Can Juul Pods Really Destroy an iPhone?

– Hey, what's good, guys, welcome back to TechSmartt for a really interesting video that has a huge backstory, like always I gotta tell you guys what's up

So there's been a few videos on the channel around vaping (upbeat music) And just like that, with the caps, you have a vape spinner (Keaton coughs) I've done a few just to show you guys what crazy vape products exist If you guys have missed those, they're right up there in the I card from a vape hoodie to a vape fidget spinner You guys have seen it all here on TechSmartt, and it's the second largest search term on TechSmartt

Like literally, no joke, if you guys type in TechSmartt, do it, do it right after this video, and then, just see what pops up, it's gonna be the second one on search So a lot of people wanna see more vape videos, and in this video, we're not gonna be vapin', but we're gonna be trying something out that I've wanted to know about for a few months So it got me thinking, since the JUUL is so big, this company's worth 15 to 20 billion dollars It's a huge trend that just boomed, and JUUL has really been the sole proprietor behind it Like no joke, guys, JUUL has basically been it

You've either heard of vaping, you've heard of JUUL'ing It's even got it's own word So what I actually picked up, and this is no joke Whoa, almost fell there (chair snaps) (girl screams) (camera man laughs) I actually had to come across 68 packs of JULL pods, so what my fear is is how much volume I'll need to submerge a brand new iPhone XR

So just an iPhone XR, you guys have seen a ton of videos where I've stress test this, drop tested it, scratch tested it, I've even taken a flamethrower to it If you guys missed those videos, they're linked down below, or right up there in the I card You guys know the playlist and where it is, but getting this many JUUL pods was scary So what I did is I actually hopped on eBay before these got banned You can no longer buy pods online unless it's through JUUL

That's the way it should've been if you ask me, but I got 'em on eBay, and as you guys can tell, there was once listings So in total, I spent $1500 (record scratches) Four times 68 272 pods Alright, here we go

So you guys can tell I got eight in this one You'd see the flavors, but the listings got pulled 219, like I can't believe this, and the whole reason why these listings got pulled is what's goin' on in the US right now So the FDA, the Food Drug Administration, which basically patrols anything that goes on and in your body, they said that they were gonna regulate vaping or at least introduce some policy This matters because this is where this story goes really crazy and in a different direction

Well, basically, after they came back and said, "Hey, vape companies, we're not gonna regulate you guys "Regulate yourselves," what happened is JUUL said we're no longer gonna sell the flavored pods So you can't really buy these in store There's still a few shops selling 'em around, but basically, not only was this the last order on eBay, at least for JUUL pods from what I can see, but everything in this box has basically doubled, if not tripled in value, at least from what I think I mean, literally, if I just waited on this, it probably would go up, so here we go with the video

You guys get what's goin' on now Basically, what we're gonna do is open up every single pack (cat meows) Now, I know it wouldn't be the holiday season, as always, if I didn't give something away while I destroy something and $1500, which could basically be like $3000 if I just saved this and rationed it, but instead, I'm here to put science to the test and find out if JUUL pods against an iPhone and really, a bath, if you're iPhone XR will survive I mean, the new XR is a durable beast You guys have seen that in the videos

The XR has absolutely crushed all my expectations (hammer slams) So I'm gonna give away an iPhone XS Max just so you guys are happy It's the holiday season, I'm trying to give back So all you need to do is subscribe, follow on Instagram It's just TechSmartt, everything will be linked down below and then, like the photo of basically this video

It's gonna be crazy, so this will last a month It's open to anyone internationally, and I'll get that all shipped out Thank you guys again for the support, and almost 31 million, boom! And 200,000 on Instagram, I don't keep track, but I appreciate you guys Thank you so much for making it happen, and honestly, letting me buy $1500 in JUUL pods

So iPhone XR, here is basically what we're gonna put all the JUUL juice in, and you're probably thinking, Keaton, what comes in a pack? So, you guys can see the bar code, everything's all good If you open one of these up and keep in mind, don't smoke, it's not a good idea or vape Just don't do it, like not even the FDA could regulate this, it's crazy It is so crazy what's going on right now So you have your JUUL pod, you guys can see

This is the, what flavor is this? The Fruit Medley, so to crack one of these open, I was watching a video Do this carefully and don't try this at home Don't get near this stuff, it's packaged for a reason But basically, that is a little JUUL pod, just without the mouth piece, and then, there's this like rubber gasket in there that if you remove, you have the juice, so (upbeat music) Let the juice rip on out

(upbeat music) How many of these do we have, Ev, 270? So what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna speed this up for this video, but if you wanna see the raw uncut, it'll be funny, I'll leave a link down below It'll be on the second channel, TechSmartt2 That's gonna be a long beast clip, but this is crazy and if you like the pods, definitely check that out, here we go Alright, I gotta a new plan now The easiest way to do this is basically just to get all the pods out of the packs

(upbeat music) Pods, packs, alliterations, I'm just learnin' in this video I'm really learnin'! Always learnin' in these vape videos, and if you guys are too, make sure you just subscribe This isn't a vape channel, this is for science We're tryin' to find out if your iPhone can actually survive a JUUL attack You might not know where or when to expect it, but it's coming

Let me know in the comments if you guys know anything about this, or if you're smarter than me with it I think most of you guys probably have a better clue The iPhone XR, you guys think it's gonna stand a chance? Vote up in the I card, yes, no? It's a little too early to say Boom, Ev, just like that, we have pods for days Pods for days, dude

Well, that's how we made the thumbnail So now, it's time to basically take out every single pod from its second pack Woo, my nose, Ev, it is stingin' It is stingin' today, no joke! There is so many JUUL pods (upbeat music) Oh my, how do we do this two at once, maybe two hand it? I'm gonna try two hands, Ev

