I'm probably gonna sell a hundred thousand Alright, dude, they look orange, they glow – Is that reviews? – Love them, can't wait Can't wit to use it

Sorry, Maria, gotta point you out there She wrote it three days ago, so I trust her What even are these? They're like Beats Solos for $4, $360 if I buy it with, whoa, another Keaton And look at all these colors

– [Josh] Dude, light purple – Light purple? Okay, light purple That's why I got Josh here – $6, or five? How much is it? – $540

– $540, okay – Of course – I feel that – Of course

– Add them to the cart – Add them to the cart! – [Keaton] Whoa, Josh, peep all the colors here! And it's like, that's like a nice navy – [Josh] Yeah, I like the blue – That's like a maroon It's not like, we're driving a Ferrari, but it's like, hey man I got this nice Honda Civic

– It's like a California – It's like a California – It's not Italia, but it's a California It's nice – You get it

That's why you're here These look sweet but I can't see a photo Josh, dude, they literally uploaded a photo of it loading – What if you're just stuck on that, and you thought it was loading the whole time? – It's just like, you're hitting your computers – You just never, you didn't eat, didn't sleep

– Corinne, love these, sound great, jah Great quality, like, my fave headsets, second pair – Two pairs – Two pairs – Wear one, listen to the other

– Rock one, stock one Same kind of thing Alright, we got those in the cart – [Josh] What is that? – Whoa! Josh, I see what you're talking about Josh found these multi-color ones, they all light up, $9 if I buy it with Leora

Very good quality sounds (snorts) Very good quality sounds Not even one sound Two sounds Minimum two sounds

You're hearing two there It's soft and loud and I like that it lights up Michael, you're just giving me, I'm confused Yeah, Michael, are you sure you're on the right site here, I know Wish is only four letters but I think you might be wishing for something else Alright

$9 with Leora? Choose a size, what you can get non-LED? I want LED Black, white, black and green And it's sold out? That must be the hot one – [Josh] Yeah, wait Are they all sold? – [Keaton] Blue and white? – Yeah, blue and white

Blue and white, that's cool – Can't go wrong, dude Can't go wrong So we got eight, let's try to get to 10 We're kinda running out of new and different headphones

– [Josh] Here, wait, check these out – And gaming headphones, we're not actually doing, if you guys wanna see that, drop a like on this video, we'll do a separate one just on gaming headsets They have so much good stuff here You're just seeing it with headphones Whoa! Whoa! Dude are those cat ears? – [Josh] Who's gonna wear those in public? – In public? I see the demographic for like, this

I don't know if I'd wear it, my sister would totally – Yeah, your sister would rock those – Honestly dude, birthday's coming up, she's turning 18 Hey Carson, know you wanted something big for your 18th birthday, here's a pair of $450 headphones

Not $5, we're buying it with Evangeline – That's truly how you show someone that you love them – Get them a birthday gift from Wish – Wish headphones for $450

– [Keaton] They have a wireless pair? No way – Okay, that's cool – But it's $13 So it's wireless cat headphones, 11 if I still buy it with Evangeline Alright, I got nine headphones in the cart

Let's try to find a super cheap pair, like dumb cheap, give me something like a dollar – [Josh] A dollar? – Whoa! Whoa, whoa – [Josh] What are they? – What are those? I'm just curious – It looks like the thing from Reading Rain, no, not Reading Rain, the guy from Reading Rainbow! You know what I mean? – Is that the guy– – But on Star Trek? – He was also in Twilight, dude – The thing, like, around his eyes

What's that guy's name? Looks like LeVar Burton – From Star Trek? I see it now – Like, the thing over his eyes – Yeah, I see it, I see it Alright

Must cop? – Wait, they're headphones? – Yeah, dude, that's why I'm freaking out! They wouldn't be in this video if they weren't headphones! Almost said something I shouldn't have said that I'm passionate about these headphones – [Josh] Really? – [Keaton] Yeah, dude – Dude get the orange gray ones, or the red, whatever They look kinda orange

