Could These Headphones Even be Bad?

Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for a brand new video In this one, it's kinda like a "monthly favorites

" Here are five gadgets you probably slept on Roll the alarm clock (alarm clock sounding) So yeah, if you wanna check out anything in this video, I'll leave it linked down below And the first thing is the ViewSonic PX725HD Projector And big thanks to ViewSonic for sponsoring this video, by the way

So true story here, I actually moved, and I'm setting up a brand new man cave So I came across this, definitely wanted to pick it up So what's sweet about this is it costs $670 but it's the best projector that I could find in the mid-range class So, there's a lot of projectors out there I didn't wanna spend a thousand dollars, I wanted something just kinda right in the middle

And this is the coolest thing that I could find So 2 HDMI ports on the back You got VGA, RCA cables, USB port, which is a nice touch, and then the power brick AC there And like all projectors, you can zoom, toggle the focus, enter, your buttons, all that stuff So I think the only thing left for us to do, Ev, is plug it in, watch some TechSmartt

So now that the PX725HD's all set up, you'll never guess how big this is! Ev, let's go, how tall you think this is? Vote up in the I-card if you think you can guess how big this is 6 feet, 6 feet! I'm clearly having issues holding a tape measure So right behind me, a 62" screen And obviously, the further back you go, the larger it gets So this behind me is 1080p at 60Hz

And what's really cool, is an ultra-low latency, it's 16 milliseconds, so frame-by-frame is there on this And that's awesome, 'cause if you're a lot of TechSmartt, you know you gotta be able to keep up with 'em (treadmill squeaking) Also included is a 6 speed RGB RGB, which helps optimize rec 709, and that's the color profile, so I'd say I look pretty normal, and that's not always the case Look at my skin tones, look at the box

I think you guys can see it for yourself The PX725HD has life-like color and more You can just tell back there So if you guys wanna check it out, link down in the description, let's check out some other stuff you might have slept on So up next are the Sony WH1000XM3's, and I gotta be the last person to check these out

Ev, have you seen these? You probably have In here are basically a $350 pair of headphones that offer kinda something interesting because if you're a Bose QC35 user, and if you know what those are, you're a legend, let me know in the comments if you've tried 'em or if you've tried these But those are the best active noise canceling pair of headphones out on the market And the M3's stand to rival it at $350 so you have a nice carrying case here and you open 'em up What's sweet on these headphones, is actually a USB-C port, 3

5mm headphone jack, so you can use these wired, power-on button, and then an ambient noise canceling button When you throw these guys on, they also are designed a little bit different from the M2's, if you guys know what those look like 'Cause when you throw 'em right on, they have this over ear feel, so they go all the way around the ear, and I mean, I just gotta power 'em on, they're pretty sweet, Ev Button right there Whoa! That just dampens the entire room It went from, obviously, the ambience of hearing the vents, hearing the A/C, to just hearing nothing (ambient synthesizer music) Bluetooth connected So what you also get, 3

5 to 35 cable You can use these wired Big win, too Is that an airport – wait – an airplane connector? Of course it is

Ev, have you ever used one of these in your life? I have not, you let me know in the comments if you ever have Just a weird thing to add in Obviously a nice bonus that they do have room for in the case, is the USB-C cable Bluetooth dies? No one can stop you! Wow, the active noise canceling is on, you can hear it So we're gonna listen to the PBJams playlist

If you guys missed it, link down in the description It's updated every single Friday, for your jams and listening needs What sweet is, Spotify, Apple Music, YouTube, whatever platform you have, you're covered So, let's hit shuffle, test these out Okay! So it's got a feature called active noise canceling

Whoa! That's how it's done! It feels like you're almost in GarageBand and you just muted the audio and you can just hear yourself on the mics And that's called smart listening mode So it's activated when you put your hand over the right ear cup, just so you can hear the ambience, if you're ever missing something And there's actually quick charge on here with the USB-C port 10 minutes charge time gets you 5 hours of battery

So, I gotta test that out, I'll let you guys know on Twitter if that's the case, but these feel pretty nice already! I lost my QC35's so having a pair like this, it feels like I'm right back to it And I have tried the M2's, so how do they sound in comparison? I'd say a little bit better, heavier on the bass for sure, but compared to the main competitor, the QC35's, I'd say the M3's win all day Of course, seems like this is the biggest trend in 2019, but obviously the M3's have Google Assistant and Alexa on here, so if that's something you're into, you're covered, Ev The last thing that I really like that the QC35's don't have is an app So the M3's, like all Sony headphones, have an app

You can see here, battery life, stats, and then kinda customize it from equalizer, environment, you can shift around the surround sound so you can give it an outdoor stage kind of feel, indoor Sound pretty good For $350 I wouldn't go back to the Bose And ooh! Alright, so the Fitbit Versa This is item number 3

