I Bought $370 Worth of eBay Mystery Boxes

– I've been checking out a bunch of stuff on eBay recently and I came across this thing called a Mystery Box Drop a like in this video if you guys have heard of this weird invention, basically people just put a bunch of random items in a box, they put a price on it, they throw it on eBay and you don't know what you're getting

Half the time you could be getting something way over valued from the price you're paying or just absolute crap This is a new idea that I came up with I found three mystery boxes at three different prize points We're going to buy them, check them out and see what kind of tech we get (upbeat music) What's kind of crazy is, in the eBay terms of service, this is actually not allowed

This is considered a banned video because you can't sell someone a product online without them knowing what they're getting, if that makes sense We're out here trapping, we're doing the banned, illegal stuff I got three mystery boxes here The first one is at 15 bucks, do not buy if you don't want This is tech related items in it

Are you brave enough to by this And then that's the seller's name Okay, is there anything else in the description? No Alright, let's scroll It's from Illinois

Shoutout to all my Illinois peeps Twenty-one feedback, five stars I don't know if I'm trusting that He's seems like he's a trustworthy dude Let's hit add to cart

We got $100 mystery box This one's different from a new seller Tech gadgets, iPhone, Android Computer, Headphones, Smartwatch Now, that incites me That probably incites you too

All items are perfectly functional Perfectly functional, that means it could be a used item, could have a bunch of scratches on it There's one other person watching, that could be us There's only one available and the worst part is, you can make an offer on all these boxes How much feedback does this dude have? He's from LA, okay, so we'll probably get it soon

Seventy-eight feedback I trust it, I trust it a little more Let me know in the comments right now if you think we're going to get a bunch of crap or some actual tech I'm so skeptical, this is the first time I've actually tried this Let's jump to the 250 box

This is where it gets interesting This is why I actually want to spend 250 bucks Mystery surprise box, I like a surprise Samsung Galaxy phone or other electronics guaranteed I'm willing to take the risk because they hooked me in the Samsung Galaxy phone

That'd be dope if we got a new S8 I'd love that Maybe, we're all hopers and dreamers out here, hopefully The description says Samsung Galaxy phone or other electronics guaranteed That's a fat guarantee if you're asking me

All used, but in great working condition All AT&T carrier Understand this is as is, no returns The fact that he put AT&T in there tells me we might be getting a phone Hopefully, don't rip me off

Who's the seller? Oh, it's from Missouri, alright Seventeen feedback We're probably getting scammed We are probably getting scammed Let's add to cart

Okay, so we got them all in cart here, $250 one, $100 one, $15 one Grand total comes out to 374 bucks Are we going to get $374 worth of tech or gadgets? I really hope so Let's hit checkout (drumming) I'm getting pumped

I'm getting pumped for it Cool, so just like that we placed the order Now, let's wait for all the mystery boxes to arrive Let's see what we get So, it's been about a week and all three mystery boxes have arrived

We got our $15 one, the $100 and the $250 one I just wrote on them just so I know and just so you guys know which is which Now, the $15 one has an interesting story The other two came no problem, everything was good with the sellers But as soon as I bought the $15 one and that's the one we'll check out first, eBay actually messaged me and was like, hold up, dude, don't send them money

If the money's already been sent, it's fine, hopefully you'll get your box, we'll back you up But as soon as I bought this, the listing just disappeared It was one of those sketchy posts and eBay was like, dude, just be careful So, here's the $15 one I don't know what to expect

I kind of forgot what these listings said, so we're just going to be surprised It was 15 bucks with $3 shipping Alright, this is looking promising This is really looking promising I think we got more than $15 worth of stuff

We got this VR headset Is this a used VR headset? I own the exact same one from the dollar store and it goes for $5 So, we're already coming out with $5 worth of stuff Dude, that's so janky That is so janky

I'll try this out in a sec, let's see what else we got Some Xbox 360 games, yes You know I have an Xbox, I love my 360 Madden 11, MW3, wait, two copies of MW3 We got one of the disks for Forza 4

