I Bought $25 AirPods from Walmart

– Hey what's going guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for kind of an interesting video I was doing my daily searches on AirPods, just trying to see what's out there, and something interesting came up

It was from Walmart So now Walmart is selling AirPods I have so many questions (tech music) Okay guys, if you wanna check out anything in this video I'll leave it linked down below First and foremost, I've made so many videos on AirPods, thank you guys so much for the love if you've just recently got subscribed

There has been so much hype since the Louis Vuitton AirPods, all the way down to the $4 fake AirPods down to three AirPod tricks you should know If you guys missed any of those videos, they'll be right up there in the iCard Our poster had an oopsie there, but you guys have seen all the videos on these, all the tips, tricks, the real ones, the fake ones, the train ones, the $4 ones It doesn't matter, but when it comes to Walmart I have so many questions Why are they selling AirPods? Are they the real AirPods? Are they the $159 ones? Are they the i10S? The i11S? There are so many videos coming up on more AirPods because the AirPod 2s are coming out, but I only think it's fair before those come out to jump on Walmart and finally see what's going on

Obviously this is going down through the Walmart Marketplace So obviously sellers, kind of like on Wish, can go ahead and post up a photo, sell it, and then ship it and fulfill it through Walmart But that's just too much for me That's too much for you You wanna see me waste all my money to see how bad Walmart's AirPods are or if there's a secret we didn't know about

The first thing to do is to get all these ordered I have no idea where this is gonna turn So I guess first thing to type in is Walmart AirPods, don't even type in AirPods on Walmart's site So walmart airpods Here we go, I have $35 for wireless headphones

Sold through Walmart Walmart's actually selling the real AirPods now, like two years later I know they've had 'em in stock But I just gotta get to the bottom of this All right, so clicking in we have the i8X compared to the i11s

I don't know how they'll sound I know how the i10S sound Drop a films on this video if you guys want me to do a video on TechSmartt 2 maybe comparing all of them together Maybe it'll be on here Only if this just keeps getting bigger and bigger

Let me know in the comments if there's any other pairs you guys want me to try I've tried finding the i12s Unless one of you sends them to the PO Box it's not happening

I've ordered six times now All right so the first pair here, Wireless Headphones Bluetooth V42 So definitely not the i11s or the i12s I think those might have 5

0 So kinda like all good things, we gotta read the reviews and the description i8X compatible, iPhone X, 8Plus So just a copy and pasted description Four to six hours of continuous music

I don't know about that Ev The charging box only takes one and a half hours to charge and the wireless earbuds only take one hours to fully charge, plural All I wanna find out is how good they sound I mean i8X, I don't think I checked those out in the Wish video If you guys missed that where I bought all of 'em on Wish, right up there in the iCard

This is just one of the pairs Don't think this is what we're getting from Walmart, but you never know Let's see what these reviews are saying We'll get a few more added in Are you ready Ev? One review, one star

It says don't buy this Okay, so this is literally the worst purchase of my life It didn't work It was not to scale and it would not connect I decided to buy this considering it had 5 stars and I disregarded the fact that it only had one review and naively just purchased it

Don't make the same mistake February 28, 2019 So that's kind of a freshy That's definitely a recent one We're just gonna go in

We're just gonna add to cart All right, so just jumping right into the next listing There's $35 right there Let's see what these White Bluetooth Wireless Pods These look an awful lot like the ones from Wish

I know it when I see it I bought all of them after all So we'll just go with, there's not even a white pair? There's one review and it also has one star For $1499 do you think you're getting two or is that just the one pod price? I mean, compared to the first one, $36 is for two

I wouldn't be surprised if only one showed up Wish has definitely shown me a different side of the world Ergonomic design ensures comfort wearing without hurting your ears no matter how long time you wear it in the gym or running Ev, how long time are you wearing your AirPods? Wow, enjoy an untangled music experience Perfect partner for sports enthusiasts especially

This is why you gotta read the descriptions These are the i7TWS, so four generations later the i11s or the i10s This is just one big phenomenon I didn't think we'd get into, but that's why you're watching TechSmartt and you never know what will happen Let's just check this one review out I think we got a few more

We're not buying all of them on Walmart They're probably very similar, if not 100% like the ones on Wish So let's see what this review says Will not connect without turning off immediately Oh man, we're in for a good one

Difficult to set up and rose gold color was not as advertised It's pink, just pink Battery didn't even last a movie Geez I don't know why I find enjoyment, and you're probably laughing at home just reading someone else's miserable review