– Dude it's actually green – I'm colorblind, so – [Keaton] Alright, got those in the cart, we're at 10

– Alright so Keaton's mad that he can't find anything good on Wish, and I'm better at it So I'm gonna be taking over Wishbusters, if you like that, give it a like, for me But yeah, let's get into it, guys (loud banging) He's back (continuous tone) – Imagine if I do this with another influencer, or like, anyone else

Maybe that's a good idea, if you guys want that, let me know in the comments who should be a guest, maybe? Cause if I'm having to do this with Josh, I'm only upset because he knows we do these videos and he's still like I'm doing the Wish, doing the Wish So just like that, we got 14 pairs of different headphones, all over-ear, could be the best $308, we're about to find out – That's my whole paycheck – So the headphones took about a week to come, but everything's here

How many pairs did we get, Josh? We don't even know So we got one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12 pairs of headphones So here's how this is gonna go Basically I'm gonna check out each one, and then just for consistency, I'm gonna have three categories, design, sound, and build quality But I'm gonna give it an overall score

Don't rely on the numbers too much, I basically just wanna find out which pair of headphones is the best for the money on Wish And I'll leave everything linked down below, of course you guys know how I do So let's check this pair out first This is black box with five pairs of headphones on the side I don't even know how I could name these

Says 6S Shows Siri on it, is it waterproof secretly? You let me know in the comments, but here we go Lankey? Yeah, Lankey Ooh So these are some Bluetooth headphones, these are white with almost like, some rose gold on it? Interesting

Rose gold Bluetooth headphones So it says, just do it, 6S Don't know if Apple and Nike came together all of a sudden, but I think they did on this pair of headphones Alright, so basically pointless details on these things, feel kinda cheap, I would say it's like a three, sound is gonna be interesting, (groans) I don't know, design, I mean they look like Beats Studios, right? I mean, this headphone design isn't really new, it's not revolutionary You guys let me know how you feel

Do you guys like a design like this? A lot of these headphones are over-ear, if not only over-ear So you got power, go back, forward, and then I think this is like a menu button? Nice little light that powers on So, we got a microSD card, which means these headphones themselves can be their own music source So, you just put a microSD card in there, you load some music on it, I don't even know how much this can take up to, but I'm sure you can just put your entire playlist for a workout, you're set, charge it with micro USB at the side I actually need to extend these headphones, do the extend-o

Here we go Oh wow, these, Josh, ooh, ooh (inhales sharply) Dude, this is I don't think we paid more than $10 for these? I hope not more than $10, but, wow, these things, guys I don't know if these are what you'd phone home about And of course the music we're gonna be listening to, is from the PB Jams playlist, if you guys wanna check that out, it's linked down below, like everything else in this video But it's my weekly playlist I update, and it's pretty cool, drops every Friday morning, so if you wanna find out, like, kinda the new stuff we're feeling, listening to for pretty much all the videos here, it's in there So, let's do Thundercloud by LSD

Sia, Diplo, and Labrinth Okay Dude, Sia Wow These headphones don't sound that bad

They leak audio but they're over-ear, so Could you hear me? Could you hear anything, Josh? Thumbs up or thumbs down? Can you hear what I'm hearing? Whoa, Josh gave me a thumbs down, he can't hear what I'm hearing Which means these aren't that bad Whoa, I'm giving these things a four for sound, and honestly, I know it kinda sounds striking, I would say four for design, I mean, we're gonna see a whole lot of this, so I guess four is pretty much the basic what everyone's gonna get I'm gonna give these a four

Overall, four on these things These things sound good, dude Next up, of course, are the cat headphones Josh just wanted me to check these out next What are these? I hope we didn't pay more than $25

It's been so long, I mean, a week is pretty long around here, cause we filmed so much stuff But, whoa These are, (meows) Wow so these things are definitely a little more interesting than your typical pair of headphones It's gotta be the leather

So on the other ones, it had white leather, these have black leather They feel a little bit more like leather, still fake, but a better type of fake leather And of course, we have the cat ears So, I think there's definitely a certain type of person that would wanna wear these, I don't know if I'm that type of person Wow