This was one that I didn't know if I slept on, or if it's slept on me Fitbit came out with the Ionic a few years back, and that was a really good smart watch for what it could do, but the Versa looks cool So I got it in the "Teletubbies purple" and yeah, we gotta just get it on paired We got mad bands So you got a band if you're small, large, any customization

You got the silicone ones, then you got the fabric type So if you guys don't remember, Fitbit bought Pebble a few years back, and Pebble was one of the first smart watch companies on Kickstarter So if the design looks familiar, you're probably not surprised What's interesting, though, is the charging cradle You just push down, Ev? It's almost like a pair of tongs

Then you just drop the smart watch in, release to let go, then it's secure I kinda like it So traditionally, you guys know I love the series 4, but with the Versa at $169, it has a touch screen, gets notifications, has an iOS and an Android app It really feels similar to the Pebble I mean, you can download a bunch of watch faces

So jumpin' on into the Fitbit app, this is where I really like it because the fitness on here is unmatched I don't think there's any other fitness smart watch that is better than the Fitbit and the Versa at that Like, just looking at this app, it's friendly, it's easy to understand The one thing that I really like are the adventures because there's challenges, and what's kinda cool about that is unlike the Apple Watch, where you can invite a friend and there's the activity center, what's awesome about the adventures are: it gives you pictures and it kind of gives you more defined trails? Check this out, Ev Pohono Trail

You wanna go? So, because Ev doesn't have a Fitbit, he can't come on the adventure – You just have to say that you're fine when you're not really fine – So the Fitbit Versa, the one thing I will say is it's the best fitness smart watch out there The charger is wack You guys are gonna get in a theme here, I am a huge audio nut in 2019 All of a sudden, I am just into earbuds, headphones, smart watches was 2018 and wearables This year it's really headphones So the Tarah Pro's are sweet

For $159, I really like what Jaybird's done, and I think they might have beaten themselves, I mean you guys know the Jaybird MySound app Has equalizer variability so you can change up whatever you want in there But what I really like about these: the carrying case, as always, the ear tips, you know But they're wired, and they're still Bluetooth, but they have just enough where battery life is crazy There's even a quick charge on here where a 5 minute charge gets you 2 hours of usage on here

14 hours of battery life You can't really beat it I have to put that to the test myself, since I just opened 'em up But these were on my list forever Let's just turn 'em on

What's also really nice is the control talk I really like the in-line mic and just having buttons Even they're comfy, too I love the ear hooks These wings – fantastic

So it's telling me to download the Jaybird app, so trying out the Tarah Pro's here, you can actually have custom presets with the adjustable EQ You can adjust your lows, mids, highs Other than that you can check out some music, some podcasts, it's got just a basic app I think the greatest thing about the Tarah Pro's, though, is they are the best gym headphones money can buy, for $159, with the adjustable cord Why buy AirPods when you can get better sounding headphones? I feel like these are just gonna last

Like you just – and they're still playing The last thing is something I have had to check out forever No one's said check it out, I mean, Ev, you usually tell me what to get This is the Facebook Portal So this is the Portal, they also make a Portal Plus which goes for $299

This one goes for $149 and it's basically, I mean, Facebook says it themselves, "Connecting through Portal feels like being together in the same room" Isn't that what you've always wanted, Ev? Be together in the same room, on Facebook, with your friends? So I don't know if it's a generational thing Ev, you tell me this: would you want all your friends to be able to call you from Facebook at any time? No! I don't know if I would want to either, but can't knock it 'til we try it, right? Got the black Portal here Got this charging cable Let's get started

What is that? Oh, a camera cover! Pretty clever So you do get a camera cover if you do feel like you're being spied on, they understand For $159, it also shows your photos Now tell me this, honest question Think about this guys

Would you want your Facebook photos being shown on a digital photo frame in your kitchen? – No, no, no, no! – I do like the USB-C port on the back I always get it confused with USB 3 So let's call myself As you move, the camera adjusts I'm gonna call myself one more time

Pretty lonesome So check this out So another thing you can do, if you actually have friends, I don't, you can add other friends to the party Just gonna hit 'no' Another thing you can do is actually watch video

This is what I think is the coolest part Ev, you checkin' this? You can watch Facebook Watch So, Facebook Watch is kinda Facebook's video tab I really like it a lot One of my favorite shows on Facebook Watch is "The Real Bros of Simi Valley

" Shout out to Jimmy Tatro And just shout out to Facebook Watch for getting their own Google Home Like, this is kinda like Facebook Watch's Google Home Hub Everyone came out with one of these, a screen where you can either watch YouTube, or other content Looks pretty nice, so if you have it in your kitchen, you can now watch recipe videos

Tasty, Ev Alright guys, so that's five gadgets I think you might have been sleeping on recently Facebook Portal, the projector, the Tarah Pros I think my favorite has to be the M3's and the projector So that's it for this video Drop a like if you guys want another, and make sure you join if you guys wanna become a member to get some extra bonus content Instagram is just @TechSmartt, and I'll see you guys next time

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