I hope they got refunded I really hope that's the Walmart way So we got two pairs of pods added to the cart Let me know in the comments right now if there's any other pairs that I might be missing on Walmart's site It seems like these are just the two most popular ones

$24 What could these be? (mumbles) 221 reviews So I'm feeling good by GooPro, not GoPro, about their Wireless Earbuds Stereo They got a button on the side, and it's good they're very open about that They're not insecure about having a button on the side compared to like the real AirPods

So for $24, I'm assuming we get two pairs, 221 people bought these Wait, no way So Bluetooth 41 Did the last listing say GooPro sound? No way

Okay, so changes it up a little bit listing the listing We aim to show you accurate product information Don't know if that's always true in this case, but the GooPro sound Bluetooth 41 headphones looks like the i7TWS because of the Bluetooth settings We'll find out when we get 'em

Seems like we're just finding a duplicate But the fact that 221 reviews are on here, four out of five stars Does that sound right? So far so good I've had other Bluetooth headphones from another company and I accidentally left it in my pocket and washed it twice Surprisingly it still works

I bought another one just in case Sound quality's great Battery life lasts about four hours I wish it came with its own charger plug but I do have a spare one I'm sure if you have an iPhone or if someone in your family owns an Apple device, you're probably covered

Great alternative to AirPods These are pretty awesome I use them for running and have no issues of them falling out or hearing any noises as I pound into the pavement Wow, we got a really good runner there, Ev (whimsical music) I can barely feel that I'm even wearing them

I've been using them with a Series 1 Apple Watch and they pair up automatically and within seconds of turning them on So that's good to hear Maybe this is the real winning pair Okay, so this is a two-star review But I kinda think it's telling

These earbuds are much too large for the average user You might be able to use them if you have very large ears I've included a picture with an unrealistic photo on the box Which makes them look much smaller than they are and another with the earbuds in my hand for reference Oh my, what, dude

Those don't even have holes on them How is music gonna get played or any audio feedback gonna happen? So it looks like there's only a cutout on the tip where you put it into your ear So there's no speaker there, speaker there, and that's what the box looks like? Just a pair of ears Just a pair of ears I actually think from the photos that might be the real pair of AirPods, but not the ones that ended up on the site

Doesn't matter, we're gonna buy 'em And I think find one more pair And I think we should be good All right, this last pair has got some futuristic red laser beams I think it's just the LED indicator

So I'm guessing the i7TWS HBQ-i7TWS, so maybe a little bit better quality, higher better quality That's probably what HBQ stands for, right, Ev? The reviews on this This might be the second most bought pair of AirPods on Walmart's site outside of obviously the official AirPods So four and a half out of five stars

These things are awesome Great base, cool charging pack, long battery life, outstanding sound, and so easy to use Great product, would recommend to anyone Okay, so everyone's ecstatic Excellent base, cancels out the noise, lagging sound, and broken within five days

Just look at that The cords fell out of the bottom part of the AirPod where it's supposed to charge Yeah, that's definitely a problem, what happened? I can't tell if that's like, do you think that's circuitry? A dirty laptop or just maybe a defective one that probably got replaced or probably hopefully was replaced My daughter got these for Xmas I purchased the protection plan for them to tell me it wasn't covered by my daughter's accident

Was charging her earphone and went to take them off and well one came apart and one of the wires also broke And that was from January 31, 2019 So I don't think it's safe to assume anything The pictures look enticing, kind of like every Wish video All we're really gonna do is just add it to cart

I have no protection plan on this one Okay, all right, all right, just wanted to ask Four pairs in, $120 about to be spent I don't know, Ev, how you feelin' about this one? We've checked out basically every pair of AirPods, I mean, with the exception of the i12s, got the i11s here, on planet Earth Any other pairs we haven't seen you think? You let us know in the comments

Now we wait It took a few days but everything showed up from Walmart Actually three pairs were ordered So let me kinda give you guys the rundown These went for $25, these for 34, and then the i8X

As you can probably figure out, cost $36 That was the most expensive pair, and we're gonna see really what Photoshop does compared to what we actually got I guess the classic unboxing of just all these really quickly I mean, let's not make this longer than it needs to be Smallest box, do you think two earphones are coming? It only says earphone

So mighta been duped on that one And we're just rippin' through Oh, we're in luck today We got two And then the i8TWS