These things can fit a fat head for sure And I'm not even talking about the stickers Power button, volume up, down, rewind, next track How do you turn these suckers on? If the ears light up, I'd be really shocked Alright, so there is a battery here, I'm guessing you can make them light up, I think it's independent of, obviously, the battery in each ear cup, or just one ear cup, for the audio

Oh, they're kinda comfy I gotta say, even if they're max size, I'm digging this Okay, some J Cole Album of the Year Here we go

So, what, am I about to just drop a little rhyme there? Drop a little mix tape? So, I would say that the design, definitely a four, build quality's a four, sound, I guess I just gotta turn this thing up Ooh, these are really good Maybe about to get the triple fours? Wow, alright, so these things are getting a five for sound quality, and I'm keeping in mind kind of everything these things are packing These cat headphones, they're getting a five These things are getting a five, wow

Next we got these Sennheiser lookalikes, which definitely look like Sennheiser lookalikes Borderline knockoffs, I don't know, maybe it's just this two-toned gray on black We'll see when we jump on into it I think this was a more expensive pair we picked up If not, they're definitely tricking me

The box is way, okay Definitely, I don't know if it's a Sennheiser lookalike, to be exact These things just look a whole lot thunkier We got a screen on the side of our headphones What does that screen do? So on off switch, menu, I'm guessing it's also mute

So you got two volume buttons, go back, and then go forward Interesting setup, don't know how that's gonna entirely work Okay It says hi Bluetooth

Alright, we got this like, screen Waiting to pair Interesting build Extend-o on the head release Yeah I mean, they're comfy, they don't necessarily fit

These cups are really strange, almost like some Skull Candy type I do like the Skull Candys but I know what I'm getting when I buy Skull Candy These, compared to the box, if I got this, I'd be way more satisfied than this It just, it feels kinda awkward, but, pair it up, right? So, giving it a three on build, design, the box looks way better so I'm gonna give it a three there, sound is its only saving grace We'll see how this goes

Ooh, got some Trippie Redd Sounds really good It sounds really good Alright, sound, giving it a four, these headphones are getting a three and a half And we're creating the half score as of this pair of headphones

I don't really mind the design a whole lot, I just think my head's a different shape, where these almost come in on my ears, versus sit on top of my ears And with over-ear headphones, they're supposed to be over-ear Not causing pain to them Really funky pair Three and a half makes perfect sense

Alright so pair number four, right now, kinda my first impression so far on the first three, we're in for a treat, all these sound way better than their price, I'd say like two to three times worth So these almost look like the Fanny Wang headphones If you remember those, you're an OG here on the tech YouTubes These were these headphones, they look like the Beats Solos, but they had no design on the outside It could just be for the box, we'll see

Four in one? Bunch of colors at the top That's kind of the design It looks like it's blank on the side, only one way to really find out, right? Ooh Kinda digging this color way Oh yeah

Oh yeah, here we go So, these look a little more promising, they are compact, it almost looks like they cut in, but I think the difference is, these are almost small enough where they sit on my ears It's really based on how your head is shaped I know that's a little hard to measure when you're ordering on Wish late at night, but the reality is, I don't think these are bad, and these are gonna fit most people, the other ones I just don't really mess with So these, I think these are a four for build quality, they're not that bad, they're cheap, but I think these things are gonna be rugged, and sturdy, and, well, I was expecting something to snap there

And the fact that it didn't snap should be testament that these things aren't that bad And honestly, sound could make or break them Build quality, design's like a four, build quality's like a four I don't mind these things a whole lot, it's kinda retro I don't mess with the green necessarily, but I don't hate it

Let's just turn these things on And I'm really digging this new feature So, it's having microSD card inside your headphones So in case you don't wanna bring your phone, pop an SD card in there with your playlist Usually you're gonna put like an hour's worth of music, or just however long you wanna work out for

This is really practical, and I think it's a good option if you don't wanna have a smart watch, or you don't wanna have something on your shoulder So, All Washed Out by The Dreamers, again in the playlist This is why we have it You would think this might snipe triple fours, four in build, four in design, four in sound No

