Did Google Copy AirPods?

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This one's not the first time you've seen Google's surprise Pixel Buds 2, but we've been thinking Did Google copy AirPods? – Well (technological music) – So guys, the Pixel Buds 2 were surprised dropped by Google They cost 179 bucks due to the Bluetooth 50, but do not have active noise canceling

And Brandon, tell people at home who you are and what you like – Okay, so I am an Apple fan, but I'm sometimes into Google and these are the ax, bixel (beep), these are the Pixel Buds We're gonna see, you know Did they copy Apple's homework or are these original? – I mean when you think about original and you think about these first generation pair of the Pixel Buds, those were not fully wireless These are the first truly wireless earphones that Google's made, so where did they get the idea? – I have no idea

– With every other Bluetooth ear phone working on Android and iOS, what makes the Pixel Buds unique? – The design, while it is not groundbreaking unique, it actually is designed very well – I was saying and Brandon seconded this, he could third it, or he could pull it back and first it – Let's see – This looks like it was made by Tesla or a really good consumer product engineering and design firm – I will agree with that 100 percent

I think it looks like it's made by Tesla – I know Jony I've has taken the back seat, and you know, I'm doing this thing at Apple anymore, but if they just happened to get a napkin sketch, this has to be it – Yeah (laughing) – And with USB-C at the bottom, I think that's a no-brainer, but obviously these, like many other Bluetooth earphones have wireless G charging, so don't expect anything too crazy Now battery life on these guys should get you around 24 hours with about five hours charged on the Pixel Buds and in the case, there's more

Now quick charge on these, five-minute charge will get you up to an hour's worth of playback Brandon, you're holding it, let it out (exhaling) – I mean, where'd they get that idea from man? You know, I'm not saying they're copying just 'cause it flips open I'm just saying even the way that it pairs You open it up and you get a little graphic here that says, "Hey, you know, your Pixel Buds are out," I feel like the kids at Cupertino did that once

(laughing) – Yes They, I feel – Maybe the did with the AirPods and the AirPods Pro – You know, once, twice – You just flip open the lid

Give it a second Boom, pops up The app experience? It's really not the same – It's really basic – It's very basic

It's native inside the Bluetooth app, whereas this is not native – You have to download an app versus one that kind of just has it all ready to go App aside, what can you customize in here that you can't with the Pixel Buds? – Well, you can command Siri on either one It's a simple click There's also, I have an AirPod sips and trick video if you wanna see that at some point in time

– Right up there in the iCart or link down below to Brandon's channel – And you have the ear fit test It comes with a bunch of different ones And then you have your basic, your noise canceling, your off, and then your transparency mode – The design of those is different

Like compared to the AirPods Pro, you have more a stem and shaft and this goes into your ear canal and on top of that, you have active noise canceling But with the Pixel Buds 2, how would you explain this kind of design? – It's a hook – A hook – So basically when you put it in, it's an in and it's a twist, it's a little bit of a dance you do with your hand in, twist, and it locks in and gives you that seal because these Pixel Buds don't have active noise canceling They have passive noise canceling

Basically they just block your ear canal, so that sound doesn't come in – I wish there was a test The one thing I can just, I've had a few days with these guys, I wish they just stood in the ear a little bit better There's a few ear tips that come included so you can find whatever fit kind of is best for you, but outside of adaptive sound, which allows you to hear the outside world – Yeah, with this is that sometimes it's a little tricky

The touch capacity of controls becomes a little bit janky If you're not careful, you'll be trying to swipe for volume and you'll end up skipping the whole track that you were trying to turn up – Or as I'm about to have happen here, not because I'm forcing it, it's (banging) (beep) – So guys we're gonna do a sound test really quick We're gonna play some Drake

I've got an AirPod in my ear and I've got a Pixel Bud He's got the same We're gonna give it a try Let's hope we sync things up perfectly this time – It's got an echo-y effect

(beeping) This is as good as it's gonna get Brandon Let's talk audio quality and compare them – First of all, I'm having a hard time hearing you – You are having a– – Because – I can hear you slightly

– Of how loud this is going – Yeah, I didn't hear what you had to say there at the end, I gotta be honest – Exactly But I, this one is much louder The AirPod is much louder

– So your AirPods are much louder, okay I would actually say the Pixel Bud, no wait, this is the AirPod – Yes, okay – That's a little blind taste test – But that's because I feel like, that's because I feel like the seal fit over here is deeper in your ear and this is just passive

– It feels like it's just riding the surface and with that hook twist mechanism, I think it's gotta be done better – And for transparency, the AirPods is not on active noise canceling – [Host] Interesting – Yeah, I believe – Throw it on now

– Oh, it's way better – Huh Yeah, I'd say Apples to well, Pixels, the AirPods sound louder Now if we're going for balance, what do you think has a more reformed sound? – AirPods – Really? – It's got a better sound man

– Huh I would say the base on the AirPods Pro sounds like it's a little more amped up, but in terms of equalized sound, I think they're the same, at least just in my ears – I agree with you, like the bass is much clearer on this one But I think overall, I think it's just the ergonomics of the AirPod itself, more so than saying like the AirPod necessarily is just a better driver or something like that I think it's just the fact that it's just letting in less outside noise, even when it's in the ear and this just can't meet that same ergonomic factor, but these do sound good

I'm not saying these are trash – I think just with the AirPods Pro, it's nice having a spot you can depend on with an indentation and just knowing if you line your fingers up against that, or you catch that ridge and press it, you're gonna do what you wanna do The whole swiping touch pad, at least for me, I find that I'm getting better with it It's not really a learning curve as much as it's just don't put too much pressure or it could come out of your ears I'd say for $179 for $249, if you were to just not even have a Pixel brand and someone gave you these as a gift 'cause we know you're the Apple guy

– [Brandon] Okay – [Host] Would you use them? – if somebody gave me those, I wouldn't use them over the AirPods if I had them, but if I didn't have AirPods, yeah, because I think the design on the this is better I like the matte finish on this case is better I like the more oval design And they're basically the same

This might be a little bit thicker Yeah, we gotta stop (beep) I would like Apple to one up Google because that design is dope It's a good pair of headphones It's just that the touch capacitive thing is a deal breaker for me

Outside of that, they're pretty good actually – These feel like the better pair – Yes – Of wireless earbuds – Until you put them in your ear

– All right, so that's gonna do it for this video If you guys are new, make sure you hit subscribe and while you're at it, check out Brandon's channel – Come on over – Link down in the description and answer this one question for us For the Pixel Buds 3 or the AirPods Pro 2, what's the one feature you need to see in order to make your next decision? All right, guys, we'll catch you next time

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