I Bought a $16 AirPower on Wish – Dumbest Products Edition

– Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for another episode of Wish busters, the show where we buy and try items here on Wish I've been reading your comments, I know you've been writing them

We're going for the dumbest products you can buy on Wish Someone's gotta do it, someone's gotta buy the stupid stuff That's gonna be me, here we go (air rushing) (chill electronic music) In this one, we're going for the dumbest products you could possibly find on this website Stuff that just looks weird, doesn't really look to be true

Honestly stuff that's so cheap you're probably askin' how does this actually work? And that's what I'm about to find out, how it actually works So we're jumping on Wish and we're gonna just start it off We're gonna search an iPhone case And I know, I just know the comments right now are, kinda stupid, an iPhone case? I have an iPhone case I don't mean it like that, I mean it like, here's a $2 iPhone case that is New Luxury Toughened Glass Case Cover for Apple iPhone 6 7 8 X XS XR MAX

So we're just gonna buy it for the iPhone XS Max, gonna get it for $3 Toughened Glass Case What are other people saying? That's what matters, right? I got a new iPhone case, I love it, Sheila, three days ago All right, that's not what we're looking for Anastasia, Just perfect! The only thing, I wish they had gold but the rose gold so it will just look like to XS

Man, these reviews on Wish, they just gotta get more interesting somehow, please A name that I can't read, (stammers), yep, Best case I've had for the XR, great feeling and fit All right, sounds great, we're going for it (imitates drum roll) A quick break from buying some dumb products on Wish, here's something that isn't dumb, CyberGhost VPN If you guys haven't checked out CyberGhost VPN, link down in the description, and if you don't know what a VPN stands for, it stands for virtual private network, if you're browsing the internet you wanna be browsing safely, but more importantly securely

And some of the advantages with a VPN are being able to access streaming sites where ever you go in the world, being able to watch specific sporting events that could be blocked in your region, or being able to access geo-restricted websites and content What's also really cool is you can stay safe and anonymous on public WiFi networks With just one CyberGhost VPN subscription, it covers up to seven devices simultaneously, so there's apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Fire Stick, Linux and more So for just $275 per month for 18 months, you can check it out with the link in the description below and there's a 45 day money back guarantee, so why not give it a try? All right, let's get back to buying some dumb products now

I was gonna buy it anyway, I wanted to find one, I typed in AirPower, and we got an AirPower lookalike, I mean it can charge your AirPods, your Apple Watch, and your iPhone, for $19 with nine reviews, not a single review Show more, anything? Super thin We just got stars, that's all we got is stars (sighs) Do we go for it? $19? A tri wireless charger? I mean this sounds pretty dumb to me! This one, it looks like Apple's Easter iPhone cases that have more of the pastel colorway Silicone Case for Apple iPhone XR, XS, iPhone XS MAX, original cover for iPhone 5, a lotta iPhones

But is it too legit? Ahh I don't know, it looks kinda similar I think it's worth a shot Julia, it's very soft inside, but the outside is a bit slippery, and there are small holes at the top from delivery What delivery? But the case is really cute, and I love it Harmoni, it came it early, looks just like the original iPhone case and I actually think it is? Great product, definitely recommend

All right so English is definitely the strong suit on these products, it's not why we're buying 'em We're gonna grab it for the iPhone XR, we're gonna get it in yellow $3? The reviews are sayin' it all Speaking of iPhone XRs We got an iPhone XR here for $489, drop a like in this video, I'll do a 10 crazy Apple products you probably couldn't find on Wish video

I mean this thing's pretty expensive out of like $500, I'm a little out of breath just even seeing the price tag, it is refurbished, and there's only one review, it's four star Omg it is perfect, I absolutely enjoyed it, from Sarah So you gotta trust it $500 for an iPhone XR, you know I got one, do I need another? Oh this is just stupid 360 degree Lazy Bed Gooseneck Desk Mount Stand Holder for iPad Samsung and Android Tablet

If you really just wanna be that lazy and blow your eye sockets, you now have a clamp you put to your headboard and have your tablet just inches away from your eyes in the morning We're gonna give it a shot, for $5 Samantha, it's stronger than I had expected, I haven't used it yet So how is it stronger than you expected Samantha? But I know when I do, I'm gonna love it And just more emojis than I think the keyboard even has

Wow that's a lot of emojis Luis, fits perfect, needs a little elbow grease to get it exactly where you want it That's an honest review, that's what we wanna hear You can get it in a few different colors, we're gonna get it in black for the bed, have it match, $8, we're buying it, we got four things in the cart, we're cruisin'! All right, let's see what else I'm gonna type in stupid

