I Bought All The $1 Dollar Store Items on Wish..

– Hey, what's up guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another episode of "WishBusters" This one is the second to last episode, and a very special one because it's "WishBusters" dollar edition

Oh we're going real broke now (air whooshing) But, in this episode we are checking out $1 products on Wish And as you know shipping could be anywhere in the fluctuation of pricing It really depends, whatever they're feeling like But what we do is we buy and try items here on Wish

This video is actually sponsored by VIZIO and their new 75 inch P-Series line So what's cool about this, and I'm gonna turn it on, is it actually allows for really seamless AirPlay streaming And it also supports Apple HomeKit So, you can turn on voice commands to turn the TV on or off, or to play a specific song or a certain movie It comes with 4K HDR with Dolby Vision, so, let's turn this bad boy on

Hey Siri, turn on living room TV Perfect You can see AirPlay cues right on up So, what we're gonna do is mirror the laptop with AirPlay and just like that, you can see everything that I usually buy on my laptop back there So, how Wish works is we buy the products, then when they come eventually, sometimes they take three weeks, we rate them on a scale of one to five, and we give them a Wish, that's good, or a Dish, which is bad

But in this video, since this is the second to last episode in season two, we're doing it a little out of order And you let me know in the comments how you want season three to look What type of episodes you want, the ideas, the format You guys are gonna be watching this for a long time, it doesn't look like Wish is going anywhere, and there's a lot of new websites coming out with similar types of formats So, since we did it first, we're gonna do more of it

So, in this video, things kinda came out of order All the products actually did show up They took about three weeks and they're all in cart But unlike most episodes, where I kind of focus on the reviews because let's just take a look at a random product that's 50 cents There's a ton of reviews

So, I wanna get into the reviews And with the new 75 inch P-Series, I wanna zoom in, see how good the whites and the blacks look, see how good the detail looks, because VIZIZO's today's sponsor, let's check them out And if you wanna check out the new 75-inch P-Series, link down in the description All right, enough talking and explaining You've probably been subscribed, you know how this works

Let's see what we can find or already found Since we got a 75 incher that we just reeled on in, I'm over here for a reason So, first thing we're checking out is the base stereo hook headphones 35 millimeter in-ear earphones headset earbuds with mic

So, mostly everything's for a dollar I no longer say in the description you can check it out, but if you wanna act fast, go on Wish right after this video, usually all the prices rise But, let's see what people say I'm gonna say it once so we all know it and I don't have to repeat myself The whites with the black text, I'm not just saying it 'cause they're a sponsor, or because it's a 75-inch TV

So, I will get the old magnifying glass up and I'm gonna see You can see the pixels up close, but if you're sitting back like a normal human and you're watching some Netflix, you're watching some Hulu, whatever show you're watching, this looks really good So Khai says, "Perfect, arrived early" Carole, "Received two weeks early, haven't had a chance to try them yet" So you give it a four star Carole? How dare you

Jennifer, five stars "It came so early, thanks, I really like it" And Paul, "Excellent sound quality for the cost", four star Maybe it sounds good, maybe it doesn't, that's why we have wish or dish here on "WishBusters" I'm not gonna add it to the cart 'cause you know we already have it

But for a dollar, how many colors can you pick? Four? Am I reading that right? 692 people bought this Okay Next up for item two is a silicone AirPods case So for $168, we're getting really specific

You can pick a few colors and over 3779 people have purchased this Ashley, four stars, "Love the color! Waiting on the earbuds to see if they", what? What? What's in this photo, ear buds? Love the color, waiting on the AirPods to see if it will fit Iridia, "Fits perfect, such a silicone case and came a week earlier, definitely recommend" "It's nice and gets the job done for a dollar, you can't beat it!" How does the color look? We got a nice multicolor image On the TV, kinda just reminds me of spring

If you we're going to church and you saw a really nice spring dress Final review, Sophie "Fits perfectly and has a clasp included", and that's a five star So, we got it All right, keeping the colors going for item three

We got a dollar iPhone case Seems like it supports Samsung Galaxy S, everything up to the S10 Nice colors I mean, everything looks really, really good Actually a nice, honest listing for a dollar

How much is shipping? 4500 people bought this, and chose to review it $2 shipping Azul, "Very nice, came in early", five star Jee, "Love it, not a very a good protective case if that's what you're looking for But the color is pretty

