Best Tech Highlights at CES 2019

– Hey, what's good guys? Welcome back to TechSmartt for the first video in 2019 Kinda crazy that we made it, but what better way to kick it off than CES 2019

After the intro Jiggins, we're here at CES 2019 If you guys wanna' keep it in the loop and hit me up on Twitter, if you guys see anything cool it's just TechSmartt and make sure you guys keep it locked to Instagram, also just TechSmartt We'll be posting stuff up on there on the insta-stories If anything cool goes down, like a self-driving Lyft

Dude, we almost got kidnapped, no joke That's on the Vlog, that'll be right up there in the iCard If you guys missed that Basically, this video is about the best of the best tech at CES 2019 (woosh) So I didn't see everything and I'm obviously not gonna be in one video, but here's the highlights

Here's the stuff that's cool Ev, dude, we saw a lot today – [Cameraman] Lotta cool stuff – Lotta cool stuff (woosh) So I'm actually gonna have a video come out tomorrow so make sure you guys get subscribed, if you guys are new

And definitely check out the iCard or the link down below for all the CES 2019 playlists Some of your other favorite YouTubers Everything's going to be in there That's the go to, if you guys wanted to see anything from CES 2019 (woosh) One of my favorite things is kinda the iPhone innovations

So, Otter Box came out with an Otter Box, basically that has a pop socket in the back So, for $60 there (cash register) and then mophie, you guys know mophie, they came up with a new battery case that, actually accepts your Lightening Headphones So, kinda crazy, it's almost anti-AirPod, but if you have a pair it doesn't really make a difference, but if you have still held out, you now have a mophie that charges with a Lightening port And also takes the headphones that come in the box Pretty cool

That one's for $120 (cash register) That was basically it for iPhone stuff (woosh) Another thing that was super big at CES this year is eight-K and just eight-K TVs, displays (jazzy music) Rollable TVs, so if you guys can imagine having a TV cabinet or like a media cabinet and then your TV on top of it Well, basically, a TV can roll up and roll back down into what that cabinet can be

Ev got to check it out, I got to see it It looks stunning and we're, basically, there Where technology is now replacing furniture in a pretty clever way (woosh) Also, this new 49 inch ultra wide monitor for the desktop is new, everyone has one, LG, Samsung, Philips, but the one that I did get to check out was LGs And it looked so good

They have a bunch of other monitors, too One that has a GPU inside So, pretty cool stuff in monitors at CES If you guys are a gamer, those are, basically, the go tos Just check them out

This year I was not expecting monitors to get this much improvement, but at CES there's a bunch of surprises and they all look super good (woosh) And what's really interesting is, I just saw a few of my other tech buddies checking out the 49 inch monitor at LG Saw Austin there, so yeah, I mean, I think it's kind of got a purpose (woosh) It's awesome at CES and I'm gonna tell you why Because you start to see old trends, kind of become resurrected, like Google Glass

So I checked out this thing called, nreal And what's really cool about it, is it's a mixed reality kinda with glasses and a hand-held smart phone that looks like the ear pods case you'd get in an iPhone No joke, there's volume buttons on there There's a power button, it's, basically, a smartphone in your hand, it's got USB C and micro USB at the top to do data It was pretty sweet, you get to see it and interact with it

There's a controller, kind of a low-key thing at CES that I think a lot of people missed, but definitely the best I can't wait for it to come out in 2019 (woosh) Let me know, in the comments, what you guys have thought about CES from other videos What you guys have, honestly, thought has come of it From a lot of people that I'm hearing here, it's been mixed responses, but one thing I was not expecting were laptops and this is where it gets sweet So, I had a chance to check out ASUS and LGs 17 inch laptop screen, get this, in a 15 inch form factor

So, if you guys remember the 17 inch MacBook Pro, that was one of my favorites Well, now the whole MacBook line is kinda interesting and I'm, basically, ready to try anything new Any new PC, if you know of one, send it to me I am down for the challenge in 2019 And ASUS kinda hit me with something I was not expecting

If you guys remember the original ASUS ROG It cost $5,000, the laptop from last year Well, this year, they're back at it with a 10 pound laptop It kinda looks like a Surface with a kick-stand in the back, a detachable keyboard and it's a 10 pound gaming laptop So, no one knows the price of it

It's something I cannot wait for You guys let me know, drop a like on this video if you guys want me to pick one up It's probably going to be mad expensive But, that in mind, that could be the ultimate gaming laptop for on-the-go, man, did you see what Razer was doing, too? It's crazy (woosh) How are the speakers? So this is all you need, you don't need a turntable? It's built in? – [Vendor] Built in and you get the lights

– [Keaton] Not the best DJ, as you can probably tell (drum sounds) (electronic scratching) – This is the biggest one, PK-seven, PK-five and PK-three They all have Meridian Technology so the sounds pretty good (woosh) – Of course with CES your gonna see electric vehicles That's kinda the new norm, where self-driving or autonomous vehicles, those are everything

And one that I really liked was the Byton M-Byte So, it will start to be manufactured at the end of 2019 That's what they say, take everything with a grain of salt You don't know Faraday Future, it still could happen again One thing that was cool though was seeing a tablet inside the steering wheel and then a 49 inch screen put into the dash

So, hopefully, the car comes out sometime in 2020 I would love to check one out, definitely drive one Maybe do a challenge for a month (woosh) One of the kind of underrated announcements that's kind of a big deal that you might not really think is a big deal is HDMI 21

So now that's 2019 and it came out a few years ago, it's now being manufactured in every TV And why is that a big deal? Because Dolby Atmos, that's right, some key gaming stuff goes through the cable now, that's it Yeah, it goes through the cable Kinda cool when you think about it (woosh) So an underwater drone, get this, has a four-K lens

Checkin out the one from Sublue A four-K, wide-angle lens and dual motors So, you control it like an RC car, just underwater And it's a little expensive, but I think that's, kinda something low-key that might have been missed I'll do a weirdest tech video of CES, tomorrow, So make sure you guys get subscribed for that

(woosh) Yeah, that was, basically, it for CES, pretty cool, pretty chill and I was, honestly, surprised with everything that was supposed to come out that I heard rumors, Like five-G Yeah, you're gonna see a ton of stuff on five-G, but nothing's really got the ball rolling yet Where I'm excited and officially ready for it (woosh) We got a few people throwing pranks out there You guys probably saw that on the second channel

Crazy stuff is going down, so that's, basically, it for this video So if you guys are new, make sure you guys get subscribed, just by clicking that button down there and check out two other videos after this I'll see you guys next time, buh-bye!

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