Kinda interesting, be unable to break Speed up to 40% I don't know how a Lightening cable that definitely isn't made for iPhone certified, is 40% faster at speed what? Data? Power? We'll find out, for $3? You gotta love it Just got a random charging cable Any reviews? Of course not

12 meter, that's all we're gettin'? Can we get it in red? For $3 What is this, another cable? USB 31 Nylon Braided Lights LED Micro USB Wow that's a fat cable for a dollar, and it's verified? It looks like Thor on the outside of it, it's lighting up, when you're not charging it should show you a blue light, when you are charging a red light, and when you're full, another blue light

Reviews time Thank you Wish, really fast delivery, on 20 days I received Bara is that just some sarcasm there? 20 days? Gr6 love it? Working great? You're a few numbers off there, but it's okay Trusted and good shipping, okay This sounds like the product for me

Six things in the cart, what is this? Fashion Cute Burger Popcorn Style It's an AirPods case, shaped like McDonald's but we tried to get around the logo, and did an all right job, I mean people will know what you got We got a hamburger, $3 Pretty dumb But whatever, it's on Wish

This is cool but I wish the Hamburger design was all around inside of just in the front Instead, what? All around the inside of just in the front I don't know how to translate these Wish reviews Leah, super cute and it protects my AirPods the way it should There's an emphasis on that, the way it should! Fits well, my girl thinks it's cute, Ronnie

Sounds good, for $3? Throwin' it in the cart Man these products, really gotta find something good now Oh Ev, we had a tattoo kit on here I don't think it's a dumb product, but I think it's something we might have to talk about, I'm a great artist dude I got a high school diploma, and I took Art I

– [Ev] That's enough – Ev thinks it's enough, I think it's enough, we're saving it for another video, Ev's getting a little scared I can just see him starting to sweat All right, $6 AirPods, reviews, it's a great item, works well, like the original AirPod case charges Four stars from Aziza It was great, a little big though, ExperienceDoge

Samantha, just got them today and they work so good and connecting them to phone is easy, I'm very happy Samantha's happy, she's got a lotta and symbols in there, so we got eight things in the cart Let's see what, ooh Motorcycle Anti Theft Lock, Motorcycle Bicycle Moped Scooter Disk Brake Rotor Lock So you put this on the rotor of your bike? You could throw it on one of the electric scooters, if you missed that episode, right up there in the I card

I kinda like it, I wanna see if it would work, I don't really know how it would fit around the wheel But hey it's worth a shot right? Smaller than expected, more compact, will do the job nicely for me That doesn't sound good for me at all So happy with them, I bought four All right, everyone seems pretty enthusiastic but me so I'm gonna go with blue, we're gonna hit buy

We got nine things in the cart, we just need one more thing On more, oh that's just, that's just real dumb Car Ambient Light? So you plug this USB adapter into the USB port on your car, and an ambient light shows up? Wait that's really it? Looks great, just took a while and glad I grabbed a few to give as gifts From Norm 13 days ago Renee-Julius, arrived earlier than expected, great addition to the interior of my car, love it

Everyone seems pretty happy, gonna go with purple, gonna hit buy And just like that, we got ten things in the cart for a grand total of $93 Like always we're gonna hit place order, just did it, and we're gonna see how long it takes for all these to show up, honestly Wish has been pretty good recently It's been takin' about a week, 'bout two weeks at most Maybe just maybe these products aren't all that dumb? All right, so everything took about two to three, Ev how long did it take? About three weeks

Things took about three weeks to come in, it's upsetting that I even have to say it, we didn't get the free USB light that you plug into your car, that's okay, we got a lotta heat Ev said most everything else came in, I'm excited because you guys know we ordered AirPods, the new updated ones, AirPower, buncha free iPhone cases, cables that aren't able to break I mean yeah, this is the dumbest products out there, but I mean if an AirPower actually is sold on Wish, I'm into it, I mean Apple couldn't even pull it off (reference tone beeps) Now's the time we jump right into it, we're gonna test each product out one by one, see how good it is, if it actually works with what it's supposed to, you'd be surprised on Wish, and then we're gonna rate it on a scale of Wish, being really good, and Dish, being the worst it could possibly be, and see you know, how bad every dumb product really is I mean, it's Wish, I've been surprised, you've been surprised