" That's life for you, Jee Grace, "Its fit's perfectly, when I showed it to everyone, they wanted one" Well, you can tell this one's a hit at the elementary schools Ellie, "Perfect and arrived early" For a dollar, can't go wrong

Colors, colors look good You can tell that's a gold iPhone, I wanna say six maybe 6s For a dollar Donna, "Works well for my daughter, looks so cute" Okay, Elizabeth, "It came before the date and it's amazing

" That's a four star from a month ago Emmy, "It's a really good product The quality was good, but wasn't amazing, would recommend" (sighs) So, what are you trying to tell me? That's a mixed signal, as we like say on the Wish streets What does that mean? "But, wasn't amazing, would recommend

" That's a four star, sounds like you would recommend it there, Emmy Sounds like you would Item five, okay so, little bit more practical $175 okay, get a few colors, a few devices

That's just not for phones, it's multipurpose 4200 people took the chance to review this for four and a half star overall Kelsey, "Works great, love having my phone able to sit up", five star "Item arrived earlier than expected Be careful and make sure it's level

" (sighs) Measuring? There's another step to this? "Once it's there, it's there" So, that's adhesive, it's good that it's strong Patricia, "Works great, used it for remotes" This sounds like a really review "No longer trying to figure out where the remotes are in bed

" See, she's got a little humor For $175, no regrets Something that's free I'm sure this was a dollar at one point

This is our fifth time trying to to record episode eight Let's just say our neighbors are really noisy and they make music Man, I feel like a dad saying that Like, they make music Double unit in-ear earphone bass subwoofer stee, ster, what? Stereo earphones with microphone support running earbuds for Apple phone Xiaomi

"Voice is clear, bass is good more than expected" I love when it's good more than expected Harry, "From the outside looks a bit cheap, but the sound is really incredible" Actually, I'm kind of interested to try these With item seven, for free, it's a mousepad! 20 reviews, pick a color, any color

Only four colors And what are the people saying? No one wrote a review If I hit show more, what am I gonna find out? Actually, Wish's website is just not working today "Just as described", says Kenny Andrea, "Arrivato in anticipo, buon prodotto

" It arrived early and was a good product I took Italian in high school for four years Profe, I'm so sorry If you don't use it, you lose it I lost it

And for product number eight $181 for two in one adaptor for the iPhone 7, basically any iPhone with a lightning port, so, anything past the 4s No one wrote a review There's five colors

Checkin' on some photos Which sick photo and mastermind uses an iPhone 10 and then just says, "We're gonna take off the contact points on the lightning cable" Look how good this TV looks And what, what, what are these? Dual jack aux Where's the aux? Does this look like an aux to you? Unbelievable

Grand total in this episode, $26 Let's check these out All right so, up first, item one here Let's see what we got We have the phone stand

So, and this adhesive pad goes on the back so you can stick it anywhere I think it's as simple as it sounds if we can get the adhesive working I'm having to, what is, rip the adhesive just to get any kind of edge or angle on the white paper You basically just put this anywhere I'm gonna put it right here, drop it down

(TV static) How did we go from, drop it like it's hot, to that? So, I think it's pretty safe to say with the dollar adhesive phone mount, with a little bit of humidity, I dunno if this would work But, for a dollar, it's not bad No, for sure, for sure It can only hold your phone one way Next up for item number two, we have the headphones

So, these have common hook design So, if you were to take these to the gym, yeah, no, for sure, they're gonna stay in your ears There's no questions about that Well, just like that, I mean I think, for a dollar, these things are pretty durable

They fit in the ear not bad at all 35 millimeter headphone jack, so what you are gonna need is your handy dandy lightning to 35 adaptor, and then, well, all that's really left your you to do is find something to plug it into I really wanna see how these sound, so we're gonna do "Intro" by DaBaby, and also

(high pitch tone) Hear that? I don't know why, but for some reason, you hear that Ev, right? Ev hears it, I hear it, I have yet to play the song, and it's making a really high pitch noise I have to actually unplug it to make the horror stop ♪ I've got the number one record, they acknowledged the jit ♪ I will say, Intro by DaBaby, on $1 headphones Would I listen to this song and probably this album for its entirety with what are better than airplane free headphones? Yes Would I listen to this album twice over with these headphones? No

I'm gonna give these guys a four They're good, they're not amazing They're better than the free option you're normally just given and they are a wish Let's see what we got (plastic crinkling) No