Oh, there we go (upbeat music) – [Man] Ow – I almost took Ev out with that pod there That is a whole lot of pods (laughs) I think we've over killed it, but that's TechSmartt, right? Last pack, Ev, are you ready? Three left, two left, one left, and the final pod

(exhales) Before we then get to open all of 'em (upbeat music) Has been unleashed Here we are, my hands just feel tingly with them on it No, I should really wear gloves (sighs) Now, for part two

I gotta figure out a faster way to do these I'm gonna find the method We got Ev, he's literally helpin' out now Not only shootin' the video, but helping us un-JUUL the video So to do some quick maths here

♪ A quick maths ♪ Each JUUL pod has 07 milliliters We're gonna need a lot of JUUL pods That's my biggest fear right now What if there's enough pods? (upbeat music) Ev, this cannot be healthy, do not try this at home

I'm able to take it off in one clipping We've had progress in this video We've learned something Mom, I'm so sorry for this video My mom's gotta just be so upset

She don't like the vaping Definitely share this video Both videos, any video on this because this is crazy, my fingers are tingling You pull that metal rod out That just flows on out

And we should be able to pull out Perfect (upbeat music) This is gonna work, I'm gettin' excited We definitely have enough, and we're only gettin' more Tryin' to see how much depth we got here

So we're cleanin' out the tub of juice here Whoa Look at all that, Ev (upbeat music) I don't know the flavors and the smells Can't tell anymore

(SpongeBob breathes heavily) We're getting close, I think we're getting close to full submersion So we got about 25, maybe 15, 20 left It's hard to even know numbers – [Camera Man] What's nine plus 10? – 21 – That's all of that– (Keaton exhales) I'm stuttering because well, I think it's gone to my brain

I don't think anyone's opened this many JUUL pods consecutively in one sitting If that record has been set, let me know, Guinness If it hasn't, just TechSmartt with two T's would be great This is suffering, homestretch, boys (upbeat music) Boom

Last final drops, Ev! Ooh (upbeat music) That's every pod Do you see any pods on the floor near you, my man? You do not, boom That is what we call the JUUL pod bath Imagine an earthquake just came right now, swallowed it up, I would cry

So here is our JUUL juice, it'll have to be enough to coat the iPhone, I'm pretty sure the iPhone XR will It might survive So after about, how long was it, Ev? Four hours, we've emptied as much of the JUUL pods as we can, here are how many JUUL pods we've used Here are the caps, pretty crazy rainbow color So here is the JUUL juice from around 250 or so JUUL pods

You guys will let me know how many were used That's everything, this is everything What we're gonna do is submerge the iPhone XR, fully working by the way, in the JUUL juice for an entire day, let it sit overnight, and we'll see what happens Let's see if we have enough Whoa

(upbeat music) Whoa, no way! We might, Ev, we might just have enough It's too close to call (upbeat music) We're close, oh, we're so close It's kind of a cool shot (upbeat music) You can see the Face ID (laughs)

Look at that, the Face ID censors goin' off (upbeat music) Make sure we get it all coated (upbeat music) This is the best we could do This is gonna be one sticky iPhone XR What's crazy is the minute the iPhone XR really sunk to the bottom, it fully got submerged

So that shows really how dense the liquid is, like crazy that JUUL juice is that dense that it just needed to be shifted around a little bit, sink to the bottom (upbeat music) And well, yeah, no, it's fully submerged Check that out (upbeat music) (Keaton laughs) I set it to never die, so We'll find out what kills it first, the JUUL juice, or the iPhone's battery? – One eternity later

– Alright, so it has been basically an entire day with the iPhone XR fully submerged in JUUL juice 250 or so pods So much money, over $1500 spent, basically to find out will your iPhone survive against a JUUL attack? – [Man] No, oh no, what is that? The clout has gone airborne! (upbeat music) It just like brushes off (upbeat music) Trying to conserve as much of the juice as I can Don't know why, but don't let it drip! It's all about that drip

And not gonna lie, I was pretty set that the chemical, obviously, nicotine, would change the color of the aluminum or have some sort of reaction, but what I'm coming to find out is not only is this juice so sticky but maybe, just maybe, your phone will survive a JUUL attack and really any e-juice attack You never know, it could come when you least expect it Gonna move our JUUL juice Let's just look at this iPhone XR Any discoloration? Does it even turn on? (upbeat music) That's what I'm– (upbeat music) Whoa

It saying all it needs is a battery to charge it up We're gonna give it just that Will it be resurrected, Ev? Let's see if we can go ahead and bring this guy back to life I'll be honest, the JUUL juice just make everything– (upbeat music) You're seein' it, I'm seein' it The iPhone XR is charging

So we're gonna sit here and wait and see if it did any damage I am continuously blown away by the iPhone XR From drop test to flamethrowers to scratch tests, this thing is a beast, and now, it's survived the stickiest test of all time There we have it, you guys saw it power on (upbeat music) Wow

Even connected to wifi Can I load something, like YouTube maybe? What if it just redirected to the JUUL site? (intense music) – Oh no He hacked us – Let's take a picture No, not even gonna touch my face

(upbeat music) It looks like the XR isn't affected Wow, there you have it The iPhone XR is the most durable device I have ever seen Apple make It survived a JUUL bath So that's it for this video

This one took around five hours literally just to make and open up all the JUUL pods, and now, I got a headache again So that's gonna do it for this video If you guys liked it, make sure to drop a like and get subscribed by hittin' that button If you're new, make sure to follow me on Instagram It's just TechSmartt and check out two other videos right after this

I'll see you guys next time, bye-bye

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