Way worse sound quality Way worse These sound like trash! This is at full volume, this is a banger song We leave The Dreamers wanting this They don't want bad headphones, these sound like a two

So they get a three Okay We got another pair Could be the doppelganger, could be the improved version So, blank headphones, these almost look like the studio's, just no brand name

And we got the devices I'm guessing it works with, cause it's wireless headphones Computer, first generation iPad, Galaxy S4, and an iPhone 4 Good to see we're with the times there, Commander Whoo! That is, whoa Wow

Okay So, manual I do like how all of these headphones, they all come with aux cables It does smell a little funky, I'm not gonna say that it has or has not been used before, but it almost smells a little burnt Interesting pair of headphones

Kinda messed with the black and orange here Cool, I mean, Halloween's right around the corner, no microSD card on this pair, but if it gets almost like, a more rugged version of the last one, the last ones– (loud popping) Well – [Josh] Build quality zero – I guess you heard it from Josh Well, you know, the good news about this is, around the world, people have different head shapes, and I kinda mess with this

It's like, let me talk to you Let me listen Let me talk to you Let me listen We're gonna do votes

Ev, Josh, over under these things still play music and power on – [Josh] Oh, 100% – 100%? Alright, we are two on that vote, no one says they won't work, I'm gonna say they won't work And here's my reasoning why Why do we have just a cord dangling here? I know it connects the two headphones, think something mighta happened

Build? Gonna give like a two, design, I liked it, it was a four, before, well, you're looking at it Oh, it powers on! It powers on! Wow Here we go, let's see if she pops up in Bluetooth I just heard a good noise Wow, these actually sounded really good

Instant four So this is pair six, and this is kind of interesting because, this design on the box, I hadn't seen a brown box yet, right? And it's got this almost, like chrome etched design in 57 ultra-big speaker, so, seems like this thing's gonna pack a punch If this is a 57 millimeter driver in here, these headphones are gonna sound the best we've listened to So that's kind of interesting, it's talking about the unrivaled bass so I'm gonna throw this a bass track

Ooh, ooh, what do we get, we get a goodie box here Is this just an aux cable? It is just an aux cable, Ev They're just trying to fool us But, interesting design So I like how these fold up

Definitely feel more substantial and just built tougher, but also look pretty swaggy so, four? I like the design, four I think these things are gonna sound pretty decent, I mean, look at this design This is pretty dope Ooh, and these fit really comfortably, Josh Band goes forward, but doesn't mess the hair up

And it like, bends to the ears See that, Ev? Like, pivots You got this pivot here, because it goes back So on this side you got your volume buttons, power, and then actually I like this switch, so this'll let you, pause? Go back, go forward, do whatever you want And then micro USB at the bottom to charge it up

Alright, simple These sound really good, on the low end, all the bass, all like the, nuances and you know, qualities that make up a song, that you might not hear on a cheap pair of headphones, you can hear on these And I don't think this is a pair I've heard before This might be the best pair yet Wow

Ev, these sound amazing Ev's got a pair of headphones on now, I think we're giving him a switcheroo This is the first pair of headphones to get a five Five all day, son Wow

Alright, so we're back and pair seven, we got the Hulk I'm just giving them funny names at this point So Stereo folding headset, microphone, looks like a pair of headphones, ultra comfort, hands free Okay, another Bluetooth pair And of course, you get the aux cable

That's just a given in all of these I do like how, got these funky, like, cup protectors Make sure no one's using your headphones ahead of time, right? So, similar design, probably the one we don't wanna do a stress test with Josh? Do we do a stress test? That was a very, very bad look from Josh That is a hard pass

Alright We got on the side here, oh boy, what's going on? What's with the volume down, volume up, but just kidding, we're gonna give you a rewind and go forward I think if anything I would wanna go up in the volume and on to the next track But okay Got an aux port, microphone, that's distinguished, pause, answer a call, very weird here

