Angry Birds Made an Electric Scooter?

– Hey, what's up, guys? Welcome back to Tech Smart (banging) I'm not just pissed

(banging) I'm angry So yeah guys, right in front of me is something a little bit special Big thanks to Angry Birds 2, for sponsoring this video

Right in front of me is a electric scooter, that isn't powered by a throttle Oh no, it's powered by your voice So as a part of the Bring the Anger event, you guys should check out Angry Birds 2, link down in the description Angry Birds is teaming up with UNICEF Where there's a whole lot of anger, that's going to be doing some real good

So as a part of the Bring the Anger event, inside is an Angry Bird scooter that I am excited to see if this is true "The louder you yell, the faster it goes" That, in itself, is technology we need to check out So lets (box ripping) Whew I almost threw a nostril out there (box opening) Whoa (laughs) No way, it's

It's a tech Of the birds Wow

Huh (laughs) Are you kidding me? Super limited edition because this is for charity So Angry Birds is teamed up with UNICEF, so click the link in the description Make sure you download the app and for the entire month of November, it is Bring the Anger So turn your anger in the real world, into the app

10 billion pigs are popped, $100,000 will be converted and donated to the UNICEF charity because there are 27 million children out there living in crisis zones and really not being able to just be a kid And what's awesome is, last year, UNICEF helped out 69 million of those children learn amidst crises So, that is it Click the link in the description, download the app and let's actually jump in to this custom scooter

Do you see what's good? I can't get angry There is a microphone Bob Barker, I'm coming for your job The only thing left to do is get outside, check out what else this scooter has, in the sunlight and let's ride (banging) And get angry

Wheow Let's go So we're here at anger management group and this is extraordinary Tech specs on this, from what I could read on Amazon, was 15 mile range and up to 15 MPH On it, you got your throttle in blue, electronic brake in gray and that's where you think the Rage Rider actually steps it up a notch because right here we have a switch

This switch, when clicked on, doesn't turn on unless you turn the scooter on So, I'm gonna get angry I'm gonna use that, I'm gonna let it fuel me and we are going to get angry Can I get an angry? Angry, whoo So mode one, without the microphone, without the switch, let's see if it does 15

Lost a bee Ca-caw, ca-caw That was 15 MPH Now, if you know me, you're one of my friends in real life, you know I get angry 'Cause I like to go fast

Before we actually go to jail Let's get loud for the kids (enthusiastic yelling) All right, I've learned something We've made an observation Basically, it's eight miles an hour when you start it, in the angry mode or the rage mode and the louder you go, the closer it gets you to 15 MPH I'm gonna have to scream real loud

That there was 13 What do we gotta do to get 15? (crashing) Hit the pig I'll hit the pig all right (screaming into microphone) That was 12 Really? (humming) ♪ We hum bum ba way ♪ (humming) We've ran 16 MPH

We did it (cheering) ♪ In the jungle ♪ ♪ The mighty jungle ♪ ♪ The bird sleeps tonight ♪ ♪ In the jungle the mighty ♪ Goes faster than 15 MPH You really gotta get the right The right amount of anger and pitch I found the Lion King, did that for me ♪ We hum bum ♪ I think it's safe to say, I have more rage than the Rage Rider but that's gonna do it for this video Let me know in the comments, what you guys want to see more from us Make sure you get subscribed

This was amazing From the electric scooter god himself Catch you guys next time

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