All right, let's set the pile of packages to the side We're gonna go in, oh it's the free iPhone case! With the Apple logo on the back, so I don't have the silicone case with me, but I do got the leather one here, and this is Apple official, it's got iPhone, it's in the right places, it's all centered So I know it might be a little hard to see, but you can see the Apple logo is centered whereas the Apple logo on the Wish iPhone case is a little off centered and that's what you'd get with the free iPhone case that you have to pay shipping on, on Wish It's always gonna be a little off, but Ev, without me telling you that, would you be able to go into an Apple store, pick up the yellow silicone case, for an iPhone X, and be able to distinguish a difference? – [Ev] I might be fooled Ev might be fooled, there's only one way to find out

Wait, you got me thinkin' this is gonna work with an iPhone X You guys can see and tell, TechSmartt didn't even know the phone he got the case for But this is actually for an iPhone XR, and this is controlling the camera up here so, you know, it works, you guys get to see a little behind the scenes I mean for an iPhone XR, not bad Ev what do you think, the mustard and ketchup combo

Out of of five Ws, how many are you gonna give it? – [Ev] Two – Ev's givin' it two Ws on his own phone case, and I'm just gonna give it back to you and you can live in agony Now onto item number two, this one feels kinda light, any guesses? What do you think I'm, what do you think I'm just talkin' to the air? Ev thinks it's the burger How'd you know? How did you know? It is the burger AirPods case So you've probably seen some AirPods cases out there ones that can wirelessly charge your AirPods if you don't wanna get the AirPod 2s, think that's a video right up there in the I card if you missed it, but this is another alternative

This is definitely a statement like, we're goin' with the AirPod 2s, you just slide 'em in? Let's just talk for a second, when making a burger, are you really gonna put the lettuce on the bottom? Ev have you ever made burgers before? Have you ever put lettuce on the bottom? – [Ev] I don't think so – That is not where it goes, I think for that, the rating is gonna have to change Now as for the AirPods case, it's functional, I mean it stays on a little bit, it's kinda startin' to peel off where you obviously pop open the AirPods, that would make sense But how do you? This Am I supposed to feed this through that hole? Do I have to poke it? Gotta lotta bag of tricks down here

Basically turning into a magician So, oh, so if you just like poke it Okay Just get rid of that So I can do this right

And just like that, Ev does that affect the rating? I mean pretty sure your AirPods don't come with a mini lanyard Put it on your finger, spin 'em around Wow Think that actually improved the product, okay AirPods case, hamburger edition, I'm givin' it a Wish three out of five Ws, it's not that bad, with the knife poppin' the hole, that really did save the day Because, I don't know if I can confidently rock this in public with there being lettuce on the bottom

Can only imagine the number of people that are gonna be like, wow that guys' dumb Yeah I mean, just watch this episode, dumb products on Wish Okay, we got one Wish, we got one Dish, now onto product three, and make sure you guys vote up in the I card, what your favorite product is in this video, we got a lot more, oh man Is this the unbreakable? This is! The unbreakable Lightening, maybe the packaging they could also make unbreakable What is that? It's just the smallest piece you could've possibly ripped off

This is, that's metal Had to do the old lick-a-roony test I don't actually wanna break this? I'm gonna try, just don't think I'm holding back if I can't I like this, so if you were to put this into you computer, it fits in there nicely on an L jack And then same thing with you phone

Oh man oh man oh man oh man, wait I cracked the screen protector on my iPhone (reference tone beeps) So if you plug that in and then plug this in your computer, I mean that's kinda flush, I mean not bad But is it really unbreakable? Don't be Ow that hurts my hand more than it hurts anything I'm gonna go out on a limb and take it at it's listing value and say this isn't breakable

This is truly unbreakable I mean metal at the bottoms, this goes in your computer this isn't gonna wear over time And this L jack, I mean as long as this isn't getting messed with, you're pretty much good Wish or Dish, total Wish, five Ws All right, wow, maybe actually dumb products aren't actually turning out to be dumb, we'll find out with product number four

Oh yeah, oh yeah This is the scooter lock, I really wanted to try this out on a Bird Scooter, but now the more that I think about it, okay that's really easy, all you have to do, I mean, we've all seen how a lock works before Turn the key, and that comes right off So the whole point of this is putting this right on the axle where a rim is, where obviously if there's something there, your bike's gonna get messed up if you try to go, or if someone tries to steal it I'm gonna test this out, I'm gonna test this out in the real world, I don't have anything to really put this on, a Bird scooter's axle's and the spokes are a little thick for this to go around, but feels pretty solid

