Extreme AirPods Pro Water Test

– Hey what's up guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a very special video Right here I have the brand new AirPods Pro

This is the second pair Apple's dropped in 2019, and they're claiming it has some water resistance Let's put that to the test Oh (beep) Little too early Keep watching

We got the AirPods Pro here Now this is the second pair Apple's released, and the big thing with this year's pair is they go for 249$ Now these are the second one's that Apple's come out with You remember earlier this year the 199$ AirPods with wireless charging Kind of improved sound

But nothing as crazy and design changing as the Pro's So quickly what you get, for 249$, is a brand new, kind of designed charging case Just imagine they stretched it from here, to here, and inside is where it's at So if you're trying to figure out why you bought the AirPods with wireless charging, not actually knowing these would come out, you got hoodwinked, yet again, it's Apple So you do get, for the first time ever, a USB-C to Lightning Cable

Cause that's it And finally, what else is included? Some adjustable ear tips So the big feature's with the brand new AirPods Pro is IPX4 water resistance That includes being sweat proof, just a little bit of moisture It's water resistant

It doesn't claim to be waterproof like if it was IP67 So that's what we're here to put to the test If these active, noise canceling, AirPods Pro, with a smaller design Just look about half the size as the regular AirPods Ooh

And one of the big new features, and that's basically it, is transparency mode When you put them in your ears you can actually turn the feature on It's software where it lets you to hear the ambient world, so That's the AirPods Pro But you're here to see if these are waterproof

Now for the first test, the big thing with IPX4 is it's suppose to be everyday proof So if you get sweat on a run, or you get a few raindrops on your ears, that happens, and that basically saves you from ever having to carry an umbrella with the AirPods Pro So we're at the gym right now, I am going to juice it up Might be my first time on the treadmill We're just gonna get a good song

It smells like Windex from when we cleaned these bottles If you see me on the news, you know what happened This treadmill's really tiring Been training for this moment All right this treadmill really just, let's get it going

Come on you're making me look bad here treadmill You're making me look really bad How do these bad boys sound? We're at full volume Okay So it says I have a pretty good seal in my ears, per the ear fit test

Now can I shake 'em out? Jeez I think it's safe to say these are gonna be all right The more time's you sweat though, of course the size of your glands, that's gonna play a factor Wooh! Stays on Even with moisture

And it's kind of like the analogy of the Apple Watch, and their digital crown If water gets in there, and you have to eject it, you can kind of feel it But with these, not the case Of course, if we go in the pool Of course, if we go in the pool like the Titanic, maybe we can hear underwater? Now for test two

The AirPods Pro sound perfect, just as good out of the box from kind of the spritzer bottle test So we're about to jump into a pool But here's the big catch This is kind of like a shower, but kinda not This is full submersion

This is testing IPX4 to the max So– How do we do this? (water splashing) Well I didn't– They're not playing music, sounding a little crackly Where is the guy? Where are you bud? Why didn't I take this shirt off? We've worked all year for this! (beep) You wanted to know if they're waterproof, you're about to find out If I can find them They've been in the same spot the whole time

Oh my God! They still work! Oh ow! Don't do that Do not do that Do not do that Do you hear that? Do you hear that? Ow, ow When these come in contact with real moisture, all of the other moisture's not real, it makes a very, very, very high pitched noise

Basically tantalizing and almost just paralyzing And I know why, cause you're putting water up to something that isn't waterproof Use that at your own caution Oh my God! Oh no, no, no Do you need to get the water out of them first? There's something here, the minute I put them back in it sounded like everything was good as new

Final time Nothing's playing Weird Let me try it on the iPhone All right we're in definitely, I think it accidentally has cued transparency mode

Which would make sense why I'm learning things I don't even think Apple wants you to learn We're going into settings, Bluetooth, AirPods Pro are still connected, and transparency mode somehow is cued So, if I turn that off Noise cancellation still works

Let's go back into Spotify All right it's a little tinny, like a little just ringy It's unbalanced on the right AirPod Pro I'm assuming it's because it maybe hit the pool floor at a quick force, or that it was just submerged in water, versus just being in my ear, kind of having that seal I don't wanna get too scientific, but what I can say is these are still working at around eight outta ten quality

Definitely You can definitely hear it's unbalanced The left one that didn't hit the bottom of the pool, sounds the best It works! These are waterproof! Nope Nope

And they're not They just died Nope Now they're working again? Now they're working outta both? I think these are waterproof But use that at your own caution

Well, upon my own surprise, the AirPods Pro seem to still be hanging in there Seems to work The right one's a little wonky, but here comes the real test Yeah you can go in the pool, it's like you're washing your AirPods Pro They're just falling in

But what happens if you leave them in water? Well, only one way to find out (upbeat music) So for thirty minutes, do the AirPods Pro? Well This sucks (beep) We got 'em An I didn't have to jump in

So they're still paired, I mean the case didn't go in the water I think that's a completely different video These probably still will work Apple's not making those claims So they're paired up

Let's throw 'em in the ears, see if there's– You probably just heard that That noise, only a dog– Only a dog could hear Stop, stop, All right, I'm gonna grip– Yeah it's making something So it's defaulting to transparency mode Let me throw the other one in, see if it sounds the same

Nope So it's this one It's still this one making a high pitched noise The left one sounds perfectly normal So for some reason, maybe I gotta throw this in rice, maybe I gotta keep this in the sun

This one works perfectly normal Same bass, same everything Throw this one in last time, crank the volume Yeah you can hear it's just trying to, make a beat? But yeah it should stay on SoundCloud So I think that's pretty conclusive

If you do get your AirPods Pro wet, they're gonna be fine I think they're a little bit more than IPX4 Waterproof or not? That's up to you You've seen me fail a few times So that's gonna be it for this video

If you guys are new, make sure to drop a like, hit subscribe If you guys want more AirPods Pro videos, they're coming right up And I'll catch you guys in the next one Carefully, step away from the pool

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