DON’T Buy The Google Pixel Buds 2

– Hey, what's up guys welcome back to Tech Smartt for a brand new video This one's an exciting one because Google, have you you heard of them? – No

(laughs) – They surprise-dropped their brand new Pixel Buds 2 and I had to get 'em on Craigslist So you know there's somethin' kind of up with how many people that want these – Hard to get – But I can tell you for certain he didn't come a part of the deal (whirring) Alright guys, so the Pixel Buds 2 are Google's second attempt at really trying to make wireless earbuds and these ones are truly wireless earbuds

So the price on these guys goes for 179 bucks Now, Troy – Yes – You are an Android user – Yes, I am

– And you've been using Android for how long? – Just like ten years – Ten years, okay you know, just you know– no big deal – It's casual – And what would you think Google's up to with making something like this, the design, I mean, the prices isn't too steep, but it's definitely up there – It's up there

I do believe that they did copy a certain other company when it came to the design of the case One I will not be naming for this – These come with Bluetooth 50, they do not have active noise-canceling But since we have a Pixel 4 XL here, how the pairing process works on these guys is kind of interesting

– So, when it comes to pairing the headphones to the phone, it's actually a bit different from what we see from Samsung or Apple in that you have to open it, and then you have to hold down the pairing button on the back until the phone can register that So let's hold that down, pulsing light It's quite soothing actually – There's two white– – Boom– – LEDs, so– – And then we got the notification so just tap on that – I'm excited to see how these go, I mean, no cord, count me in

– Count me in All right, so it's a very monotone style, which is very different, I do like that And the app itself does offer some sort of customization to it What I am not the biggest fan of is that there is no equalizer Are you big on that? Do you use equalizer? – So, the equalizer really comes in with the Galaxy Buds– – [Both] Plus

– Yeah, that's really the only one that I know of right now but what else do we get in their app – So in the app you can actually turn on the adaptive sound, which actually just increases or decreases the volume based on your surroundings, which I kinda just had off I just didn't really use it But the app is pretty bare bones, honestly, there's not a ton to it – So, you'd compare it to ambient mode on the Galaxy Plus– – Galaxy Plus, yeah yeah

– Got you – Yep – All right Let's turn on adaptive sound So, it's just optimizing the environment, we can't really tell, there're no noises or anything

But there is a new addition with voice systems So, Google has Google Assistant I don't know why I made that sound bigger, bigger of a deal than it– – They've had it for a little bit– – Yeah, just a little bit – In case you didn't know – But the race is on with having a virtual assistant improved and with Apple, they have Siri but Google, Google Assistant, and how those are iterating with products like these, that's really the future

I mean, they're wanting to have these in your ears And if you say, hey, Google didn't do it (beeping) It should go ahead and just chime in, but how you have to make sure it chimes in and recognizes your voice is through voice match So that's it recognizing and kind of confirming your voice Think about it fingerprinting your audio and ensuring it's you, don't really know if it cares or matters that it's you

– I don't think so either (laughing) It's kinda some sort of biometric-level security to it, but sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't (whoosh) – Hey, Google, how many calories are in an apple? – Did you know, 95? – In a medium apple – What's a medium I mean, what's a medium, Gala? Is that a Gala? (laughing) – Is it like, we didn't juice it up with HGH? (laughing) (whoosh) You're able to customize what is the touch controls and this is something I have become extremely diabolical over On the Pixel Buds, what you have is this touch-pad

– This does have a few features to it that you don't see it a lotta other wireless headphones So for instance, this does have a simple tap once to pause, tap twice to skip track and three times to backtrack, whereas they also implemented, if you swipe forward, volume goes up Swipe backward, volume goes down Wanna give that a shot? – I'm givin' it a shot and– – How's it goin'? – I think? – Yeah, it's goin' up – Whoa

– It's actually goin' up – The struggle that I was having was getting the volume to navigate, getting it to vary And other than that you have a pretty large touch-pad it's always on, it's kind of really accurate, and just real quick, these Pixel Buds have a different mechanism where they have this kind of stick hook and how you insert them in your ears because there's no active noise-canceling but kind of canal canceling? – A little bit, just to kinda lock it in– (groaning) It has a vent to allow ambient sound into it which I think does kinda take away from the immersive experience – But don't think about canal canceling as anything cooler, really anything to bud home about Hey, Google

It still didn't work – No? – Back in the chime So how I kinda fixed this before was tap and initiate it once, so do it the manual way and then it recognizes your voice throughout the session or however long they stay in your ears – Exactly – I don't know if it's kind of like a give it a head start, but hey, Google