The content install disk I think we're good Let me know in the comments if you guys have and Xbox or a PS4 We got a disk, is it scratched? Uh, not too bad NW

Literally, why, why, why throw it in there? Why, why do this to me? Alright, what is this? Yo, what is? Is this a bouncy ball? Some headphones with tinfoil on the side I get why it's a $15 mystery box I can't even get mad

Dude, how long were these headphones used for? I got to wipe these down with some Clorox wipes The loudness of these headphones is probably a one out of 10 I see why it's in a mystery box I mean, these look like a good pair of headphones in their prime But I think they're way past their prime

The $15 box was pretty disappointing, so let's try out the $100 one Hopefully we got some better stuff that isn't too used Oh, I'm feeling optimistic Is that a sealed game? This person went all out I know this

We got a Popsocket? This is good vibes That's actually useful, brand new I think we got a brand new movie

Okay, what else? Another VR headset I'm good Sundance Film Festival It's a Google Cardboard with a Oo, that's kind of cool What's in here? No way Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa A Google Home Mini? This is brand new

I don't even have one of these Yo, a detachable USB C to USB A cable I'm digging this I'm digging this guy A battery pack

Wait, wait, wait, does this have fast charging? This is a reputable brand It's got fast charging on their too Wow I think that's a battery pack It's not a battery pack, it looks like it's just a wall plug with four extra USBs

Another USB C to USB A cable Some binoculars Heck yeah And they work They work really well, yo

Check that out A cable to charge with the battery pack And then another USB C cable I'm actually excited to continue doing more of these Drop a like if you guys want another one

Wow Popsocket, binoculars, a movie, a battery pack We definitely got more than $100 worth of stuff At least, I feel that way Okay, so real quick, here's the deal

I showed you guys the $250 mystery box All three mystery boxes, but I don't know where the clip is of me actually opening the box This is what we got We got two Galaxy Note 4s, a Galaxy Tab 3 with LTE and then two OtterBox cases I think eBay must have broke into the studio, hacked into my laptop and deleted that clip since the whole mystery box thing is against their terms of service

Here's what we got, lets go charge them up and see if they work I don't think they'll work We got two out of the three devices charged up The Note 4 in the middle is chilling, it works I've been on it a little bit

It's a Note 4, what can you expect This phone's a little old What's cool about the Note 4 is it was the last Note to have a removable back Kind of a nice feature, you don't see this anymore You don't even have the official batteries

We got a gold knockoff battery I mean, hey, it does the job The phone's powering on, so I guess that's better than the white one here Basically, I got it to turn on and then it just kept going through boot loops and it's no longer turning on S Pen comes in here, so that's kind of chill

It works I'm mean, I'm pretty happy that we got two Note 4s and a Galaxy Tab 3 The Galaxy Tab 3, I've never seen one of these in my life and what's interesting is it has the old YouTube app on here so I don't know how long this tablet has been offline or hasn't been updated for Interesting and this is a cellular model, so I'm guessing when they bought the Note 4s, if they bought two, that's why I have the Note 4 They obviously didn't want them

They got a free Galaxy Tab 3 So, for 250 bucks, with everything that we got Some OtterBox cases Apparently it didn't protect one of the Note 4s well enough because it doesn't work I would say, I'm not disappointed

What's interesting is, if you go on eBay right now and you just look up what a Note 4 is going for, it's going for 140 bucks, a refurbished model For spending 250 bucks on a mystery box, we got some OtterBox cases, these are always going to have value A Galaxy Tab 3 that works A Note 4 that works and then I'm going to say half of a Note 4, so a Note 2 I'm not disappointed

This was amazing That's going to do it for this video Make sure you guys get subscribed and you turn notifications on If you guys want a second mystery box video and comment down below letting me know if you guys are just joining the notif squad Make sure you follow us on the Instastory because you're going see all the behind the scenes for all these videos

And that's it Really wasn't a mystery Peace (upbeat music)

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