Fake Galaxy S9+ Clone vs Fake iPhone X Clone – Which is Worse?

– What's good guys? Keaton here So, in front of me I have two phone, a Galaxy S9+ and then an iPhone X

Quickly vote up in the icard which you think is real and which you think is fake Gotcha! The S9 is actually fake and the iPhone X is too These are just both fake boxes with fake phones inside So basically the Galaxy S9 is officially set to drop February twenty-fifth in Barcelona, Spain at Mobile World Congress I myself may actually be there so make sure you guys keep a lock to the instastory

So this is clone wars where I'm gonna take the fake iPhone X and pit it up against the fake Galaxy S9+ to see what's really good So you might be saying to yourself, "Keagan, dude, like, how did you get a fake Galaxy S9 The real one's not even out yet, like, dude, did you steal it? Like, what kind of magic's goin on?" And actually my boy Arun, Mr Whose the Boss, hooked me up early so I'll leave a link to his video in the description below Again, we've got two fakes in front of us, the Galaxy S9, the new one that you probably haven't seen, and then the fake iPhone X

I actually did a video on this where I checked it out It's 125 bucks I'll leave links down below to both of these fakes if you're interested There you go If your phone screen is powering on white, you're getting a white screen here at start up, you know it's fake

You guys crushed it We basically determined how bad was it and it's not that bad So let's just jump into the fake iPhone X box You guys have seen this We 're just gonna do this real quick

So box looks not too bad I just got it flipped upside down I have to take a quick peak at that, man Does that look legit? They don't make a gold iPhone X so that's how you know it's not legit And the reason I make these videos is so if you're going on Craigslist you're not getting scammed

It's happened to me It's happened to all of us But here we go Here is the iPhone X clone All right, we're gonna go and power that on

Of course it's already powered on And I have a QR code sticker on the back This is actually the video where I sold an iPhone X to Walmart If you guys missed that I'll leave a link right up there in the i-card Cool

What other accessories do we get? We get our charging cube, some ear pods, and then just the basic lightning cable What's interesting is no lightning adapter That's a catch So some of the dead giveaways on this iPhone X, and remember fakes are always getting better and better, this might already be outdated But this cost me 125 bucks

So you guys know with the real iPhone X there actually is a notch in place of the screen So, this is my real one Oh, hey, there's the insta, maybe throw a follow down And this is the fake one You can see the just basically put a fake notch on the screen to make it look like an iPhone X

Also, when you pull down, try to get in the control center Well, sometimes it works Come on, do it for the video All right, well, that's also a dead giveaway So with the fake iPhone X's you can actually enable a battery percentage so just go into settings real quick, battery, then battery percentage

Whereas, on the real one, you can't The only way to check the battery percentage is when you unlock it Cool, and then you pull down So this one's not even pullin down Another complete giveaway is the installed apps

So when you swipe over you should see some bloatware, I know Samsung has a bunch of it It's not too bad though On the fake iPhone X, when you go into extras, you see this random downloads tab and then fm radio And when you go to delete em, the phone crashes, like, actually You can't actually delete em

I'm not sayin another fail, but, yup, that's another fail Now let's check out the fake Galaxy S9 I can't believe this phone is even out yet Drop a link in this video if you guys are team Galaxy or team iPhone I love all of you

I'm actually using the S8+ a lot more just cause the S9 is about to drop Packaging is crazy good 62 inch screen, rounded on the corners, 12 megapixel camera on the back, 8 on the front, that's gonna look good Okay, a lot of the same stuff as the Galaxy S8

Let's open this up Wow, I guarantee you this is gonna be the same box I have a feelin Wow Galaxy S9+

Okay, so here's the phone, a travel adapter, some headphones, and then just the charging cable This is is USBC, like the S8+ I would die if like, you guys had the real phone all along (laughs) Like, okay Whoops, didn't know

Take off the sticker Wow, that display looks real good On the back, this is actually gonna be made out of glass, it's just like a plastic for now Can't get everything right It's plastic on the back you know it's fake

Oh, maybe, ya, no, you definitely know it's fake Wow, we're in S9, dude, before it's even been released Wow, the S9 just right off the bat feels way better Can I do it? Maybe? The iPhone's hackin it, it doesn't want me to say it

I was gonna say the S9 feels a little bit better than the iPhone 10 It feels less laggy It feels like a proper phone How are the buttons? Volume buttons are solid This is the Bixby button

I'd love it if they'd let us change that, that'd be great Samsung Power button, the top SIM card, USB at the bottom, and then a headphone jack Kinda nice, whereas with the iPhone the buttons are kinda cheap feeling Kind of feel like plastic a little bit The mute switch is just nasty

I don't even want to know where that's been And the power button on the side It's not too bad The Galaxy S9 definitely takes the cake here And the S9 honestly feels heavier than the iPhone

I know a 6 inch screen versus what wanted to be a 58 inch screen? I don't even know So one of the new features on the iPhone X is face ID where it basically will unlock the phone with your face Now on the S9 it looks like Iris scanning is still there but a new addition is the fingerprint reader It's actually below the camera versus to the side

I kinda like this Let's see if this actually works I'm jumping a set I don't want my location on You gotta love these clones, right? And honestly for 112 bucks the S9 clone is doin pretty well

So, we're gonna go into security, screen lock, fingerprint, draw and unlock pattern, super safe All right, now time to do the fingerprint So I'm gonna place my finger on the back Pretty sweet All right

Is it just that simple? Can I lock it? No way it's that fast I'm not even trying to touch it and it's unlocking Ready? That is fast That is the fastest fake I have ever seen All right, let's try it on the iPhone X

So there's no fingerprint reader I wish they'd put it on the power button That was my idea originally Apple doesn't Apple watches my videos as you guys could probably tell So we'll do the passcode, reset face ID You can see it's kind of like a face ID I'm gonna move my face

It says registered successfully I'm just gonna turn all these on to see if it shows up Sometimes it shows up, other times it doesn't, well, like you just saw there It's not choosin to show up, so, wow Fingerprint reader, lightning fast

Wow, dude, setting up Iris was that fast All right, let's see if it unlocks it with my eyes – (Kyle) Wait, does Samsung have a thing called 'Iris'? – Ya, it's called Iris – (Kyle) Is it Siri backwards on purpose? – Oh, Kyle, you've cracked the code Iris is Siri backwards

You cracked the code It makes sense all along I was just going to give a Nicholas Cage reference – What's in the bag? A shark or something? – Next up, something I always love to test is the camera Sometimes the fakes have good cameras, other times they don't

Let's start with the iPhone X Not a bad photo It doesn't look too bad Let me know in the comments how you guys feel Wow, that looks like the worst photo I have ever seen

Now on the fake S9, it looks dramatically better Maybe not I don't know I feel like the iPhone X is a little bit more color and saturation This just looks like a sad pale kid

iPhone wins here Also, I don't know, I'm just looking at the screen now, the screen on the S9 looks way better than the fake iPhone X But these bezels though, I don't think this is gonna be real I think it might just be the fake one Look how thick these bezels are

No way Samsung's doing this No way So in clone wars, there can only be one winner and I'm gonna have to give it to the S9+ This thing is way better than the fake iPhone X And the real S9 hasn't even come out yet so that's gonna do it for this video

Make sure you guys get subscribed with notifications turned on if you're new and let me know in the comments if you guys are just turning notifications on Follow us on the instastory cause that's where all the behind the scenes happen You guys saw this first and I'll see you guys later Peace

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