The i8X, Ev But these look to be the largest on the list So these are the i8X compared to the regular AirPods You guys can obviously see the size difference Yeah, the pods are pretty big

Don't think this is I anything worthy Like I wouldn't even wanna put these in my ears And finally hopefully the i7TW, we checked these out before These definitely are from the Wish video You do got some colors

Do these come with a case? I have a feeling, I mean these are from Walmart That's what you gotta keep in mind Oh, we have the classic charging cable So I guess that's what you're left with You're probably thinking, how do these actually stack up compared to what we saw online

So prices are around from $25 to $36 from Walmart So think it's really gonna come down to how they sound And Ev, would you be buying a pair? I mean, it's your local Wish Okay, if you power 'em on I mean, it's basically like the Wish video

Same kinda setup It's how eCommerce works And just throwing 'em in the ear, you got the Cognoli Oh, I hear it connecting Guess there's really only one thing to do

Make sure you guys check out the playlist linked down in the description It's just the PBJam It's updated every single Friday Make sure you just click the link It'll take you to Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube music, whatever platform you have, we're going in, Ev

We're gonna see if these work for reals Up first is the $25 pair And we got Slushii and Sofia Reyes Never let You Go So it's on the playlist at 100% volume Not to damage the ears

Really test these knockoffs out Eeww All right, you take a listen It's not bad For $25 I'm kind of into it

These aren't the HBQ ones Those are coming up next But I gotta double check Are these the HBQ ones They are not, just the i7TWSs

We've seen these before They're pretty loud No case though So only way to charge 'em you need to have that cord It's not a fun cord to carry around

And what's interesting to see, and the reason why I'm testing all of these, is the connectivity So I mean, for $25 these connect right on up There's buttons on the sides Pretty easy to navigate around and they work Next up is the $34 pair

These are the i7 HB, wait, hold up These are the HBQ-i7TWS's That was a tongue twister there I mean, I think we know what to expect The pods have the same kinda LED setup

There's a button on here Where the other one would be, smaller button though It says the same pair Wait, is this real Oh man, they're just called the same thing

Under a different listing Let's give this a go Whoa, it's a little bit more balanced I'm not lying on that Hmm, what do you think about the case, Ev? Is it a look? Is it bad? I mean, microUSB on the back versus lightning? They sound better

HBQ means something, higher better quality That's what I'm saying ♪ As long as I'm with you ♪ ♪ I never let you go ♪ How do they sound to you guys? CAn't really hear it The bass is definitely there on it Whatever that means on a $34 pair of Walmart AirPods

Pretty impressed Whoa it just cuts out when you take one out of your ear Does it pause? Maybe a full video needs to go down, i7s versus i8s, i9s, i10s, i11s, i12s? Drop a thumbs if you want it ♪ Tory Lanez gettin' freaky on the beat ♪ ♪ Ev AirPods on the street $34 Walmart ♪ ♪ We up here holler ♪ Mmm, mmm I like it $34, not that bad

What I wanna see is what the i8Xs are all about They look the most similar to I think what real AirPods are A beautiful pair that's givin' it the best shot it can The i8X So same kinda light, it's rounded

You have the micro USB at the bottom so not on the back Looks a little bit more convincing All right, size comparison time So in front of me we've got the i8s, the i7s, and then the i7 HBQs right there, then the real AirPods You guys can kind of see a full size comparison

We're going into the i8Xs Hitting the button, see how these sound The i8Xs Okay These are a completely different sound stage than the other two

It sounds the fullest out of the three Bass isn't that low but it's the most rounded And they don't like it when you take 'em out of your ears So I guess we can all be robots forever Not bad

$36, $34, and $25 Walmart, you've surprised me This is kind of an interesting video that one of you guys recommended in the comments As you guys know, I do read 'em and reply basically after every video From Walmart here's kind of the final low down

You can kind of see where the thickness comes, I guess the bulkiness of some AirPods compared to others, but what's really interesting is how they sound and how they optimize that space I mean, as you would expect, the most expensive pair, the i8Xs do sound the best out of really all of them It's the most rounded But compared to the real AirPods we're not really that far off with clones, and that's kinda why I think a full clone comparison at the end between every number really everything, so just put it to rest It's probably needed so drop a thumbs if you guys want that

Make sure you hit subscribe if you're new and join too to become a member Super easy, get some perks, and it's pretty cheap so that's it Make sure you hit up the Instagram, it's just TECHSMARTT, and I'll catch you guys next time

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