Really? (TV static) All right, item number four is hopefully something that is not a phone stand I just, I just like throwing the packages around We have the microphone So, this is a 35 millimeter jack microphone

Pretty basic if your phone still has a headphone jack and you still get the 35 millimeter input So, you could technically monitor how the audio's sounding if you wanted Kinda cool, nice they add this in there So, here we go, my big performance

So, you can see, it's actually the microphone picking up the input This is the test of all tests We are here to test out if a dollar, put to the test, can make a pop star, not a rock star, but a pop star All right, item five, but really item four is a clear At a dollar, if this is all you're gettin', man

So, I found a pair of AirPod 2s, put 'em in the case If you really wanna know where TechSmartt's going and where "WishBusters" season three is headed, it's none of this, you know, $1 stuff The AirPods case, surprisingly, is a case with a carabineer and it protects your AirPods So, it's probably gonna help if you have a problem losing these I'm on my 40th pair, I have found three pairs recently, so now on pair 37, but the problem still remains

Is this AirPods case for a dollar, a wish or a dish? I'm giving it a four, it's a wish It works, it's cheap On to item number six Nope, it's the same microphone as the one we just checked out To my knowledge, we're really only on item number four

Technically, item six We're just gonna correct it and just call it item seven We have an iPhone 10? Got the iPhone XS Max here If you own one of the Apple cases, that you probably paid, I mean, doesn't matter how much you paid, you over paid

Get lost We're trying out the dollar iPhone case So, let's throw this in And, just like that, it's as simple as you would think it would be It's a basic salmon iPhone XS Max case

But, for a dollar, I mean, this isn't a bad option Stylish, I think that's to be determined It's really up to you Let me know in the comments if you think this, in any color that you could find, would be stylish And yeah, scale of one to five, giving it a five, it's a wish

It's the mousepad So, we got it in GMG orange I kinda mess with the orange, for a dollar You can pick this up in any color which isn't bad if your measuring the benefits versus the value It's basic mousepad

If this is a cheap mousepad you need, it's got a wrist guard so, it's better than nothing and I think that the biggest thing I'm gonna say This mousepad is better than nothing So, I just always keep a Razer DeathAdder between my legs For a dollar, I don't even need to show you Apex Legends or Fortnite Scale of one to five, I'm gonna say it's a give

I dunno why I hold up the mouse This is a five, it's a wish Item number eight is, am I bleeding? I'm actually bleeding (TV static) See what we got, without cutting open our thumb Another pair of earbuds

So, we have a pair of earbuds with 35 millimeter tip, pretty basic Really interesting looking design You have my right thumb, which is bleeding, but that accent the detail The ear tip, what is basically just a clear earbud, that I am hoping, I am really hoping sounds better than the first pair

We're gonna go with something a little lighter A little house musicy, some Armin van Burren, "Don't Let Me Go" Instantly, instantly better Here comes the bass drop (upbeat bouncy music) Whoa! (TV static) These earphones, not headphones, earphones are delightful Like, am I at 100% volume? I am

Zero to five, giving it a five Is it a wish or is it a dish? It's a wish Buy these earphones So, last but not least is product, item, whatever you wanna call it, number nine It's a little guy

It is the lightning to lightning lightning splitter So, if you only have one lightning port on your phone Well, now you have two Does this work, Ev what do you think? No, Ev says not a chance on this green earth does this work We have our amazing headphones

We're gonna plug those into the headphone side, with the adaptor Geez, that's the hardest thing to plug in We're gonna plug in our charge cable and the main thing that I wanna see is the iPhone XS Max charge Well, it did the first thing, it charged So, let's see if we can back to our jam session of full volume, all the bass

Yes! Phone is still charging, we're jamming A wish or dish? Total five, absolute wish, you should buy this All right, so that's gonna do it for "WishBusters" episode number eight, the $1 edition Hope you guys enjoyed it Make sure the vote up in the icon what your favorite product was in this video

If I had to pick, I'm giving it to the world class dollar earphones Really, the best earbuds in the game I have never been so surprised by something that you probably wouldn't consider buying unless someone, like myself, told you to check it out So, that's gonna do it for this video If you guys are new, make sure you subscribe so you don't miss another episode of "WishBusters" and make sure you drop a like if you guys want more videos

Let us know in the comments what you wanna see for season three and check it out on Instagram It's just @techsmartt if you ever wanna see some behind the scenes, see me traveling, all the other stuff and I'll catch you guys next time

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