What's the weather like tomorrow? (laid-back music) No, didn't do it – Didn't do it? – Hey, Google Hey, Google – That should do it (beep) I mean, they advertise a hands-free experience with it, but you're not gettin' that right now

– No, and that's a big thing with the Galaxy Buds Plus Is you have Google assistant coming in– – Coming in, you have to hold to activate it but it'd always work – This is like 90% of the way there Case feels really nice Has this matte finish

USBC to charge And then when you put 'em in your ears, it's everything but a hands free experience – Unfortunately – No, in fairness, I did get them to work after initiating them manually one time before but yesterday when we were trying to film this, it was not working at all – Few technical– – Troy

– Yes – Because you're new And we got you in the deal (laughing) – You got me the deal (laughing) – Try it out

– 'Kay – I think maybe puttin' the magic on you – Okay – Hopefully you can get it to work with Hey Google, but for now, voice match isn't working and with the Galaxy Buds Plus costing 30 dollars less– – 149 – I think I already know where I'm at, but no judgments

– Want me to give it a shot? – Give it a shot before we do an audio test – Lemme show you the Android guy does it (clearing throat) Hey, Google (bing) (laughing) – Yeah What's that in your pocket? I heard something

– No, you did (beep) Hey, Google (laid-back music) Nada (sad music) We both tried it – I had high expectations

And this is with the Pixel 4 XL So you would think– – That's the Google family right there – The Google family! This would just all work out It is not sunshine and lollipops, but what it can redeem itself with is audio quality Let's see how it sounds

(whoosh) Here we go Let's try out some old Coldplay, one that also Troy has on what do you use, SoundCloud music? – I use Google Play Music okay? I'm an Android guy (scoff) – You guys know it I don't even need to front on this You've proven your stripes here

So Adventure of a Lifetime, here we go (laid-back music) I didn't get the intro I want the full-on All right, let's blast a bit There ya are, it's goin' up

I like how much surface area you have with the touch control It's hard to miss Okay, give me the Galaxy Buds Plus, let's do a fair comparison and see for 30 extra dollars in a snazzier looking case that does feel heavier than the air pods pro, for perspective It really is much better I mean, the matte finish is the way to go

I know the gloss thing is always gonna be a thing – I don't like the glossy I will say I'm not a fan of the glossy one – I like the case Case is nice

We're gonna get we're gonna get it – Hang on a second – This is the relatable moment If you know, hit it in the comments (laid-back music) – Mother– (laughing) We got this

We got this All right, ready? Okay – Okay, wow We got it – What do you think? – So, try to adjust volume on your Galaxy Buds Plus? I need, well you see, I need my phone to do that? (laughing) – Oh, okay

– I mean, you can set it I don't have it, I have ambient sound taking over that – Okay, so you're one dedicated feature is ambient sound mode Versus volume – Yeah

– But it's preference for ya Still done in the app But if you had to rate, which one would you say is, on sound quality, takin' the cake here? – Galaxy Buds all the way (laid-back music) – It sounds a little bit more balanced and flush in sound, versus the Galaxy Buds, which give that punchy sound – Yeah

– On all types of music I mean, your highs are gonna be great your mids are there And I'd say your lows are more intense on the Galaxy Buds But the Pixel Buds have a balanced sound That's just me

– To say that, I feel the seal from the Galaxy bud– – That's nice, appreciate you there– – You're welcome I feel like the the seal from the Galaxy Buds Plus it's just better and also they don't have that little vent to allow ambient sound in so I'm more immersed in this experience than I am with the Pixel Buds – So let's land the plane on this are the Pixel Buds 2 worth buying? – No Personally with competition out there, like the Galaxy Buds Plus, I would say no, because you're gettin' a 30 dollar difference there, better bang for your buck with the buds plus, also, you just get, I think, better touch controls, better seal, and just better battery life as well from the buds plus You're not getting it from the Pixel Buds

So I don't even think they're the best Android wireless headphone experience out there, at least not right now – And with quick charge of just being five minutes to get about an hour playback, you're gonna get roughly around a full day's worth of use on both of these I don't think that's the fairest comparison But if you're going from day to day experience, that's what you need to factor in and I would say, don't buy the Pixel Buds 2 – I'd have to agree

(laughing) – Would you? – I would – Are you lyin'? – No (whoosh) – All right, guys, so that's gonna do it for this video If you're new, make sure you get subscribed and definitely check out Troy's channel, link down in the description or up in the i-card if you wanna see his review on the Pixel Buds 2, and let us know if you guys want us to keep Troy In the description

Or if we're doing a refund on the deal (laughing) All right, catch you guys next time

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