I don't know how someone would cut this off without you seeing it, what's this? Is this like a guard? (chill electronic music) I'm gonna figure what this plastic piece is out in the real world There's just too many auras, forces in here for me to think straight We flew all the way to Hanoi Vietnam, to see in the motorbike capital of the world, where you can't drive a car because there's too much traffic, if the $1 Wish lock actually is good (chill electronic music) Now here comes the big moment we've all been waiting for $1 lock

(gasps) She doesn't think the lock is good enough, Wish prove her wrong! Oh how 'bout now? – It's married on our thing – So Wish lock, Wish or Dish? Wish, five Ws all day We gotta do more real world demonstrations! Kinda gettin' mysterious, this episode is not lettin' me down, maybe I should just switch to stupid products for the rest of time Maybe this channel's just gonna turn into stupid channel For an iPhone XS MAX, I know I got this one right

And it's kind of a nice color red (plastic crinkles) (chill electronic music) Don't laugh at me This is pretty nice, it's got a nice hard shell back, is that glass? Not only do you have double glass, but you can still kinda show off the glass back If you really wanted a red iPhone XS MAX, but you just couldn't get one, I'm into this If my phone doesn't break by the end of it

Oh dude, this is, what do you think Ev? You have a red iPhone XR, now I have a red iPhone XS MAX Not bad? Apple logo actually looks centered, the iPhone font is thick, it's almost like twice the thickness it should be But for protection on the back and also being made of glass, I'm almost tempted to throw this at the wall Just to see if it cracks the other glass that it's protecting on the actual iPhone Wish or Dish, I'm gonna give it three out of five Ws, that's gonna be a Wish for me, this case looks really good

(bangs phone on table) And there's no cracks or visible damage, we're gonna give it a four out of five Ws We're at the halfway mark All right, item number five, lets see what we Oh man, I told you I wouldn't do it again, but imma have to do it to 'em We got the I7TWS, I think these are the $4 AirPods if it only comes with one, if it comes with two

(chill electronic music) I think they're charged? Oh it's holding on for dear life Maybe they're charged? Does it come with a cable? Finally something to read, some Chinese that I'm familiar with There's also English on the other side You got a charging cable, let's actually see how these sound Oh

Oh (screen protector peels) Oh yeah No I cracked, yeah the phone's cracked The phone is like proper cracked Whoa

I didn't even look at the front Is the, of course, really? Okay okay You're gonna, you're gonna really do me like that? What? Look at this! Look at the crack and the spiderweb on this phone You saw how nonchalant I was, I didn't actually think, yeah that case is a total Dish, don't buy that This is the second iPhone XS MAX I've gone through

This wasn't AppleCare'd, so that really sucks, but let's test out these AirPods now So pretty sure if I go to Bluetooth I can hear them saying power on So I've tried to get both AirPods to sync, I could only get one connected to Bluetooth, so we're gonna listen to a Lil Tecca's Ransom Okay

If zero's the worst pair of headphones you've ever heard in your life, and 10's the best pair of headphones you've ever heard in your life, these are probably a two They're one notch above airplane headphones, the free ones, but not much higher I almost wish I didn't have this experience, Wish or Dish with the $4 AirPods? That have not improved? Definitely a Dish, one W out of five, stay away from these Now onto item, item, (plastic rustles) item seven? Are we on item seven? Ev are we on item seven? Did I miscount? I think I might've miscounted, all right Maybe I'm the dumb one in this video, that's all I've learned

This is really something interesting that I think is gonna work out, but here's the big thing, it requires a bed, and there's no bed here, but there is a desk I will test this out at home because they did on Wish, I think the reviewers and other people that bought it probably had a good time Wow That is Yeah

(stand clicks) (laughs) Okay all right, we're gonna clamp it in And then this fits, ow! Don't hurt me! You could clamp your phone in , I kinda like that And then you have this piece which creates space in between the clamp? Okay Ev, we're givin' this a shot I don't think there's a bed that's required Okay I really see this one working, there's not a lot to it, and that's the secret to Wish

Actually I'm goin' right, I'm goin' right here This is actually something you could put in like a bag or a backpack If you really wanna be lazy when you wake up or go to bed Yeah This is not the worst

I'm gonna fire a TechSmartt video up Normally you would be able to see just perfectly, but we had an incident Look at that! You can move this any direction you want What do you think about this Ev? – [Ev] I like it – Ev likes it, I like it, it's extremely useful