I don't know if you guys can see this too well, it's right here we got this weirdly placed micro USB port, and an on off switch, that's like, tucked where you would not want it But maybe your fingers can just sneak back there? Alright, so design, three, build, two, sound, almost sounds like a song here I don't even wanna get it something Let's try this You almost have to turn it up to like, 90% volume to even judge these things

I'm gonna give it like a three on sound, overall three, it's not a pair you're gonna wanna pick up, but if these things are dead cheap or they're on a fire sale or something, these are under $10, you can pick these up for $7, not a bad deal Okay, definitely most interesting box here I don't know if these wirelessly charge, but they almost give off a, oh, wait, no, this what I like to call when you wanna put the word Bluetooth on your box, but you can't describe Bluetooth Environmental protection design? What are these, headphones that the trees use? I don't even think the trees would approve of this packaging Like yeah, that's cool, that's nice, yeah, we got a green screen in the box, but the reality is, I'm not, yeah

(clicking) What? These things just got too many clicks Alright, so these, I think are the most premium headphones we got Weird, this is like some airplane type stuff Some first-class type planery This is some nice design, I'm gonna give it a four

Power, previous, volume down, right, we're seeing this trend come on, aux in, microphone, looks like some decent leather cups, and then a charger with micro USB on the side Alright, that's just a light stretch Ev knows I'm not fully trying, you guys know I'm way stronger, don't let anyone tell you different Alright, let's just turn these things on Probably the most comfortable, yet

It's like riding the, the edge of, I don't know if it's real leather or fake leather, but I'm okay with it Here we go, ooh, I actually like these Really good bass These things are gonna four all day Wow

Like the design, and they fold up, which I do appreciate Wow, yeah, four all day on these headphones, these things rock Alright, so it seems like Urban Outfitters wanted to somehow make their way into this episode Just kidding, I do like Urban, but, this is the pair of headphones that could be the pair of headphones you see when you're out shopping next, but you choose not to pick up Cause you know your homie Keaton showed you a pair on Wish, that looked exactly the same, and that's kinda why I'm doing this

But, I know the ones at Urban Outfitters, you can for sure open in less than three seconds What are up with these headphones? These are some futuristic, almost like some chic stuff I think I found these on like Club Penguin or something Okay, so this is our first wired pair of headphones That's kind of a downside if you're asking me, just because, like, with design, half the nice part of it is having everything built in

This is probably the closest to airplane quality we have come, the last pair are what you want in first class, this is the pair you're getting in economy And not just economy, basic economy We're talking like, they just wanted to give you something, you know, your ears, it's loud, here's something Design, two, build, two, sound, I don't know if this is our first two, but, okay Alright, Ev says they're coming off a little bit, you don't want your headphones going like this, okay, you want your headphones going like this

This is a touchdown, this is, you didn't score Alright? Sound quality's like a three, I'm giving these things a two and a half I think that's all I wanna say about them It's not enjoyable This is not the pair you want

This is the pair you see, but you know better about Alright, back to wireless headphones Second brown box, we got the color blue I liked having no surprises Just like, nice little wireless pair

Let's see what these things got Okay Another aux cord (loud thud) Wait a minute What's good? What's good? Come on

This is why we do it I also like to see, based on the pictures you think about an item you're getting, you bought, whatever, that's what's coming These are basically the exact same color used in manufacturing Ev, does this look identical? Ev says it looks identical Alright so, on this side, it feels cheaper than the other pair, not having rotatable cups I feel it gets more of a premium version

I would give this a three, build I'm giving this a three, sound is really the only thing here, same kind of controls and button layout, literally it just doesn't have a rotating cup Like, you guys think I'm joking It's basically the same controls on both ear cups Just this one rotates and feels a little nicer So, we're gonna see if this goes like this on my ears, or if it gives me the touchdown I want, and it gets the three for this video

Oh, wow, that's a tight fit It's like I'm going to a shooting range, almost Wow It's got some like, reverse noise canceling It says, hurricane turbine right here

I don't know if this thing's foreshadowing about what I'm gonna hear next, but to be totally honest I'm okay with it, it's actually getting me a little excited Ooh, yeah, these headphones sound really good Both pairs sound good, you can't go wrong with either I like the tighter fit on this I don't think it's gonna last for three hours, but I'm on a quick flight, I lose these, whatever, doesn't matter, that's the whole point of this video

These are headphones you can lose and not care about I'm gonna give them a three That's a good example of headphones that look cheap, feel cheap, but sound amazing So we're coming up, I don't know if it was 12, this could be pair, I wanna say 11, my math might be wrong All I'm saying is these are the coolest pair of headphones we have in the video, almost best for last, but I know, I think these actually light up

I don't entirely know Here's the deal These things are some futuristic things Look at this Look at this

Boom So no aux cable, interesting So these are basically headphones, you can tell by the speaker right there, one right there, it says left, it says right Here your nose is actually, it's actually really important when you wear headphones, especially like this, cause if you wanna live in 2042, you can't just wear them like this, no, no, no, that is a headband That is a headband gone wrong, this is not for your hair

Here we go, boom, rests on the nose, you're in the future I'm gonna give it a three on the design, a four on build, and I'm gonna give it a three and a half, so overall three and a half on these Here's the deal, these things don't sound that bad, they look super cool so if you're picking them up for that, solid cop And for the very last pair of headphones, and then we're gonna compare my top three favorites and find out what their price is We got these, I think we've checked these out before

They're wireless, they talk a lot about stereo sound, but they come in a different color Ladies and gentlemen, boom, we got the blue light-up LEDs LEDs on the side, which I think is kinda cool with some headphones, blue color, of course you can change and stuff, on the side, that's where all the jazz is You got your play pause, answer calls, rewind, forward, volume up, volume down, I like when everything's separated When it's in the same button, what does that even mean? You're gonna try to go volume down, and you go four tracks ahead

That's just not practical So, turning these on, they should light up So, these things, when you plug them in with the micro USB port, all of them charge that way, a wireless charging pair would be really cool You guys let me know if that exists But these things show a light, almost red

I think cause the box was just so beat up, something got knocked around, and it's not actually holding a charge It recognizes it, but it doesn't actually play anything, so this is just a zero, I'm not even gonna waste my time So, that's that Those are all 12 headphones that we found on Wish, they're over-ear styles, typically the ones with Bluetooth, the ones that looked the coolest, come in at different prices That's for you guys

So it's now the top three time So after looking on Wish for hours and hours, you probably wanna know, what's the best pair of headphones, what are gonna sound the best for the price, what should look the best, what are the steals, you just wanna know the good stuff, right? So here are the top three that I picked So going from least expensive to most expensive, you guys could probably guess, these were the biggest, these had the most bells and whistles These were my favorite, but this is where it gets spicy These are $8 headphones, so everything's linked down in the description if you guys wanna check it out, and vote up in the iCard, out of all three, which one you guys wanna pick

It's finally the end, it's voting time, and drop a like in this video if you guys want us to keep doing this with different stuff like phones, laptops, you guys pick I'll be looking in the comments after this video But for $8, you can basically feel like you're flying first class, and you could be anywhere you want I like these, and then of course, you got a little sister like me, she's turning 18, so happy birthday Carson, I know you're gonna be the coolest kid on the block You're probably gonna be the hit at all the parties

Just try not to have a little too much fun These are the cat headphones, $7 $7! That's awesome! So $7, $8, and $23, if you want something swaggy, something colorful, you can also get different colors These things rotate, which is awesome, you can tuck them away, they stay compact, and they're also Bluetooth Which is cool

I mean, there's no, oh, whoa, that's dope, too Nothing like the hurricane Guessing what these things are called, the Bluedio Hurricanes You can then just go hard-wire, aux cable, you're set So whether you're charged or you're not, these are the best buy

So that's it for this video, if you guys can, make sure check out the Wishbusters playlist right up here in the iCard, and it has all the Wish content, and if you guys want another one, drop a like and get subscribed by clicking the circle button right down here Check out two more videos over here Let's see you guys next time in the future Peace (machine revving)

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