I'm gonna take the screen over Just give me the phone! Wow And you don't even need to hold it, I don't know why I'm holdin' it like that This is definitely a Wish, five Ws all day, put this in your bed, in your bed, next to your bed, on your bed, somewhere that you wanna watch or you normally find yourself watching YouTube or any type of content, this is awesome Now onto item eight, we're not miscounting anymore

(plastic rips) Okay We got the interesting USB type C cable Apparently this slides up I actually wanna find out Got a Pixel 3 XL here, it is dead, cable is plugged in, it does light up

Let's see if it changes colors? Does the phone even recognize that it's charging? Maybe the Pixel 3 XL will charge, it's got a big battery, it is dead So here's the problem, it's a USB A, a normal standard USB, with a USB C tip That's not necessarily the most practical, yeah some battery banks and power banks, they're still gonna have the traditional USBs, but with where the future's headed, this would've been way cooler and much more worth it if it was USB C to USB C So since the Pixel 3 maybe, or maybe It's not getting any power

Wish or Dish? Dish, zero out of five Ws, I don't have any patience I just want a cable to charge my phone Now onto the grand finale, the coolest product I think I've ever bought on Wish that Apple couldn't make The AirPower wireless charger, Air hyphen Power wireless charger, they show an iPhone, an Apple Watch, and a pair of AirPods all being able to wirelessly charge It says AirPower there, here's where the coils are, so two coils on the right, one on the left Pretty basic stuff

Ev do you think this product from wherever it came from is gonna charge with a Lightening cord or some random cable? Ev's going with the lightening, the official Wow Not bad So not official Stoked I get to practice my Chinese

Heck yeah Of course there's an English side Wow, so here is the AirPower, it says AirPower right down there, charging mat I feel like there's gotta be some story behind this where some factory was making these under the radar hoping that Apple would release theirs at a crazy price of $100, $200, we didn't actually know the price And they'd swipe on in there, take all the business with the knock off, but no Apple just scrapped the project, and we're left with the Wish AirPower

That's probably what happened, that doesn't sound all that wrong So here comes the big test, what we've all been waiting for The $20 AirPower should allegedly charge an Apple Watch, an iPhone, and a pair of AirPods that are Qi charging compatible So I got the AirPod 2s here, we're gonna set them down Oh my, that was the biggest tease of my life

I saw a light pop up on the reference monitor Where is it? Do I just gotta cheat? (chill electronic music) That's it? Okay, the iPhone XS MAX is charging I know this is the biggest deal, the greatest thing of my life, better than any child being born AirPods now? Don't let me down, come on I want three things to charge at the same time

Apple Watch maybe? (chill electronic music) I, this should work Don't just charge my iPhone I don't want that, give me something more Really? And I'll just try the AirPods Oh my, no way! Wow, the Apple watch is charging

Is it still charging? What did I do, did I have to complete the circuit or something? I'm gonna put the AirPods down again See if that was just the magic touch, the spell forces All right, okay I got it, so the producers and directors of this show have informed me, that I am stupid, and probably the least intelligent person on the entire planet, and most definitely on YouTube, the AirPower should work, and here's why it didn't Well there wasn't enough power going to it, you know it's just not supposed to get the power from the air, no you gotta give it the power, even though the name is called AirPower Here we go, we got a battery bank that is fully charged, I promise

And we might see magic happen Phone goes on, we know the phone's gonna charge, Apple Watch Goes on Boom, it actually charges And for a little bit more than just one second

And now the AirPods, the AirPods charge, you can see the light Apple Watch is still charging Phone is still charging Well there's, that doesn't work on the AirPods, the point being, you can actually buy AirPower on Wish I'll leave a link in the description if you wanna check it out

Usually we don't because the links and prices change, but this is something really special, something that I called a dumb product but actually was really sweet, wow So that is gonna do it for this episode of Wish Busters, dumbest products edition on Wish Make sure you guys vote up in the I card right up there what your favorite dumb product was, from this video my favorite has to the the AirPower, probably gonna break more things Apple couldn't even pull this off, Wish could and it had a pretty insane price, I mean I think this was like $20, you guys can check it out in the link down in the description Really this is the coolest thing that I didn't think was gonna work, it didn't look like it was gonna work, but it came through in the end

Thank you air gods And thank you AirBud, couldn't have done it without you So that's it for this one, if you guys are new make sure you guys get subscribed so you don't miss another episode of Wish Busters, drop a like if you want more, and let us know in the comments any other ideas you have, or anything else you want us to check out on Wish, and I'll catch you guys next time

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